Virginia – B Counties

Records from Bedford County, Virginia

1760 Chancery Court Case – Salkeld vs. Franklin. Suit against Edmund Franklin includes brief statement made by Obadiah Wright. (Edmund Franklin was the son in law of Harris Pryor. Obadiah Wright was the son of Ann Pryor and John Wright. Harris Pryor witnessed John Wright’s will in Prince Edward County, VA. Ann Pryor was the daughter of John Pryor and May New.)

1779 Estate: John PRYER with Gideon Martin, Jane Preston, Thomas Stovall witnessed the will of Jacob Rector in Bedford County VA on 26 Oct. 1779. (1755 John Pryor witnessed a land deed for John Stoval in Granville Co., NC- unknown if these are the same men, however Jacob Rector may be connected to the John Rector who lived near Harris Pryor’s heirs in Roane Co., TN. Thomas Stovaul [sic] is on the 1784 census in Amherst Co., VA)

1789 Personal TaxHarris PRIOR (this is indexed as Henry Prior, but writing next to entry on tax record seems to correct poor handwriting with a clear entry of “Harris Pryor”.)

Marriage on Mar. 15, 1794; Edmund Franklin to Betsey Pryor, states daughter of Harris; William Pryor, Surety. (Harris Pryor was on the 1790 Census in Prince Edward Co., VA, 1830 Census in Roane Co., TN, and in 1840 in Knox Co., TN. See 1783 court case in Prince Edward County that states William Pryor to be the eldest son of Harris Pryor)

1800 Tax List Bedford Co., VA
William PRYOR
Harris PRYOR

1800 Land PurchaseHarris Pryor and Edmund Franklin purchased land in Bedford County from William Trigg and Robert Rhodes. See Chancery Court case to obtain clear title. Trigg and Rhodes had purchased the land from Richard Stith and Thomas Pate.

25th August 1800 Chancery Court CaseHarris PRYOR filed a case to obtain clear title on land purchased. Land was purchased from William Trigg and Robert Rhodes for 10 pounds VA money. Dismissed in May 1801 at defendant’s costs.

Marriage on Jan. 6, 1801; Elijah Mays to Patsey Pryor, dt Harris; Richard Mays, Surety (in 1850 there was an Elijah Mays on the census in Breckinridge Co., KY born 1773 in VA. )

1802 Birth in Bedford County, VA – Leonard Claiborne Nance, parents were Mary Emmeline PRYOR and Peter Nance (Last child of this union born in Bedford Co. in 1809, rest of their children were born in Knox Co., TN. Mary and Peter are on the 1850 Census in Knox Co., TN)

1803 Chancery Court CaseThornton PRYOR of Botetourt Co. filed against John Garrett or Jarrett in a case involving a horse trade.

1803 Deed – Matthew Pate, of Bedford Co, attorney for Thomas Pate, late of said county, sold to Jacob Burton, of said county, for 230 pds, 349 acres on Beaverdam and Cates Creek, bounded by George West’s corner, Jas May’s line, William Brown’s corner, Randolph Bobbitt’s line, Jas Holladay’s line (James Holliday)-222, Avery King’s line, Nancy Allen’s line, Benjamin Stith’s line, Harris PRIOR‘s line. 2/28/1803, Deed Book 11, page 739-40,

1804 Will Harris Pryor will 24 Feb 1804 (Bedford County, Virginia: Index of Wills from 1754 to 1830, Volume 207, edited by Rowland Dabney Buford)

1805 Chancery Court CaseThornton Pryor vs Archibald Franklin, et al. Joined as plaintiffs Thornton Pryor, Peter Nance, and John A. Anthony against Thomas Creasy (Thornton Pryor and Peter Nance are the son and son in law of Joseph Pryor of Botetourt County, VA. Peter Nance is on census records in Knox Co., TN)

Marriage on May 1, 1805; John Pryor & Sally Nance, dt Thomas; Peter Nance, Surety; Married by James Moorman, May 1, 1805 (John Pryor, son of Joseph Pryor from Botetourt County and living in Woodford County, KY at the time of the marriage)

Marriage on Jul. 26, 1806; Richard Mays & Juggy Pryor, dt Polley; William Pryor, Surety (Juggy, daughter of Harris Pryor and Mary “Polly” Kinnerson. William Pryor was the eldest son of Harris Pryor and Mary.)

1808 Property Record in Bedford Co. – Deed Bk 12, p. 410, 17 Nov 1808 Jeremiah Hylton and Mary his wife convey to Stephen Hughes, for 380 pounds, 380 acres, one quarter acre excepted for a graveyard, on Beaver Dam Creek, bounded by Jeremiah Hylton’s corner, John Wright, Jacob Burton, Robert Lancaster, John Hook, Triggs. Wit: John Harris, William Miller, Harris Pryor, Jubal Pryor. (John Harris married Elizabeth PRYOR on 16 Dec. 1800 in Campbell Co.)

1810 Census (alpha-order)
William Prier 1 male 26-44, 2 females 26-44, 1 female 45 and over. 1 male 16-25. 2 females 16-25. number of household members over 25 4, total in household 7 (There are no young children in this household. I think this is William Pryor, son of Harris Pryor.)

