Pryor Records from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

1840 Census Allegheny Co., PA
1794 Letters Held at Post Office – Capt. Abner PRYOR, western army. (Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette, 2 August 1794)

Silas D. PRIOR 0011001 – 0201101 (oldest male age 40-50 years)

1850 Census Allegheny Co., PA
South Pittsburgh, page 95b, house 77 Silas PRYOR 55 inn keeper VA, Ann 17 PA, Catharine 16 Germany

1870 Census Allegheny Co., PA
Baldwin Twp., page 702, house 375 James H PRYOR 47 school teacher PA, Amanda 47 PA, Charlie 19 working on farm PA, Daniel 17 PA, Sarah 15 PA, William 9 PA, Louisa 6 PA, Ella 4 PA, Oliver 2 PA (Death record for Ella Pryor Alexander states she was born 1867, parents James M. Pryor and Amanda Risher)

1900 Census Allegheny Co., PA
Pittsburgh, Ward 26, 2024 Jane St., Thomas PRYOR Mar 1840 60, md 26 MO MO PA, Anna wife Apr 1857 43 PA PA PA 9 children/4 living, Willie son Nov 1875 24 PA, Ella dau Aug 1882 17 PA.
(this address is a parking lot at the Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Senter)

1910 Census Allegheny Co., PA
Pittsburgh, 11th Ward, North Rebecca St., page 218a, house 616/199/155 Bettie McCray (PRYOR) head, black, 42, widow, 9 children/8 living, VA VA VA, laundress. Manuel son, 23, VA VA VA, laborer, excavating.  Henry son, 21, VA VA VA, laborer, excavating. Thomas son 18 VA VA VA, Mabel dau 15 VA VA VA, Bessie dau 12 VA VA VA, Arlis son 7 VA VA VA, Paul son 5 VA VA VA, Hattie dau 3 VA VA VA. (Bettie is the daughter of Thomas and Easter Pryor of Bedford & Amherst Co., VA.)

Records from Blair County, Pennsylvania

1870 Census, Blair Co., PA
James PRYOR 33 miner TN, Henrietta 27 keeping house PA, James 4 PA, Robert 2 PA. (Henrietta may be the Henrietta Davis on the 1860 Census aged 18…her mother was named Josephine and her father was named Robert. 1860 Census page 335A, House 607)
1880 Census Blair Co., PA
Page 378A, house 100  John R. PRYOR 41 ore miner TN TN TN, Henrietta wife 36 PA PA PA, Robert A.  son 12 PA, Josephine dau 10 PA, Harry son 8 PA, William son 6 PA, Morris son 4 PA
1900 Census, Blair Co., PA.  Houston Twp.
Page 310A, House 210 Henrietta PRYOR Nov. 1843-56 yo, PA PA PA, Robert son Jul. 1868-41 yo PA TN PA, Willie son Dec. 1874 – 25 yo PA TN PA, Mary dau Nov. 1870 – 29 yo PA TN PA, James Corbett nephew Nov. 1880- 19 yo PA PA PA
1910 Census, Blair Co., PA – Houston Twp.
Page 94B Henrietta PRYOR 65 widow (6 children/5 living) PA PA PA, Robert son 41 single PA PA PA laborer stonemasonry, Josephine dau. 39 single PA PA PA, William son 34 PA PA PA track hand railroad.
1920 Census, Blair Co., PA Houston Twp.
Page 6A, House 102 Robert PRIOR 51 PA PA TN, Henrietta 76 mother, widow PA PA PA, Josephine 50 sister single 50 PA PA TN, William 45 brother single PA PA PA. (The census taker appears to have transposed the birth place of the parents of Robert, Josephine and William. Earlier census records indicate their father was born in TN and even on this census their mother was born in PA.)
1930 Census, Blair Co., PA, Houston Twp.
Dist 58, page 7A, Robert A. PRYOR 61 single PA TN PA laborer at Clay Bank, Henrietta mother 86 widow (married at 24) PA PA PA, William brother 55 single PA TN PA laborer at Clay Bank.

