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Records from Abbeville Co., SC

1850 Census, Abbeville Co., SC
The Saluda Regiment Dist., page 103A, house 1588/1588 John PRIER 50 farmer TN, Melinda 37 SC, Lucy Jane 12 SC, James W. Filmer 10 SC. (John Pryor and his household were record as white by “” marks on census)

1860 Census Abbeville Co., SC
Greenwood PO, page 63, House 923 Mary PRYOR 47 farmer SC, James Fife 24 farm laborer SC, Josephine Pryor 7 SC, James H. Pryor 5 SC (Mrs. M Pryor is listed on the 1860 Slave Schedule, owned one male slave aged 59. Mary/Malinda Pryor’s race is not noted on the 1860 Census, however she and her children were noted as black on the 1870 Census. Is the 59 year old slave the John Pryor noted on the 1850 Census?)

1870 Census Abbeville Co., SC – non population schedule
Malinda PRYOR 30 acres

1870 Census Abbeville co., SC
Page 383a, house 66 Malina PRYOR (bl) 60 SC, James W (bl) 31 farm laborer SC, Josephine 20 (bl) SC.

Records from Aiken Co., SC

1877 Estate – Richard D PRIOR, deceased. Probate date 25 Oct 1877. Archie N. PRIOR signed note that estate owes him money. (Death record for Eliza Pryor Johnson states she was the daughter of Richard Daniel Prior and Mary Anna Hall, Eliza was born 2 Feb 1866 in Aiken co. Richard D and family were in Barnwell Co in 1870)

1880 Census Aiken Co., SC
Page 99a, Hammond Twp., house 40/40 David Clark 59 SC SC SC, Elizabeth Clark (probably Elizabeth B Prior) 41 SC SC SC, Adger Clark 21 SC SC SC, Emily Clark 19 SC SC SC, Anna Clark 17 SC SC SC, Richard Clark 14 SC SC SC, Jane Clark 11 SC SC SC, Jonathan Clark 8 SC SC SC (This family was previously counted in Edgefield County, SC)

1930 Census Aiken Co., SC
Page 19b Robert Pryor 44 SC SC SC, Willie wife 30 SC SC SC, Evelyn dau 6 SC, John W. son 5 SC, Nath Lee dau 1 4/12 SC, Will Miner boarder 43 widow SC SC SC (Application for military grave marker shows Robert was in the military in 1898. Robert Edward Pryor registered for WWI draft in Aiken Co. in 1918)

1923 Death Record
Kinchin R Pryor 75 years, died 5 Dec 1923. Occupation mechanic. Born SC. Father David/Dennis Pryor. No informant name on death record. (Buried Wesley United Methodist Church Cemetery (Served in Union Army during Civil War from the State of SC. His son Robert E. Pryor died in Washington Co., TN– his death record states his parents were Kinch Pryor and Annie McElmurray. Robert was a well-digger from Aiken Co., SC)

1930 Census Aiken Co., SC
Page 19b Robert E Pryor 56 SC SC SC, Willie wife 39 SC SC SC, Evelyn J dau 17 SC, John W son 15 SC, Nettalee dau 11 SC, Jessie M dau 7 SC

Records from Anderson Co., SC

1849 DeathJohn Prior Archer b. 12 Dec 1806, died 3 Jul 1849. (Buried Pickens Chapel Cemetery in Anderson Co., SC. Probate was filed in Pickens Co. SC)

1892 News Report – A white prisoner, J. H. PRYOR from Pelzer, hanged himself in his jail cell. He had been arrested for receiving goods under false pretenses. He left a wife and two sons, one of which was married. He was about 42. He was buried in the county poor house graveyard. (The Intelligencer, Anderson, SC, 23 Jun 1892)

1900 Census, Anderson Co., SC
Williamston Twp., sheet 14b, house 20, Sarah A PRYOR May 1846 54 widow, 8 children/7 living, SC SC NC. Mattie dau Sept 1878 21 SC NC SC cotton mill weaver. Lizzie dau Sept 1881 18 SC NC SC cotton mill weaver. Lela dau Jun 1883 16 SC NC SC cotton mill spooler. Della Putman g-dau Aug 1895 4 SC SC SC. Nannie Putman g-dau Mar 1896 3 SC SC SC. (Sarah A Pryor (the record is under the spelling Prior) died in Williamston in 1926. Her death record states she was born 11 May 1846 and her father’s surname was Youngblood. In 1880 Sarah and husband Samuel T. Pryor were on the census in Pickens Co., SC. Per Find A Grave, Samuel T. Pryor is buried in Greenville, SC)