Marriage on May 8, 1812; William Holliday & Polly Pryor; Richard Mays, Surety. (Mary “Polly” Kinnerson Pryor, widow of Harris Pryor)

Marriage on Jul. 12, 1819; Rawley Rather & Nancy Pryor; William Holliday, Surety; Married by William Harris, July 15, 1819. (Nancy, daughter of Harris Pryor and Mary Kinnerson)

1819 Chancery Court Case: William Dickinson vs. HARRIS PRYOR. A 1819 summons issued to Edmund Franklin and wife Betsy, William Holliday and late wife Polly, Polly Pryor, Nancy Pryor, Harris Pryor, Richard Mays and Juggy his late wife, heirs of Harris Pryor deceased. Document in filed dated 14 Dec 1820, signed by Harris Pryor in Louisville, KY. States he was formerly of Bedford County, but was then a resident of Louisville.

1820 Chancery Court Case: Rawley Rather vs William Pryor et al. Rawley Pryor and his wife Nancy Pryor, daughter of Harris Pryor who had died intestate. Harris Pryor’s heirs were Nancy married to Rawley Rather, William Pryor, and Elizabeth Pryor who married Edmund Franklin, Polly Pryor who married William Holliday, Patsy Pryor who married Elijah Mays, Juggy Pryor who married Richard Mays, and Harris Pryor. There’s an authorization for an attorney to represent them in Bedford County: “We William Pryor, Elijah Mays, and Patsy his wife, Richard Mays and Juggy his wife, and Harris Pryor all of the County of Breckenridge and State of Kentucky…”

Marriage on Apr. 3, 1846; Benjamin P. Pryor & Fanny B. Clark; Robert N. Kelso, Surety (1850 Census Benjamin was in Henrico Co, VA. Benjamin is the son of William Smith Pryor and Joanna Winston Pollard, grandson of David Pryor and Susanna Ballow of Buckingham Co., VA.)

1850 Census Bedford Co., VA
Page 285B, Image 150, #1119/1119 Joseph W. Mays 40 VA, Malinda 38 VA, Frances Dickenson 16 VA
#1120/1120 William Holladay 76 VA, Sarah 49 VA.  (William Holliday md. Polly Pryor in 1812.  William Holliday, he would have been 38 at the time of his marriage to Polly.  Perhaps this was a second marriage for Polly Pryor and she was an older bride. There is a marriage noted above for Juggy Pryor, a daughter of Polly Pryor. Another marriage, Nancy Pryor in 1819, had William Holliday acting as surety… perhaps Nancy was another daughter of Polly Pryor. Researchers on state that William Holladay’s second wife was Sarah Johnson.)

1870 Census Bedford Co., VA
Charlemont, Liberty PO, page 107a, house 150/177 Hartwell PRYOR 62 farmer VA, Eliza J. 32 VA, Josephine 11 VA, Belle 7 VA, Roser 2 VA, Margaret 25 VA, Charles Young 23 cooper (black) VA. (Hartwell Pryor was on earlier census records in Amherst Co., VA)
Charlemont, Liberty PO, page 107b, house 153/182 Thomas PRYOR 30 farm laborer (mu) VA, Easter 25 (mu) VA, Fanny 5 (mu) VA, Bettie 3 (mu) VA, James 5/12 (mu) VA.
Charlemont, Liberty PO, page 107a, house 155/184 John M. PRYOR 37 farm laborer VA, Landona 34 VA, Benjamin 13 VA, Wiley 11 VA, Lucy 6 VA, Oscar 4 VA, Sarah Farmer? 55 domestic servant (black) VA (John M. Pryor is the son of Hartwell Pryor. He and his family were living with Hartwell in Amherst Co. in 1860).
Forest Twp., page 138a house 99 Isaiah Pryor 41 VA, Malinda Pryor 38 VA, Gifford Pryor 13 VA, Bascombe Pryor 11 VA, Watson Pryor 3 VA, Rosa Bell Pryor 1 VA, William Going 15 works on canal VA, Parks Wingfield 27 works on canal VA (Isaiah was on the 1860 census in Amherst Co. Wife Malinda Gatewood)

Nov. 25, 1875 MarriageJohn N Pryor married Margaret E. St. Johns. Parents recorded as Hartwell Pryor and Susann Pryor. Groom’s birthplace: Amherst Co., VA. Bride’s birthplace: Amherst Co., VA.

