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Records from Anderson County, TX

1930 Census, Anderson Co., TX
1309 N Queen St., Palestine Thomas M PRYOR 50 TN US US, clerk railroad office. Comfort D. wife 46 TX US TX. Mary L dau 17 TX. Rebecca E dau 15 TX. Thomas M. Jr.son 13 TX. Vera dau 10 TX. Lindley B. son 6 TX. Robert E son 20 salesman dry goods. (Wedding announcement for James Milton Pryor states he is a son of T. M. Pryor of Palestine, TX. Lubbock Morning Avalanche, 27 Jan 1927)

Records from Austin County, TX

1826 Marriage – Harriet PRYOR married Noel F. Roberts on 20/7/1826 (Harriet the daughter of Wiliam Pryor and Betsy Trammell)

1833 Marriage – Mary PRYOR married L B Franks on 16 Mar 1833

1833 Death William Pryor died 9 Sept 1833 in Austin. He was married to Betsy Trammell.

1834 Marriage – Eliza PRYOR married William Roberts on 7 Jul 1834

1834 Texas Tax List Austin Co., TX
Elizabeth PRYOR

1838 Texas Tax List Austin Co., TX
Elizabeth PRYOR

1841 Tax List – T S PRIER

1841 Tax List – J L PRIER

1842 Tax List – John PRYOR

1843 Tax List – John S PRYOR

1848 Tax List – John S PRIER

1850 Tax List – John PRIOR

1853 Tax List – John S PRIER

1867 Voter Registration, Austin Co., TX
Taylor PRYOR in Pine Grove
William PRYOR in Hempstead

1868 Tax List – William PRYOR

1870 Census Austin Co., TX
Pct. 3, PO San Felipe, page 329a, house 404 Marcus L. Harry 40 SC, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 48 AL, William Roberts 24 LA, Harriett C. Harry 17 TX, Amanda E. Harry 14 TX, Sarah 10 TX, William Bankhead 21 works on farm TX (Elizabeth Pryor daughter of William Pryor and Betsy Trammell (formerly of Clarke Co., AL and Stewart Co., TN). Her son Willliam Taylor Roberts was from her first marriage. This family was in Fort Bend Co. in 1850 and 1860)

1871 Tax List – William PRIAR

1871 Tax List – Taylor PRYOR (probably Taylor Pryor who was African American, born between 1832-1841 in AL, living in Waller Co. in 1880.

1872 Tax List – Taylor PRIAR

1880 Census Austin Co., TX
Bovine Bend, page 427b, ED#5, house 156/170 Marc Harry 50 farmer and stockman NC NC NC, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 58 wife AL AL AL. (Daughter of William Pryor and Betsy Trammell).

Records from Bastrop County, TX

1850 Census Bastrop Co., TX
Page 193, house 347 Susan Barton (PRYOR) 60 SC, William 27 herdsman AL, Charlotte 25 AL. (Stacy “Susan” Pryor, daughter of William Pryor of Stewart Co., TN and Austin 300, widow of William Barton)
Page 193 house 350 Joseph Burleson 43 TN, Alley M. (Allif Barton? 43 TN, George W. 17 TN, George W. 17 TX, Joseph 16 TX, Sarah G 13 TX, Marion W 12 TX, Susan M 8 TX, James M 7 TX, John F 5 TX, Murry 1 TX.
Page 198, house 357 John Harvey 40 TN, Sinia 31 SC, Wilford Barton 19 not employed TX, James C. Bradley 32 day laborer SC, Thomas Harvey 24 day laborer TN. (Wilford Barton son of Stacy Pryor Barton, he was also counted in Travis Co.)

Records of Bexar County, TX

1841 Military Service – Benjamin PRYOR served with the Rangers from June 23 – August 31 under Capt. J. C. Hays. He enlisted again in Bexar Co. on Sept. 1 – Oct. 1, 1841 in the Ranger Spy Co., under Capt. Hays. Some records refer to a Benjamin Pryor Jr., so maybe just the Jr. served or both a Sr. and Jr. served. (Texas was a republic separate from Mexico and the US between 1836 and 1846. The Texas Rangers were already in service during the years of the Republic. They were established by John Coffee Hays, he was also the first sheriff of San Francisco, CA)

1860 Census Bexar Co., TX
4th Ward, San Antonio, page 422, house 1245 F. J. PRYOR 32 lawyer TN, Frances 28 VA, A. M. female 4 TX, F. D. male 3 TX, J. P. male 10/12 TX, Mary (no surname) 25 servant Poland? (Francis Jones Pryor John C. Pryor of Desoto Co., MS. Sons of American Revolution application for John Porter Pryor states his parents werer Frank Jones Pryor and Fannie Davis)
2nd Ward, San Antonio, page 368a, house 428 Richard Taylor 25 clerk KY, R. M. (Pryor) 21 MS, A. M. (Annie Medora Taylor) (f) 4 KY, L. H. (m) 1 KY, J. N. (m) 21 trader KY, J. C. (m) 16 KY. (Rachel Medora Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Nelson Co., KY. She is the daughter of John C. Pryor of Desoto Co., MS and the aunt of Ike Pryor of Bexar Co on the 1900 Census. Oysterville: Roads to Grandpa’s Village By Willard R. Espy reports that Annie Medora Taylor lived in Mexico from age 11 – about 1867 – and that her mother Rachel Medora Pryor died in 1872).

