Pryor Records from Allen County, Kansas

1860 Census Allen Co., KS
Page 58, house 442, Gilbert Griswold 43 farmer NH, Louisa K (PRYOR) 42 TN, Charles N 19 IL, Thomas 17 IL, Walter B 14 IL, Christian 9 IL, Emma E 4 (This family is on the 1850 Census in Hamilton Co., IL and in 1880 in Shawnee Co., KS)

Pryor Records from Atchison County, Kansas

1880 Census Atchison Co., KS
Page 291D, 2nd Dist., Atchison City, house 416 William H. PRYOR 33 teamster MO AR TN, Mary E. 25 wife MO TN TN, Jennie E. 7 dau MO, Lizzie J. dau 5 MO, William S. 21 son MO, Willis M. 22 brother MO AR TN (William H. Pryor and family were in Douglas Co., MO in 1870. Daughters were in Baxter Co., AR in 1880)

Pryor Records from Bourbon County, Kansas

1870 Census Bourbon Co., KS
Scott, page 531a
Andrew PRYOR 48 farmer MO, Tabitha 37 MO, John M. 15 MO, James D. 10 MO, Mary E. 6 MO, Henry W. 5 KS, Robert J. 3 KS, Manerva 9/12 KS (Andrew Jackson Pryor and wife Tabitha Ann Duncan daughter of Bowler Duncan are on the 1860 in Barton Co., MO)

1875 Kansas State Census, Bourbon Co.
Scott Twp., house 255 Andrew J. PRYOR 44 MO MO, Tabitha 38 MO MO, John M. 18 KY KY, James D. 14 MO MO, Mary E. 12 MO MO, Henry W. 10 KS KS, Robert G. 8 KS KS, Minerva 6 KS KS.

1880 Census Bourbon Co., KS
Scott Twp., dist 34, house 49 Jack J. PRYOR 50 farmer MO VA VA, Tabitha 37 wife MO MO MO, Henry son 14 KS, Robert 13 son KS, Mary 16 dau KS, Irvy 7 dau KS, John 21 KS. (Andrew Jackson Pryor)

1885 Census Bourbon Co., KS
Scott Twp., page 134, house 5/5 A. J. PRYOR 52 farmer born MO lived in MO, Margaret Pryor 24 housekeeper born MO lived in MO, Robert Pryor 18 laborer born in KS, J. B Pryor (f) 16 born KS lived in KS, Wm H Pryor 8m born KS (Andrew Jackson Pryor)
Scott Twp., page 137, house 3/4 H C Drum 28 farmer born IA lived in MO, E A.Drum (f) 28 born AL lived in MS, F. A. drum (f) 4 born in KS, J. L. Drum (m) 3 born in KS, H. PRYOR (m) 21 laborer born in KS (Henry W. Pryor, son of Andrew Jackson Pryor)

1900 Marriage – Mabel Murray married Arch PRYOR. The bride was 16 years old (Fort Scott Daily Monitor, 23 Aug 1900)

1910 Census Bourbon Co., KS
Scott Twp., sheet 13b, house 1222 E. Wall St, Robert PRYOR 43 md 8 years KS MO MO, Anna E wife 36 married 2x KS KY OH, Will A Copeland step son 15 KS MO KS, Maud M PRYOR dau 6 KS KS KS.

1920 Census Bourbon Co., KS
Fort Scott Twp., house 1318 E First St., Robert PRYOR 52 KS MO MO, Annie E wife 45 KS KS IL, Maude M dau 15 KS KS KS, John S. son 9 KS KS KS
Fort Scott Twp., house 1311 E First St., William A Copeland 25 KS KS KS, Grace E wife 22 KS IL MO, Richard A son 5 KS KS KS.

Records from Brown County, Kansas

1870 Census, Brown Co., Ks
(Agriculture Schedul) Irwing Twp., Stephen PRYOR, 70 acres, 107 bushells of wheat
(Stephen Pryor and family are on the 1865 census in Doniphan Co., KS)

1875 State Census, Brown, Co., KS
Irving Twp., Stephen PRYOR 40 born OH, last lived in IA, Margaret 41 PA, Ellen 13 KS, George W. 11 KS, John C. 9 KS, Mary E 4 KS, A. M. (f) 4 KS, P A (m) 1 KS.

