KY Pryor Frontier Signatures

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jefferson-county-KYI was looking for one of my other lines that traveled through Kentucky and it looks like I’ve stumbled upon the signature of John Pryor and maybe another KY Pryor.

Sometime in 1780, before the end of the Revolutionary War, Dutch settlers from Pennsylvania moved down in to the Kentucky wilderness. It must have been a tough 3 years because in 1783 they petitioned the Continental Congress for land across the Ohio River (This was still the first Congress formed in 1774 as it didn’t disband until 6 years after the War).

Their petition recounts settling in forts and being exposed to Indian attacks. Wikipedia describes the area they settled as land on Beargrass Creek that they rented from John Floyd (see article) — located near present-day St. Matthews in Jefferson County, KY.

daniel-pryorIf this is the neck of the woods your Pryor research is interested in then, the above signature may be a Pryor for your family tree. The one below may be a Pryor we’ve all looked at from time to time: John Prior who was associated with the Floyd family.


The petition appears to be signed by first the Dutch pioneers and then there is a large group of signatures of other pioneer friends who supported the idea giving the Dutch the rights to land.

If you’d like to read more about the Low Dutch in KY there’s a book available on Google Books called “Conquest of a Continent: Nine Generations of the American Frontier” By Theodore M. Banta (go to book).