1880 Census Bexar Co., Texas
San Antonio, page 130A William PRYOR 42 freight agent TN IR TN, Jennie 31 wife TN TN TN, James 12 son TN, Bessie 10 dau TN, Nellie 7 dau TN, Estil Hopkins brother in law 25 TN TN TN, Bertha Webber other 18 TX Switz Switz. (William J. Pryor md. Jennie Estill on Sept. 11, 1867 in Franklin Co., TN. Daughter Nelle Estill Pryor born 10/16/1877 applied for a passport in 1917 to go abroad with the Red Cross– she states she was born in Winchester, TN)

1900 Census Bexar Co., TX
Pct. 12, San Antonio, page 89A, house 186/206 W. J. PRYOR Feb. 1849 51 md. 33 yrs., 3 children/3 living TN TN TN, Nelly dau Oct. 1872 27 TN TN TN.
4th Ward, San Antonio, page 28A, house 228/276 William Edward PRIOR Jan. 1844 56 (md. 33 yrs.) TN TN TN gambler, Fanny wife Dec. 1855 44 (3 children/3 living) MO MO MO, Tennessee Boese? dau Jan 1875 25 (md. 7 yrs.) (2 children/2 living) TX TN MO, Jim Polk Boese? son in law ?? 1872 27 TX TX TX bartender, James Monroe grand son Aug. 1896 3 TX, Will Edward grandson Sept. 1897 2 TX
San Antonio City, ED#114, sheet 10b, house 407 Ike T. PRYOR June 1852 47 md 7 FL VA AL stock raiser and broker, Myra S. wife Oct 1863 36 md. 7 no children TX GA GA, David M. son Jul 1880 19 TX FL TX, Emma dau Nov 1883 16 TX FL TX, Ike T. Jr. son Dec 1885 14 TX FL TX, Herbert F. ….? coachman Oct 1871 29 Eng Eng Eng. (Son David M was counted twice… also at the West Texas Military Academy in San Antonio).

1910 Census Bexar Co., TX
San Antonio City, page 54A, 308 Augusta St., William J. PRYOR 72 (md. 42 yrs) TX Ireland TN, Jennie S. wife 60 (3 children/3 living) TN TN TN, Bessie dau. 39 single TN, Nell E. dau 36 single TN.
Page 58A, 514 Augusta St., James A. PRYOR 41 (md. 21 yrs) TN TN TN operator farm, Millie A. wife 40 (7 children/7 living) TX TN TX, Nell E. dau 18 TX, Mader dau 16 TX, Ophelia dau 13 TX, Virginia dau 11 TX, Nancy dau 9 TX, Dorothy dau 6 TX.
Page 213a, house 405 Isaac T. PRYOR (“Ike”) 67 (marriage 2) (married age 16) FL MS AL, Myra S. wife 46 (marriage 2) (marriage age 16) 2 children, none living TX GA GA, Sara E. Stafford mother (probably mother in law) 70 7 children/1 living GA GA GA, Frances Morriarty servant 27 TX Russia Russia cook.

1920 Census Bexar Co., TX
ED#62, page 3B, house 308/42/63 William J. PRYOR 82 TN Ireland TN, Jennie E. wife 70 TN TN TN, Nell E. dau. 32 TN.
ED#55, sheet 7b, house 1718 Frank A. Hornaday 46 IN IN IN, Bessie PRYOR Hornaday wife 46 TN TN TN, Gwendoline dau 18 KS, Terry A. son 16 KS, Fred A. Jr. son 13 KS. (In 1916 Bessie Pryor Hornaday was living in Joplin, MO when she competed an affidavidit for her sister’s passport application. Bessie was the daughter of William J. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN and Bexar Co., TX.).
ED#64, sheet 2a, house 405 Isaac (“Ike”) PRIOR 67 FL MS AL stockman ranch, Myra S. wife 56 TX GA GA, Agnes Sylla servant 33 single TX Europe TX chamber maid, private family. (Ike T. Pryor – see below)
ED#92 sheet 110b, house 344, Carrie J Jones 32 widow TX TX TX, Richard J son 8 TX, Mattie J PRYOR mother 61 widow TX GA GA (Mattie Farrar Pryor is the widow of Richard J Pryor in Lavaca Co., TX)

1930 Census Bexar Co., TX
ED#86 page 121a, house 405 Ike T. PRYOR 77 (md. 27) FL MS MS, stock raising. Myra J. wife 66 (md. 17) TX GA GA. (Isaac Thomas Pryor, d. 1937. He is on the 1880 Census in Travis Co., TX. Son of David C. Pryor and Emily McKissack on the 1850 Census in Desoto Co., MS.)
ED#15-116, page 69a, living in rooming house James A. PRYOR roomer, 61 divorced, (md. 21) TN TN TN supervisor for railroad.

1940 Census Bexar Co., TX
San Antonio, Justice Dist 1, ED#259-209, sheet 10b, house 344 Carrie Jones (PRYOR) 52 widow TX, Mattie PRYOR mother 81 widow TX. (Mattie Farrar Pryor from Lavaca Co., TX)
Longhorn, Sheet 2a, House 26 Dr. Jessie W PRYOR (f) 49 TX, Willie W. PRYOR (mother) 70 TX. Both women reported living in Caldwell Co., TX in 1935.

