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Records of Tehama County, CA

1860 Census, Tehama Co., CA
Cottonwood Twp., Page 897B, House 278 T. J. Price 30 farmer Canada… counted with laborers living in household W. C. PRIOR 28 teamster TN

1880 Census, Tehama Co., CA
Red Bluff, page 467c, Mary PRYOR 51 Eng Eng Eng, Joseph 28 printer CA Eng Eng, William A. 27 son printer CA Eng Eng, Hettie 24 dau school teacher CA Eng Eng (Mary Pryor is Priscilla widow of Joseph Pryor of Shasta Co., daughter Hettie was counted twice in 1880… she was also in Napa Co.)

1880 Announcement – The Red Bluff Daily People’s Cause had new publishers J. W. Brown, J. H. PRYOR and Jerome Banks (The Napa Valley Register, 8 July 1880)

1880 Event – News story of Alfred, William and Hettie Pryor (described as siblings) taking a wagon ride with their mother from the Great Western Quicksilver Mine to the Geysers. They were riding in a horse-drawn wagon driven by Fred Grodefend. As they were going down a steep mountain road the driver lost control of the horses, passengers jumped from the wagon and the driver too. Eventually they regained control of the horses and continued their journey (The Napa Valley Register, 13 August 1880)

Records of Tulare County, CA

1880 Census Tulare Co., CA
Hanford PO. Waymon L. PRYOR 57 TN TN TN, Mary 48 wife Ire Ire Ire, George W. 18 son CA, Annie S. 15 dau CA, J. Franklin 13 son CA, Kate 11 dau CA. (This family was in Stanislaus Co., CA in 1870.  Waymon Leftrick Pryor aged 51, is on the Hanford Dist., Tulare Co. Voter Registration in 1890. Voter Reg noted birthplace as TN. Son George William Pryor aged 27 was also on the same Voter’s list. Waymon L Pryor was arrested for taking part in the Muscle Shoal Tragedy)

Records of Tuolumne County, CA

1850 Census, Tuolumne Co., CA
Twp. 2, page 138A, house 846/846 Living in a household of miners… Henry PRIOR 43 miner England.
Twp. 1., page 151B, house 994/991 Joseph PRYER 25 miner England, Priscilla PRYER 22 England, A. PRYER (m) 30 miner England, Jos. Thomas 30 miner England, John W. Richards 20 miner England, J. Richards (m) 25 miner England. (Joseph Pryor and family are on the 1852 CA State census in Calaveras Co. Joseph Pryor and family are on the 1860 and 1870 Census in Shasta Co. Priscilla’s surname was Thomas per California State Library records of pioneers.)

1860 Census,Tuolumne Co., CA
Township 2, page 408A, house 3939/3755 George Battenfield 50 PA and family… Wm [William] PRYOR 34 garden laborer $100 AR.

1870 Census Tuolumne Co., CA
House 1224 Edward Doyle 40 farmer Ireland, Ann (Ann PRIOR) 41 Ireland, John 12 WI, OP 11 WI, Edward 8 WI, Thomas 7 CA, J. F. 5 CA. (Social Security record for Edward b. 1862, states mother was Ann Prior and that he was born in Columbia Tuolumne County.)

1930 Census, Tuolumne Co., CA – Dist. 14
#278/280 Gilbert C. PRYOR 39 (19) TN TN TN, Myrtle wife 34 (21) TN TN TN, Billie S. son 10 WY (Gilbert is on the 1920 Census in Sweetwater Co., WY)

Records of Yolo County, CA

1870 Census Yolo County, CA
Thomas H PRIOR 28 Ireland, Malinda C 20 Oregon, Minnie 1, May 1

1910 Census Yolo County, CA
Sheet 7b, Woodland Twp, house 613 Melinda PRIOR 60 widow OR KY KY, Minnie daughter 40 CA Ireland OR

1913 Estate Melinda Catherine PRIOR. deceased. Heirs: Della Prior Pierce, Minnie B Prior, May Prior Baker.

Records of Yuba County, CA

1850 Census, Yuba Co., CA
Nevada City, page 301A, house 818/818 James Norwood 28 miner IL, D. D. PRYOR 27 miner IL, Edward Dodson 26 miner IL, F. E. ???? 31 miner IN, B. M. Saks 28 miner, Seymour Irons? miner 32 IN.
1900 Census, Yuba Co., CA
Foster Bar, page 173b, house 354 James PRYER Jul 1841 58 MO MO MO, miner.