Records from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

1771 Notice – Sheriff noticed land sale at the “dwelling house” of Joseph Pryor in Solebury on 29 May 1771. (The Pennsylvania Gazette 23 May 1771)

1786 Notice – Robbery committed at the store of Beswick and Pryor at Corryell’s Ferry on May 15 1785.

1794 Notice – Where as Caleb Shaw, late of Middletown, in the county of Bucks, has publicly reported, that the subscriber is indebted to him in the sum of 280 pounds, on a promissory note, given him for the purchase of a plantation, in the said Township, he thinks it proper to take this method of assuring the public of the falsehood of the imputation, and that the said debt, and every security given for the same, has been, by him, fully paid and discharged.
John Pryor.
(The Pennsylvania Gazette July 30th 1794.)

1827 Death – Report of a barn accident in Centre Township. James PRIOR fell through the roof and was killed instantly. The barn belonged to Major William Gibson. (reprinted from the Butler Sentinel, Gettysburg Compiler, 24 Jan 1827)

1830 Death – Age 20, Asahel PRIOR died on 30 Aug 1830 (Find A Grave memorial. Possibly the Asahel Prior on the 1830 Census in Madison Co., NY)

1850 Census, Bucks Co., PA
Warminster Twp., page 125b, house 77 Gideon PRYOR 86 farmer PA, Charles 55 PA, James 43 farmer PA, Elizabeth 10 PA, Margaret Corson 49 PA (Find A Grave memorial for Gideon Pryor, possibly born in CT, son of Azariah Prior)

1854 Death – Death record for Gideon PRYOR state born 5 Aug 1764 in Connecticut. Parents Azariah and Abigail. Children: Charles, Azariah, John. (See Azariah Prior in Schuylkill Co., PA)

Records from Butler County, Pennsylvania

1829 Obituary
Melancholy accident. On Thursday the 28th last a number of men had collected to assist major William Gibson of Center township, to cover his stable. The roof was partly put on, and major Gibson and Mr. James Prior were on the eave.  Through some unaccountable carelessness, which is not on frequent at raisings no pins had been put in to keep up the affairs the only support they had was the skeets, which had not yet been removed. Things were in this situation, when the men below, unapprehensive of danger, proposed throwing down the skeets, which was accordingly done, and the same instant the roof gave way, and the two men were precipitated amidst the falling timber. Mr. Prior was almost instantly killed, His head being bruised in a most shocking manner, Mr. Gibson had a leg broken, and was otherwise severely injured. What a solemn lesson is here conveyed. But a moment before the fatal accident and prior was in the full enjoyment of health, strength, and youthful vigor the next moment and he became a clod of the valley! Truly, in the midst of life we are in death. (from the Butler Sentinel. Gettysburg compiler, January 24th 1827)

1830 Cnesus Butler Co., PA
Centre Twp., Page 18, Margaret PRIOR 00001 -010110001
Slippery Rock Twp., page 80, William PRIOR 10001 – 00001

1840 Census Butler Co., PA
Centre Twp. page 119
John Prior 0211101 – 0010101
Centre Twp., page 120
Wm Prior (William Prior) 001001 – 220001
Margarett Prior no males – 000010001

1840 – Mr. Potts presented the petition and documents of Margaret Prior, of Butler County, stating the services of her late husband, John PRIOR, in the Indian war, and praying for relief. (Pennsylvania. General Assembly. House of Representatives 1840)

Records from Cambria County, Pennsylvania

1850 Census, Cambria Co., PA
Washington Twp., page 76b, house 200 labeled “Boarding House”… living in house Jacob PRYOR 43 laborer MD.

Records from Carbon County, Pennsylvania

1850 Census, Carbon Co., PA
Mauch Chunk Twp., page 330a, house 435 John PRYOR 56 carpenter PA, Maria 56 PA, Sarah 22 PA, Herman 20 PA, Lewis 15 PA, ??? male 15 PA (twins), Susan A 13 PA, Theodore 12 PA
Mauch Chunk Twp, page 330a, house 436, John PRYOR jr 25 moulder PA, Eliza 19 PA. (Mauch Chunk was in Northampton County in 1840)

1901 Death – Captain John W. Pryor, a veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars, died suddenly at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Maria White of McCarragher street… he was 77 years of age. Captain Pryor moved to Wilkes-Barre only three weeks ago from Carbon county. He served in the war with Mexico in the 2d Pennsylvania Regt., commanded by Col., John W. Gray. During the Civil war he was captain of a company in the 81st Pennsylvania Volunteers (Wilkes-Barr Evening News, 21 Oct 1901)