Records from Bowie County, Texas

1900 Census Bowie Co., TX
Sheet 20b, Pct. 3, house 376 Alexander Whittle Feb. 1849/51 (md. 16), GA VA GA hotel keeper, Pocahontas (PRYOR) wife Jan 1857/43 no children TX VA England, Rhoda PRYOR sister in law Jan 1874/26 single TX VA England, Ana PRYOR mother in law Nov. 1827/72 widowed (8 children/7 living) Eng Eng Eng. (Samuel B. Pryor & Anna Marie Powell>Pocahontas, Rhoda, Charles. This family was on the 1880 Census in Little River Co., AR.)
House 377 Charles PRYOR Mar 1854/46 (md. 8) TX VA Eng livery & transport, Etta wife 9/1874 GA GA GA, Charles son Nov. 1894/5 TX, Whittle son Jan 1896/4 TX, Pocahontas dau Oct. 1897/2 TX, Eva dau Aug 1899 9/12 TX.
(Samuel B. Pryor & Anna Marie Powell>Pocahontas, Rhoda, Charles. This family was on the 1880 Census in Little River Co., AR.)
Dist 7, sheet 18b, house 332 E. R. PRYOR Feb 1850 50 widower 8 children/7 living TX VA Wales, Harry son Dec 1880 19 AR TX TX, Mary dau Feb 1882 18 AR TX TX, Annie dau Jul 1884 15 AR TX TX, Fritz son Jul 1886 13 AR TX TX, Edwin son Dec 1888 AR TX TX, Roger A. son Jun 1892 8 TX TX TX (E. R. pryor was in Little River Co., AR in 1880. The children of E. R. Pryor were living in Dallas Co. in 1910)

Records from Brown County, Texas

1900 Census Brown Co., TX
Justice Pct. 2, page 109a, house 22 Mack R. PRYOR Mar. 1848 52 (md. 12 yrs) MO TN TN, Martha wife Oct. 1864 35 (3 children/3 living) MO MO MO, John M. son Oct. 1878 21 MO MO IA, Joseph A. son Oct. 1878 21 MO MO IA, Mack R. Jr. son Feb. 1882 18 Ind.Ter. MO IA, Josephine dau May 1886 14 Ind.Ter. MO IA, Fannie dau Oct. 1892 7 Ind.Ter. MO MO, Peter son May 1895 5 Ind.Ter. MO MO, Bertha Oct. 1896 3 Ind.Ter. MO MO (McKindree/McKindrick Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Mason Co., TX and in 1880 in Douglas Co., MO)

Records from Caldwell County, Texas

1860 Census, Caldwell Co., TX
Lockhart PO, page 192 Living with N. B. Hudspeth and family… Wm (William) PRIOR 26 laborer MO.

1900 Census, Caldwell Co, TX
Pct. 2, page 96a house 252 Sam A. PRYOR Oct. 1849 40 widow TX FL AL, Roger A. son Jul 1892 7 TX TX France. (Samuel Anderson Pryor, possible son of William Pryor (born Nashville TN per 1860 Census in Jackson Co. TX) and wife Rebecca.)
Pct. 2, page 118a, James PRYOR Jul. 1868 32 md. 10 yrs., TN TN TN land lord, Willie A. wife born Jan 1870 30 5 children/5 living TX TN TX, Jessie W. (Jessie Walker Pryor) dau Aug 1894 TX, Nell E. dau Jan 1892 TX, page 118b … Margrette PRYOR dau Mar. 1894 TX, Ophelia dau Apr. 1896 4 TX, Virginia dau Sept. 1898 1 TX, Kate Houston (bl) servant Nov. 1874 25 TX TX TX house servant. (Spouse Willie Walker Pryor died in 1947 and is buried in Caldwell Co. Jessie Walker Pryor is on the 1920 Census in Galvaston, TX and included in the University of TX yearbook as a MD graduate)
Lockhart Twp., sheet 21b, house 425 George M. Heflin Jan 1850 50 md 22 TX AL TX, Marietta wife Apr 1857 43 (one child/none living) TX MO KS, Cora PRYOR adopted dau Mar 1880 20 TX UNK UNK, Alber J. Harris boarder May 1879 21 TX.

1910 Census, Caldwell Co., TX
Pct. 3, ED#31, sheet 6b, J. D. Cartwright 27 TX TX AL butcher shop… living in household J. A. PRYOR (m) boarder 42 married 22, TX TN TN.
Lockart Twp., ED#25, sheet 6b, M. L. Hellin (f) 52 widow 1 child/0 living, TX MO KY lives on own income, Cora PRYOR dau 30 single TX Unknown Unknown, Dina Jackson (bl) servant 50 widow TX GA GA.

1930 Census, Caldwell Co., TX
Luling city, sheet 7b, house 140 Dr. J PRYOR (f) 40 TX TX TX surgeon, Mrs. J PRYOR mother 65 TX TX TX. (Jessie Walker Pryor and mother Willie are on the 1900 Census in Caldwell Co.)

1935 Residence – Dr. Jessie W PRYOR (f) b. 1891 TX, Willie W. PRYOR (mother) b. 1870 TX. Recorded on 1940 Census in Bexar Co., TX

Records from Calhoun County, Texas

1868 – 30 Jan 1868 Voter Registration, Banister PRIOR

1880 Census, Calhoun Co., TX
Indianola Twp, household of Edward Leffridge (bl)35 KY KY KY…. living in household Banister PRIOR (bl) 96 boarder, waiter butcher shop, VA VA VA

Records from Cameron County, Texas

1900 Census, Cameron Co., TX
Brownsville City, page 165, Washington St., house 251 Francis M. PRIOR July 1863 36 TX AL TX md. 9 yrs, Sarah W. wife Dec. 1872 27 3 children/3 living TX TX TX, Nina W. dau Apr. 1893 7 TX, Zelma F. dau Sept. 1895 4 TX, Martha L. dau Apr. 1898 2 TX, Joanna Farrer sister in law Oct. 1879 20 TX TX TX (Francis M Pryor is the son of Richard Pryor, he is on the 1880 Census in Lavaca Co., TX. Francis was married to Sarah Farrer).

