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Records from Macon County, Illinois

1855 Lawsuit – Filed in Macon Co. William E. See vs. (In Equity) Jonathan See, John See Jr. Lear See, Missouri See, Hannah Craig, Charles Bryant, America Bryant, George C. Anderson, Nancy Anderson, James Morrison, Elizabeth Morrison, Mary Morris, Archellas Morris, Margaret Morris, George PRIOR and Hannah PRIOR. (Illinois State Chronicle, 6 Sept 1855. This is probably the George Prior and Hannah Prior in Henry Co., IA)
1900 Census Macon Co., IL
Dudley Sams 7/1856 43 KY, Malinda (PRYOR) 2/1856 44 KY, Willie 25, Luly 16, Lenor 13, Marinie 11, James 7 (IL death record of Luly Sams Benge states she was born in Estill Co., KY to Dudley Sams and Malinda Pryor)

Records from Madison County, Illinois

1850 Census Madison Co., IL
Troy, House 31 Ann PRIOR 48 boardinghouse keeper, PA and boardinghouse tennants.

Records from Massac County, Illinois

1810 News Report – News of a Mr. Pryor attacked by Indians near Fort Massak while taking barrels of whiskey down the Ohio River. The report came from Russellville, KY (Logan County?), and was reported by an unnamed man from Livingston Co., KY. (The Pittsburgh Gazette, 14 Sept 1810. Was this Joseph E. Pryor of Livingston Co., KY?)

1850 Census, Massac Co., IL
Daniel F. PRYOR 57 carpenter KY, Nancy L. 30 AL, James 19 IL, Joseph 12 IL, Daniel 10 IL, Thomas 8 IL, John 8 IL (twins noted on census record), Francis 6 IL, Mary 5 IL, Anson 6/12 IL (Pryor family states Daniel Farley Pryor is the son of John Alexander Pryor of Amelia Co., VA — research and sources needed.)

1870 Census, Massac Co., IL
Town 15, Metropolis PO, page 264b, house 105/105 Wesley PRYOR (bl) 54 farming TN, Katie (bl) 46 SC, John R. (bl) 18 KY, Louise (bl) 16 KY, Caroline (bl) 14 KY, Mary (bl) 12 KY, Minty (bl) 10 KY, Winnie (bl) 4 IL, Gilbert Owen (bl) 44 farm hand KY.

1873 Marriage – Martha Cole married Anson G. PRYOR on 31 Aug 1873

1880 Census, Massac Co., IL
Metropolis, page 61c, house 203 Wesley PRYOR (bl) 64 TN ?? ??, Katy (bl) 54 wife SC ?? ??Caroline (bl) 19 dau KY, John (bl) 28 son KY, Mary (bl) 16 dau KY, Minta (bl) 14 dau KY, Winnie (bl) 12 son KY, S. Bruce (bl) male, works on farm, 22 KY ?? ??
Metropolis, Court St., page 32c, house 239, W W. Bozman 66 laborer, TN NC TN, Cornelia (PRYOR), 58 wife, IL VA VA, Joseph F. 37 son teacher IL, Susan 23 dau IL, Harry L. 17 son IL, Mary Q. Grammar 9 adopted IL

Records from Menard County, Illinois

1840 Census, Menard Co., IL
Page 293, line 4, Royal Armstrong (Royal was the son of Robert Armstrong who was granted land in Greene Co., TN in 1786 and who is possibly the same Robert Armstrong who was in the 1813 Court Minutes in White Co., TN– he had been taking care of Joseph Pryor)
Page 296, line 23 John PRIOR 10001 – 11001001

1850 Census, Menard Co., IL
Page 324B, house 797/814 John PRIOR 34 TN, Susan 34 TN, M. J. (f) 16 IL, Elizabeth 14 IL, Wm [William] 12 IL, Rachel 10 IL, John 8 IL, Nancy 6 IL, Martha 2 IL (John Pryor son of Jonathan Pryor and Ruth Sherrill. John married Susan Ann Clary on Sept. 10, 1834 in Sangamon Co., IL. This family is on the 1860 Census in Davis Co., IA)

Records from Monroe County, Illinois

1870 Census, Monroe County, IL
Page 547, house 20 Anthony PRYOR 65 England, Elizabeth 48 England, William 19 IL, Thomas 13 IL, Ann Woodcock 28 MO servant, Ellen Crook 38 England servant, James Slattery 6 MO. (An Anthony Pryor was christened on 22 Aug 1805 in Feltwell, Norfolk, England. His parents were William and Mary Pryor)

1880 Census Monroe County, IL
Anthony Pryor 74 Eng Eng Eng, William Pryor 29 son IL Eng Eng, Thomas Pryor 23 son, Henrietta Pryor 24 daughter in law, Elisabeth Pryor 1 grand dau, Thomas Pryor 4m grandson