1880 Census, Brown Co., Ks
(Agriculture Schedul) Irwing Twp., Stephen PRYOR, 65 acres.

Records from Cherokee County, Kansas

1870 Census, Cherokee Co., Pleasant View Twp.
House 46 Martha A. PRIOR 57 MO KY KY, Rosa E. 25 dau IL, Thomas 22 son IL, Rachel 20 dau IL, Martha S. dau 16 IL.
House 56 Jane PRYOR 32 OH,  John 15 OH, Rebecca J. 9 OH, Hannah E. 8 OH, Nancy G 6 OH, George Taylor 18 OH, Henry D.Taylor 18 OH.
House 58 Charles PRYOR 57 TN, Martha 47 MO, Frank 18 IL, Rosella 15 IL, Thomas 13 IL, Rachel 11 IL, Mattie 7 IL (Probably the Charles B. & Martha Pryor who were on the census in Pike Co., IL)
House 60 William PRYOR 21 IL living with Georgia Clark 27 MO
House 159 James PRYOR 28 IL

1875 Kansas State Census, Cherokee Co., KS
Pleasant View, C. B. PRYOR 63 TN, M. A. 52 MO, F. C. 24 IL, R. E. 21 IL, Thomas 18 IL, R. 14 IL, M. L. 11 IL

Records from Crawford County, Kansas

1885 Kansas State Census: Samuel PRYOR 28 farmer KY, Sarie 28 KY, Isabel 7 KY, Ora 1 KY, Mary 60 KY

Records from Doniphan County, Kansas

1857 Marriage: Stephen PRYOR of Monroe Co., OH and Margaret Woodward on 6 Dec 1857

1859 State Census, Doniphan Co., KS
Stephen PRYOR, June 1857
John PRYOR, June 1857
Pryor Plank, April 1855, Elvira Plank widow 2 – 4
(Obit for Pryor Plank states he came to Doniphan in 1855, near Iowa Point “which was then an important steamboat landing.” It states he contributed historical sketches to the State Historical Society. The Leavenworth Times (KS) on 26 Jan 1913)

1858 Notice: CAUTION. Notice is hereby given, that my wife Anna Maria Pryor, has left my bed and board, without just cause or provocation, taking my two daughters with her. I hereby forewarn all persons against harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, unless she returns to me, which she has at any time privilege to do.
Dec. 2, 58. JOHN PRYOR. (White Cloud Kansas Chief, 16 Dec 1858)

1860 Census, Doniphan Co., KS
Iowa Point Twp., page 1020, house 1484/1349 Sam PRIOR 60 farmer MO, Julia 55 VA, Nancy 16 MO, Harriet 14 MO, Garvin? 17 MO, W. H. Harrison 25 D. L. [day laborer?] OH.

1865 State Census, Doniphan Co., KS
White Cloud PO page 27, house 168 Stephen PRYOR 28 OH, Margaret 30 PA, Ellen J. 3 KS, George W. 1 KS. (In 1870 this family is in Brown Co., KS)

Records from Douglas County, Kansas

1893 – 1895 County Position – M. B. PRYOR, under sheriff

Records from Johnson County, Kansas

1885 State Census, Johnson Co., KS
Olathe Twp Emma PRYOR 18 (bl) born IL, lived in MO before KS, Nathan PRYOR 23 (bl) born MO, lived in MO before KS (Oalthe Mirror date 25 Sept 1890 carried divorce announcement for this couple)

Records from Kingman County, Kansas

1880 Census, Kingman Co., KS
Kingman Twp, page 216B, house Samuel M. PRYOR 61 farmer IN ?? ??, Mary E. 57 wife VA SC SC, Peter 22 son IL IN VA, Richard 21 son farmer IL IN VA, Charles 17 farmer IL IN VA. (This family was on the 1870 Census in Adams Co., IL. Richard is Richard Curtis Pryor who is on the 1900-1920 Census in Pueblo Co., CO.)