Records from Cherokee County, Texas

1860 Census, Cherokee Co., TX
Beat No. 2, Rusk PO, page 425, house 187/187 Robert PRYOR 29 farmer SC, Penina 27 AL, William 9 AL, Jasper 7 AL, Rhody A. 4 AL, James 1 AL. (Luke D. Pyor of Williamson Co., TN>John Pryor>Henry B. Pryor and wife Anna of Pike Co., AL>Robert Pryor and Penina Turner. There is a letter in the archives files from Henry B. PRYOR, 1849 from China Grove PO., Pike County Alabama stating he was living there with all his children. His children were Riggans PRYOR, Robertson PRYOR, who is referred to as Robert PRYOR in Cherokee County TX, Mary Ann (Martha Ann) PRYOR CROCKER, Rhoda Ann PRYOR CROCKER, Luke PRYOR, and Allen PRYOR. Cherokeean/Herald on Oct 21, 1999 reported a reunion of the descendants of Robert Pryor, stating that Robert was born in Marion Co., SC.)

1861-1864 Civil War Service – Robert PRYOR served in Co. B., 28th Regiment of Confederate Army. Elected 2nd Lt on 15 Feb. 1862 (From Confederate Pension application filed by widow in 1930)

1862 Tax List – Robert PRYOR

1868 Voter Registration, Cherokee Co., TX

1870 Census Cherokee Co., TX
Beat 2, Rusk PO, page 198b, house 57/57 Robert PRYOR 45 SC, Pauline 35 AL, William 17 AL, Jasper 15 AL, Roda A. 13 AL, James Y. 11 AL, Mary J. 9 TX, Robert 7 TX, Benjamin F. 2 TX, Dewit Pinkney 19 AL works on farm, Frances Pinkney 17 TX works on farm.

1878 News Report – Horace Mosely got a gun from Duncan Long and attempted to assasinate Jasper PRYOR in Cherokee Co. Jasper was found by Mosely sitting in front of a “gin house.” Mosely wounded Pryor and went home and killed himself (The Times PIcayune, New Orleans, 5 Oct 1878 and in the Cincinnati Enquirer on 24 Sept 1878. If this is the Jasper who was 15 years old on the 1870 Census, he would have about been 18 time of the shooting)

1880 Census Cherokee Co., TX
Dist. 11, page 283c, house 4/4 William PRYOR 28 farmer AL AL AL, Margaret 30 FL GA GA, W. F. 6 son TX, Franklin 4 son TX, J. J. 1 daughter TX.
Dist. 11, page 286b, house 63/63 S. A. Meador 32 farmer TX TN AL, R. A. (Rhoda Ann PRYOR) 22 wife AL SC SC, D. L. 4 daughter TX, Robert 8/12 son TX, John 18 brother TX TN AL
Dist. 11, page 286, house 64/64 Robt. PRYOR 50 farmer SC SC SC, M. P. wife 43 AL TN SC, J. J. son 26 AL SC AL, J. T. son 21 AL SC AL, M. J. daughter 16 TX SC AL, R. son 18 TX SC AL, B. F. son 11 TX SC AL, C. A. son 8 TX SC AL, E. A. Delaney 14 step daughter TX AL AL, R. M. Wier boarder 43 school teacher MS VA KY.

1906 WillRobert Pryor signed will on 3 January 1906. Names wife Visa, minor children Esther, Violet, Ozella, adult children Jasper, James T, Mary Jane Clements, Robert Jr, Ben F., Charlie V. — from a “former marriage.” Grandchildren: Ida, Frank, Tom, Maggie, Earl, children of son William Pryor deceased. Robert Birt and Daisy Meador, children of daughter Rhoda Meador, deceased. Executors son Robert Pryor Jr and Sidney Meredith. Inventory filed April term 1910. (Rusk County Death Record states Robert Pryor died on 10 Jan 1910. Mrs Vie Pryor filed for a Confederate Pension stating her husband died 10 Jan 1910 in Cherokee County. Robert is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery per FindAGrave.com)

1910 Census Cherokee Co., TX
Pct 5, page 5b, house 86 T. M. PRYOR 36 TN TN TN farmer. Comfort wife 26 TX TN TX. James M son 6 TX. Robert E. son 2/12 TX. Gordon Hill hired boy 14 TX TX TX (Thomas M. Pryor and family are on the 1930 Census in Anderson Co., TX. Thomas M. Pryor was living with his parents on the 1880 census in Davidson Co., TN)

1930 Census Cherokee Co., TX
Pct. 3, page 111a, house 56 William B. PRIOR 54 (md. 25) TN TN TN farmer, Dora E. wife 54 (md. 25) TX TX TX.
Rusk Twp., Dist 1, page 16a, house 354 Ben PRYOR 59 (md 20) TX AL TX, Lula wife 56 TX TX TX, Vic Osborne dau 36 TX, Herbert son in law 38 TX AL TX, Herbert Jr gr-son 15 TX, Francis gr-son 13 TX

1940 Census Cherokee Co., TX
Rusk Twp, house 167 Leroy S Barger 51 TX, Jimmie wife 47 TX, James Wilburn PRYOR step-son 15 TX
Rusk Twp, house 171, Ben F PRYOR 69 contractor-pluber TX, Lula wife 66 TX, Herbert G Osborne son in law 49 stock raiser TX, Annie Vic dau 45 TX.

Records from Childress County, Texas

1910 Census Childress Co., TX
Just. Pct. 2, page 273A, house 97/98 Laecurhus L. PRYOR 53 (2nd md. 27) TN TN TN farmer, Nellie wife 42 (1st md. 27) 9 children/7 living TN TN TN, Narry son 25 widow TN, Fred L. son 22 TN, Edgar son 18 TN, Lester son 15 TN, Douglas D. son 14 TN, Curg son 9 TX, Oscar son 7 TX, Harvie McGuire grandson 5 TX TN AL. (John Pryor & Massa Taylor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor & Elizabeth Talley>Lycurgus Lafayette Pryor & Nellie Ayers)

1920 Census Childress Co., TX
Just Pct. 2, sheet 15b Lycurgus PRYOR 72 TN VA VA, Nellie wife 23 TN NC VA, Edward son 27 TN, Oscar son 17 TN, Harvey grandson 15 TX.

