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Records from Arkansas County, Arkansas

1817 Deed – 22 April 1817 Alexis Jun[–?–] and Ellen Jurdelo his wife. Land in the “village” of arkansas in the county of Arkansas in Missouri Territory. To Nathaniel Pryor, Samuel B. Richards, and George R. Sampson. Deed book B, page 249.

1819 Court Case – Samuel M. Rutherford vs. Nathaniel PRYOR, surviving partner of Pryor and Richards (The Arkansas Gazette, 11 Dec 1819)

1819 Notice
To NATHANIEL PRYOR and George R. SAMPSON, their Heirs or Represtatives:
TAKE NOTICE, That I Harold Stillwell, will make application to the Circuit Court, in and for the County of Arkasas, in the Territory of Arkansas, at the next term of said court, to commence and be holden in and for said county on the first Monday of March next; and I will then and there petition the said court to appoint, according to law a suitable number of competent and qualified commissioners, for diviting and making partition of a Lot of about four and a half or five acres of ground, situate in the village of Arkansas, as the same is butted, bounded and described by a conveyance for the same from Alexis Jordelas and Ellen Jordelas his wife, to Nathaniel Pryor, Samuel B. Richards and George R. Sampson, bearing date the 22nd day of April, 1817–recorded in the Recorder’s office of said county. I, the undersigned, having acquired from Samuel B. Richards a legal title for his part and share (being one equal third part) of said lot of ground, am desirous to have partition and division made of the same according to law
(The Arkansas Gazette (Arkansas Post, AR) 25 Dec 1819)

1820 Sheriff’s Sale –
Richards, PRYOR & Sampson 1 Lot and Improvement, situated in Town of Arkasas, 1819 Taxes, $4.50
Nathaniel PRYOR 1/3 Lot and Improvements, situated in Town of Arkasas, 1820 taxes, 90 cents.
(The Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas Post, AR – 2 Sept 1820)

1820 Petition: Signed by Nathaniel Pryor and Samuel Pryor. Petitioned Congress for the town of Arkansas and continuation of the mail route. This was Missouri and Arkansas territory at the time.

1821 Notice – Plaintiff Alexis Jordelas filed for an execution in order to execute judgement against Nathaniel Pryor and George R. Sampson.
The Arkansas Gazette, 20th January 1821

1821 – William Trimble Esqr Attorney for Harold Stillwell it is ordered Henry Cassidy, William Morrison, Bartly Harrington, Samuel Lemons, & John Maxwell appointed commissioned to divide and lay off H. Stillwell’s portion of the lot in village of Arkansas deeded by Alexis Jordelos & wife to Nathaniel Pryor, Samuel B. Richards & George R. Sampson. 3 January 1821. Deed book C, page 644.

1823 Letters Held At Post Office – Letter for Nathaniel PRYOR Jun. (The Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas Post, AR – 12 August 1823. Is this Nathaniel “Miguel” Pryor who showed up in California?)

1823 Lawsuit Notice – Nathaniel PRYOR vs Hugh Glenn, not a resident of the territory. (The Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas Post, AR – 9 December 1823)

1825 Letters Held At Post Office – Letter for Samuel PRYOR (The Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas Post, AR – 25 October 1825)

Sept 1831 Notice – Territory of Arkansas, Court Appointed John Rogers the administrator of the estate of Nathaniel Pryor, deceased, Fort Smith, 10th Sept. 1831. The administrator asked all who held debts against Pryor to put in notice for payment from the estate. (The Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas Post, AR – 2 November 1831 – see other documents in St. Charles Co. and St. Louis Co.)

1850 Census Arkansas Co., AR (these could be Price rather than Prier)
Villemont Twp., page 6A, house 5/5 William PRIER 50 physician VA, John Lamb laborer 19 TN.
Douglas Twp., page 10b, house 43 Hannah Lee 46 TN, Nevill 23 AR, Sarah 22 AR, Mary 17 AR, Eliza 14 AR, Henry 11 AR. Robert Piney 20 laborer MS.
Douglas Twp., page 10b, house 44 William P Lee 26 farmer AR, Mary 25 AR, Sarah 3 AR, William PRIER 27 farmer MS

1870 Census, Arkansas Co., AR
Villemont Twp., page 111a, house 64/64 Henderson PRYOR (bl) 37 TN, Amand (bl) 27 GA, Hamilton (bl) 12 GA, Effie (bl) 9 GA, Nancy (bl) 22 AR, Charley (bl) 2/12 AR.

1880 Census, Arkansas Co., AR
Villemont Twp., page 52a, house 46/48 Henderson P. PRYOR (bl) 49 farm laborer TN VA VA, Amanda (bl) 37 wife GA, Charles (bl) son 10 AR, Effie Matthews (bl) step-dau 19 GA GA GA, David Matthews (bl) grandson 3 AR GA GA

Records from Ashley County, Arkansas

1860 Census Ashley Co, AR
Carter Twp.., House 831 John PRYOR 49 Methodist Minister TN, Ann 49 VA, Virginia 21 TN, Fannie 1 TN, Sarah 6 TN, J. H. 14 AR. (male). (John Pryor was on the 1850 Census in Dallas Co., AR.)