1900 Census, Kingman Co., KS
Eureka Twp., page 247B, house 9  Margaret Coulter 2/1845 55 widow IN KY KY, Samuel M. PRYOR father 3/1819 81 (md. 55 yrs) KY IN KY, Mary E. step mother 12/1823 76 (md. 55 yrs) VA SC SC.
White Twp, page 269B, house 58, Chas. (Charles) PRYOR 9/1862 37 IL KY KY farmer, Alice B. wife ?/1875 25 (md. 7 yrs. 4 children/3 living, MO MO MO, James C. son 2/1894 6 KS, Zrilda dau 9/1896 3 KS, Lillie dau 4/1898 2 KS, Claud Bixler female “none” 4/1875 25 MO KY KY. (Son of Samuel M. Pryor above)

Records from Leavenworth, Kansas

1855 Military, Fort Leavenworth – 1st Drag (Dragoons?), Co. B., Robert PRIOR, returned from confinement by civil authority, aquitted. Stationed at the fort on records from Jan through Jun.

1865 Census, Leavenworth, KS
Delaware Twp., George W. PRIOR, 29 farmer TN, Mrs. 22 TN, Samuel 3 AR, Jas. 3/12 KS, Rebecca Barnes 53 NC, Mahala Partidge? 27 TN, Elizabeth 6 KS.

1868 Hotel Guest – Arrived at the Crandall House, North Lawrence, G. PRYOR, Leavenworth (The Daily Kansas Tribune, 7 Apr 1868)

Records from Linn County, Kansas

1857 Kansas Territory Census
House 309 William PRYOR – 101 (one male, no females, total of 1 person in household)

1865 Kansas State Census, Linn Co., KS
Valley Twp., House 294 Walton PRYER 54 KY, Mary 49 TN, James L. 15 MO, Jeremiah 12 MO, Eliza A. 10 MO
Valley Twp., House 296 Alexander Sigmon 35 NC, Artemesia (PRYOR) 26 MO, Lonzo 12 MO, Geo L 10 MO, Mary 8 MO, Cintha A. 5 MO, Arizona 3 KS, John 1 KS (Artemesia daughter of Walton Pryor)
Valley Twp., house 335 Alfred Paton (Payton) 29 KY, Sarah (PRYOR) 25 MO, Isaiah 5 KS, Mary E. 4 KS, Izora 2 KS. (Sarah, daughter of Walton Pryor)

1870 Census, Linn Co., KS
Lincoln Twp., Page 50B, house 149 Walton PRYOR 61 farmer KY, Polly 58 TN, James 23 MO, Jeremiah 20 MO, William 22 MO, William Sigmon 22 MO works on the farm. (Jeremiah & Phoebe Pryor of Jackson Co., TN and later Clinton & DeKalb Co., MO>Walton Pryor)
Lincoln Twp., page 50b, house 251 Cynthia Smith (PRYOR) 44 MO, Isaac W. 17 MO, Nathaniel 16 MO, Albert E. 8 TX, Francis M. 5 TX (Cyntha/Cynthia daughter of Walton Pryor. She is on the 1860 Census in Cass Co., MO. Cyntha remarried to Alexander Sigmon after her sister Artemesia died. The Sigmons are on the 1880 Census in Benton Co., AR.)
Scott Twp., Page 135a, house 177 John Payton 44 farmer KY, Nancy 35 KY, William 11 KY
Scott Twp., Page 135a, house 178
Alfred Payton 35 KY, Sarah (PRYOR) 34 MO, Isaiah 10 KS, Elizabeth 8 KS, Flora 6 KS, Elvira 4 KS, Artemesia 2 KS, Thomas Ward 22 OH, John Walton 35 OH (Sarah Pryor daughter of Walton Pryor, researcher reports she married Alfred Payton 1856 in Cass Co., MO and later lived in Washington Co., AR. Alfred is on the 1880 Census in McDonald Co., MO with his second wife. This family is on the 1875 KS Census in Miami Co.)