Records from Perry County, Illinois

1860 Census, Perry Co., IL
House 264 Samuel PRYER 24 TN, Lucinda 23 TN, John Craig 15 IL, Sarah J. Pryor 3 IL (Samuel Pryor was married to Lucinda Poston. Lucinda is on the 1850 Census in 5th District of Overton Co., TN).
House 513 Logan PRYER 21 mining TN, Sarah E. 17 IL
(Henry Logan Pryor is the son of James? and Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN)

1870 Census, Perry Co., IL
DuQuoin P.O.Twp 5, Range 1, page 135A, House 209 Logan H. PRYOR 27 farmer TN, Sarah E. 26 IL, Andrew J. 5 IL, Lona F. 2 IL, Elmana Swallows 9 IL, Ellen Goodwin 18 IL. (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Henry Logan Pryor. Ellen A Swallows is the daughter of Isaac Swallows from Overton Co., TN)
Pickneyville PO, Twp 4, Range 3, page 216b, House 42 Samuel PRYOR 35 TN, Lucinda 35 TN, Sarah J. 13 IL, Mary F. 6 IL. (Samuel Pryor was married to Lucinda Poston).

1880 Census, Perry Co., IL
Pickneyville PO, Dist. 75, page 128a, house 660 Samuel PRIOR 45 TN TN TN, Lucinda wife 45 TN VA SC, Sarah J. 21 dau IL, Frances 18 dau IL.

1900 Census Perry Co., IL
Paradise Pct., page 6b, house 97 James Merkel Apr. 1849 51 (md. 22 yrs) IL Germany IL, Ruthy (PRYOR) wife Apr. 1860 40 (10 children/9 living) TN TN TN, Nancy E. dau Mar. 1879 21 IL, William Y. son May 1880 20 IL, James W. son Jul 1881 18 IL, Barney A. son Mar. 1883 17 IL, Charles E. son Apr. 1887 13 IL, Henry M. son Feb.1889 11 IL, Suley L. dau Jan 1891 9 IL, Sammy M. son Jan 1894 6 IL, Elzie D. son Aug. 1897 2 IL. (Ruth Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Jackson Co., TN. This family is on the 1880 Census in Franklin Co., IL. Ruth’s death record states she was the daughter of Young Pryor and Betty Corneyhon. Young may be the person recorded as Uriah Pryor on the 1850 Census in Jackson Co., TN)
DuQuoin, Dist. 48, page 38a, James PRYOR Mar. 1876, 24, married 4, IL TN TN, Martha wife Jul 1876 23 (3 children/3 living) IL IL IL, Ina dau May 1896 4 IL, Gerta dau Feb 1897 IL, Alfred son Mar 1900 2/12 IL, Della Lovelady neice Mar 1895 15 IL IL IL, Harvey nephew Aug 1889 10 IL IL IL, Renzo nephew Mar 1892 7 IL IL IL. (James is the son of Young Pryor of Franklin Co., IL. The neices and nephews in the household are is sister Luella Pryor Lovelady Rogers’ children.)
Tamaroa, page 198a Benjamin Pryor 35 IL TN TN , Polly Pryor 29, Walter Pryor 10, Marion Pryor 7 (Possibly son of Young Pryor of Franklin Co., IL)

1910 Census, Perry Co., IL
Tamaroa Pct., page 253 A, house 82/82 Alfred PRIOR 56 single, TN TN TN farmer, Emma Prior sister 54 single TN TN TN. Household included 3 boarders who were all employed at the sawmill. (Alfred and Emma were on the 1880 & 1900 Census in Franklin Co., IL)
Tamoroa Pct., page 253 A, house 83/83 Eli Smith 36 md. 16, IL IL TN, Anna wife 29, 7 children/6 living IL IL IL, Carl son 18 IL, Dewey son 12 IL, Bella dau 9 IL, John son 7 IL, Velma dau 4 IL, Olen son ? mos. IL. (Eli Smith was noted on the death record of Alfed Pryor – above- as the person who provided information. An older query on Rootsweb states that Eli was the son of John Smith b. 1829 and Nancy Pryor. It is possible that Nancy is the Nancy Pryor who was the sister of Alfred Pryor of Jackson Co., TN)
Paradise, Dist. 77, page 140b, house 45 James Merkel 60 md.2/md. 30 yrs IL Germany? IL, Ruthy (PRYOR) wife 50 md.1/30 yrs.(10 childre/9 living) TN TN TN, Charles son 21 IL, Sam son 16 IL, Elzar son 11 IL. (Rutha is possibly the daughter of Young Pryor of Franklin Co., IL)

1920 Census Perry Co., IL
Paradise, Dist. 83, page 165b, house 87/89 Rutha J. (PRYOR) Merkel single 58 TN TN TN, Henry M. son 30 IL, Lula L. dau 28 IL, Sam M. son 25 IL, Elzie D. son 22 IL, Elnora dau 17 IL.