1870 Census Ashley Co, AR
Carter Twp., House 4 Sallie PRYOR 23 TN school teacher, Jennie Williams 29 TN
Carter Twp., House 20 John H. PRYOR 24 AR druggist, Elizabeth 20 AR, Edward 2 AR, Fannie 6/12 Sept. AR (John Pryor & Ann Trigg> John H. Pryor. )
Carter Twp., House 23 John PRYOR 58 TN, Ann 58 VA (1850 See Dallas Co., AR & 1880 See Desha Co., AR. Rev John Pryor edited the Arkansas City Post per “History of Arkasas Press for Hundred Years and More” published 1922)
Extra Twp.
House 30 William PRYOR 41 TN, Jennie 25 MS, William 5 AR, Robert 3 AR, Hester 1 AR (William Patrick Pryor md. Jennie Wilder on Mar. 28, 1861 in Dallas Co., AR. Their eldest son was William Sydney Pryor)

1910 Census Ashley Co, AR
Hamburg Twp., page 48A, house 120/123 Edward W. PRYOR 41 (md. 19) AR AR AR druggist, Annie wife 40 2 children/1 living TN TN TN, Harry son 17 AR, Annette dau 12 AR, James J. Wills black servant 30 AR AR AR
Hamburg Twp., page 49A, West Parker St., page 49A, house 144/147
Mary Lodus head 32 single 3 children/3 living AR TN KY cook for family, John H. PRYOR Jr. head 39 widow AR AR AR retail merchant, Thurmond son 9 AR, Hasseter son 5 AR, Mariah Thurmond mother in law 60 widow VA VA VA. 1922 court case in Ashley County… John H. Pryor divorced by wife Mrs. Bess Pryor, case states they were married in Hamburg, AR on 29 Jun 1911.
Hamburg Twp., page 49B, Main St., house 154/157 John H. PRYOR Sr. 62 widow AR TN VA, president of bank.

Records from Baxter County, Arkansas

1880 Census Baxter Co., AR
Whiteville, page 224C, house 59 Nathaniel O. Tuell 65 farmer SC MD MD, Nancy Y. wife 55 SC SC Ireland, Elmira A. PRYOR daughter 22 SC SC SC, Nathaniel L. Bruce 5 grandson AR SC SC.
Whiteville, page 224D, house 74 Calhoun Moody and family… living in household Viola PRYOR 15 servant MO MO MO. (Viola, Mary E. and Artilla are daughters of William H. Pryor of Atchison, KS)
Whiteville, page 226C, house 103 Henry C. Jones and family… living in household Mary E. PRYOR 18 boarder servant MO IL IL
Whiteville, page 226D, house 105 Jame L. Leichmann 28 famer GA and family… living in household Artilla PRYOR 14 servant MO MO MO.

Records from Benton County, Arkansas

1839 Arkasas Territory Census – Benton Co. AR

(Scipio) S. A. C. PRIOR (1836 recorded in Washington Co., AR)

1840 Census, Benton Co., AR
Page 17, S. PRYOR 00001 – 10001

1845 Property Record Benton Co., AR – Land grant from the US General Land Office. The southwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section thirty-four in Townhsip nineteen north of range thirty west in the District of Lands subject to sale at Fayetteville, Arkansas containing forty acres. Deeded to Scipio Africanus Prior.

1850 Census, Benton Co., AR
Osage Twp., page 70B, House 341, Scipio PRYOR 36 farmer TN, Sarah L. 30 TN, Elizabeth J. 11 AR, Mary A. 9 AR, Franklin H. 6 AR, Andrew C. 4 AR, Nicholas 3 AR, Sarah E. 1 AR. (LDS website states Scipio Pryor married Sarah Calwell? Researchers state this Pryor was named for Roman general Scipio Africanus)

1854 Property Record in Benton Co., AR
. Land grant from the US General Land Office. Deeded to Scipio Africanus Prior.

1858 Marriage in Benton County, AR – A C Prior married C S McCall on 15 Nov 1877

1860 Census, Benton Co., AR
Collville Twp., Apple Orchard PO Page 407A, House 1157, Scipio PYOR 45 farmer TN, Sarah 39 TN, Elizabeth 20 AR, Mary 18 AR, Franklin 16 AR, Andrew 14 AR, Sarah 12 AR, Joseph 11 AR, Albert 7 AR, John 6 AR, Nancy 4 AR, Arminta 2 AR.
Wallace Twp., page 276 John PRIER 52 house carpenter TN, Lydia 51 TN, Newy 22 TN, Luisie 19 (f) TN, John 18 TN, Semantha 16 TN, Margaret 13 TN.

1870 Census, Benton co., AR
Osage Twp., page 287A, House 611,Sarah PRIOR 49 TN, Elizabeth 30 AR, Mary 29 AR, Andrew 24 AR, Sarah 21 AR, Albert 19 AR, John 16 AR, Nancy 14 AR, Arminta 10 AR, Margaret 6 AR