1930 Census Childress Co., TX
Childress City, page 134a, house 1101 Douglas D. PRYOR 31 (md. 19) TN TN TN car repair at railroad shop, Gertrude wife 31 (md. 18) OK AL AR, Howard son 12 TX, Mildred dau 10 TX, Roy L. son 6 TX. (John Pryor & Massa Taylor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor & Elizabeth Talley>Lycurgus Lafayette Pryor & Nellie Ayers>Douglas D. Pryor)
Just. Pct. 2, page 229a, house 200/230 Oscar PRYOR 27 (md. 18) TX TN TN, farmer, Rosie wife 27 (md. 18) TX AL AR, Bobbie L. son 5 TX, Jolene L. dau 2 6/12 TX.
Just. Pct. 2, page 229a, house 200/231 Ed PRYOR 32 (md. 27) TN TN TN, Fae 27 (md. 22) TX TX TX, Jimmie (dau) 4 TX TN TX.
Avenue F. and First St. NW, Court House Square Virgil Williams sherriff… Edd PRYOR inmate 35 (md. 21) TN TN TN.
Pct. 2, District 9, page 239b, house 140 Lester V. PRYOR 35 (md. 22) TN TN TN, Ova wife 36 (md. 23) TX AR TX, Lester Jr. son 10 TX, Warren H. son 6 TX, Max A. son 5 TX
Pct. 2, District 9, page 239b, house 141 Lester L. PRYOR 80 (md. 31) TN TN TN, Nellie wife 68 TN TN TN.

Records from Clay County, Texas

1930 Census Clay Co., TX
Henrietta City, page 7a, house 151 E. L. Welch 57 (md. 24) MO MO MO agent for a laundry, Florence wife 38 TX TX MO, W. T. PRYOR father in law 81 widow (md. 26) TN VA VA. (John Pryor & Massa Taylor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor & Elizabeth Talley>William Thomas Pryor )

Records from Collin County, Texas

1869 Tax List – James PRYOR
1869 Tax List – William PRYOR

1870 Census Collin Co., TX – Farmersville
Page 404B House 439 William PRYOR 29 TN, Sarah 30 PA, Hardin 2 AR, Bertha 5/12 January TX, George Ackerman 7 PA, Ella Ackerman 6 IA, Harriet Davis 47 MI, Sylvie Davis 5 IL. ( William Pryor married Sarah DeGarmo Ackerman, Harriet DeGarmo Davis is the mother of Sarah DeGarmo).
House 480 James PRYOR 62 TN, Sue 50 TN, Campbell 20 TN, _____? (f) 7 IL (James Pryor & Lucy Cruse of Knox Co., TN & Lawrence Co., AR> William & Campbell Pryor.)
Page 369A, House 7 Charles Robinson 48 KY Elizabeth (PRYOR) 45 TN, Rebecca 11 MO, Thomas 23 AR, Lucy (PRYOR) King 30 TN (Elizabeth & Lucy were daughters of Absolom Bostic Pryor of Johnson Co., AR. Rebecca “Kannie” Robinson married in to a Pryor line from Sumner Co., TN)
1870 Mortality Schedule: Jane PRYOR age 22, died Sept. 1870 of paralysis. Born in TN.

1880 Census Collin Co., TX
Pct. 8, page 298A, William PRYOR 48 farmer TN TN TN, Sarah 47 wife PA NY NY, George 19 (George Ackerman) son PA, Harriett (Ella Ackerman)17 dau IA, James (Hardin Pryor) 14 son AR, Bertha (Bertha Pryor) 11 dau TX, Malena 9 dau TX, Marinda 7 dau TX, Arthur 3 son TX, Martin Yinglary (Yingling) 35 other PA PA PA farm labor, Parry Hibdom 20 MO MO MO farm labor,
Page 298A. Campbell PRYOR 30 TN TN TN, Irene 16 neice IL TN TN , J. H. Ackerman 20 PA PA PA farm labor (James Pryor & Lucy Cruse of Knox Co., TN & Lawrence Co., AR> William & Campbell Pryor. 1886 Campbell Pryor granted 80 acres from Mrs. A. J. McClanahan in Collin Co., TX)
Pct 2 T. Hodges, female, 45, TN, TN, TN, Allan Hodges, son, 21, AR. David Hodges, son, 15, AR. (Absolom Bostic Pryor of Johnson Co., AR>Theatis PRYOR Hodges)
Dist. 21, M. Basham, female, 50, farmer, TN TN TN, R. P. son 21 AR, Lula daughter 18 AR, C. C. son 15 AR (Matricia PRYOR Basham was a sister of Theatis PRYOR and Elizabeth PRYOR Robinson who was on the 1870 Census in Collin Co.)

1893 Guardian Case – Mrs. M. E. Yingling (this may be the husband’s name and wife was S. E. Yingling) appointed guardian of John A. PRIOR, Tolbert O. PRIOR, Oliver T. PRIOR, Edward PRIOR, and Thomas PRIOR, minors. She was also the mother of the minors. In 1898 J. A. was 20, T. O (Tolbert) and O. T. (Oliver) were 17 year old twins, Edward and Thomas were 14. Their father was William Prior who died Jan 9, 1894. (I suspect the father’s date of death may be incorrect since that was before the guardian case was initiated).