1910 Census, Anderson Co., SC
Williamston Twp., page 321A, McLaughlin St., house 194/196 George W. PRYOR (md. 21 yrs.) TN TN TN, Martha wife 42 (10 children/6 living) TN TN TN, Joe son 16 TN, Chick son 12 TN, Floyd son 7 TN, Myrtle dau 4/12 SC.
Williamston Twp., page 321A, house 195/197 Willie PRYOR head 21 single (md. 3 years) TN TN TN, Lizzie dau 21 single (1 child/1 living) TN TN TN, ??? dau 1 7/12 TN. (Marital status is unclear on the census record)
Williamston Twp., page 321B, house 197/199
Will L. PRYOR 42 (md. 22 yrs.) TN TN TN  runs elevator at cotton mill, Mandie wife 41 (10 children/10 living) TN TN TN, Sarah dau 16 TN, Darcus dau 14 TN, Lucy dau 12 TN, Theodore son 10 TN, Leo son 8 TN, Raymond son 6 TN, Carl son 4 SC, Lila dau 7/12 SC. (Vincent Pryor & Sarah of Jefferson Co., TN>sons George & Will)

1917 WWI Draft Registrations, Anderson Co., SC
William Lanford PRYOR, born 28 Mar 1889 in Dandridge, TN
Joseph Luther PRYOR, born 17 Jan 1894 in Dandridge, TN
James Alex PRYOR, born 14 Mar 1896, in Jefferson Co., TN
Elmer Ovely PRYOR, born 2 May 1900 place not recorded, permanent home in

1920 Census Anderson Co., SC – ED#62
House 3/3 Will PRYOR 30 TN TN TN, Sue 35 wife TN TN TN, Annie Love 11 dau TN,  Bertha May 9 dau SC. (Sue Pryor died in Anderson Co. per Death Record Feb. 8, 1924, aged 40)
ED#62, Williamston Twp., house150/150 James A. PRYOR 22 TN TN TN, Lillie 26 wife SC SC SC, Ruby 2 dau SC, Raymond St. James? 9 st-son SC, __? st-son 5 SC.
House163/163 George PRYOR 52 TN TN TN, Jolly? wife 49 TN TN TN, Myrtle 10 dau TN (George W. Pryor died in Anderson Co. per Death Record May 2, 1932 aged 66)
House 235/235 William L. PRYOR 50 TN TN TN, Amanda 49 wife TN TN TN, William 18 son TN, Oscar 16 TN, Raymond 14 son TN, Carl P. 12 son TN, Lila 9 dau SC.(Mandy Pryor died in Anderson Co. per Death Record Jan. 2, 1926, aged 24)
(George 52 and William L 50 appear on the 1880 Census in Jefferson Co., TN, page 461D: Vinson Pryor 49 SC VA NC, Sarah 36 TN, George 11 TN, William 10 TN, Eliza 8 TN, Ida 4 TN, Harvey 2 TN, Sally 9mo TN)

Records from Barnwell Co., SC

1820 Census, Barnwell Co., SC
Page 7, Isham H Clayton (married to Susannah Pryor b.1801) 00001-10002 (Isham Henry Clayton and wife Susannah Pryor b. 1800 and Daniel Wilson Clayton were in Lowndes Co., GA in 1850 – Susannah Pryor may be the daughter of John Prior of Edgefield County, aka Susanna Pryor Grubbs.)
Page 41, Tobias PRYOR 30001-001 (see Edgefield Co. 1850 Census)

1824 Marriage – Mary A PRYOR married Kinchin Rambo. (Mary A Pryor born 1808 in SC. They are on the 1840 Census in Gwinnett Co., GA and in 1870-1880 in Floyd Co., GA. On the 1880 Census Mary states her father was born in England.)