1880 Census Bedford Co., VA
Page 56c Charlemont Twp., house 127 John N PRYOR 47 VA VA VA, Margaret 24 wife VA VA VA, Benjamin 22 son VA, Wiliey W. 20 son VA, Lucy E 18 dau VA, Bishop O. 14 dau VA
Page 56c Charlemont Twp., house 128 Hartwell T PRYOR 75 farmer VA VA VA, Margaret 35 dau VA, Eustacia B. 19 dau VA, Rosser H 11 son VA

Records from Botetourt Co., VA

1759 Botetourt Co., VA: Richard PRYOR Jr., a soldier in Captain Preston’s Co. [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier] (Richard Pryor was ID’d as “Sr.” in an 1759 deposition in Augusta County. He assisted in the building of Fort George (now in Fayette Co., WV) in 1757)

1764 Military – April through September 1764, Richard PRYOR served in Capt. William Christian’s Company (Service dates from Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck). Historical note: Capt. William Christian fought in Dunsmore’s War against the Shawnee, he was the founder of Fort William (now Louisville), he was born in Augusta Co., VA, married patriot Patrick Henry’s sister. William Pryor of Amherst County stated that he served under Col. William Christian in 1778. This may be the same Richard Pryor who was also in Albemarle County)

1769 Botetourt Co., VA: John Floyd b. 1751 had a daughter in 1769 and he soon moved to Botetourt Co. with his brother in-laws: Sturgis, LeMaster, and PRYOR. [History of Virginia from Settlement of Jamestown to Close of the Civil War, by Prof. Virgil A Lewis, revised by Dr. R. A. Brock, Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society, pub. 1888]

1773 Botetourt Co., VA: Luke PRYOR deeded land from Patrick Wilson on South Side of James River.[Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1773 Court Record –
On the motion of Joseph PRYOR a licence is granted him to keep an ordinary at his house. Whereupon he entered into bond with Luke Bowyer, his security, conditioned as the law directs.

1773 – John Floyd served on jury.

1773 – Joseph Pryor appointed surveyor of the road in the stead of John Crawford.

1774 County Militia RosterJoseph PRYOR Lt., 8 Nov 1774. (Joseph Pryor, son of Col. Samuel Pryor. Joseph was in Woodford Co., KY by 1800.)

1775 Court Record – On 11 Jan 1775, “Simion Alderson, Luke PRYOR and Joseph Carrol acknd. themselves severally (missing word) to our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King Defender of the faith &c, the said Simion in the sum of ten pounds and the said Luke, and Joseph in five (word missing) of their respective goods and chattels, lands and tenaments, to be levied to our Lord the King rendered. But upon this condition: that the said Simeon shall be of good (word missing) for and during the term of one year, then this recognizance to be void.”

1776 Deed – James McAfee purchased land from Luke PRYOR on 12 Mar 1776, on North side of James River.

1778 Botetourt Co., VA: Luke PRYOR recommended as a justice for Botetourt Co.[Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1778 Court Record – On 10 Nov 1778 court relieved Joseph PRIOR from his position as Surveyor of the Road and appointed James Shirkey to the position (Annals of S W Virginia)

1779 Court Record – On 9 Sept 1779, Luke PRYOR served on a jury with Jas. Buford (Burford?), James Roberts, Saml. McRoberts, Stephen May, James Cloyd, Wm. Galloway, Richard Helet, Hugh Crockett, William Walton, Andrew Henry and Thomas McFarran. (Annals of S W Virginia)

1779 – On the petition of Uriah Humphries. Leave is granted him to keep and ordinary at his house in this country, he having entered into bond in the some of 50 pounds according to law with Joseph Pryor his security. June 10, 1779

1780 Court Record – On 9 Mar 1780, “This court doth recommend John Robinson as Captain, John Galloway Lieut, and Thomas Carper for Ensign to a Company of Militia in this County. Also Joseph PRYOR Capt., John Crawford Lieut, and Hugh Allen Ensign to Militia Company in this County.” There’s a note that George Skillern was present, serving as a justice. (Annals of S W Virginia)

1780 Court Order, Botetourt Co., VA: An order dated 9 March 1780– “John PRYOR who proved he served as a soldier in Capt. Preston’s Company in the year 1756, 1757 & 1758 on the frontiers of this Colony and is ordered to be certified.”
and “Peter Looney, heir at law of Peter Looney, decd., proved that the said decedant served in Capt. Smyth’s Company of Rangers in the year 1755 & 1756 on the frontiers of this Colony as a Sergeant, which is ordered to be certified. “
[ Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776. Peter Looney was in Sumner Co., TN]
Warrant no. 955, John PRYOR sold, (Capt. Preston’s) (I think it means he was one of Capt. Preston Rangers). 1784– It doesn’t have a description of the land. (“A Calendar of the Warrants for Land in Kentucky, Granted for Service in the French and Indian War” By Philip Fall Taylor)

1780 Land Warrant for 50 acres issued to Thomas Roland, assignee of John Pryor, A Soldier in Captain Preston’s company of Rangers in 1756, 1757, and 1758. April 1780 Botetourt County.  (Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers, Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck, copyright 1988)

1780 Court Record – On 12 May 1780, a jury was formed that consisted of Edmund Sturns, Hugh Muldrough, Jonathan Newman, Joseph Carroll, William Miller, Henry White, James Elliott, James Gufford, Joseph Damrel, James Mitchell, Samuel Pryor, and Uriah Humphries. (James Mitchell is likely the husband of Molly Pryor, daughter of Samuel and Prudence Pryor. The revolutionary war pension application of Edward Mitchell states his father removed to Botetourt in 1778 and stayed there during the war. The same account is given in the pension application of Samuel Mitchell.)