1900 Census Collin Co., TX – ED. 7, Justice Pct. 2
McKinney City, ward 1, page 122
Ben H. PRIOR Jan? 1867? 33? TX GA GA dry goods merchant (wife and child were also living in the household, but the census page is not legible).
Pct. 2, page 199b, sheet 15b, house 279 —? Simmons Oct. 1845 52 AL NC TN, Anna E. (PRYOR) Simmons Sep. 1846 53 wife TN VA TN, Elizabeth L. ?/1878 22 dau TN, Susan A. Mar. 1881 19 dau TN, Annie Pearl 6/1883 16 dau TN, William F. Mar. 1885 15 son TN, Clara A. Faullin Jul. 1876 24 dau TN, Arnie H. Faullin Jan. 1897 3 grandson TN TN TN. (John and Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor>Ann Eliza Pryor Simmons)
Pct. 2, page 203b, house 353 James Belt 5/1865 35 TN TN TN, Alice T. (PRYOR) wife Jun 1864 36 TN TN TN, Acie B. dau Jul 1887 12 TN TN TN, Arcie C. son Dec. 1889 10 TN TN TN, Willie A. Feb. 1892 8 TN TN TN, Clyde B. son Jul 1895 4 TN TN TN. (John and Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor>Alice Pryor Belt).
Pct. 2. Sheet 22B, house 401 Martha Basham (Metricia PRYOR) 5/1830 70 TN GA GA, Lissie King (Lacy PRYOR) sister Jan 1840 60 TN GA GA, Emmett Dramm? boarder Mary 1875 25 TX MO MO. (Marticia and Lacy were daughters of Absolom Bostic Pryor of Johnson Co., AR. There were also aunts of Rebecca Robinson, wife of William T. Pryor below)
House 1 Lycurgus L. PRYOR Dec. 1849/50 md. 17 yrs. TN TN TN, Caroline E. Dec. 1866/33 7children/6living TN TN TN, Dovie dau Nov 1883/16 TN, Narrie son Feb. 1885/15 TN, Freddie son 3/1887/13 TN, Edgar W. son Jan 1892/8 TN, Lester V. son Apr. 1894/6 TN, Douglas D. sonMay 1897/3 TX. (John and Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor>Lycurgus Pryor)
House 58/61 William T. PRYOR Jun. 1848/51 md. 24 yrs. TN VA VA, Rebecca Feb. 1859/41 11children/10living MO KY NC, Mary dau Oct 1881/18 TX, Sarah dau Nov 1883/16 TX, Tommie dau Oct. 1886/13 TX, Annie F. dau. Feb. 1893/7, John E. son Sept. 1895/4, Monco son Dec. 1899/2 TX. Rachel R. dau May 1900/0/12 TX, Rufus Brewer Mar 1881/19 boarder TX GA TN.
(Lycurgus and William T. were brothers and sons of Allen L. Pryor and Elizabeth Talley of Sumner Co., TN. William married Rebecca Robinson, daughter of Charles Robinson on the 1870 Census above.)
Pct. 4. part of Honey Creek, page 66A Sherman PRIER boarder, 6/1869 30 TN TN TN farm labor.
Pct. 8, sheet 7, House 122 Campbell PRIOR b. Nov. 1848 (51) TN TN TN, Lina PRIOR niece Sept. 1864 (35) IL TN TN.
Pct. 8, page 250a, house 160 Elias Yingling 9/1841 58 PA PA PA, Sarah E. wife Mar. 1841 59, married 11 years, 11 children/10 living, PA NY NY, Thomas PRIOR step son Dec. 1883 TX TN PA. (Sarah is the widow of William Pryor on the 1880 Census in Collin Co.)

1910 Census Collin Co., TX
Pct. 2, page 192a, house 99/99 Anna E. Simmons (PRYOR) 63 widow 6 children/4 living TN VA VA farmer, Fred Pryor son 25 widow TN AL TN, Elizabeth Griffin dau 32 divorced 1 child TN AL TN, Robbie L. Griffin grand dau 7 TX MS TN. (In 1920 Anna E. Pryor Simmons was living in Cotton Co., OK)
Pct. 2, page 205B, house 343/352 William T. PRYOR 61 (md. 33 yrs.) TN TN TN farmer, Rebecca M. wife 51 (12 children/10 living) MO KY NC, Mollie dau 29 single TX, William F. son 21 TX, Annie dau 17 TX, John son 14 TX, Minco H. son 12 TX, Rachel R. dau 10 TX. (John and Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor>William T. Pryor)
House 342/351 Eulin Henslee 24 (md. 4 yrs.) TX TX TX, Tommie (PRYOR) wife 23 (1child/1 living) TX TN MO, Hubert S. son 1 TX.
Pct. 4, page 26B, house 44/46 William S. PRYER 43 TN TN TN, Molly wife 32 (md. 8 yrs) (4 children/3 living) AL AL AL, Viola dau 7 TX, Monroe son 6 TX, Paul son 1 9/12 TX. (William Pryor and Lavinia Kennedy of Knox Co., TN>William Sherman Pryor and Mollie Woods. In 1920 they were counted in Henderson Co., TX.)
Pct. 8, page 239B, house 172 Campbell PRYOR 59 widow TN TN TN, Renie niece 42 single IL US TN.