Records from Center County, Pennsylvania

1815 Birth in Center Co. – Perkins Lovell Pryor to John Pryor of NJ and Hannah Lovell of Center Co. on August 21, 1815. (Birth information from Perkins’ PA death record. He is on the 1860 Census in Venango Co., PA)

1870 Census, Center Co., PA
House 105 Henry D Pryor 55 MD, Rachel J Pryor 45 PA, Eliza Colebine 10 PA (Henry is possibly the Henry in the household of Richard Pryor in Baltimore on the 1850 Census)

Records from Chester County, Pennsylvania

1732 Will – Chester County, PA. Will of Silas Pryor. Names wife Susanna, children Joanna, James and Joseph. Friends Ellis Lewis and Joseph Mendenhall.

Records from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

1779 Supply Tax – Paid by Luther PRIOR. 75 acres, 5 cattle.

1785 Taxes – Nathan and Timothy PRIOR (one horse, one cow each. They are on the 1790 Census in Washington Co., PA)

Records from Delaware County, Pennsylvania

1860 Census, Delaware County
Page 19, house 893 Warner PRYOR 67 laborer DE, Mary 50 DE, Abram 16 waterman PA, Luke 9 PA

Records from Fayette County, Pennsylvania

1793 Land Warrant
Joseph PRYOR, 300 acres in Fayette County.Wharton Twp.

Records from Greene County, Pennsylvania

1812 Marriage – Patience Milliken married JOHN PRIOR on 29 July 1812 (see, this same website states they moved to Zanesville, OH)

1850 Census, Greene County, PA
Jefferson Twp., page 134a, house 507 John PRIOR tailor PA, Rebecca 27 PA, Hannah 3 PA, Harman Aston 1 PA

1860 Census, Greene County, PA
Morgan Twp. page 624, house 1060 John PRIOR farmer PA, Rebecca 38 PA, Hannah 14 PA, Harmon 11 PA, Joseph 9 PA, Anna 7 PA, Louisa 6 PA, Samuel C 3 PA, John N 1 PA

1880 Census, Greene County, PA
Jefferson Twp., page 253c, house 164 Joseph PRYOR 29 farm laborer PA PA PA, Rachel 28 wife PA PA PA, Lula 5 dau PA, Myrtie 3 dau PA, Edna 1 dau PA
Jefferson Twp., page 253c, house 165 John PRYOR 58 farmer PA PA PA, Rebecca 58 OH MD PA, Nannie 19 dau PA, Flora 16 dau PA, Lucy 15 dau PA, Amy Simmons 5 grand dau PA
Morgan Twp, page 296a, house 161, Harmon E PRIOR 31 PA PA OH, Rebecca J 32 wife PA PA PA. (1910 Census Harmon Prior was in Marion Co., WV)

Records from Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

1850 Census, Jefferson Co., PA
Wasington Twp., page 133a, house 1081 Ormond PRYOR 39 NY, Elizabeth 30 PA, David 12 PA, Elisha 6 PA, Abel 1 PA, David Wolff 56. (Ormond Pryor and wife Elizabeth Fleetwood married in Gallatin Co., IL on 10/1/1837. 1860 Census in Cattaraurgus, NY that states son David was born in IL. David and Elisha served in the Civil War — both were living in NY– David states he was born in Gallatin Co., IL)

Records from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

1824 Marriage Notice – Mr. Elijah Richards to Miss Louisa Wheeler by John PRYOR, esq. at Lowery-Town on the Lehigh on 12 Sept 1824 (The Wyoming Herald, 17 Sept 1824)

1825 Land – Tract of Unseated Land bought for the county of Joel Rogers, county treasurer for the year 1818 and remain unredeemed: list includes Thomas PRYOR, Covington Twp. (The Wyoming Herald, 30 Sept 1825)

1850 Census, Luzerne Co.
Page 470b, Denison Twp, Joseph PRYOR 35 carpenter PA, Eliza 32 PA, E W H 8 PA, Clarine 5 PA (married 1839 Eliza Ann Enbody in Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA)

1860 Census, Luzerne Co.
Page 1165a, White Haven, Joseph PRYOR 43 carpenter PA, Eliza 43 PA, James 20 PA, Harlan 18 PA, Clarence 15 PA, Rebecca 10 PA.