1880 Census, Benton Co., AR
Colville, page 381A. Sarah PRYOR 59 widow TN TN TN, Elizabeth R. dau 40 AR TN TN, Mary dau 39 AR TN TN, Andrew son 34 AR TN TN, Sarah A. dau 30 AR TN TN, Albert son 28 AR TN TN, Nancy A. dau 24 AR TN TN, Laura T. dau 19 AR TN TN, Margretty dau 15 AR TN TN.
(Siblings John R., Laura T. and their sister Mary Pryor McCammon are on the 1930 Census in Stephenville, Erath Co., TX. Mother, Sarah Pryor is widow of Scipio Pryor)
Big Spring, page 391b, house 340 Alexander Sigmon 50 KY NC NC, Cynthia (PRYOR) 45 wife MO KY TN, Edmond Smith 18 step son TX TN MO, Francis 15 step son TX TN MO, John Sigmon 15 son KS, Roder A. daug 14 KS, Sarah J. 12 dau AR, James S. 10 AR, Miriam J. dau 7 AR (Cynthia Pryor daughter of Walton Pryor. This family is on the 1865 Census in Linn Co., KS. The Smiths are Cyntha’s children from her first marriage to Robert Smith and other Sigman children are from Alexander’s first marriage to Cyntha’s sister Artemesia Pryor)
Round Prairie Twp., page 310b, house 185 Albert PRIOR 40 MO MO MO, Ellen 60 mother MO PA PA, Amanda 22 sister MO MO MO

1883 Marriage in Benton Co., ARAmanda PRYOR married E L Mitchell on 17 Jun 1883.

1900 Census, Benton Co., AR
Washington Twp., page 192A, Sarah PRIOR Aug 1809 (sic) 90 widow (11 children/8 living TN TN TN, Lizzie dau Aug 1839 60 AR, Sarah dau Mar. 1848 52 AR, Albert son Oct. 1851 48 AR, Laruah dau Apr. 1860 39 AR.

1910 Census, Benton Co., AR
Washington Twp., page 210B, house 228/227 Albert L. PRYOR 58 single AR TN TN farmer, Elizabeth J. sister 70 single AR TN TN, Sarah A. sister 62 single AR TN TN, Laura sister 49 AR TN TN

1920 Census, Benton Co., AR
Washington Twp., Albert L. Pryor 68 AR TN TN, Elizabeth J. 80 sister AR TN TN, Angaline 77 sister AR TN TN, Laura T. 60 sister AR TN TN. (Children of Scipio Pryor)

1930 Census, Benton Co., AR
Big Spring, Dist. 5, Ozark Industrial College
Ethel L. PRYOR 42 md. 26 MO Scot IN, Roy F. adopted 11 OK US US, Olah E. friend 19 OK TN TN teacher at church school, Mary E. McIvor mother 75 widow IN IN NC.
(Nancy & James Pryor of Overton Co., TN>William Pryor & Martha Malone>John P. Pryor>Thomas Pryor and Ethel McIvor. Olah Pryor is a sister of Thomas Pryor).

Records from Carroll County, AR

1850 Census, Carroll Co., AR
Page 137B, house 227 James C. Chaney 46 KY, Nancy D. 36 TN, Sarah E. 19 TN, Mary G. 17 TN, John S. 15 TN, Henrietta M. 11 AR, Margaret C. 8 AR, Columbus 5 AR, Susan 3 AR, George Ann 1 AR, Samuel PRIOR 18 TN, James P. McMillan 17 TN. (Samuel of Carroll Co., and Jesse of Newton Co. are possible sons of James and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN. Nancy D. Chaney was from Overton Co., TN and her first two children were born there.)

1860 Census, Carroll Co., AR
Osage Twp., House 1326 Jesse PRYOR 32 TN, Hilphy 37 TN, James 11 TN, John 8 MO, Stilman 6 AR, Nancy J. 5 AR. (Jesse Pryor was living in Newton Co., AR in 1850. He is a possible son of James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN.)
Prairie Twp, Page 269B, House 577 T. B. PRYOR (male) farmer 50 MO, Frances M. 49 TN, Susan A. 25 TN, Charles 23 TN, Nancy S. 20 TN, Thomas P. 18 TN, Mary F. 15 TN, Adalade 14 TN, Tapley B. 12 TN, Jack Johnson 25 farmer TN, Sarah M. 24 TN. (This family is PYRON, not PRYOR)

1870 Census, Carroll Co., AR
Carrollton Twp., House 100 Solomon McGhee 43 GA, Juda (PRYOR) 44 TN, Nancy Jane 16 IL, Sam 17 IL, Mary F. 9 TN, Joseph M. 7 IL, James J. 1 IL, Sealy McGhee 56 GA. (James& Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>children Jesse, Juda, Ellinder, John, William, Pleasant, Henry Logan.)
House 101 James Hazel ?27 IL, Ellen (PRYOR)27 N, Emily 4 IL, John 2 AR, Rebecca 4/12 (Feb 1870) AR. (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN> Ellinder Pryor and husband James Hazelwood)
House 102 Jesse PRYOR 42 TN, Hilphy 54 TN, John 18 AR, Paul S. 16 AR, Nancy Jane 14 AR. (possible son of James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN.)

