Pryor Records from Carbon Co., MT

1900 Census, Carbon Co., Montana
Red Lodge, page 133a, house 23/24…. Mame PRYOR 4/1869 31 married 6 years, 1 child/0 living, MO IL England, dressmaker.

Pryor Records from Deer Lodge Co., MT

1870 Census, Deer Lodge, Montana Territory
Blackfoot Twp., Page 39, House 130 Thomas PRIOR 47 TN, miner, property value $10,000, Rufus Johnson 40 NY miner property value $12,000 (Probably Thomas D. Pryor son of Thomas & Margaret Pryor. 1850 In Cocke Co., TN, 1860 in Jefferson Co., TN, and in 1880 in Lawrence Co., SC – See 1869 article in Glacier County and there’s a July 8, 1870 article in the same paper that also refers to E.W. Pryor )

1900 Census, Deer Lodge Co., Montana
Anaconda Twp., House 113 Eugene PRYOR (bl) 9/1861 38 KS KS KS, Delia (bl) wife 8/1864 35 married 7 years, MO MO MO, Clarie Coleman niece (bl) 12/1889 10 CO KS KS, J—? E. Jones niece (bl) 11/1893 6 MT KS KS.

Pryor Records from Fergus Co., MT

1920 Census, Fergus Co., Dist. 38, Montana
Page 25A, House 179 Robert PRYOR 29 TN TN TN, Dora wife 27 TN TN TN, Ethel dau. 5 TN, James R. son 3 MT, Eleanor dau 1 MT. (Arrested in 1923 see MT, Prison Records on Repoted on record to be the son of James Monroe Pryor)
Page 25A, House 180 Joseph M. PRYOR 55 TN TN TN, Martha wife 47 TN VA IN, Fred son 17 TN, Sarah dau 13 TN, Linia dau 12 TN, Haskell son 10 TN, (Joseph Monroe Pryor is the son of Elizabeth Pryor of Jackson Co. and Putnam Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Glacier Co., MT

In 1868 E W PRYOR went in with Rufus Johnson for land in Snowshoe, near Blackfoot. they employee 14 men and average $2000 per week in gold. (The New North West, pub. Deer Lodge, MT, October 15, 1869. See 1870 Deer Lodge County census.)

Pryor Records from Lewiston Co., MT

1930 Census, Fergus Co., Lewiston, Montana
Page 17A, Robert B. PRYOR 37 TN TN TN, Dora wife 35 TN TN TN, Ethel L. dau 17 TN, James R. son 13 TN, Eleanor dau 11 TN, Kenneth son 5 TN, William J. PRYOR brother 35 TN TN TN. (Robert and William are sons of Joseph Monroe Pryor of Jackson & Putnam Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Metcalf Co., MT

1930 Census, Judith Basin Co., Metcalf, Montana
Carl Marder 36 OR, Germany, Switzerland, Sarah B. wife 25 TN TN TN, Martha PRYOR mother in law 56 TN VA IN. (Martha is the widow of Joseph Monroe Pryor of Jackson Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Lewis and Clark Co., MT

1900 Census, Lewis and Clark Co., Montana
Helena Ward 4, sheet 5a, George PRYOR lodger 9/1853 46 widow LA Ireland Ireland broom-maker

Pryor Records from Silver Bow Co., MT

1900 Census, Silver Bow Co., Montana
Butte, Ward 6, sheet 5b, Alexander Scott head Aug (no year or age) IL OH KY fire insurance agent, Rettie O. wife 3/1864 36, married 16 years, 3 children/3 living CO MD England, Lillian B. dau 5/1885 15 MT, Mary M. dau 8/1892 7 MT, Barbara C. PRYOR boarder 6/1862 37 widow Ireland Ireland Ireland dressmaker, immigrated 1869. Agnes L. C. PRYOR boarder 1/1885 15 MT Germany Ireland
Walkerville, sheet 49b, house 343-346, Mary PRYOR 8/1857 48 widow 8 children/7 living Ireland Ireland Ireland nurse. Julia Johnson dau 12/1873 26 widow PA Ireland Ireland, Philip PRYOR son 5/1876 PA, Sarah dau 3/1882 18 MT, John son 9/1887 13 MT, Michael son 9/1884 6 MT, Margaret Johnson gr-dau 1/1894 6 MT Sweden PA,