1875 Kansas State Census, Linn Co., KS
LaCygne Twp., Walter (Walton) PRYOR 64 MO MO
LaCygne Twp., Lemuel (James L.) PRYOR 26 MO MO, Zilpha 20 MO MO, William J. 1 KS

1880 Census, Linn Co., KS
Lincoln Twp., page 48c, house 216 James L. PRYOR 32 farmer MO KY TN, J. M. wife MO NC TN, Wm. (William) 6 KS, Mary 4 dau KS, not named daughter 4/12 KS, Leahar Drake mother in law 55 TN SC KY, John Blount 21 MO NC TN (William Morse Pryor b. 12 Mar 1874 in KS, died 24 Jul. 1954 in Fresno Co., CA.  Death record states his mother’s maiden name is Blount.)
Lincoln Twp. page 48d, house 217 Louis Geboe 25 KS IN IN, Eliza A. (PRYOR) 25 wife MO MO MO, Rosetta 9 dau KS, Jerry PRYOR 30 bro in law MO KY TN.

1885 Kansas State Census, Linn Co., KS
J. L. PRYOR 37 MO MO, Z. M. 33 MO MO, Effie 10 KS, Mary 7 KS, Ella 5 KS, James 2 KS, John Cope 40 MO MO widower, Leah Drake 65 widow TN MO, Charles PRYOR 18 KY MO.
Scott Twp., George PRIOR 22 farmer OH IL, Mary 21 IA IA.

1895 Kansas State Census, Linn Co., KS
Mrs. J. L. PRYOR 41 MO, William 21 KS, Mary 18 KS, Ellen 15 KS, Winnie 9 KS, Addie 6 KS, Addie 6 KS, Eddie 3 KS
LaCygne… C.M. PRYOR 65 KY, Annie 64 NY,

1905 Kansas State Census, Linn Co., KS
LaCygne Twp. C. M. PRYER (male) 74 KY IL , Ellen Pryor 56 IA IA
Mound City, Robert PRYOR 29 IL, Kate 27 MO, Willie 9 MO, Fred 7 MO,
Henry 5 MO, Rosie 2 MO, Odie 6 mo. KS

Records from Miami County, Kansas

1875 Census, Miami Co., KS
Page 25, Miami Twp., house 3 Alfred Paten (Payton) 39 farming KY, Sarah (PRYOR) 38 MO, Isaiah 15 KS, Mary E. 13 KS, Izora 11 KS, Elvira 8 KS, Jeremiah 1 KS. (Sarah, daughter of Walton Pryor. This family was on census in Linn Co., KS in 1870 and 1865, and in McDonald Co., MO in 1880)
Page 25, Miami Twp, house 4 Louis Jebo (Geboe) 22 KS KS, Eliza A. (PRYOR) 22 MO MO, Rosella Shuler 4 KS KS (Eliza daugher to Walton Pryor)

1900 Census Miami Co., KS
Sheet 9b, Jerry PRYOR Jan 1849 51 md 19 yrs MO KY TN, Amanda wife Jan 1856 44 4 children/1 living IL RI KY, Ireana dau Apr 1892 8 KS. (Jeremiah Pryor, son of Walton Pryor)

1910 Census Miami Co., KS
Sheet 13a, Jeremiah PRYOR 61 md. 29 years MO KY TN, Amanda wife 54 IL CT KY

Records from Shawnee County, Kansas

1880 Census Shawnee Co., KS
Gilbert Griswold 64 NH NH NH, Louisa (PRYOR) wife 61 TN VA VA, Dee dau 18 KS (This family is on the 1860 Census in Allen Co., KS)

1900 Census Shawnee Co., KS
Charles W Griswold 58 IL, Elizabeth A wife 53, Effie L 27, Disa 15, Edna C 12, Gilbert 84 NH, Earl Abbot 14 KS servant (Gilbert Griswold widow of Louisa K Pryor)

Records from Sumner County, Kansas

1880 Census Sumner Co., KS
Osborn Twp., page 186a, house 91 Austin M. PRYOR 30 farmer MO VA MO, Minerva wife 24 MO KY TN, Gracie A dau 1 KS. (Austin is the son of Bennett B. Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA.)

Records from Wilson County, Kansas

1870 Census, Wilson Co., KS
House 134 Thomas Elliot 63 minister Ireland, George Bender 36 brick mason PA, S A Grubb 33 school teacher PA, J F PRIOR male 25 burning lime IL.