1880 Census, Carroll Co., AR
Liberty, Carrollton Twp., house 147 Solomon McGehee 52 TN NC TN, Juda (PRYOR) 53 TN KY TN, Samuel 22 TN, Mary F. 18 TN, Joseph M. 17IL, James J. 12 AR
House 148 Samuel McGehee 50 TN NC TN, Amanda M. wife 45 TN VA VA, Charles H. 19 MO, James S. 16 IL, John L. 15 IL, Robert E. 13 IL, William A. 12 IL, Josephine 10 IL, Thomas 8 MO, Mary P. 6 AR, Jesse D. 4 AR.
Osage Twp., House 195 James V. Hazelwood 38 IL IL IL, Mary E. (PRYOR) 38 TN TN TN, Emma M. 15 IL, John T. 13 AR, Rebecca J. 10 AR, Jerry or Leroy 6 TX, Mary E. 2 TX. (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN> Ellinder Pryor.)
House 212 Henry L. PRYOR 41 TN TN TN, Sarah E. 39 IL NC NC, Andrew J. 15 IL, Loney F. 11 IL, Laura B. 8 IL, Cora E. 6 IL, Effa O. 1 TN. (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN> Ellinder Pryor. Henry Logan Pryor was on the 1860 & 1870 Census in Perry Co., IL)
Prairie Twp., page 251d, house 358 Jesse PRYOR 57 TN TN TN, Hilpha 58 wife TN TN TN, John 28 son MO, Stillmon P. 25 son AR.

1900 Census, Carroll Co., AR
Liberty Twp., house 88 Jesse PRYOR 72, Sept. 1827 TN TN TN, Hilpa 83, Jul. 1816 TN TN TN, md 50 yrs. (James and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Jesse Pryor and Hilpha Chapin)
Liberty Twp., house 90 John A. PRIOR 30, Feb. 1870 AR TN AR, Gartrilla 24, Mar. 1876 AR AR MO (James and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Jesse Pryor>James Pryor and Clarissa>John A. Pryor)
Liberty Twp., house 92 James PRIOR 51, Apr. 1849 TN TN TN, Clericy (Clarissa) 53 Jul 1846 MS MS AL, married 31 years.
(James and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Jesse Pryor>James Pryor and Clarissa)
Liberty Twp., house 96 Stillman PRIOR 4/1853, AR TN TN
(James and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Jesse Pryor and Hilpha Chapin>Paul Stillman Pryor. In 1920 Paul Pryor was living in Sebastian Co., AR)
Carrollton Twp., house 76 G.D. Varnell 50 TN TN TN, Mary J TN TN TN, James? son AR, Robert AR, Bertha AR, R.R. PRYOR [no age given] TN TN TN, Millie [Varnell] 19 AR TN TN, Myrtle 2 AR TN TN, Bertha x/12 AR TN AR (James & Nancy Pryor> Pleasant Pryor>Robert Ridley Pryor)
Carrollton Twp., house 106 S. M. McGhee May 1858, 42 ?? TN TN, married 12 years, Artie M. dau May 1889, 11 AR TN AR, A. J. son Oct 1894, 4 AR TN AR.
Carrollton Twp., house 107 J. M. McGhee Nov. 1862 36 IL TN TN, married 12 years, 3 children/1living, M. A. wife Sept. 1864 TN TN TN, James R. son Nov 1897 AR, Mattie PRYOR boarder ??/1881, 19 single TN TN TN, Solomon McGhee boarder married unknown age & birth year TN TN TN (Solomon McGhee widow of Juda Pryor, he died in 1902.)
Franklin Twp., page 162B John PRIOR Mar 1863 37 widow MO MO MO, Mary dau Dec 1885 14 AR MO TN, Dee son Apr. 1890 10 AR, Charley son Sept 1892 7 AR.
Franklin Twp., page 162B Samuel PRIOR Jan. 1865 35 md. 5 yrs. MO MO MO, Mary wife June 1873 26 (4 children / 2 living), Thomas son Aug. 1895 4 Ind. Ter., Joseph son June 1898 2 Ind. Ter.
Osage Twp., page 171B, house 149/149, Henry L. PRYOR May 1839 61 md. 40 yrs. TN TN TN, Sarah E. wife Oct. 1841 58 (2children/2living) IL IL IL, Logan Y. son Dec. 1889 17 AR, Rotho L. gr-son Feb. 1894 AR IL IL (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Henry Logan Pryor & Sarah Elizabeth Mize. Grandchild Rotho was counted twice on the census, also counted in household of James Bell and Cora Pryor)
Osage Twp., Page 171b, house 143 James Bell Aug. 1853 46 (md. 3 yrs) TN NC TN, Cora E. (PRYOR) wife Feb. 1874 26 (4 children/4 living) IL TN IL, Council V. dau jul 1893 6 AR, Rotha L. dau Feb. 1895 5 AR, Clarence W. son Dec. 1896 3 AR, Louiziane L. dau Nov. 1899 6/12 AR. (Henry Logan Pryor>Cora E. Pryor)
Osage Twp., Page 171b, house 146 Leb Fultz Jun. 1873 26 (md. 2 yrs) AR AR AR, Effie (PRYOR) wife May 1880 20 AR TN TN, Larkin son ?? 1899 1 AR. (Henry Logan Pryor>Effie O. Pryor)
Prairie Twp., page 256A., house 331/332 Merlie R. PRYOR IL TN TN, Julia A. wife born Nov. 4 children NC NC NC, son born IL, and two daughters born in Missouri… the rest of this record is not legible. (Muley R. Pryor is on the 1850 Census in White Co., IL and in 1880 in Johnson Co., IL)