1830 Census, Barnwell Co., SC
Toby PRYOR 0020001 – 00001 (Tobias Pryor)

1870 Census, Barnwell Co., SC
Richard D. PRYOR 30 SC, Mary A 34, Elizar 4, Richard H. 2 (Death record for Eliza Pryor Johnson states she was the daughter of Richard Daniel Prior and Mary Anna Hall, Eliza was born 2 Feb 1866 in Aiken co.)

Records from Beaufort Dist, SC

1780 Petit Jury List – Seth PRIOR (Prince William Parish)

Records from Charleston , SC

(Cheraw) 1775 Revolutionary War Soldier – Luke PRYOR, Captain of the St. David’s Parish Volunteer Company 9/26/1775. Later, a QM in militia in 1782.

1780 Petit Jury List – Thomas PRIOR (Parish of St. Thomas and St. Denis)

(Dorchester) 1784 Letter of AdministrationThornton PRYOR deceased of St. George Parish, Dorchester. Seth Pryor of the same parish applied to be administrator on 13 Dec 1784. Charles Lining, attorney.

1785 Inventories of EstatesMarlow Pryor’s bond to William Ancrum dated the 28th November 1785 for $43.12. Records Of Charleston District, Court Of Ordinary, Inventories And Appraisements Books (Marlow Pryor and William Ancrum mentioned in Kershaw Co., SC record)

1790 Census, Charleston, SC
St. Philip’s Parish, John PRIOR
Cheraw, John PRIOR
Cheraw, Luke PRIOR

(Dorchester) 1798 Will – Seth PRYOR, of St. George Dorchester, deceased. Heirs: Sons, Seth Thornton PRYOR and Samuel PRYOR, nieces Prudence Johnston, Mary Day. Mentions his boat “Harriet”. Executors and guardian of son Seth Thornton Pryor – Matthias Hutchinson and William Flack. Proved 30 Jun 1798. (See Colleton Co., SC. Seth Thornton was not yet 25 years old in 1798 per the will)

(Dorchester) 1802 Appointment –
Appointed to inspect warehouses, Samuel PRIOR. (An Alphabetical Digest of the Public Statute Law of South-Carolina, Volume 3 By South Carolina, Joseph Brevard, pub. 1814)

1804 Event – Samuel PRIOR
, Manager of Elections wrote to the House of Representatives. 30 November 1804 (South Carolina State Archives)

1810 Census, Charleston, SC
Page 164, Mary PRIER  10101- 211
St. John’s Berkeley, Page 158 (or 224) Wm (William) PRYER 01001-1001-4

1814 Will – Sarah PRIOR
was unable to lift her hand to sign, so will was signed for her by John Jacob —udy, 26 Sept. 1814. Executor Joseph Curtis. Will proved 11 Feb 1815.

1816 Probate – Joseph Curtis appointed administrator of the estate of Sarah PRIOR, widow, late of St. John;s.

1850 Census Dist. of Charleston, St. Philip & St. Michael Co. , SC
Page 176B, House 291 Edward Henry 42 tavern keeper Ireland, Jane 50 Ireland, Edward 16 clerk SC, Mary Ellen 12 SC, Briget Stanley 13 Ireland, Catherine Stanley 11 Ireland, Bernard PRIOR 24 clerk Ireland, Catherine 24 SC, Edward D. 8/12 SC.
Page 192A, House 523 John PRYOR 45 Ireland, Elizabeth 28 Ireland, Harriet E. 10 NY, George Thos. 8 NY, Mary R. 6 NY, Frances Emily 4 NY, Ellen T. 1 SC.
Page 251A, House 538 Seth PRIOR 37 shoe dealer SC, Rebecca 36 SC, Rebecca Weinges 56 MA, Garbes 25 book seller SC, Rebecca PRIOR 15 SC, Elizabeth 14 SC, Cornelia 13 SC, Julia 6 SC, S. T. (male) 3 SC. (Death record for Rebecca Ridgeway Jackson b. 1834, d. 1919 states her parents were Seth Thornton Prior and Rebecca Wienges. Mrs. Rebecca Prior died in 1889, death record states she was born in Charleston, her father was born in Germany)
Page 282B, house 983 Jane Harvey 45 Ireland and several boarders… B. R. PRIOR (male) 26 clerk SC.