1781 Court Record – On 8 Feb 1781, Samuel Walker, Junr. with Luke PRYOR and James Mason his securities entered into and acknd. bond in the sum of fifty thousand pounds of tobacco payable to his Excellency the Governor for the sd. Samuel Walker’s true and faithful discharge of his duty as Surveyor of this County.—— and on the same day, Luke PRYOR was relieved of his position as Surveyor of the Road, and John Pittser appointed in his place. (Annals of S W Virginia)

1781 Revolutionary War Service: Pension application of Samuel Beard states that he served in a volunteer militia from Botetourt County and that her served under Captain Joseph PRYOR. Beard was marched to the James River near Richmond, facing the armies of General Washington and General Lafayette.

1781 Revolutionary War Service: Pension apllication of James Senewal, a resident of Botetourt County states that in the Summer of 1781 he was under the command of Captain Joseph PRYOR and marched to Richmond. Richmond and from there to Westham crossing James’s River into Amelia County and from there on to Petersburgh [sic: Petersburg] where they found the bridge torn away by the British troops under the command of Cornwallace [sic: Cornwallis] and from there back again to Westham recrossing James River and back through Richmond down to Bottoms bridge on the main road that leads to old Jamestown, where they had a little skirmish with the brittish at hot water [Battle of Hot Water Plantation, 26 Jun 1781], from there they marched on towards James Town where they had a battle with Cornwallace’s Army [Battle of Green Springs Plantation, 6 Jul]. from there they marched back to Bottoms Bridge where he rec’d. his discharge in writing from Major John Wilson.

1781 Court Record – On May 10, 1781 The Grand Jury appd. in ct. and were sworn, towit: Moses Tulley, James Neelley, Junr., Joseph Leatherdale, John Preston, Joseph Robinson, Samuel Burk, Moses Preston, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Greenlee, John Kenny, Wm. Kyle, James Dalzel, Wm. Webb, John PRYOR & John McRoberts, who having recd, their charge went out of court to consult of their verdict.

1782 Court Record – On Deed filed, John PRYOR and Mary his wife sold 158 acres on Looney’s Creek to John Moore Sr. Witnessed by William McClellon, John McDonald, Thomas Prosser. (Possily John Pryor and wife Mary Dennis. John brother of Joseph, Luke and Samuel)

1783 Botetourt Co., VA: List of Captain Smith’s Company: Joseph PRYOR, Luke PRYOR (Neither men had horses, cattle or slaves)[Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1783 – Botetourt County, Captain Mill’s Company of Militia (living along Looney’s Mill Creek)
John PRYOR – 1 horse – 0 catttle – no slaves
Joseph PRYOR – 0 horses – 6 cattle – no slaves
Nicholas PRYOR – 2 horses – 3 cattle – 1 slave

1783 Will – Will of Luke PRYOR proved Oct 1783. Names wife, Susan and an unborn child. Brothers, John, Joseph and Luke and heirs of deceased brother, Samuel. In “Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia” compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pub. 1958 — on page 62 it states the will names brothers John, Joseph, and Luke, and a deceased brother’s son named John. The will is indexed on the USGenWeb site as 1785. Is there perhaps handwriting issues with these documents?

1784 Tax List Botetourt County –
Capt. Prior’s Company
Luke PRIOR 1 white males, 7 slaves above 16, 7 slaves under 16, 4 horses, 25 cattle
Joseph PRIOR 1 white males, 4 slaves above 16, 2 slaves under 16, 4 horses, 16 cattle
Capt. Mill’s Company
Joseph PRIOR 1 white male, 2 horses, 4 cattle

1784 Court Record- Nicholas PRYOR and Patrick Lockhart posted bond to keep house of Joseph Paxton for one year, until next court held (Joseph Paxton was Nicholas Pryor’s brother in law. Nicholas was married to Sally Paxton)

1784 Court Record – Oct 1784, “Little” Joseph Pryor cited for cohabitating with William Fulton’s wife.

1784 Court Record- Nov 1784, Thomas PRYOR allowed 38 pounds, 14 shillings- this was in connection to the collection of tithes.

1785 Tax List Botetourt County – Nicholas PRYOR, 1 white male, 1 horse, 3 cattle.

1786 Chancery Court Case – Filed in Rockbridge Co against JOSEPH PRYOR of Botetourt County. Thomas Morris vs Joseph Pryor.

1786 Tax List Botetourt County – Capt. Mill’s Company: Nicholas PRYOR, 1 white male, 1 horse, 6 cattle

1786 OrderSamuel Mitchell, William Bilbro, Michael Ocheltree, and John Cartmill ordered to view the way porposed by John Kennedy for the Great Road to go past his plantation. (Samuel Mitchell, son of James Mitchell and Molly Pryor – dau of Samuel and Prudence Pryor)

1786 – September Court:
Henry Pryor, same in Capt. May’s Co.
Samuel Mitchell, same in Capt. Cartmill’s Co.
Geo. Skillern, same in Capt. Pryor’s Co.

1787 Tax List Botetourt County – Joseph PRYOR 1 white male, 1 horse, 3 cattle
Nicholas PRYOR 1 white male (no other property listed)

March 13, 1787 Botetourt Co., VA: John Kenny placed under bond for his good behavior Joseph PRYOR and Samuel Mitchell securiteis. (The revolutionary war pension application of Edward Mitchell states his father removed to Botetourt in 1778 and stayed there during the war. The same account is given in the pension application of Samuel Mitchell.)