1910 Census, Carroll Co., AR
Carollton Twp., page 9a, house 150 Jefferson T. Engler 47 (md. 20) IL Switzerland IL, Mary E. (PRYOR) wife 47 (15 children/10? Living) TN TN TN, Flora M. dau 16 TN, Martha B. dau 14 TN, Rosa N. dau 11 TN, Claud H. son 9 TX, Anna M. dau 7 OK, Maud P. dau 4 AR, Lee son 1/12 AR. (Jefferson Thompson Engler and wife Mary Ellen Pryor were on the 1880 Census in Overton Co., TN, 1900 Census in Grayson Co., TX, and in 1920 in Coal Co., OK.)
Hickory Twp., page 104A, house 2/2
James PRYOR head 60 (2nd marriage, 2yrs) TN TN TN farmer, Viola wife (1st marriage, 2yrs) 2children/2living MO TN TN.
Liberty twp, page 133A, house 24/25 Andrew PRYOR 42 (md. 23 yrs) IL TN IL, Lucy wife 44 5children/4living AR TN MO, Ava dau 18 AR, Jessie dau 14 AR, Dewey son 11 AR.
Clifty Twp., page 76A, house 120/120 R. F. PRYOR 50 (md. 25 yrs) KS MO MO, Mary wife 45 (3children/3children living) MO US US, Annie Mae dau 21 MO, James? son 10 MO.
Osage Twp., page 96a, Cora Bell (PRYOR) 35 widow (7 children/6 living) IL TN IL, Council son 16 AR, Clarance son 12 AR, Bessie dau 10 AR, Willie son 8 AR, Wylie son 58 AR, Jessie son 2 AR. (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Henry Logan Pryor and Sarah Elizabeth Mize>Cora Pryor md. James Bell)

1920 Census, Carroll, Co., AR
Cedar Twp., page 58, 181 Spring St., house 213/243 William D. PRYOR 69 MO PA DE, Mary E. wife 62 AR NC TN, Robert V. son 32 AR, John W. son 30 AR, George H. son ?? AR, Joseph S. son 21 AR, Jessy son 21 AR. (William Dale Pryor born Marion Co., MO to George Pryor and Elizabeth Hutchinson)
Hickory Twp., page 110, house 352/356 John A. PRYOR 49 AR TN AR, Gartrella? wife 44 AR AR AR, Ruby [relationship illegible] 12 WA Unk Unk. (James and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Jesse Pryor>James Pryor and Clarissa>John A. Pryor)

Records from Chicot County, AR

1872 – 1874 Marriages – 5 Marriages performed by John Pryor, MG. This is probably John Pryor who was in Ashley Co., AR

Records from Clark County, AR

1866 Probate – Haden M PRIOR (also spelled Hayden) deceased. Signed 15 January 1866. Administrator S. O. Cloud. Notes and debts included in the file are from Cedar Town, Polk Co., GA. One note refers to Jane W. Childers, administrator.

1880 Census Clark Co., AR
Page 486c, Manchester Twp., house 93 Wesley Strong 42 farmer AR VA AL, Mary (PRYOR) 26 wife TN TN TN. (Daughter of James M. and Sarah Pryor)

1900 Census Clark Co., AR
Page 323a, Manchester Twp., house 38 Wesley Strong 1/1838 62 (md. 31 yrs.) AR VA Unk, Mary E.(PRYOR) wife 6/1844 55 1 child/1 living TN TN TN, Willie daughter 3/1885 15 AR, James M. PRYOR 2/1821 79 widow TN TN TN (James M. Pryor was on the 1850 Census in Dallas Co., AR and in 1880 Census in Saline Co., AR)

Records from Cleburne County, AR

1900 Census, Cleburne Co., AR
Francis Twp., page 230b, house 204 Andrew J. Bittle Oct. 1844 55 md. 34 years AK KY TN, Julia A. (PRYOR) wife Dec. 1840 59, 7 children/2 living TN NC GA, John P. son Aug 1873 26 AR, Easter J. dau Jan 1882 18 AR (this family is on the 1870 & 1880 Census in Van Buren Co., AR)

1910 Census, Cleburne Co., AR
Heber Twp., page 1b, Rainwater Rd., House 13 Andy Bittle 65 AR KY TN, Jennie (PRYOR) 67 TN AL GA, Albert grandson 12 AR, James grandson 10 AR.

1920 Census, Cleburne Co., AR
Heber Twp., page 260, house 500 Easter Yaugher? 39 divorced AR AR TN, Herbert Wood son 22 AR AR AR, James Matthews son 19 AR MO AR, Jenny Bittle (Julia A. PRYOR) mother 79 widow TN NC GA.

1930 Census, Cleburne Co., AR
Heber Springs, page 62, Jacks P. PRYOR 62 (44) TN TN TN, Minnie wife 54 (35) TN TN KY.

Records from Columbia County, AR

1870 Census Columbia Co., AR
Mississippi Twp., Magnolia PO., page 443b, house 65 James M. PRYOR 33 GA, Bettie 23 AR, George 2 AR, Lucy J. 5/12 AR. (James Madison Pryor from Pike Co., GA)
Page 447b, house 113 John H. PRYOR 52 GA, Nellie 50 GA

1880 Census Columbia Co., AR
Mississippi Twp. page 297B, house 14, James M. PRYOR 43 GA GA GA, Elizabeth J. 34 wife AR GA TN, Mary E. 4 dau AR.