1920 Census Collin Co., TX
Pct. 8, page 3A, House 42 Thomas PRYOR 36 TX TN PA, Grace 30 wife TX TX GA, Ralph 6 TX, Hoyt son 4 2/12 TX, Christine dau.1 8/12 TX, Sarah Yingling mother 78 widow PA PA PA. (James & Lucy Pryor of Knox Co., TN>William & Sarah>Thomas)
House 44 Tollie 38 TX TN PA, Jessie 40 wife TX AL TN, Leona 17 dau TX, Ina 15 dau TX, Roland son 13 TX, Elmer son 10 TX, Raymond son 4 TX, Juanita dau 7/12 TX, Campbell uncle 66 single TN TN TN.
Farmersville, page 224a William T. PRYOR 70 TN TN TN, Rebeka M. wife 60 MO KY SC, Mollie dau 37 TX, Menko son 21 TX, Christine granddau 17 TX, Charles P. grandson 10 TX. (John and Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor>William T. Pryor)

1930 Census Collin Co., TX
Farmersville, page 100b, sheet 16b, house 392/424 James G. Belt 64 (md. 21) TN TN TN laborer at produce yard, Alice T. (PRYOR) (md 22) 65 TN TN TN. (John and Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN>Allen L. Pryor>Alice Pryor Belt. James and Alice were in Upshur Co., TX in 1920.)

Records from Collingsworth County, Texas

1910 Census Collingsworth Co., TX
Pct. 2, page 280b, house 150 Seth N. PRYOR 37 AR, Ila K. 26 TX, Clarence I. 8 OK, Alda L. 3 TX.

Records from Comanche County, Texas

1847 Land Patent – 16 Dec 1847 John S. Pryor, grantee, to Simson H Nunn

1900 Census, Comanche Co., TX
3rd Justice Pct., page 156, house 160 John B. PRIOR 5/1862 38 md. 18 yrs. TN TN TN, Rosa S. wife 2/1868 32 6 children/6 living TN TN TN, Mollie M. dau 7/1884 TN, Charlie H. 3/1887 13 MO, Laura M. dau 8/1890 9 MO, Willie son 7/1893 6 TX, Bransford son 1/1895 5 TX, Fannie dau 12/1898 1 TX (John Bransford Prior and wife Rosa Sedalia Howry. LDS website record states John was born in Jackson Co., TN)

1910 Census Comanche Co., TX
Other Townships . ED# 6 Wilson Pct page 103B John B PRIER 49 TX TN TN, Rose S 43 27/9/7 TX TX TX, Bransford 14 TX, Fannie 11 TX, Aaron 2-1/12 TX

Records from Cooke County, Texas

1880 Census Cooke Co., TX
Pct. 7, page 384c, house 410 Gilbert C. PRYOR 36 farmer MO TN TN, Sarah 29 wife TN NC TN, Mary J. 13 dau MO, William J. 10 son MO, Margaret K. 8 dau MO, Martha E. 3 dau MO, Jesse T. 11/12 Aug TX (Gilbert C. Pryor and family were on the 1870 Census in Texas Co., MO living near his father Neely Pryor. Gilbert married Sarah Roberts. Son William J. Pryor is probably the same William J. who was an interpreter for the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. Daughter Martha E. is on the 1900 Census in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory and in 1910 in McIntosh, OK Daughter Mary J. Pryor Duke is on the 1900 Census in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory in 1900.)

Records from Coryell County, Texas

1900 Census Coryell Co, TX
ED47 Dist 6 Page 1A house 8 Pleas PRYOR Feb 1846 55 married 1 yr TN VA VA, Delia wife Aug 1867 32 5ch/4liv AR TN TN, John S son Aug 1878 21 TN TN TN, Jesse C son June 1883 16 TN TN TN, Joseph BERTIN?? stepson July 1886 13 AR WI AR, Mary stepdau January 1888 11 AR WI AR, Maude? stepdau October 1891 8 AR WI AR, Nettie? stepdau October 1893 6 TX WI AR (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Pleasant Pryor & Delia Drummonds)

Records from Dallas County, Texas

1847 Tax List – S B PRYOR (Samuel B PRYOR)

1850 Census, Dallas Co., TX
Page 82A, House 134 S. B. PRYOR 30 physician VA, Anna M. 21 VA, Ashton G. 2 TX, unnamed baby male 4/12 TX. (John Pryor & Ann Bland>Philip Pryor & Susan C. Wilkes>Samuel B. Pryor born Brunswick Co., VA md. Anne Marie Powell 26 Mar. 1846 in Sevier Co., AR. In 1851 Samuel B. Pryor plead guilty to “gaming” in Dallas Co. Samuel B. Pryor granted 640 acres in Dallas Co. on Jun. 17, 1854 Samuel B. Pryor was recorded as the “clerk of the court” in 1849 Dallas Co. District Court records. Samuel B. Pryor was FIRST mayor of Dallas 1856-1857. He is on the 1840 Census in Rockbridge Co., VA at VMI)

1860 Census, Dallas Co., TX
Pct 1, page 306B, House 1232 Samuel B. PRYOR 40 physician VA, Anna 31 VA, Ashton G. 12 TX, E. R. (m) 10 TX, Charles R. 7 TX, Pocahontas 5 TX, Samuel B. 3 TX, William D. 8/12 TX.(Mrs. Anna Pryor and family were on the 1870 Census in Paraclifta, Sevier Co., AR. E. R., Charles & Pocahontas are in Little River, AR in 1880)
Pct. 1, page 311B, House 1296. Living in a hotel run by Sarah Cockrell 34 VA… C. R. PRYOR (male) 28 E & Dallas Herald, VA. (Working for a newspaper? Several printers living in same hotel. Charles R. Pryor may be the brother of Samuel B. Pryor. He is on the 1880 Census living in a Shaker community in Mercer Co., KY)

1870 Census, Dallas Co., TX
Smith Twp., Tulip PO, page 471A, Samuel W. PRYOR 36 farmer TN, Lucy L. wife 24 NC, Bessie 2 AR, Mollie 4/12 AR. (Samuel Pryor and family are on the 1880 Census in Fenter, Hot Spring Co., AR)