April 10, 1787 Botetourt Co., VA: Susannah PRYOR land grant deed in Patent Book 15, 725. 300 acres on the James River, adjoining John Henderson, John Pitzer, and her own land. [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

July 12, 1787 Botetourt Co., VA: Joseph PRYOR land grant deed in Patent Book 9, 681. Land on the north side of the James River, adjoining John McClung. [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier] JOSEPH PRYOR, having come from Hanover County into Botetourt, purchased lands on the south side of the  [ A Seed-Bed of the Republic – excerpt on Google Books]

1787 Botetourt Co., VA: William McClellan land grant deed of 780 acres adjoining Joseph PRYOR, Christian Waggoner, et al. [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1787 Botetourt Co., VA: Joseph PRYOR land grant deed , 46 acres on Looney’s Mill Creek [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1788 Tax List Botetourt County
Joseph PRYOR 2 white males, 5 blacks above 16, 6 horses
Susannah PRYOR no white males, 8 blacks above 16, 1 black under 16, 7 horses

1788 Property Record in Botetourt Co., VA: deed land on Craig’s Creek: Cornelius Duvall and Ann PRYOR, of Joseph– and others. [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier] “He (Cornelius Duvall) removed with his parents to Berkeley and then to Botetourt County, Virginia, and in the latter county he married Nancy, the daughter of Joseph Pryor*, by marriage bond of 1788.” [A Wilson-Pryor Lineage]

1788 Land Patent by Randolph to Richard Morris, assignee of Joseph Walker, assignee of Peter Miller, assignee of Joshua Phipps, assignee of Nicholas PRYOR, 141 acres by survey, 28th January, 1786, on Jackson River in Botetourt, 17th April, 1788.  [Court cases found in Chalkley, Vol 2, pg 150:]

1788 Land Grant – Susannah PRYOR grantee, 300 acres on James River adjoining John Henderson, John Pitzer, “and her own land”.

1788 Marriage – Cornelius Dewall (Duvall) married Ann PRYOR, surety Joseph PRYOR on 8 May 1788, David Dewese.

1788 Court Record – Jonathan Taylor appointed surveyor of the road, succeeding Joseph PRYOR.

1789 Personal Tax Record Botetourt County, VA
Recorded on 30 Apr 1789, John PRIOR, 1 white male above the age of 21, 1 horse
Recorded on 7 Jun 1789, Joseph PRYOR, 3 white males over 16, 5 blacks over 16, 6 horses, mules, mares, or colts.
Recorded on 8 Sept 1789 Susannah PRYOR, no white males over 16, 7 blacks over 16, 2 blacks over 12 and under 16, 6 horses, mules, mares or colts.

1789 court record – Matt, a black slave, property of Susannah PRYOR found guilty of misdemeanors and sentenced to 39 lashes on bare back.

1792– 14 Aug 1792 survey ordered from Joseph Pryor’s to Hugh Allen’s

1792 Job in Botetourt County, VA: Joseph PRYOR, inspector at Crow’s Ware-house [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1796 Property Record in Botetourt County, VA: John Pitzer (see Apr. 10, 1787 deed above) land grant deed adjoining “widow” Pryor. (This may be Susannah Pryor since Luke Pryor died in 1785. In 1787 Susannah was recorded with property next to John Pitzer.) [Kegley’s Virginia Frontier]

1797 Indenture in Botetourt County, VA – On 17 Aug 1797, Joseph PRYOR and Mary his wife of the County of Botetourt and state of Virginia of the one part and George, Charles, Peter, Margaret, Philip, Christopher, and Daniel Seacat the children and heirs at law of Peter Seacat, deceased, late of the said county of Botetourt of the other part… for and in consideration of the sum of 700 pounds Virginia Currency… two certain tracts of land lying and being in the said county of Botetourt and on Roanoke River containing 250 acres be the same more or less, one of which said tracts contain 100 acres as appears by a patent granted to Nathaniel Evans, deceased, on August 23, 1787 and which has since been conveyed to the said Joseph PRYOR by deed from James Campbell Executor of the said Nathaniel Evans Deceased… The other tract of land containing 150 acres as appears by patent bearing date June 5, 1747 to Charles Hungate Deceased and which hath been since conveyed to the aforesaid Joseph Pryor by William Hungate’s Heir at Law of the said Charles Hungate Deceased by Deed bearing date September 26, 1793. (See suit filed in June 1800 that partially deals with this transaction)

1799 Property Record in Boutetourt County- Joseph PRYOR grantee, 100 acres on Back Creek, adjoining land of Robert Lily and John Cooper

1799 – Jonathan Pryor appointed surveyor of the road in the stead of Joseph Pryor.