1900 Census Columbia Co., AR
Mississippi Twp., page 335b, house 170 Martha A. PRYOR Dec. 1859 40 widow AR UNK SC, James M. step-son Oct. 1880 19 AR GA AR, Lonzo E. son Sept. 1887 12 AR GA AR, Pearl L. dau Mar 1889 10 AR GA AR, Ira J. son Aug 1892 7 AR GA AR, Milton O. son Dec 1894 AR GA AR, Daughter Jun 1900 AR GA AR.

Records from Craighead County, AR

1900 Census Craighead Co., AR
Jonesboro, page 38b, house 786 Henry H. PRIOR Mar. 1860 40 TN TN TN, Linda wife Dec. 1861 39 7 children/7 living TN TN TN, Liddy dau May 1881 19 TN, Harry son Nov 1884 16 TN, Ova dau Sept 1887 13 TN, Lottie dauu Feb 1889 11 TN, Nettie dau Oct. 1890 9 TN, Clay son Sept 1894 5, Moline dau Jul 1897 2 TN. (H H Pryor married L J Buchanan in Obion Co., TN on 2 Oct 1879. He is on the 1860-1870 Census in Obion Co. in the household of John Pryor and Nancy Wicker Pryor)

1910 Census, Craighead Co., AR
Nettleton Twp., ED#217, page 263A, house 2/2 Henry H. PRYOR 50 (md. 30) TN TN TN, Linda wife 48 (9 children/8 living) TN TN TN, Clay son 16 TN, Moleen dau 13 TN, Burnnie dau 6 AR.
Nettleton Twp Harry PRYOR 28 TN, Nora 24, Garland 4 AR

Records from Crawford County, AR

1823 Lawsuit – Nathaniel PRYOR vs Hugh Glenn. Filed in Arkansas Territory, it states that Hugh Glenn was not a citizen of the territory at that time. (Arkansas Gazette, 9 Dec 1823. Proceedings of the … Annual Meeting of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Volume 64 — states that Pryor and Glenn joined Jacob Fowler on an expedition up the Arkansas River in late 1821.)

1824 DepositionNathaniel Pryor gave a deposition in Crawford Co., AR stating that 150 lb of beaver pelts had been stolen from him in Feb 1820. This occured at his trading house on the Verdigris River. He also stated that he had a bright bay horse stolen from him in 1822. David McKee was a witness.

1826 Letter by V. Franklin Wharton to Secretary James Barbour. Wharton was advocating for Nathaniel Pryor‘s claim due to the theft in 1820. It states that “Capt. Pryor was the first person to volunteer his services in Lewis and Clark’s expedition, asked by the Government in 1812 to find Techumsah and fought in the War of 1812 at the Battle of New Orleans (This is a contemporary account that confirms that the Nathaniel Pryor in Arkansas territory was the same man from the Lewis and Clark Expedition.)

Sept 1831 Notice – Territory of Arkansas, Court Appointed John Rogers the administrator of the estate of Nathaniel Pryor, deceased, Fort Smith, 10th Sept. 1831. The administrator asked all who held debts against Pryor to put in notice for payment from the estate. (see other documents in St. Charles Co. and St. Louis Co.)

1832 Statement – E. W. Duval made a statement for the Western Cherokee regarding the 1820 theft, he stated that Nathaniel Pryor had “intermarried with an Osage woman.” (This may be as close to a contempory account to confirm that Pryor took a Native American wife)

1840 Census, Crawford Co., AR
Van Buren Twp., page 81 N. A. PRYOR 00013 -0120001 (Nicholas A. (Augustus) Pryor was the postmaster of Van Buren, August 1849. C. D. Pryor (Cornelius David) was postmaster, Dec. 1846)

1845 – 1847 Newspaper Editors – Washbourne & Pryor edited the Arkansas Intelligencer. Pryor was Cornelius David “C.D.” Pryor. (April 26, 1845 Arkansas Intellignecer)

1850 Census , Crawford Co., AR
Van Buren Town. Page 354A, house 1/1 Sarah M. PRYOR 56 VA, Mary L. 20 TN, Emily I. 19 TN, William 30 TN printer, Augustus 32 TN lawyer, Cornelius 28 TN clerk, Mary E. Stephenson 10 FL.
Page 354A, house 3/3 Ruben P. PRYOR 34 TN lawyer (Judge R P Pryor died in 1852)
Page 356A, house 40/40 James A. Dibrell 33 physician $4000 TN, Ann E. (PRYOR) 25 TN, Angela M. 9 AR, James A. 3 AR, Thomas H. 1 AR. (“Dr. J. A. Dibrell…was born in Nashville, Tenn., August 15, 1817…his wife Ann Eliza (Pryor) Dibrell was also born in Nashville, October 8, 1825 and became the mother of five children….The Pryor family are of Virginia stock, and are related to the Jefferson family by marriage.” Arkansas, Northwestern Counties History, 1889. Ann Eliza Pryor Dibrell died before 1860 as James A. Dibrell’s wife is named Emily b. 1833 on the 1870 and 1880 Census. An World Tree reports Emily to be Emily Pryor, possibly the daughter of Sarah noted above. This account indicates a relationship to Thomas Jefferson: Mitchie Pryor, the daughter of David Pryor & Susan Ballow married John Randolph Jefferson. Mitchie’s brothers Zachariah and Nicholas Ballow Pryor settled in Nashville. Sarah “Sally” M. Thomas married Nicholas and his widow on this census)

