John Thickston, Signer of Low Dutch Petition


John Thickston is another signer of the Low Dutch Petition of 1783 that also ties the other signers to Jefferson County, near Louisville. Thickston is identified in THE LOW DUTCH COMPANYA History of the Holland Dutch Settlements of the Kentucky Frontier” by Vincent Akers, published in 1980. Pulling information from this book and from “Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson County, Kentucky, from the Filson Club History Quarterly”

  • “In the summer of 1780 John and Christopher Westerfield decided to move their families to Harrodstown. They hired JOHN THICKSTON, one of Floyd’s scouts, to guide the party and help carry the baggage on his two horses.” This is the John Floyd who built Floyd’s station on Beargrass Creek. Also mentioned is Bullett’s Lick.
  • 1782 John Thixton (sic) with John Pryor in Jefferson County, KY cast their votes for John May as a delegate to the Virginia Assembly
  • 1783 John Thickston signed the Low Dutch Petition a few lines above John Prior. (Other signers who also were polled in 1782 are Cornelius Bryan, William Cummins, William Goodwin, James Hoagland/Houghland, and Samuel Westerfield).