1870 Census, Luzerne Co.
Page 533b, Denison Twp, house 514 Joseph PRYOR 55 carpenter PA, Eliza A 52 PA, House 515 Harlan E. PRYOR 28 carpenter PA, Abe 24 PA, Oliver 3 PA, William Dobson and family living in household 28 minor England.

Records from Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

1880 Census, Lycoming Co., PA
Wolf Twp., page 436a, house 236 James B. PRIOR 29, works on farm, PA Ireland PA. Caroline 29 wife PA PA PA, Henry T. 5 son PA, Lizzie M. dau 2 PA, Alvin R. 1 son PA.
1900 Census Lycoming Co., PA
Clinton Twp., page 58b, house 54 James B. PRYOR Jan 1850 50, md 26 yrs, PA Scotland PA. Caroline wife Mar 1852 48 md 26 yrs, 11 children/8 living PA PA PA, Flora E. dau Feb 1881 19 PA, Wilbert M. son Feb 1886 14 PA, Oliver R. Feb 1889 11 PA, Elmer D. son Apr 1894 6 PA.
1920 Census, Lycoming Co., PA
Hughesville, page 106b, house 207 Cottage St., J. M. PRYOR 69 PA PA PA laborer railroad, Charlotte wife 62 PA PA PA
(Alvin and Elmer Pryor worked for the Ritter Lumber Company of OH, residing in Liverpool, England).

Records from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

1786 Septennial Census, Montgomery Co., PA
Thomas PRYOR

Records from Northampton County, Pennsylvania

1810 Census, Northampton County, PA John PREYER Esn (or Esq) 31010 – 0301

1820 Census, Northampton County, PA (Alpha Order)
line 5, John PRYER 22000111001

1829 Ad – Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. PRIOR to run Easton Boarding School for young ladies. (The National Gazette, July 21, 1829)

1830 Census, Mauch Chunk, Northampton County, PA
line 6, John PRYOR 00000001 (oldest male 59-60 years) – 00010001
line 12, Jesse PRYOR 10011 – 00001

1832 Indenture – This Indenture made the first Day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two Between John Enke of the Town of Mauch Chunk in the County of Northampton and State of Pennsylvania, Wheelwright, and Ann his Wife of the one part, and John Davis of the Town of Lehighton, in the County of Northampton — Witnesses John PRYOR and wife Elizabeth W. PRYOR

1840 Census, Mauch Chunk, Northampton County, PA
line 5, John PRYOR 1220001 – 1012001 (this is possibly the John Pryor who was on the 1850 Census in Carbon County)

Records from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1683 Ship – “Sometime before 7 Nov. 1683, a ship called the Mary of Southampton, Anthony Pryor master, arrived at Philadelphia. When it was discovered to be the Alexander of Inverness, Scotland, WP (William Penn?) and his Provincial Council on 21 Nov. condemned it as a foreign bottom not free to trade in the English colonies.” (The Papers of William Penn, Volume 2: 1680-1684 edited by Richard S. Dunn, Mary Maples Dunn. There is also an Anthony Pryor mentioned in Gloucester County, VA in the 1660’s-1670’s)

1729 Estate Administration – Lydia PRYOR, widow of Norton PRYOR of Philadelphia. Also names Thomas PRYOR, deceased and Dowd Donaho. Dated April 1729.

1730 Notice– a paper currency act. Norton PRYOR signed in agreement with other business men to act paper notes in trade. (The Pennsylvania Gazette, March 26, 1730)

1735 Ship Notice – At the custom house at New York on 5 May 1735, the sloop Swallow, J. PRIER from Philadelphia. (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1 May 1735)

1752 Fire – Friday Morning last a Fire broke out in the Bake-house of the Widow Prior in Water-street, which intirely consum’d the same., with her Dwelling-house; and burn the upper Floor of Mr. Craddock’s, and the Roof of Mr. Saunders’s. There was a strong North-east Wind for some time after it began, which carried the burning Shingles a great Distance from the Fire, by which several Houses on both Sides of Front-street had like to have catch’d, but were prevented by Water being thrown on them; and had it not been that the Wind happily lull’d, and for the ready Assitance of the Inhabitants (who are most active on such Occasions) the Consequences must have been very fatal.
The Pennsylvania Gazette, 14 May 1752

1753 Charles town, Cecil County Runaway Apprentice – Joseph Edwards placed an ad for his apprentice John Barneby. States he went off in the company of John McDonald, an apprentice of Thomas PRYOR. States he was well acquainted with Philadelphia (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 6 Mar 1753. Ad was also placed in the Maryland Gazette. This may be the same Thomas Pryor who was in Philadelphia records.)