1852 Death – Judge R P Pryor died 26 Feb 1852 in Crawford County. He lived in Van Buren and was from Nashville, TN. He was buried with Masonic rites. (Weekly Arkansas Gazette, 12 Mar 1852)

1860 Census, Crawford Co., AR
Page 597A, House 19/19 James A. Debbrell 42 physician $6000/$7400 TN, Emily (PRYOR) 27 TN, James A. Jr. 14 AR, Ann E. 8 AR, Sarah S. 3 AR, Edwin D. 1 AR.
House 24/24 Joseph J. Green 42 lawyer $3000/$7000 NC, Mary J. (PRYOR) 31 TN, Joseph J. Jr. 5 AR, Betty 2 AR, Sarah PRYOR 64 VA, June Tally 16 Cherokee Nation

Records from Crittenden County, AR

1835-1839 Crittenden, AR Records (indexed on
William PRIOR, 1835
Scipio A. C. PRIOR, 1839 (see Benton Co. census records)
Allen PRIOR, 1837
Samuel PRIOR, 1837
R. PRYER, 1839

1840 Census, Crittenden Co., AR
Jasper Twp., page 41, David L. PRIER 100021-10011

Records from Cross County, AR

1900 Census Cross Co., AR
Brushy Lake, ED#22, sheet 2b, house 33/34 Allen PRIOR Feb. 1839 61 widow IL KY KY, Fred son Dec. 1876 26 IL IL IL, Stell gr-dau Jul 1883 16 IL IL IL. (Allen Pryor is on the 1850-1880 Census in Crawford Co., IL)

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Records from Dallas County, AR

1850 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Saline Twp., page 22b, house 298 A. G. Sullenburger 39 VA, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 33 TN, Maria (Mariah?) 14 TN, Jno. (John) 11 TN, Joseph 8 TN, Mary 7 TN, Saml (Samuel) 4 TN, Jas. (James) 1 AR (Abel Sullenburger and Elizabeth Pryor married 1833 and their first child was born in Knoxville, TN).
Saline Twp., Page 23A, House 302 John PRYOR 39 TN Meth. Clergyman, Ann 39 VA, Virginia 12 TN, Elizabeth 10 TN, Frances 8 TN, Sarah A. 6 TN, John H. 4 AR. (In 1860 John Pryor and family were in Ashley Co., AR. In 1880 This family was in Desha Co., AR. “History of Methodism in Arkansas”, published 1892, states John Pryor was a native of Sullivan Co. TN, licensed to preach and joined the Tennesee Conference in 1830. He died at age 72.)
Smith Twp., page 51b, house 696 Samuel W. Looney 31 farmer TN, Sarah A. (PRYOR) 26 TN, Margaret 5 TN, Jas. (James) 3 TN. (Samuel W. Looney md. Sarah 22 Aug 1844 in Knox Co., TN)
Page 51b, house 702 James PRYOR 60 NC, Unith 60 TN, David 24 carpenter, William P.21 TN, Elijah 18, Samuel 14 TN (Lineage reported on states wife is Unith/Ubeth Cox and that this family was from Sullivan Co. TN)
Page 51b & 52a, house 703 Hugh Hall 23 farmer TN, Mary (PRYOR) 23 TN, Jas (James) 7 TN, Henry 5 TN, Elizabeth 3 TN, David 6/12 TN. (Hugh Pryor Hall md. Mary Pryor on 22 Jul. 1841 in Knox Co, TN)
House 713 James M. PRYOR 29 TN, Sarah J. 28 TN, William 8 TN, Mary 6 TN.(James M. Pryor and wife are in Dallas Co. in 1860 and in Saline Co., MO in 1880)

1860 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Smith Twp. Page 977, House 203 E. P. PRYOR 25 farmer TN, Ann E. 15 TN, Unith 66 TN (Elijah P. Pryor and mother Unith.)
Smith Twp. Page 977, House 206 James M PRYOR 37 boot maker TN, Sarah J. 38 TN, William 17 carpenter TN, Mary 15 TN. (James M. Pryor and wife are in Dallas Co. in 1850 and in Saline Co., MO in 1880)
Smith Twp., page 977b, house 215 A. G. Sullenburger 49 VA, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 43 TN, Joseph 17 TN, John C. 22 carpenter TN, Mary 16 TN, Samuel 14 TN, James W. 11 AR, Virginia 9 AR, Sarah 4 AR.
Smith Twp., Page 979A, House 217. Living with George Eloty 21 blacksmith NJ and family…. David A. PRYOR 27 carpenter? TN(This is probably the same David Pryor in Hot Spring Co. in 1860 & 1870)
Page 985A, House 255 Living with John C. Griffin 27 farmer MS and family… William P. PRYOR 30 carpenter TN
Page 985a, house 252 Samuel W. Looney 39 TN, Sarah (PRYOR) 34 TN, Margaret 15 TN, James 12 TN, Robert 9 AR, Mary 6 LA, John 4 LA
Page 986B, House 258, H. P. (Hugh Pryor) Hall 42 farmer TN, Mary (PRYOR) 35 TN, James 17 TN, Henry 16 TN, Susan 13 TN, David 9 AR, Lucy 7 AR, John 5 AR, Fannie 3 AR, Eunie 8/12 AR.
Page 986B, House 259 Isaac F. ???? 44 saddler PA and family…. Samuel W. PRYOR 24 carpenter TN. (David, William and Samuel are sons of James and Unith who were on the 1850 Census in Dallas Co.)
Holly Springs, page 1017, house 449 P. H. PRYOR 34 GA, Mary 30 GA, Elizabeth 12 GA, Sarah 9 GA, William B. 7 GA, George 5 GA, Mary 3 GA, Lucinda 6/12 GA (January 1860) (Philip H. Pryor is on subsequent census records in Dallas Co. He is and his family are on the 1850 Census in Newton Co., GA.)

