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Pryor Records from Union County, Illinois

1860 Census, Union Co., IL
Page 655A, House 73, Living in household of Jesse Eaves 38 TN…. Hardin PRIOR 21 laborer TN (Hardeman born 1838 on the 1850 Knox Co., TN census. Hardeman married Mrs. Elizabeth Adams on 9 Aug 1861 in Union Co IL)

1863 MilitaryHardiman Pryor enlisted in the union army on 31 Aug 1863 in Misenheimer. He was recorded as married and from TN.

1865 Illinois State Census, Union Co., IL
Stokes Twp., James PRIOR 0110001 – 010001 (This may be James Pryor, father of Hardin/Hardiman Pryor who was on the 1850 Census in Knox Co., TN)

1870 Census, Union Co., IL
Preonst Pct, Union Point PO, page 521a, house 132 Eliza PRYOR 52 TN, Benjamin 16 IL, Margaret 14 IL. (This is possibly Elizabeth Adams who was on the 1860 Census in Union County with children Susannah, Ellen, Martha, John F. William R., Benjamin, Margaret)

1885 Illinois State Census, Union Co., IL
Misenheimer Twp, Elizabeth PRIOR

1900 Census, Union Co., IL
Southern Illinois Hospital for the Insane… Sarah A PRIOR inmate 49 married IN IN IN

1910 Census Union Co., IL
Southern Illinois Hospital for the Insane… Sarah A PRIOR inmate 58 married IN IN IN, 1 child living.

Pryor Records from Vermillion County, Illinois


Records from Washington County, Illinois

1850 Census Washington Co., IL
Dist. 20, Page 121a, house 315 PRIOR Cruse 39 TN, Jane 23 IL, William A 6 IL, James R 4 IL, John H 1 IL

1880 Census Washington Co., IL
Page 384a, house 33/34 PRYOR Crews 70 TN NC NC, Jane 65 IL TN TN, Elizabeth dau IL, Daniel 20 son IL, Edward b. May grandson IL

1900 Census Washington Co., IL
Lone Pine Pct., ED#103, sheet 12, house 253, William PRIOR May 1842 58, md 37, IL KY IL farmer, Sarah E. wife Jan 1842 58 (5 children/3 living) IL IL IL,John son Jun 1866 33 KS IL IL, James son Jan 1869 31 widow OR IL IL, Albert son Feb. 1872 28 OR IL IL, Dora gr-dau Jun 1897 2 WA OR IL. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Linn Co., OR)

Records from Wayne County, Illinois

1860 Census, Wayne Co., IL
page 161 Thomas Hill 42 TN, Virginia W. (PRYOR) 37 TN, Adelia 17 TN, Sarah C. 15 TN, John G. 12 TN, Mary J. 10 TN, Basil L. 2 TN. (Thomas & Virginia md in 1842 in Williamson Co., TN. by 1880 they were living in Phelps Co., KS.)

1870 Census Wayne Co., IL
page 176, Thomas W. Hill 53 TN, Virginia W. (PRYOR) 46 TN, Basil 12 IL, James O. 8 IL, Laura M. 6 IL.

Records from White County, Illinois

1820 Census, White Co., IL
John Stevens (possibly the John Stevens who married Sarah Pryor, daughter of John Alexander Pryor. Also on the same page Adam Farley, Edward Farley, Francis Farley)

1840 Census, White Co., IL Page 284 William Shirrell, 00010001 – 20001(Mathias Parr aged 85 living with him)
William PRYOR 012101 – 10001 (July 1838 William Pryor given land patent in White Co. William is on the 1830 Census in Stewart Co., TN)

1850 Census, White Co., IL
Carmi Dist. 13
Page 287B, House 306 William PRIER 48 farmer $400 TN, Martha 44 TN, Philip 21 IL, William 18 IL, John W. 15 IL, Martha 13 IL, Mary 6 IL, Murley 4 IL.
(William Pryor born 1802 in Sumner Co., TN per State of IL, IL Civil War Detail Report Possibly the William Pryor on the 1830 Census in Stewart County, TN See 1860 Census- wife Martha identified as Martha Ross)
Page 293A, House 383 James PRIER 27 farmer TN, Elizabeth 27 IL, Tabitha 6 (Rev. James Pryor was born 28 Nov 1825 in TN. He died Sept 21 1894 after a buggy accident- recorded in 24 Sept 1894 Carmi Courier. He is buried in Big Prairie Cemetery near Carmi, IL. James “Prior” of White County is listed as born in Stewart Co., TN per State of IL, IL Civil War Detail Report)