1755 Ad – Property of John Biddle put up for public auction. Situated in Philadelphia by 5th Street, bordered by property of Silas Pryor.

1759 Lost Horse – Ad placed by Thomas Pryor of Philadelphia (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 17 mAY 1759)

1765 Ad – “Also 200 Acres of Woodland, lying in the County of Sussex, adjoining Lands of William Henry, the Legatees of Thomas Lambert and Joseph Sacket. For Terms of Sale, apply to Thomas Pryor, junior, in Burlington, or Samuel PRYOR, in Philadelphia. The Purchaser paying Part of the Purschase Money down, may have Time for the Remainer.” (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 4 Apr 1765)

1774 Ad – Thomas PRYOR
and Charles PRYOR in Union Street, offering lots below South street, between Second and Third (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 25 May 1774)

1777 Philadelphia
– Took Oath of Allegiance to the State of PA and renounced the King of England, George III. June 21st, Thomas PRYOR; June 27th, Norton PRYOR and John PRYOR (Series 2, Volume III, Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania Between the Years 1776 and 1794)

1777 Letters Held at Post Office HeadquartersCapt. Abner PRYOR. (The Pennsylvania Packet, Philadelphia, 19 Aug 1777. In 1794 letter held in Pittsburgh, PA)

1780 Tax List
Norton Pryor, Southwark, Philadelphia

1782 Revolutionary War Supply Tax – August 16 1782 Charles PRYOR signed receipt for payment of first quarterly supply tax by Peter Stephen Du Ponceau (pension application of Peter S. Du Ponceau)

1782 Grand Jury – Norton PRYOR

1785 Tax List
Thomas Pryor, Southwark, Philadelphia

1785 Philadelphia Directory
Charles PRYOR biscuit baker, Union b. Second and Third streets
Charles PRYOR merchant, Market b. Seventh and Eighth streets.
Thomas PRYOR port warden, Water b. Chesnut and Market Streets.

1786 Notice – Public sale of house on Arch Street between Second and Third Streets and all personal furniture and goods belonging to Charles Pryor by order of sherrif Joseph Cowperthwait. (The Independent Gazette, 21 Dec 1786)

1787 Notice – Estate Sale, “To be sold, a very valuable estate. Situated in the city of Burlington, on the river Delaware; is an excellent stand for a merchant’s or gentleman’s country seat, or the baking business, on which are several good buildings, a wharf, etc. formerly occupied by Thomas Pryor, deceased. For particulars and terms apply to Major Pryor, in Burlington, John and Chamless Hart, Philadelphia, or Wm. Pryor at White-Marsh. (The Independent Gazateer, Philadelphia, 5 Apr 1787. White Marsh is in PA. Burington is in NJ. In 1790 Hannah Pryor was also selling land in Burlington.)

1789 Lot Sale – Lot in Southward “in the square between Catharine and Plumb streets” bounded by Thomas PRYOR, Thomas Massey, and Charles Massey (The Independent Gazatteer, 17 Feb 1789)

1789 Tax List
Joseph PRYOR (dwelling owned by Mary Thomas) 600 Sq Ft. Value: #750 (Is this person related to Joseph Pryor, son of William Pryor and Elizabeth Thomas who lived in Maryland?)

1790 Notice of Sale – ” Land on the Delaware River in Burlington, NJ. “The whole will be sold together or separate, as may best suit and the conditions made know by James Starr or William Letchworth, in Philadelphia; Thomas W. Pryor, Whitemarsh, or the subsriber on the premises.” Listed by Hannah Pryor. (The Pennsylvania Packet, 12 Apr 1790)

1793 – Census
Upper Delaware Ward – Samuel Pryor and Joseph Pryor, both grocers.

1793 Alms House – John F. Mifflin, John Miller Jr., Charles Robertson, Charles PRYOR, to succeed Edward Dunant as guardians of the poor (The independent Gazetteer, 16 Nov 1793).