1870 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Holly Springs Twp.., page 407b, house 25 Thomas C. Head 36 mechanic GA, Mary J. 37 GA, Wm (William) F. 13 GA, Minerva A. 39 GA, Wiley Cleveland 28 GA, Wm (William) L. Sorrells 34 TN, Elizabeth L. (PRYOR) 22 GA, Walter B. 1 AR (W. S. Sorrells md. Elizabeth L. Pryor on June 20, 1860 in Dallas Co., AR.)
Holly Springs, page 409a, house 49
Phillip H. PRYOR 46 GA, Mary E. 42 GA William B. 18 GA, Mary A 13 GA, Thomas 8 AR, Bluford 7 AR, Lucinda 4, Eliza E. 2 AR
Smith Twp., Page 463B
Elijah P. PRYOR 37 farmer TN, Ann Eliza 23 TN, Florence 9 AR, Laura A. 3, , , AR, Eureth (f) 2 AR (John Pryor & Unith Cox>Elijah P. Pryor md. Eliza Young on Sept. 8, 1859 in Dallas Co., AR )
Smith Twp., page 471A, House 131 Samuel W. PRYOR 36 farmer TN, Lucy L. 24 NC, Bessie 2 AR, Mollie 4/12 AR. (James Pryor & Unith Cox>Samuel W. )
Smith Twp., page 471A, house 133 Hugh Pryor Hall 50 farmer TN, Mary (PRYOR) 47 TN, David 20 AR, Lucie 18 AR, John L. 13 AR, Fannie 10 AR, Nancy 8 AR, Euith PRYOR 80 TN, Sarah Williams 70 (black) NC. (Unith widow of James Pryor)

1880 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Page 174a, house 25/30 Pryor Hall 60 TN NC VA, Mary (PRYOR) 58 wife TN TN TN, John 24 son AR, Ann 20 dau AR
Holly Springs, Dist 69, sheet 12D, house 107 Mary PRIOR 51 GA GA GA, Thomas 18 son AR GA GA, Bluford F. 16 son AR, Lucinda 15 dau AR, Edgar E 11 son AR (Mary Pryor widow of Philip Pryor of Dallas Co., AR)

1900 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Smith Twp, page 14, house 215 Albert Lawrence Feb. 1870 30 md. 10 years IN IN IN, Nannie wife Dec. 1859 40 5 children/5 living AR TN TN, Walter P. son Aug. 1892 7 AR, Lucy A. dau Dc. 1893 6 AR, Cammeron? dau Jul 1896 4 AR, Philemon son Aug. 1899 11/12 AR, Mrs. H. P. Hall (Mary PRYOR) mother in law ??/1827 73 widow TN TN TN.
Holly Springs Dist 17, sheet 10a, house 154 Edgar PRYOR b. July 1868 31, md 10, AR GA GA, Nannie wife Feb. 1871 29 4 children/4 living AR AL IL, Judson son Dec 1890 9 AR, Annie dau Aug 1892 AR, Grace dau May 1895 AR, Edgar son Feb 1900 3/12 AR, Mary E. PRYOR mother Dec 1828 71 widow 10 children/4 living GA GA GA (Edgar Pryor son of Mary E. Pryor and Philip H. Pryor)

1910 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Smith Twp., page 299 Albert Lawrence 39 md. 20 yrs IN ?? ??, Nannie wife 50 6 children/6 living, AR TN TN, ?? dau 27 AR, Pryor son 18 AR, Amie dau 16 AR, Cameron dau 11 AR, Thelma dau 10 AR, Robert son 8 AR, Mary Hall (PRYOR) mother in law 87 widow TN TN TN.

1920 Census, Dallas Co., AR
Holly Springs, ED#30, sheet 3b, house 56 Edgar PRYOR 51 widow, AR GA GA, salesman, general merchandise Edgar PRYOR son 19 single AR AR AR farmer (The younger Edgar Pryor is possibly the Edgar Pryor who married Susie Newton and settled in Ouachita Co., AR, and became the father to Senator David Pryor).

Records from Desha County, AR

1850 Census, Desha Co., AR
Mississippi Twp., page 75B, house 348/348 Thomas PRYOR 30 (or 50) carpenter VA.

1880 Census Desha Co., AR – Arkansas City

Page 312A John PRYOR 65 TN TN TN minister, Ann S. Trigg Pryor wife 65 VA VA VA, Virginia E. Williams dau 40 TN, Mary Austin (blk) servant 34 KY VA KY, C. P. Tobin 27 AR AL AL physician, J. R. Butler 27 VA VA VA school teacher, J. C. Drake 28 AL AL AL store clerk. (John Pryor born Sullivan County, TN and wife Ann Trigg. In 1850 This family was in Dallas Co.)