Records from Pike County, Illinois

1831 Land Purchase – Jesse Tittsworth (husband of Nancy PRYOR) bought 40 acres 19 Nov 1831.

1832 Land Purchase – Jesse Tittsworth (husband of Nancy PRYOR) bought 40 acres 31 Oct 1832.

1832 MilitaryJames B PRIOR 4th Regiment, 3d Brigade of Illinois Mounted Volunteers. “The above company volunteered and organized in Atlas, in Pike county, on June 4, 1832, and in pursuance of orders then received, marched immediately to rendezvous at Fort Wilbourn, where they arrived on June 17, and were mustered into service June 19, 1832.” Mustered out August 16, 1832. (Past and Present of Pike County, Illinois by Melville D Massie)

1835 Land Purchase – Jesse Tittsworth (husband of Nancy PRYOR) bought 40 acres 8 Aug 1835.

1837 Marriage – 21 Sep 1837 Charles PRYOR married Martha Ann Burch.

1837 Marriage – 15 Nov 1837, Rachel PRYOR married Jesse T McIntyre (McIntire)

1840 Marriage – 16 Jan 1840, Page PRYOR married Malinda Fessler (Tesler?).

1840 Land Purchase
James B PRIOR purchased land on 3 Nov 1840. Documents 6630 and 7216

1840 Census, Pike Co., IL
Page 47, John PRIOR 1210001 – 101101 (Oldest male 40 to 49 years)
Page 53, Page PRIOR 00001 – 10001
Page 53, Isaac PRIOR 210001 – 00101
Page 63, James PRIOR 00000101 – 000110001 (James B. Pryor obtained land grants in Pike Co. in 1840. Oldest male in household 50 to 59 years. Death notice from THE NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE for REBECCA PRYOR wife of James Pryor, died Pike Co., Ill., Jan. 7, 1849; moved from Christian Co., Ky. to Stewart Co., Tenn., to Pike Co., Illinois. )
Page 63 Jesse McIntire (married to Rachel Pryor)
Page 63, Charles PRIER 10001-0001
Page 142 Jesse Titsworth (married to Nancy Pryor) oldest male 40 to 49 years.oldest female 40 to 49 years.

1842 Marriage – 20 Jan 1842, Moses Conner married Sarah PRYOR

1845 Marriage – 15 Jun 1845 Samuel Ward married Jane PRYOR. (Samuel Ward age 42 registered for Civil War service in 1863, making him about 24 years old at time of marriage).