1794 Notice – The grand price in the Washington city lottery, viz. the HOTEL (equal to 50,000 dollars) was drawn on the 4th inst. being the fifty eighth day of drawing.–The fortunate No. is 37,531, and is the property of Messrs. Daniel Williams, Norton Pryor, John George Budd, and Robert Beckly, of the city of Philadelphia, said to be (independent of this propitious turn of the wheel of fortune) persons of considerable property.
The Vermont Gazette, February 21, 1794

1795 Merchant – Located at 44 Water St., Budd & Pryor. Advertised in the Dunlap and Claypooles American Daily Advertiser.

1795 Real Estate SaleNorton Pryor mortgaged 85,000 acres in Tennessee by David Allison (resident of Georgia). Pryor resided in Philadelphia. In 1800 Norton Pryor made a contract with Joseph Anderson brought legal proceedings for foreclosure. This part of Andrew Jackson land scandal.
(Newbern Spectator (North Carolina), 30 August 1828.)

1797 Real Estate Notice – Lot of Christopher Swanson, now or late of the heirs of Norton Pryor, deceased. (Aurora General Advertiser, 29 November 1797)

1798 BirthElizabeth Pryor Marot – Death record in 1871 states she was 73 and her parents were Joseph Pryor and Ann Pryor. She was born in Philadelphia.

25 Jan 1799, Philadelphia Quaker Record. A certificate for our endeared friend Mary PRYOR directed to the board by meeting of Hertford and the Quarterly meeting of Hertfordshire in Great Brittain produced from the Mins meeting was read and signed by this being expression of our near sympathy and unity with her and setting for her diligent circumspection in visiiting the several meetings in this City the families of diverse friends– her religious labours under the uniting in-ence of diverse love having been truly acceptable and edifying and we hope may prove as bread cast on the waters to be found often (after?) mo- days. (This is Mary Bray Pryor the subject of “Mary Pryor; A life story of a hundred years ago“, published in 1888)

1801 Notice: Description of property near Delaware and Third Streets “westward by ground lately granted by Thomas PRIOR to John Morrison, and southward by ground allotted to Mary PRIOR, subject to a yearly rent charge of sixteen Spanish milled silver dollars, and eight one ninetieths of a dollar, without any abatements for taxes” (Aurora General Advertiser, 17 November 1801)

1801 Notice (dated January 11, 1801) – Sheriff sale of real estate in Southwark area, a two story frame building on Plum Street between Third and Fourth streets, bounded on the south by property owned by the heirs of Norton Pryor, deceased. (Aurora General Advertiser, 20 January 1802)

1805 Notice of Sheriff Sale – sale of property on German Street between Third and fourth. Property was “annexed” to the property of John Pryor, deceased, assigned to Thomas Pryor. Assigned by Charles Massey and wife Ann. (Aurora General Advertiser, August 6th, 1805)

1807 Death – burial of Charles Pryor age 69 (born abt 1738). Buried in St. Peters Episcopal Church Cemetery (Chalres and Norton Pryor share a gravemarker.)

1807 Philadelphia Directory
Charles PRYOR, gentleman, 47 Union
George PRYOR, carpenter, 26 Powell
Jos. PRYOR, grocer, 33 north Water & 27 Elfreith’s alley
Norton PRYOR, jun. broker next 46 Walnut
Norton PRYOR, gentleman, 117 Mulberry
Richard PRYOR, hatter, 96 High
Thomas W. PRYOR, merchant Pryor’s wharf and next 305 north Second. Pryor’s wharf opens next 385 North Front.

1807 Members of the Library Company of Philadelphia
The Estate of Thomas Pryor is listed as a member (Library Company of Philadelphia, pub. 1807)

1810 Census – Norton PRYOR, one male.

1813 Death – Elizabeth PRYOR age 34 (born abt 1779), burial Friends Cemetery.

1817 Death – burial of Norton PRYOR age 48 (born 1817). Buried in St. Peters Episcopal Church Cemetery. Gravemarker states his parents as Charles Pryor and Margery Pryor