1880 Census, Wilson Co., KS
Center Twp., page 93b, house 133 Robert S. PRYOR 41 farmer MO MO MD, Mahala 34 wife MO TN TN, Sandy son 15 MO, Louisa dau 9 MO, David son 6 MO, Maria (or Mariah) dau 7/12 born Nov MO. (Robert is a son of John Pryor, he is on the 1850 Census in Jasper Co., MO. Per IGI, Robert F. Pryor married Mahala Shockley in Gasconade on 2 Dec 1860. They are on the 1870 Census in Gasconade Co.)
Clifton Twp., page 74d, house 133 Richard J. Rogers 41 OH VA VA, Sophia (PRYOR) 29 wife MO TN KY, John S. son 8 KS, William P. son 6 KS, Homer B. son 5 KS, Alfred W. son Aug 1879 KS, Richard Willoughby 17 brother in law MO IN KY (Sophia J. Pryor is the daughter of William Pryor and Surilda Wright of Bates Co., MO)

1900 Census, Wilson Co., KS
Center Twp., page 16a, house 121 Mahaly PRYOR Dec. 1846 53 widow MO TN TN, David A. son Aug 1874 25 MO MO MO, Martha M. dau Nov 1879 20 MO, Sarah E. dau Nov 1883 17 KS, Cora B. dau Apr. 1891 9 KS.
Fredonia Twp., page 23a, house 93 Jacob Richards (sic) Dec. 1839 60 Switz Switz Switz, Mariah (PRYOR) wife Dec. 1845 54 MO MO MD.
Clifton Twp, page 45b, house 32 Robert J. Rogers Mar 1840 60 (md 32 years) OH VA VA, Sophia J. (PRYOR) wife Aug 1850 49 (5 children/5 living) MO KY MO, Gracy dau Sept 1887 12 KS (Sophia J. Pryor is the daughter of William Pryor and Surilda Wright of Bates Co., MO)

1905 KS State Census, Wilson Co., KS
Fredonia, page 15 Jacob Richard 65, Mrs. Maria Richard (PRYOR) 59

1910 Census, Wilson Co., KS
Fredonia Ward 1, page 62a, house 527 Jacob Richard 70 Switz Switz Switz, Mariah (PRYOR) 64, married 42 years, MO MO OH. (Mariah Pryor is the daughter of John Pryor in Jasper Co., MO. She is on the 1850 Census in his household. She and her husband are on the 1880 census in Osage Co., MO)
Fredonia Ward 4, page 55a, house 202 North St. Mahaley PRYOR 63 widow 12 children/5 living MO TN MO, Marie dau 30 MO MO MO teacher in public school, Cora B. dau 18 KS, Oliver Mayse boarder 22 KS, IL, IN.

1920 Census Wilson Co., KS
Fredonia, page 134a, house 527 Jacob Richards (sic) 81 immigrated 1850, naturalized 1856 Switz (German), Switz (German), Switz (German). Maria (PRYOR) 74 MO MO MD
Fredonia, page 131a, house 202 North, Mahaley PRYOR 73 widow MO TN TN, Cora dau 28 KS dressmaker at home.

Records from Woodson County, Kansas

1880 Census Woodson Co., KS
Neosha Falls, ED#611, house 33 James C. PRYOR 26 MO OH IN, America 27 wife IN KY KY, Ira B. 1 KS. (1933 Death record of James C. Pryor in Barry Co, MO, died at age 80, parents unknown. James C. Pryor is the son of William Pryor and Surilda Wright of Bates and Vernon Co., MO. America Pryor death record in Barry Co., died in November 1939. The family were on the 1900 Census in Barry Co., MO.)

Records from Wyandotte County, Kansas

1865 Wyandotte Co., KS State Census
Quindaro, Anna PRYOR 13 MO living in household of John Houts? 49 TN,
Elizabeth 36 IN and family.

1870 Census Wyandotte Co. KS
Page 549, Quindaro Twp., house 333 John Houts 56 TN, Elizabeth 44 IN, Commodore 16 MO, Victoria L 12 MO, Mary N 11 MO, Frances E 8 MO, Walter R 4 KS, Ida B 1 KS, Annie E PRYOR 18 MO