1847 Marriage – 14 Jan 1847 Isaac PRYOR married Mrs. Nancy Neeley.

1847 Marriage – 1 Apr 1847 Christopher Ward married Mary PRYOR

1849 Marriage – 24 May 1849, William M. Thomas married Mary Ann PRYOR

1849 Marriage – 20 Dec 1849 Perrin PRYOR married Mary Jane Ward.

1848 Land Purchase – 1 Jun 1848, Samuel Ward (husband of Jane Pryor?, purchased 40 acres in Pike County.

1850 Census Pike Co., IL, Twp. 5
TWP 4, Page 180a, house 650 Albert Blake 33 cooper ME, Parmelia 29 KY, Mary 9 IL, John 4 IL, Joel 2 IL, Martha 1 IL. (Albert Blake md. Nancy PRIOR 27 May 1841 in Pike Co.)
TWP 5, West Division, Page 168a, House 433, Charles B. PRYOR 37 farmer TN, Martha A. 27 MD, James B. 9 IL, Margaret 5 IL, William B. 2 IL (Charles & Martha are on the 1870 Census in Cherokee Co., KS. Charles B. Pryor md. Martha Ann Burch on 9/21/1837 in Pike Co.)
TWP 5, West Division, Page 170b, House 517 Morgan Davis 32 NY farmer, Catharine 28 IN, Elizabeth 3 IL, Nancy PRYER 7 IL
TWP 5, West Division, Page 176a, house 595 Isaac PRYOR 44 TN farmer, Nancy 38 OH, William 17 TN, Samuel 15 TN, Lucy 13 TN, Thomas 11 IL, Sarah 9 IL, Catherine 2 IL, Martha 1 IL (Isaac Pryor md. Mrs. Nancy Neely Jan. 14, 1847 in Pike Co. Possibly the Isaac Pryor who was in Sullivan Co., TN in 1830–aged 20-29 years per census)
TWP 5, West Division, Page 176b, house 596 Melinda Ward 38 NC, Catherine PRYOR 7 IL, Perry Ward 2 IL (Melinda Fesler md. Page Pryor on Jan. 16 1840 in Pike Co. Mrs. Melinda Pryor md. Andrew Ward on Mar 20 1847 in Pike Co.)
TWP 5, West Division, Page 176b, house 597 Stephen Paxton (Paxson) 39 OH occupation “none”, Sarah (PRYOR) 40 TN, Mary J. 19 VA, William 12 AL, Liobel 8 IL, Alfred 5 IL Nancy A. 1 IL. (1840 Census This family was in Scott Co., IL – Information on this family from The Bench and Bar of St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Other Missouri Cities, published 1884 by American Biographical Publishing Company. Son William was born 1837 in Cherokee Co., AL.)
TWP 5, Page 227B, house 1320 William M. Thomas 26 AL, Mary (PRYOR) 25 TN, Nancy Thomas 70 unk. (William Thomas married Maryann Pryor on May 24, 1849. Mary Ann is buried in Hornback Cemetery)
TWP 5, Page 228A, house 1323 Samuel Ward 29 farmer OH, Jane (PRYOR) 23 TN, Ellen 1 IL (Samuel Ward married Jane Pryor on Jun. 15, 1845)
TWP 5, Page 228A, house 1324 John PRYOR 53 TN farmer, Hannah 43 KY, Frances 13 TN, Alfred 17 TN, George 12 TN, Amanda 6 IL, William 3 IL. (On Civil War Muster Roll Alfred Pryor recorded as Alfred S. Pryor born in Knox Co., TN abt. 1833. Alfred Pryor married Nancy Hornbeck Oct. 20, 1853 in Pike Co., IL. Alfred was recorded as a “widow” when he enlisted in 1861)
TWP 5, Page 228A, house 1325 Jesse Tittsworth 54 TN farmer, Nancy (PRYOR) 54 TN, Sarah 19 TN, Nancy 16 IL, Margaret 14 IL. (Jesse Tittsworth is on a Sullivan Co., TN deed in 1824. They are on the 1830 Census in McMinn Co., TN. Death record of Franklin Tittswoth b. 1826 states he is the son of James Tittlsworth and Elizabeth Pryor. Jesse and Nancy are buried in Hornback Cemetery)
TWP 5, Page 232A, house 1396 Christopher Ward 24 OH, Mary (PRYOR) 20 TN, Elizabeth 2 IL, Commodore 9/12 (born Feb?) IL
TWP 5, Page 232B, House 1395 Bazzell (Basil?) Talbutt (Talbot?) 30 farmer VA, Mary 30 CT, Elizabeth Morgan 7 IL, Rachel PRYOR 52 CT, Edwin PRYOR 21 farmer CT.

Twp. 6, Page 201a, house 937 Moses Conner 42 mason NY, Sarah (PRYOR) 27? KY, Rebecca 7 IL, James Blake 6 IL (Sarah Pryor md. Moses Conner Jan 20 1842 in Pike Co.)
Twp. 6, Page 201A, house 939. James PRYOR 72 postmaster VA, Jane 24 TN. (James Pryor (James born about1788, widower of Rebecca Pryor who died 1849 and death reported in Nashville Christian Advocate (TN).)

1855 IL State Census, Pike Co., IL
Twp. 6 – Chas B. PRYER 21001 – 1101 – Maufacturies of all kinds “cooper shop”
Barry (or Derry) – Jas. PRIOR 2001 – 03001
Derry – Perkins PRYOR 001 – 1001