1817 Ship’s Arrival – “Sailed 13th April with ship Francis, Pryor, of Philad. from Amsterdam…”

1817 Death – burial of Sarah PRYOR age 45 (born abt. 1772). Buried at Friends Burial Ground.

1817 Death – William PRYOR age 23 (born abt 1794). Buried in public cemetery.

1818 Will – Will of Lydia Starr. Names nephew Joseph Pryor and his sister Hannah Pryor. Resident of Northern Liberties.

1819 Death – Thomas PRYOR age 30 (born abt. 1789)

1820 Job – Philadelphia, Health Office clerk, Joseph Pryor dated 17 Aug 1820 (The Evening Post, NY, 18 Aug 1820)

1825 Job – Philadelphia- Joseph Pryor, clerk paid by the Health Office. (The National Gazette, Mar 10 1825)

1832 DeathJoseph PRYOR age 66 (born abt. 1766). Buried at Friends Burial Ground.

1831 Death – Hannah PRYOR age 57 (born abt. 1774)

1835 Death – Margery PRYOR. Buried in St. Peters Episcopal Church Cemetery (Wife of Charles Pryor. Grave marker on Find A Grave website)

1836 Order for Ice – Edmund PRYOR S.E. corner Green and Front (Public Ledger 30 May 1836)

1837 McElroy’s Philadelphia City Directory
Ann PRYOR widow 14 North
Edmund PRYOR druggist 371 N. Front (also listed in the directory as a director of Kensington Bank)
Gilbert PRYOR accountant 14 North
Thomas E. PRYOR druggist NE 2nd & Poplar

1839 Sheriff’s Notice regarding real estate in Philadelphia. Names property bordered by Norton PRYOR, deceased. Also names Thomas PRYOR, Charles PRYOR, and property Norton had intended to grant to Charles Massey and wife Ann. (The National Gazette, May 13, 1839)

1841 Death  –  Daniel PRYOR, a carpenter. Fell and died in the street. He was between 40 and 50 years old and a prior resident of Burlington, NJ (Philadelphia Public Ledger on Sept 23 1841 and Baltimore Sun, Sept 24 1841)

1844 DeathPriscilla Pryor age 73, wife of Richard Pryor. (they are named in a 1836 Chancery case in New York City)

1844 Property T. E. PRYOR at the corner of Second and Poplar (Public Ledger, Philadelphia, 22 Apr 1844)

1846 Mexican War Casualties – Camp 2nd Reg. Dragoons, Near Matamoras on 28 Apr 1846. Richard PRYOR was killed, “has a father at No. 132 Buttonwood Street, Philadelphia. (Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, 23 May 1846)

1848 Death – Margaret PRYOR wife of Edmund PRYOR died on 27 April 1848. Funeral held at her residence on Green and Front Streets.

1850 Census Philadelphia, PA
Richmond, house 329 James PRYER 40 laborer Ireland, Mary 36 Ireland, Owen 14 Ireland, William 12 NY, Ellin 8 PA.
Spring Garden Ward 3, page 447b, house 20 George PRYOR 45 tin smith England. Sarah 42 England, Henry 17 England, George 17 England. Albert 15 England. Eliza 6 England. Hellen 7 England. (This family is on the 1841 Census in Hertfordshire, England. 1870 death record in Philadelphia for Albert Pryor son of George Pryor)

1850 Death, Philadelphia Co. Mortality Schedule

Benjamin PRYOR 49, born in DE

1854 Death – Anna PRYOR age 78 (born abt 1776). Buried at Friends Fair Hill Burial Ground.

1855 DeathEdmon PRYOR (Edmond PRYOR) age 59 (born abt 1796)

1860 Census, Philadelphia, PA
Ward 19, page 398, Jas. PRYOR 48 Ireland, Mary 45 Ireland, Owen 25 Ireland, Wm (William) 22 PA, Ellen 20 PA, John 16 PA, Eugene 14 PA, Thos. (Thomas) 11 PA, James 9 PA, Mary 7 PA

1862 Death – Christopher PRYOR, age 71 (born abt 1791 in NH). Burial at Naval Asylum. Listed as a pensioner.

1863 Septiennial Census
Ward 14 – Joseph PRYOR locksmith
Ward 25 – Joseph PRYOR, taylor

1870 Census Philadelphia, PA
Ward 24, page James PRYER 60 coal turner Ireland, Mary 55 Ireland, John 24 coal sifter NY, Thomas 20 RR clerk PA, James 18 appr. to potter PA, Mary Ann 16 PA

1872 DeathThomas E. Pryor, druggist (born abt. 1798) in Montgomery Co., PA. Buried Fair Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia

1880 Census Philadelphia, PA
House 1519 James PRYOR 74 watchman Ireland Ireland Ireland, Mary A. 71 wife Ireland, John 37 son laborer PA, Thomas 28 son conductor PA, James 26 potter PA, Mary A. 24 dau dress maker PA, William Henry Pryor 16 grandson works in glass house PA Ireland Ireland.