1855 IL State Census, White Co., IL

Twp. 6 South, 10 West, page 93
William PRYOR 100001 – 101
James PRYOR 2001 – 111

1860 Census, White Co., IL
Page 494, house 1265 John R. Coulter 60 farmer $800/$150 Ireland, Margaret PRIOR 27 PA, James M. Coulter 21 farmer $100 PA, Mary PRIOR 7 IL, Margaret PRIOR 5 IL (William Pryor & Martha Newby>Philip H. Pryor & Agnes Margaret Coulter 12/15/1850 in White Co., IL)
Page 626. House 2158 James PRYOR 36 $200/$275 TN, Elizabeth 35 IL, Tabitha 15 IL, Thomas 9 IL, Robert 5 IL, George 3 IL, John 1 IL.
House 2162 William PRYOR 54 $200/$150 TN, Martha 53 TN, Mary 16 IL, Murley 14 IL (William and Martha Pryor were on the 1870 Census in Saline Co., IL.)
House 2143 William R. PRYOR 29 IL, Mary 33 KY, Janette 8 IL, Shannon 4 IL, Maretta 3 IL, Sarah 5/12 IL, Elias Robinson 31 IL, Joel Robinson 11 IL (William Ross Pryor married Mary J. Holderby in Gallatin, IL on 26 Dec. 1850. On his marriage application, he states his mother’s maiden name was Martha Ross.)

1870 Census, White Co., IL
Burnt Prairie Twp., page 275b, house 225/204 William Kinkade 26 works on farm KY, Mary (PRYOR) 18 TN, William 2 IL (Mary Ellen Pryor daughter of Jonathan Pryor and Ellen Lee of Sumner Co., TN)
Burnt Prairie Twp., page 283b, house 351/330 James Thomas 69 wagon maker VA, Joseph May 25 TN, Amanda 20 IL, William 4/12 IL (born Feb. 1870) (James B. Thomas is on the 1860 Census in White Co. Two of his daughters were born in TN)
Burnt Prairie Twp., page 284a, house 358/337 Virginia May 65, VA (Widow of Major May. They were on the 1860 Census in Sumner Co., TN– Mary Ellen Pryor wife of William Kinkade was living with Major May and Virginia May in 1860.)
Burnt Prairie Twp., page 284a, house 359/338 Catherine Taylor 41 TN, Louisa 17 TN, James 12 TN, Nicy 10 TN. (Catherine May Taylor, widow of James Taylor. They were on the 1860 Census in Sumner Co., TN. Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>David Taylor & Fanny Russell>James Taylor & Catherine May)
Burnt Prairie Twp., page 284a, house 360/339 William Taylor 39 KY, Louisa 38 KY, James 19, Delilah 15 KY, Tobias 12 KY, Jillian 7 KY, William 3 IL, Allan 10/12 IL (born July), Edward Goodman 21 farm laborer KY. (Further research is needed to determine if William Taylor is connected to the Taylors from Sumner Co., TN. William and family are on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Ohio Co., KY)
Carmi Twp., page 311a, house 343 James PRYOR 45 TN, Elizabeth 44 TN, Thomas 19 TN, Robert 18 TN, George 15 IL, John 13 IL, Ellen 11 IL Charles 5 IL, Joel Robinson 21 farm laborer IL (Death Record of George Washington Pryor b. 14 Jan 1855 in IL, died 15 Feb 1932 in White Co, parents were James Pryor andn Elizabeth Williams)

1880 Census, White Co., IL
Carmi Twp., page 372D, house 164 James PRYOR 55 TN TN TN, Elizabeth 55 wife IL IL IL, Tabitha 35 dau IL, John 21 son IL, Ellen 19 dau IL, Charles 16 son IL, Josephine 1 IL.
Herald’s Prairie Twp., page 441c, house 204 Shannon PRYOR 27 farmer IL IL KY, Mary A. wife 33 IL KY OH, Alfred E. son 6 IL IL IL.(Shannon son of William Ross Pryor)
Burnt Prairie Twp., page 257a, house 131/131 Wm M. Kincade 36 farmer KY KY KY, Mary A. (PRYOR) 27 TN TN TN, Wm. E. 11 son IL KY TN, Laura 9 IL, Robert S. 8 IL, Manda V. 6 IL. (Mary Pryor Kincade and family were in Hamilton Co., IL in 1900)

1900 Census White Co., IL
Carmi Twp., page 35b, house 245 Charles PRIOR Aug 1865 34 md 6 yrs IL TN IL, Vollie wife May 1875 30 no children IN IN IN, Elizabeth mother Dec 1824 75 (9 children/6living) IL IL IL. (Elizabeth widow of James Pryor)

Records from Will Co., IL

1840 Census Will Co., IL
Lockport Dist., Jas. K. PRIOR (or Seth Prior, or Patk Prior. Poor handwriting) 12001 – 020001
Lockport Dist., page 361, line 24 Ann PRIOR 100012 – 11001

Records from Williamson Co., IL

1860 Census Williamson Co., IL
Jas. (James) V. PRIOR 48 farmer NC, F. J. 47 (f), Silvester 14 KY, Euclid 12 KY, M. M. (f) 8 KY, Lowery 50 (m) NC.