15 March 1873 in The Dallas Daily Hearld

1910 Census, Dallas Co., TX
Justice Pct. #1, page 32a, house 53 Annie P. Wiley 35 (md 1) (md 5 yrs) 2 children/2 living AR TX TX, Inez dau 4 TX, Louise dau 2 TX, Harry B. PRYOR brother 31 widow 1 living child TX TX TX foreman printing office, Edwin R. PRYOR brother 22 TX TX TX typesetter, Edwin R. PRYOR newphew 4 TX TX TX, Rodger A. PRYOR brother 19 TX TX TX typesetter. (This family is on the 1900 Census in Bowie Co., TX)

1940 Census, Dallas Co., TX
Dallas City, ED#255-125, sheet 4b, Blanche PRYOR 95 widow b. TX, Rachel dau 65 widow b. TX.

Records from Denton County, Texas

1880 Census, Denton Co., TX
Page 15A, House 250 William Burns 46 NC and family… Joseph PRYOR 21 boarder MO MO MO. (Son of Richard Pryor on the 1860 & 1870 Census of Vernon Co., MO.)
Page 15B, House 256 Clinton R. Thomas 28 MO MO TN, Vitury L. 22 wife TN TN TN, Eliza 8 dau TX, Sarah F. 53 mother TN TN TN, Mattie D. 11 sister MO, Lula L. 9 sister MO. (Sarah F. Thomas is the widow of Clinton Thomas Sr. on the 1870 Census of Vernon Co., MO.)
Page 15B, House 257 William F. Crook 28 MO TN TN, Rebecca A. (PRYOR) 26 wife MO TN PA, Joseph R. 6 son MO, Richard 3 son MO, Walter 8/12 (born in Sept. 1879) TX. (Daughter of Richard Pryor on the 1860 & 1870 Census of Vernon Co., MO. Richard Crook b. 15 Nov 1876, died 5 Feb. 1861 in Kern Co., CA.)
Page 184d, house 265 Albert PRIOR 52 lawyer VA VA VA, Mollie 42 wife KY KY KY, Frank Schultz 22 carpenter TN TN TN (Albert or Alfred Burton Pryor and wife Mary Portman widow of Robert Jones, son of Denard Pryor of Clay Co., MO. In 1877 Burton Pryor witnessed the will of Shadrack Jackson in Collin Co., TX)

19 April 1886 News Article
Fort Worth Daily Gazette (TX)
DENTON. A Constable Leaves a wife and Children to Run Away with a Barber’s Wife
April 18 – Quite a sensation was created here last night over the development of J. A. Ball, the good looking constable of Precinct No. 1, with the wife of J. B. Pryor a barber of this city. Both parties left families.  Ball leaves a  highly respected wife, who is dangerously sick, and six children, two of them nearly grown, while the romantic Mrs. Pryor leaves a little babe not more than a year old, also a husband and two other children to mourn her departure…. Ball’s bondsmen swore out a complaint this morning against him for embezzlement of the proceeds of the sale of a stock of goods.

1890 Veteran’s Schedule, Denton Co., TX
Burton PRYOR, pvt. Co. F., 1st. Col. (Colorado) Inf, 12/31/1863-10/30/1865, served 1yr, 9 mos, 29 days, residing in Precinct 6, Little Elm. No remarks. (Burton Pryor was on the 1860 Census in Holt Co., MO and married in the same county in 1875. Mary P Pryor filed for Civil War Pension of Burton Pryor. Served in Co E and Co F of 1st Colorado Cavalry– On Mar 5 1885 Burton filed for an invalid pension , application 534.101, certif 578.079 Widow filed for pension 9 Mar 1900, application 714.901, certif 588.897 in Oklahoma Ter. or ORegon Ter. The widow Mary Portman Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Tillman Co., OK)

1900 Census, Denton Co., TX

Pct 8, page 288a, house 237 Thomas J PRYOR Sept 1875 24 TX KY TX, farmer. May H wife Oct 1881 18 TX IL TX

1910 Census, Denton Co., TX
House 96, East Oak Street, Frank H PRYOR head widow 56 MO US US piano tuner traveling. Burton A son 16 OK, Minnie L dau 14 TX, Dennard S. son 12 TX, Homer F son 9 TX, Clinton H son 7 TX, Lillie M dau 2 TX. (This family was on the 1900 Census in Wilbarger Co., TX. Frank Hickman Pryor died in Denton Co. on 26 Jun 1943. A family tree on Ancestry.com states Frank H Pryor is a son of Burton Pryor. Minnie L Pryor married Arthur Vaughn before 1919)
Page 133a, house 56 T J PRYOR 34 TX MO TX farmer, May wife 29 TX IL TX, Thelma daughter 5 TX.

1930 Census, Denton, Co., TX
Page 33a, house 302 Frank H PRYOR 76 widow MO NC KY piano tuner.

1938 Article in the Denton Record Chronicle
27 Dec 1938 – Renunion of the Pryor family identifies Frank Pryor as a resident of Texas since 1871.

Records from DeWitt County, Texas

1900 Census, DeWitt Co., TX
JP# 7, page: 1A; ED#: 34, Richard PRIOR Jun 1855/45 TX AL TX, Martha J wife June 1858/41 TX GA GA, Hugh C son Dec 1878/21 TX, Rosa L dau Nov 1884/15 TX, Carrie J dau Aug 1887/12 TX (This family is on the 1880 Census in Lavaca Co., TX. WIfe Martha and Daughter Carie are on the 1920-1940 Census in Bexar Co.)