6 June 1800, Chancery Court case filed in Augusta County. Summary: Joseph Pryor, the elder vs. William Norvell and George Hancock. States that Norvell and Hancock had filed suit in Botetourt against Joseph Pryor the elder and Joseph Pryor Jr. Says Joseph Jr had hired Thomas Madison to defend him and that Madison practiced in the Botetourt court. Madison was also a member of the State Assembly. The answer by the defendant, Hancock, states that Jr. was the son of the elder Joseph Pryor. William Skillern, John Griffith, gave their deposition. Skillern stated that her remembered a conversation with Joseph Pryor Jr who at the time was a deputy sherrif and he seems to confirm that Joseph Sr was the father of Joseph Jr.. Also the deposition of Susannah Campbell, wife of William Campbell, in the house of James Lockhart in Fincastle — she states she was present when Joseph Pryor Jr and Sr and the sheriff made a land transaction with William Evans, whose daughter Rebecca Evans was also present. David Wade was also deposed at Lockhart’s house. In 1802 John Pryor, son of Joseph Pryor Jr. was deposed and he says he remember his father sold tract of land in 1795. Major Matthew Harvey also deposed. Samuel Pryor of Botetourt served papers on 23 Aug 1800. Receipt dated 31 Aug 1795 naming Joseph Pryor Sr and Jr.

12 August 1800 Botetourt Co., VA: Anthony Gholson and William McClanahan purchased 3 slaves from Joseph PRYOR. [Families and Descendants in America of Golsan, Golson, Gholson, Gholston, Also Goldston, Golston, etc. Joseph Pryor appears on the 1800 Census in Woodford Co., KY. Perhaps he sold his slaves in anticipation of his westaward move.]

1801 Botetourt Co., VA: Peter Nantz (Nance) married Mary PRYOR, Joseph PRYOR surety.

1804 DocumentJoseph PRYOR witnessed document in VA Chancery Case of Susanna Madison vs. the estate of Thomas Lang filed in Fincastle, Botetourt County.

1860 Census Botetourt Co., VA
House 1191 Richard PRYOR 64 VA, Nancy 60 VA, Emma 30 VA (Richard J Pryor, a shoemaker, and wife Nancy are on the 1850 Census in Amherst Co., VA)

1870 Census Botetourt Co., VA
Fincastle, Nancy PRIOR 61 VA

1880 Census Botetourt Co., VA
house 56/69 Nancy C PRYOR 73 VA VA VA

Records from Brunswick County, VA

1749 Indenture in Brunswick Co., VA – Between Major Pryor & Anne his wife of Brunswick County, and Richard Brown of Northampton County, North Carolina, on South side of Nottaway River. Deed Book 3, Page 615.

1749 Estate – Captain Michael Wall, deceased. Major Pryor named in the estate file.

1749 Estate – Richard Ransom, deceased. Major Pryor named in estate file.

Indenture made 19 August 1749, between Major Pryor of Brunswick County, Planter, and Dudley Richardson of James City County, Gent. œ85, 504a, on both sides of Moores Swamp, formerly granted to John Taylor Duke by Letters Patent dated 1 February 1738 & by the said John Taylor Duke sold & conveyed unto John who also sold & conveyed the same to the said Major Pryor. Signed Major Pryor. Witnesses: John Edmunds, Edward Goodrich, John Butts, Joshua Mabry. Court September 27, 1749, Indenture and memorandum acknowledged by Major Pryor, Planter. Deed Book 3, Page 612

1802 MarriagePhilip PRYOR married Susan C. Wilkes on 5 Jul 1802 (Philip Pryor son of John Pryor and Mary Dennis married Susan Cordle Wilkes)

1807 Marriage – Samuel Bolling married Nancy W. Elliott, Philip PRYOR security, on 8 Sept 1807 (Samuel Bolling was probably the son of Mary Pryor and Alexander Bolling, and the nephew of Philip Pryor. Mary Pryor was the daughter of John Pryor and Mary Dennis.)

1808 MarriageLuke PRYOR married Nancy Lane on 2 Aug 1808 (Luke Pryor is possibly the son of John Pryor and Mary Dennis, a brother of Philip Pryor)

1810 Chancery Court Case filed in Brunswick Co. – Luke Pryor and wife VS. Administratrix of estate of Benjamin Lane, etc.

1810 Census Brunswick Co., VA
Philip PRYOR 10010202000
Luke PRYOR 00010101000

1810 Election – Philip PRYOR ran against John Tucker for Delegate to VA House of Delegates. Tucker won the election. (Tufts University website

War of 1812 –
Capt. Philip Pryor

1820 Census Brusnwick Co., VA
St. Andrews Parish, William B. PRYOR 1001 – 001 (oldest male aged 16-26)
(William Bland Pryor b. 1793 is on the 1830 Census in Tipton Co., TN. He was the son of Richard Pryor and Ann Bland. Richard was a son of John Pryor and Mary Dennis)

St. Andrews Parish, Philip PRYOR 30111-1211 (oldest male aged 26-45)

1827 Marriage – Green W. Jones married Mary A E. PRIOR, Susan P. gave consent, on 9 Nov 1827 (Mary A E Pryor Jones is on the 1850 Census in Dinwiddie Co., possible daughter of Philip Pryor)

1827 Chancery Court Case – Brunswick Co., VA
Index Number 1827-019, Original Case No —–
Philip Pryor v. Admr. of William G. Lane