1860 Census, Pike Co., IL
Barry PO., page 486 house 384 John C. Frike 33 cooper, Elizabeth 32 NY, James Hand 11 IN. (per obit of John Christian Frike in the Barry Adage– Frike was born in Prussia and married Mrs. Elizabeth PRYOR on Feb. 4 1859 in Pike Co.)
Barry P.O.: Living with Horace Horton and family from CT. Alfred Pryor 30 laborer TN
Atlas Twp., page 872, house 977 Stephen Paxson 49 Missionary S. School OH, Sarah (PRYOR) 40 TN, Bell 18, Alfred 16, Nancy 11 IL, Corey 6 IL (This family is in St. Louis, MO in 1870)
Barry P. O., page 906, house 1217 William PRYOR 26 farmer TN, Susannah 22 IN, Delphena 3 IL, Mary 2 IL.
Barry PO: E. C. Peckham 45 RI, Rachel 45 MD, Rebecca Winner 23 OH, William Winner 13 IL, Alice PRIOR 8 IL, Harison Ward 7 IL, Susan PRIOR 32 OH, Jonathan Winner 33 NJ. (Nathaniel P. Prior md. Susan Ward Nov. 18, 1854 in Pike Co., IL. Susan Ward, daughter of Samuel Ward, remarried to Matthew Simpson and is on the 1870 Census in Pike Co.)
Pleasant Vale:house 675 Melinda Ward 50 NC, Perry 11 IL, Catherine PRYOR 15 IL, George Booker 7 IL, Thomas Booker 5 IL, William Booker 2 IL, Laborn Booker 1 IL, John Askew 15 IL (History of Pike County, Illinois: together with sketches of its cities … By Chapman, Chas. C., et al Catharine Pryor married Thomas W. Potter on 1 June 1865.)
House 680 John PRIOR 62 farmer TN, Hannah 54 KY, Alfred 27 TN, George 21 TN, Amanda 16 IL, William 12 IL, Mary G. 4 IL, John R. Hornbeck 22 farmer IL.
Pleasant Vale, page 850, house 839 Jesse Titsworth 64 TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 64 TN.
Atlas PO Page 869: house 959 Horace Horton 68 farmer CT, Emeline 60 CT, Emeline Brooks 17 NY, Lydia Brooks 12 NY, Alfred PRYOR 30 laborer TN, Alexander McBride 16 laborer IL.
House 1119 Isaac PRYOR 53 TN farmer, Nancy 49 OH, Thomas 20 IL, Sarah 18 IL, Catherine 12 IL, Martha 10 IL, John 8, Elizabeth 6 IL, Jane 4 IL (Nancy was a widow in 1880, she and her family are on the 1880 Census in Sebastian Co., AR)
Fairmount Twp., page 523, Fish Hook PO, house 141 Samuel PRYOR 41 carpenter KY, Sarilda 37 KY, M. A. 15 IN (Margaret), M. E. 14 IN (Mary), C. J. 10 male IN (Caroline “Belle”?), J. S. 8 male IL, M. E. 7 IL (Mariah), J. R. 5 IL (James), P. C. 4 IL (Peter), C. P. 2 IL (Richard Curtis?) (This family was on the 1850 and 1870 Census in Adams Co., IL. John Alexander Pryor Jr. & Mary Cole>Samuel Mortimer Pryor & Zerelda Ellen Nicholson)
Page 900, house 1177 Joseph Stubinger 24 farmer DE, Lucy (PRYOR) 23 TN, Joseph 11/12 IL. (Lucy C. Pryor md. Joseph Strubinger on 1/14/1858 in Pike Co., IL)

July 1863 Draft Registrations – Pike County

Derry Twp
Alford PRYOR. 27, farmer b. TN, Co I 28th Ill Vol.
Thomas PRYOR. 21, farmer b. IL, Co. B 3rd MO Cavalry
George PRYOR 23, farmer b. IL, Co B 3rd MO Cavalry
Kinderhook Twp.
Matthew PRYOR 27 famer b. IL married. (See Matthew Pryor on the 1850 Census in Scotland County, MO)

1865 IL State Census, Pike Co., IL
Martinsburg – Charles PRYOR 121001 – 21010
On one page:
James Hornback 111 – 101
William Hornback 01101 – 00001
Nancy Hornback 3 – 01001
Isaac PRYOR 121- 32001
—? Hornback 001 – 02

1870 Census, Pike Co., IL
Derry, page 65b, house 48/49 Joseph Stubinger 35 DE, Lucy (PRYOR) 33 TN, Henry 11 IL, Will 16 IL, Mary 8 IL, Edna Ward 18 domestic IL
Atlas Twp., page 4 house 58/58 Samuel Cappel 48 lawyer OH, Alfred PRYOR 37 carpenter TN, Emily 24 IL, Eva 3 IL, Leonora Ward 18 IL, Lizzie Parker 18 IL, Mahala Layton 35 laundress IL, James 14 AR, Richard 12 AR, Andrew 8 AR.
Atlas Twp., Page 7 house 101 Thomas PRYOR 27 IL, Rachel 24 IL, Mary 4 IL, Charles 8/12 IL, Commodore Ward 20 IL
Barry Twp., page 77B, house 233 Will PRYOR 38 farmer IL [TN], Elisa 33 IL, Elizabeth 12 IL, Kate 10 IL, Will 7 IL, Lucy 5 IL, Eliza 5 IL, Isaac 1/12 born May 1870 (History of Pike County, Illinois: Together with Sketches of Its Cities … By Chapman, Chas. C., et. al states William H. Pryor was born in TN on 12 Nov 1832 and came to Pike Co. in 1838. He married Susan E. Moyer on 11/22/1855.
Griggsville Twp., page 117b, house 54 Matthew Simpson 62 farmer OH, Susana 42 OH, Luella May 5 IL, Alice PRYOR 19 IL, Easter Kenner 21 laborer IA, Alexander Ward 22 IL (History of Pike County, Illinois: Together with Sketches of Its Cities … By Chapman, Chas. C.– Mrs. Susan Simpson , daughter of Samuel Ward who came to Pike Co. in 1844. Susan first married Nathaniel P. Pryor in 1854 and he died in the same year.)
Pleasant Vale Twp., page 391A, house 182 Will PRYOR 24 farmer IL, Melissa 20 IL, John 74 retired farmer TN, Hannah 65 KY. (William Page Pryor 1846-1931 md. Melissa Wood 1850-1938)