1860 Census, Charleston, SC
4th Ward, page 339, house 504 “The Pavilion Hotel” B. R. PRYOR 31 merchant Ireland, Catherine 29 SC, Edward 10 SC, Eleanor 5 SC, Eugene 4 SC, Walter 1 SC.
4th Ward, page 311, house 231 Robert Janey? 49 saddler Ireland… living in household E. PRYOR female 22 SC
4th Ward, page 340, house 410, “boarding house”… J. or L. PRYOR 47 male clerk SC, Rebecca 46 SC.
4th Ward, page 325, house 396 W. B. Carson 35 clergyman ME SC… living in household W. M. PRYOR 20 male clerk SC.
4th Ward, page 334, house 529, Jno. (John) PRIOR 50 clerk Ireland, Harriet 18 NY, George 16 NY, Rebecca 15 NY, Frances 12 NY, Teresa 10 NY, Margaret 8 NY.

1877 Death – Died Feb. 1877 at 7 Felix St., William Pryor aged 60, occupation coachman, resided in Charleston 30 years. (Death Record states native of VA. African American.).

1901 Death – Died Mar. 1901, Tony Pryor aged 65, occupation farmer, resided in Charleston during his life.

Records from Cherokee County, SC

1914 Marriage Announcement Miss Stewart Pryor daughter of Dr. Stewart Pryor of Chester, to marry Dr. Ralph McFadden of Yorkville. Miss Pryor a niece of Mr. J. C. Pryor of Gaffney (The Gaffney Ledger, 24 Mar 1914)

1916 Social Announcement Mrs. Julius C. Pryor entertained friends for dinner at her home on Frederick St., assisted by her daughter Miss Lillie Pryor.

1924 Death – Died 14 Jun 1924 in Limestone (Saluda Co.?), Joseph D. Pryor born 23 Jun 1852 in NC. Father born in NC, mother Lucrecia born in NC.

1951 DeathMiss Lilly Pryor age 71, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Pryor. Lived in Gaffney her entire life. (The Gaffney Ledger, 20 Jan 1951)

1959 DeathMrs. Sallie Pryor Whelchel, age75, daughter of Joe Pryor and Rebecca Sparks. (The Gaffney Ledger, 27 Jan 1959)

Records from Chester Co., SC

1820 Census, Chester Co., SC
Page 102, Henry PRYER 0002,13-no females

Records from Chesterfield County, SC

1790 Census – Cheraw Dist.
Luke PRYOR 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16, 5 females, 2 slaves
John PRIOR one male over 16, one female (born abt 1774 or earlier)

1800 Census, Chesterfield Co., SC
John Berry Jr. (1850 his son Pryor Talley Berry living in Scott Co., MS)

Records from Colleton , SC

1800 Census, Colleton Co., SC
Page 180, Sam’l (Samuel) PRIOR  000200000008
Page 161, Seth PRIOR 10010000100-24 (Seth Thornton Pryor died in 1830, per notice in Charleston Observer. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Application for Claude Henry Babb states that Seth Pryor was born 1734 in VA. Will for Seth Pryor filed in Charleston in 1798–mentions sons Seth Thornton and Samuel. Seth Thornton was not yet 25 years old in 1798 per the will)

1810 Census, Colleton Co., SC
Page 330, Seth PRIOR (image is illegible)
Page 349, Mrs. Samuel PRIOR  (image is illegible)

1820 Census, Colleton Co., SC
St. George Parish, page 122 Seth T. PRIOR 2001-0101 (Seth Thornton Pryor. Per death notice published about 1830 in the Charleston Observer: Major Seth T. Prior died on his plantation and left a widow and two sons.  He was 49 years old [born 1771].)

Records from Dorchester County, SC

1921 Death – Died 4 Sept 1921 in Ridgeville, William Pryor (bl) born in SC. About 70 years old. Father Jake Pryor born in SC, mother Rachel Brownlee born in SC.

1927 Death – Died 23 Jun 1927 in Summerville?, Thomas Pryor (bl) born in Ridgeville SC. About 76 years old. No parents info.