1829 Marriage – David W. Walton married Maria A PRYOR on 22 Aug 1829

1829 Chancery Court Case – Brunswick Co., VA
Index Number 1829-028, Original Case No 11/1829
David W. Walton Wife, etc v. Exr of Philip Pryor

1830 Census, Brunswick Co., VA
Maherin Parish, Page 248, Susan C. PRYOR 011 – 0001101
Maherin Parish, Page 248, Ned PRYOR F. N. household members not counted. F. N. notation probably means Free Negro.
St Andrews Parish, page 273, D. W. Walton 00001 – 00001 (Oldest female age 20-30 years old, possibly Maria A. Pryor Walton)

1833 Marriage – John Barton married Susan C PRYOR on 31 Jul 1833 (Susan C. Barton is on the 1850 Census in Dinwiddie Co, possible daughter of Philip Pryor.)

1838 Chancery Court Case – Brunswick Co., VA
Index Number 1830-030, Original Case No 15, 16, 17
Charles Cordle Exr v. Susan C. Pryor, widow, etc.
Surnames in the case Cordle, Jones, Pryor, Walton

1841 Chancery Court SuitRichard PRYOR vs Adminstrator of John Harwell etc. Names in suit: Abernathy, Hardaway, Harwell, Manson, Shelton. In 1842 a notice for this depositions surrounding this suit was published in the Richmond Enquirer that stated that Richard Pryor was known to be a non-resident of Virginia.

1844 AnnouncementSamuel B. Pryor of Brunswick County, conferred degree of Doctor of Medicine from Richmond Medical College. Thesis was on infant cholera. (Richmond Enquirer, 23 April 1844)

1850 Census, Brunswick Co., VA
Northern Div., page 295, house 160 Edward Elmore 51 planter VA, Susan 48 VA, James 15 VA. (Is this the Mrs. Susan Elmore mentioned in Ezra Pryor’s will in Halifax Co., NC)
Northern Div., page 295, house 161 PRYOR Daniel 34 planter VA, Susan 35, Mary 11, James 9, John 7, Virginia 6, Susan 2 (Find A Grave memorial states in 1838 Moses Pryor Daniel married Susan Elmore)

Records from Buckingham County, Virginia

1773 and 1774 Tax Tables
John Bernard (John Pryer) Tithes in 1773-10, Tithes in 1774-0 (Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia By Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley)
David PRYER Tithes in 1773-3
Sarah PRYER Tithes in 1773-3
Edward PRYER Tithes in 1773-3
William PRYER Tithes in 1773-1
(The Early History of Buckingham County, by James Meade Anderson, published 1955)

1777 Petition (5 Dec 1777) Signed by inhabitants of Buckingham County– among the names Sam Tayler, Sam Tayler Jr, Richard Tayler, Drury Scruggs, Jesse Woodson, William Woodson, David PRYER

1778 Petition (9 Oct 1778) Signed by inhabitants of Buckingham County — among the names are David PRYER, Edward PRIOR.

1784 Deed … David Pryor 16 March 1784  300 ac; west side Rock Island Creek joining Mr. John Staton [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 47:]

1786 Deed… David Pryor 12 December 1786 550 ac; on Walton’s fork bounded by Colo.(?) Joseph Campbell’s road & William Goff; [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 56:]

1786 Deed… John Perkins 24 October 1786 220 acres; bounded by Joseph Cabell’s road and David Pryor’s New Lines [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 58:]

1787 Land Grant – David PRYOR grantee, 550 acres beginning on Joseph Cabell’s Courthouse Road.

1788 Personal Taxes
Lucy PRIOR – no tithe listed
David PRYOR – 1 tithe

1788 Petition – A petition by the freeholders of Buckingham County requesting the repeal of an act passed in 1779 called the Six Months Law: David PRYOR, David Parish, A Dibrell, James Taylor, Thos Flowers

1786 Deed… John Perkins 24 December 1789, 400 acres; bounded by Joseph Cabell road, Sycamore Island Creek, Charles Maxey and David Pryor [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 68:]

1791 Deed…  David Pryor 17 May 1791, 195 acres, joining Thos. Anderson, John Couch, James Staton, & David Pryor [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 77:]

1791 Petition – “November 7, 1791. A petition of a number of inhabitants of the county of Buckingham is included with the aforementioned petition of trustees concerning the act for establishing a town called Greensville. The petitioners ask that the act be repealed since they neither believe it practical to build a town on the lands of John Cox deceased nor think it will be of any advantage to the public. Signatures include: Edward Taylor, Charles Tally, Fuqua, Chastain, Bondurant, James Taylor, David Pryor, Sam Taylor
Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. Vol 32, Number 4.

1796 Land Grant – David PRYOR grantee, 195 acres adjoining Thomas Anderson, James Staton, William Holdwright, and John Couch.