1880 Census Pike Co., IL
Barry, page 368b, house 114 Rebecca PRYOR 40 IL IL IL, Silas A 22 son IL, John 18 son IL, Alice J dau 11 IL, Sinnie 8 dau IL (Rebecca is the widow of William Matthew Pryor, see Scotland Co., MO).
Barry, Page 410C William H. PRYOR 47 TN TN TN, Susan E. wife 42 IN NC NC, Henry son 16 IL, Martha E.dau 19 IL, Ollie dau 14 IL, Isaac son 12 IL, Wilbert son 10 IL. (William H. Pryor was in Stevens Co., WA in 1900 & 1910, Isaac was in Spokane Co., WA in 1910, Wilbert and brother Henry S. were in Multnomah Co., OR in 1910. A bio of William H. Pryor is in the book “Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois” published 1891.
Barry, page 420C, house 270/276 Wm [William] P. PRYOR 32 farmer IL VA OH, Melissa wife 29 IL PA OH, Warren son 9 IL (See death record for William Page Pryor)
Derry, page 419b, house 256 Thomas PRYOR 38 IL TN ??, Rachel 36 wife IL OH OH, Charles 10 son IL, James 8 son IL, Belle 5 dau IL, Eliza 2 dau IL, Harry 1/2 (born in May) IL.
Rockport, Page 354A Alford PRIOR 47 carpenter TN VA IL, Emily wife 34 IL NC IN, Ella dau 14 IL, Lewis son 10 IL, Florence dau 7 IL, Martha dau 4 IL, William son 9mo IL. (Death Record of Eva Nevada Pryor Dolbeare states she was born in 1866 in Pike Co. Her parents were Alfred Pryor and Eva Miller, Death record for Emily Rebeckah Pryor (d.1924) states father Jonathan Miller and mother Rebeckah Spann.)
Pleasant Vale, page 687a, house 85 Christopher Ward 52 OH MD MD, Mary (PRYOR) wife 49 TN TN VA, Isaac son 19 IL, George son 16 IL, Nora dau 14 IL, William son 3 IL

1900 Census Pike Co., IL
Atlas Twp., page 12a, house 259 Criss C. Ward Nov. 1826 73, md. 53 yrs, OH MD MD, Mary P. (PRYOR) wife Mar. 1830 70, 5 children/5 living TN VA TN, William H. son Jun 1871 28 MO OH TN.

1910 Census Pike Co., IL
Derry, Thomas PRYOR 72 IL TN TN, Rachel wife 66 IL IL IL, James son 30 IL IL IL, George son 23 IL IL IL

1918 Death – 6 Aug 1918 Tom PRYOR died in Pike Co. Parents Samuel PRYOR born PA, and Sarah Smith born PA. Tom born 7 Jul 1839 in IL.

1918 WillThomas PRYOR of Derry. Heirs Maud Sims and Thomas Pryor, the children of Charles PRYOR. Wife Racheal PRYOR. His children James PRYOR, Mary Horton, Lydia Branch, George PRYOR. Executor James PRYOR. Signed 6 July 1918.

1931 Death – 5 Feb 1931 William Page PRYOR died in Pike Co. Parents John PRYOR. Born 10 Oct 1846 in Pike Co. Wife Melissa Woods.

Records from Pope County, Illinois

1820 Census, Pope Co., IL
J. PRYOR 11110002001 (oldest male under 26 yrs., born after 1794)
(Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Volume 1 By Newton Bateman, et al states Joseph Everett Pryor was born in VA on August 10, 1787 and was the son of a NCO in the American Revolution. He moved to Louisville, KY with his parents and then settled on his own in Pope Co. in 1818. He died October 5, 1851 and left one daughter Cornelia Pryor Bozeman of Cairo, IL).