Records from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

1854 – “Rev. Azariah Prior and the rector of Trinity church, Pottsville, D. Washburn, subsequently put forth efforts to establish a church here, and laid the corner stone of the church building, at the corner of Hancock and Nichols streets, October 8th 1854.” (History of Schuylkill County, Pa: With Illustrations and Biographical … By Joel Munsell’s Son)

1860 Census, Schuylkill Co., PA
Pottsville, page 365, house 200 C. M. Atkins 42 iron manufactuer PA… living in household Azariah PRIOR 70 clergyman PA

Records from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

1860 Census, Susquehanna Co., PA
George PRYOR
42 machinist England, Betsy 43 England, William 11 PA, Benjamin G NJ, Joseph S. 6 DE, Eliza Dodson 15 England.

Records from Venango County, Pennsylvania

1820 Census Venango County, PA
John PRYER 2200012101

1830 Census Venango County, PA
John PRYER 010210001 – 1021001 (oldest male 60-69 years)
William PRYER 00001 – 10001
Nelly PRYER 2 – 00001

1840 Census Venango County, PA
Page 109, John PRYER 0001000001 – 00100001 (oldest male 70-79 years)
Page 110, Perkins L PRYER 10001 – 01001

1850 Census Venango County, PA
Page 32a, family 118 W Prior 47 PA, Sarah Prior 43 PA, Mary Collingwood 21 PA, John Prior 20 PA, David Prior 18 PA, Wm Prior 16 PA, Hannah Prior 14 PA, Stephen Prior 12 PA, Margaret Prior 10 PA, Sarah Prior 8 PA, Pamelia Prior 6 PA, Rosalphine Collingwood 2 PA, Irena Collingwood 1 PA (William and Sarah Prior are also on the 1860 Census in the same county)
Page 69b, family 185 Peter Prior 41 PA, Elizabeth Prior 36 PA, Jane Prior 16  PA, Hannah Prior 13 PA, Catharine Prior 12 PA, John Fletcher 10 PA, Peter L Fletcher 9  PA, Wm C Fletcher 7 PA, Margaret Fletcher 4  PA, Nancy Fletcher 0 PA

Records from Washington County, Pennsylvania

Formed from Westmoreland Co., PA in 1781

1788Thomas PRYOR received 33 acres in Washington County.

1796 – Timothy PRIOR received 75 acres in Washington County.

1790 Census, Washington Co., PA
Timothy PRIOR (probably in Muskingum Co., OH, deceased by 1808)
Nathan PRIOR
(Nathan and Timothy Prior were in Cumberland Co., PA in 1785)

1850 Census, Washington Co., PA
Notthingham Twp, page 226b, house 150 Rev. James PRIOR 53 Congregation Clergy Eng, Ann 57 Eng, Cornelius W. 30 farmer Ire., Selina 28 Eng., Ellen 7 Eng., Cornelius W. J. (James) 6 Eng, Selina G.(Gertrude) 4 PA, Ambrose 2 PA, Priscilla A. 1/12 PA, Ann Cox 29 Eng.  (Cornelius W. Pryor and family are on the 1860 Census in Hardeman Co., TN, 1870 in Davidson Co., and in 1880 in Warren Co., TN. Cornelius Winter James Pryor christened 1844 at Beaminster, Dorset, England – parents not named on the transcript. On the 1841 UK Census in Netherbury- John Prior 45 c.c. not born in Dorset, Ann 45 not born in Dorset, Cornelius 21 born in Ireland, Susan Stone 15 born in Dorset. Cornelius Winter Prior married Oct. Quarter in 1841 in Bedminster England, vol 8, page 5 – Bride’s name not recorded on transcription. New York Passenger Lists show that this Pryor family arrived in US on April 20, 1844 from Great Britain on the ship Cambridge: family members were identified as James 47, Ann 50, Cornelius 23, Selicea 22, Ellen T. 1 yr. 6 mos, and C. W. L. 3 months. The naturalization records of Washington Co., PA state Cornelius W. Pryors arrival as 1847- possibly that was his arrival date in that county.)

Records from York County, Pennsylvania

1776 Military Service – Capt. Charles Luken Company – Thomas PRIOR