1801 Deed…  Thomas Patteson (or Pattison) 29 December 1801, 246 acres, joining Reuben Puryear, David Pryor, Josiah Hatcher, John Patteson, and Thomas Patteson [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 137:]

1802 Deed…  William Watson 6 November 1801, 10 acres, David Pryor, Josiah Hatcher, John Patteson [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 146:]

1803 Deed…  David Pryor 1803, 10 acres, to L Pryor to Thomas East, joining Thomas Anderson [Surveyor’s Plat book 1762-1858,  p. 151]

1809 Chancery Court Case – Case filed in Prince Edward County by Murphy Brown. In 1809 Zachariah Pryor and Banister L. Pryor of Buckingham County were summoned to appear in court. (Banister S. Pryor married in Cumberland Co., VA in 1808)

1810 Census Buckingham Co., VA
page 4, PRYOR Wright 0001 (neighbors Jenny Beverly, Elizabeth Coleman, Jonathan Beverly)
page 7 William Cunningham
page 13, Randolph Jefferson (brother of Pres. Thomas Jefferson married to Mitchie B. Pryor)
page 13, Zane PRYOR 01110000000-0
page 14 Robert Ferguson 00001 (daughter Fanny Ferguson married Samuel Pryor and migrated to Anderson and Roane Co., TN)
page 14, Susannah PRYOR 0002 – 000001 (widow of David Pryor)
page 14, Langston PRYOR 00010000000-0 (neighbors Ferguson, Bolling, Hughes)
page 31 Roland Flowers (Roland Flowers was a Revolutionary War vetern. He married Anna Garrett daugter of Stephen and Louisa Garrett. He was the brother in law of Elizabeth Garrett Taylor whose daughters Spicy and Massa married William and John Pyor.)

1813 Mrs PRYOR’s illness (Letter from Randolph Jefferson to his borther President Thomas Jefferson) – Dear Brother I have sent Squire over to you for the garden seeds you were so kind as to promise us what ever you can best spare we are now living at home and would be happy to see you and family when ever convenient we are at this time at Woodlawn on account of Mrs Pryor‘s illness but she is much mendid on account of that we shall leave this in a day or two my wife Joins me in love to you and family. I am Dear brother yr most affectionately.— (National Archives)

1814 Property – On Slate River, H. Jones, Zane PRYOR, and George Miller (Buckingham Tax Summaries and Implied Deeds)

1815 Property DIBRELL ANTHONY, esquire #. 1815. Estate, 1816 to 1829. Sold: 1829· land on Waltons Fork (7NW) to Stephen Woodson, also David Patteson sold part of estate, 284 AC and 65 AC, to Samuel Patteson (Buckingham Tax Summaries and Implied Deeds. Ann Elizabeth PRYOR, daughter of David Ballow Pryor married James Anthony Dibbrell)

1820 Census Buckingham Co., VA
Langston PRYOR 00001 – 001 (Neighbors: Samuel Taylor Jr, Samuel Taylor, John Thomas, Allen Taylor, John Taylor, Richard Clarke, )
Zane PRYOR 00001 – 001101 (oldest male 26-45 years)

1830 Census, Buckingham Co., VA
page 282, Zane PRYOR 100011 – 200001

1832 Notice – In Chancery Zane Pryor vs. Langston S. Pryor, Banister S. Pryor, Zach B Pryor, Wm S. Pryor, John C. Pryor, Nicholas B. Pryor children and heirs of David Pryor, decd, and John Randolph Jefferson and Monroe Johnson sons of Meckey (sic) Johnson, dec’d who was a daughter of said Daivd Pryor. Defendents ordered to answer.
Richmond Enquire, 25 Dec 1832 (Meckey is probably Mitchie Pryor)

1840 Census Buckingham Co., VA
page 344, Zane PRYOR 11100001 – 112001

1850 Census Buckingham Co., VA
Dist 1, page 352a, house 1 Charles Patteson 49 farmer VA, Mary 53 VA (probably parents of Elizabeth Patterson wife of Zane Pryor)
Dist. 1, page 352a, house 2 Zane PRYOR 66 farmer VA, Elizabeth 47, Charles 24 merchant (is this the same Charles Pryor who was also counted in Albemarle Co.?), Ellen 22, Susan 20, John 18, Mary A. 16, Josephine 10, William 10, Edmonia 9.

1860 Census Buckingham Co., VA
house 480 Elizabeth PRYOR 57 VA, Ellen R. 28 VA, William W. 23 farmer VA, Sally I 18 VA, Edmonia 17 VA, Mary Patterson 63 VA

1880 Census Buckingham Co., VA

House 279 William W. PRYOR 44 dry good merchant VA VA VA, Pattie W. 31 wife VA VA VA (William W. Pryor son of Zane Pryor)
House 281 John J. Davis 36 farmer VA VA VA, Edmonia N (PRYOR) 32 wife VA VA VA, Annie 12 dau VA, Elwood 9 son dau VA, Mary 8 dau VA, Jane 6 dau VA, Aurelia 3 dau VA, Davis Davis 9/12 dau VA (born Oct) (Edmonia Pryor Davis daughter of Zane Pryor)
Dist. 2, page 393a, house 134 John Patterson 34 VA, Susan (PRYOR) 39 VA, James 16 VA, Nancy 9 VA, Mariah 6 VA, Thomas 4 VA (Marriage of John Patterson and Susan B. Pryor documented in “Hanover County chancery Wills and Notes: a Compendium of Genealogical”)