1830 Census, Pope Co., IL
Page Samuel Tanner 12020001 – 0211101 (Wife Ann A Pryor, sister to Joseph E Pryor. This family is on the 1820 Census in Henry Co., KY)

1838 Land Record – Joseph E PRYOR two transactions for 40 acres (80 total?) 28 Jul 1838.

1840 Census, Pope Co., IL
Page 178, Dan PRIER 1120001-000201 (oldest male 40-49 yrs., born 1791-1800. From The Pryor Family Bible published in 1842: Daniel Farley Pryor was born 14th July 1799. Daniel F. Pryor md. Nancy Louis. Risinger 2/21/1838 in Pope Co. Further research needed when births are records so long after the event.)
Page 166, Joseph E. PRYOR 00010001 – 100001001
(This may be the Joseph E. PRIOR who was counted in Livingston Co., KY in 1830. Joseph E. Pryor obtained land grants in Pope Co. in 1836)

1850 Census, Pope Co., IL
Page 283A, 513/513 Joseph PRYOR 64 pilot VA, Elizabeth 52 VA, Joseph 26 stone cutter KY, Tabitha Magu 16 KY(Joseph Pryor and wife Elizabeth Betsy Newman. Probate for Joseph E Pryor was filed in Memphis, Shelby County, TN)
Page 283A, house 514 Westley Bozeman 36 TN, Cornelia (PRYOR) 28 IL, Cordelia 11 IL, Richard 9 IL, Joseph 7 IL, Elizabeth 6 KY, Augusta 4 IL, Charles 6/12 IL (Wesley Bozeman md. Cornelia PRYOR 11/2/1837 in Pope Co. Cornelia is the daugher of Joseph Everett Pryor born 1787 in VA)

1860 Census, Pope Co., IL
Twp 13, S Range SE, page 195, house 277/274 W.W. Bozeman 46 TN, Cornelia (PRYOR) 38 IL, Elizabeth 63 VA, Cordelia 20 IL, Richard 18 IL, Joseph 17 IL, Elizabeth 15 IL, Caleb H. 10 IL, Susan H. 3 IL, James W. 9/12 IL (Cordelia Pryor Bozema daughter of Joseph Pryor. This family is on the 1880 Census in Massac Co., IL)

1865 IL State Census, Pope Co., IL
Page 30
Wilson Bohannon
Samuel PRYOR 001 – 101 1870 Census, Pope Co., IL
Twp 13, Range 5 East, page 441a, house 146 Wesley Bozeman 55 farmer TN, Cornelia (PRYOR) 48 IL, Joseph P 27 IL, Caleb H 20 IL, Susan 13 IL, Henry L. 7 IL, Cordelia 30 no occupation IL (Cordelia Pryor Bozema daughter of Joseph Pryor. This family is on the 1880 Census in Massac Co., IL)
Twp 16, Range 7, page 551a, house 98/98 Chas. PRYOR (bl) 68 farmer NC, Maria (bl) 52 VA
Twp 16, Range 7, page 551a, house 99/99 Jas. PRYOR (bl) 28 KY, Victoria (bl) 15 TN, Leona A. (bl) 4/12 IL born Feb. 1870.

1880 Census Pope Co., IL
Jackson Pct., pg. 103a, house 136, Newton House 32 IL KY KY, Lucinda (PRYOR) wife 34 IL IL IL, Clem son 5 IL, Roscoe son 3 IL, Hattie b. May 1880 dau. IL. (Lucinda A. Pryor married Newton House on 10/8/1872 in Massac Co., IL)

Records from Pulaski County, Illinois

1880 Census Pulaski Co., IL
Villa Ridge, Page 168B Frank PRYOR 29 TN NC NC, Margaret wife 23 TN TN TN, Nancy E. dau 5 TN, Lucy dau 3 IL. (Frank Pryor and wife Margaret Darthula Scruggs. They are on the 1910 & 1920 Census Alexander Co., IL. Margaret was born in Sevier Co., TN.)

1900 Census, Pulaski Co., IL
Frank PRYOR Jan 1853 47 md. 25 yrs. TN TN TN, Margaret wife Sept. 1857 42 ? children/1 living TN TN TN, Lizzie dau Oct. 1875 24 TN, Lucy dau Feb. 1878 22 IL, William on Nov. 1880 19 IL, Hattie dau May 1883 17 IL, Warren son May 1885 15 IL, Frankie son Aug. 1889 12 IL, Florence dau Feb. 1889 11 IL, Fred son Feb. 1893 7 IL, Otis son May 1800 IL, Maud Sharp grand dau Jan 18?? IL TN TN.

Records from Randolph County, Illinois

1870 Census, Randolph Co., IL. Twp., 7.Range 7
Page 403a, house 303/325
Gilles Prairee (sic) 30, male black, laborer, IL
Martha 20, female black, MO
William 6, male black, IL
Joseph 3, male black, IL
Kit 10, male black, MO.
(Giles Pryor md. Martha J. Holden on Oct. 25, 1866, Randoph County, IL. 1870 was the first census after the Civil War. It was the first census that included recently freed African Americans. Although Gilles Pryor was recorded as born in IL, the 1880 Census states he was born in Virginia and may have been recently freed from slavery.)

1880 Census, Chester Twp., Randolph Co., IL
Page 424, house Gilles Pryor 42, male black, laborer, VA. Martha 35, wife, female black, MO. William H. 12, son, MO. Joseph H. 10, son, IL. Louisa 8, dau, IL. Robert 5, dau, IL
Nellie 7 mos., dau, IL. Louis Kelly 24, single, male mulatto, MO
(Gills Prior (sic) applied for Civil War invalid pension on Aug. 15, 1892 in Illinois. He served in the Emp. Q. M. Dep. U. S. Vols. — the quarter master corps?)

Records from Richland County, Illinois

1870 Census, Richland, Co.
Decker Twp., page 504a, house 51 Andrew Johnson 36 farmer IL, Mary J. 38 IL, James 12 IL, Sarah M. 9 IL, Mariah E. 5 IL, Malinda 1 IL, Thomas PRYOR 19 KY, Frank Lucas 19 IL, Mary Austerman 22 domestic servant IL.

Records from Saline County, Illinois

1870 Census, Saline Co., IL
page 17, Twp. 10, Harrisburg PO, House 128 Murley R. PRIOR 24 IL, Ellen 26 IL, Oscar O. 2 IL, Eddy U. 1 IL.
House 129 William PRIOR 68 KY, Martha 63 TN, Daniel Dearborn 24 KY farmer.(William, Martha and son Wesley are on the 1850 & 1860 Census in White Co., IL)…(Murley R. Pryor and family appear on the 1880 Census in Johnson Co., IL)

Records from Sangamon County, Illinois

1830 Census, Sangamon Co., IL
Page 195, William Duff (wife Sarah PRIOR) 0111001 – 101001 (30-39 yrs.)
Page 198, John PRIOR males 00010001 – females 00000001 (John, 50-59 yrs.)
Page 198, John Armstrong 10001-00001
Page 199, William PRIOR males 00001 – females 010001 (possivly son of John and Ruth Sherrill Pryor from TN).
Page 200, John Clary 131201 – 100001
Page 200, Zachariah Clary 300001 – 010001
Page 200, Royal Armstrong 1000100001 – 100010001 (son of Robert Armstrong who was the caretaker of Joseph Pryor in White Co., TN. Robert and his wife Nancy are likely the elderly residence in the household as Nancy’s application for his Revolutionary War pension states he died in 1834).

1832 Death – “Affidavit of Decease Sangamon County, IL Wm Prior swore that John Prior, Sangamon Co. died 12 Sept 1832. RUTH Pryor,  widow, relinquished….Wm Prior named admin. Bond signed by Wm Prior, Thomas  and William DUFF. Heirs named..Ruthie Prior widow, Sarah Duff (late Prior),  Rachel Russel (late Pryor), Elander Wilson (late Pryor), Peggy MASSA (late  Pryor), William Prior, SHERRILL Pryor, Elizabeth Smith (late Pryor) and John  Pryor.

Records from Scott County, Illinois

1844 Marriage: Orris Kimmit(t) married Susannah Pryor on 28 Apr 1844 in Scott Co., IL (They are on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Greene Co., IL)

1870 Census, Scott Co., IL
Glasgow PO, house 64/63 Jonathan PRYOR 42 M Farm Labor $ 150 TN, Melissa 33 F TN, William 5 M IL, Josiah 1 M IL, John 20 M Farm Labor IL, Fanny 18 F IL, Rachael 16 F IL (Jonathan Pryor md. Melissa Romine. Melissa is on the 1850 Census of Jackson Co., TN)
House 64/64 Francis PRYOR 24 M Farm Labor $ 200 IL, Jane 19 F IN, Mary 3 F IL, Charles 1 M IL (Francis Marion Pryor was the youngest brother of Jonathan Pryor)

Records from St Clair County, Illinois

1868 Will – Andrew PRIAR estate, proved by Joseph PRIAR. Daughters Mary, wife of John Zimmerman, Cheritan Collan, Kathy Knall. Sons Joseph PRIAR and John PRIAR.

Records from Stark County, Illinois

1841 Marriage – Mary Halstead married John PRYOR on 5 Dec 1841

1850 Census, Stark Co., IL
Page 221B, house 357/377 John PRYER 33 KY, Mary 23 PA, Sarah J. 7 IL, Martha A. 5 IL. (John Pryor and Mary Halstead Pryor. John is on the 1860 Census in Nodaway Co., MO. John possibly remarried in 1855 in Henry County to Tabitha/Taletha A Griffith.)