Virginia – E Counties

Elizabeth City, Virginia

1810 Census Elizabeth City Co., VA
Braz. W. PRIOR 101- 002

1820 Census Elizabeth City Co., VA
Hampton, B. W. PRYOR 230010-111000 (oldest male 26 to 45 years, born 1775 – 1794. Brazure Williams Pryor fought in the War of 1812, at the Battle of Hampton. He ran against Andrew Stevenson for Speaker of the VA House in 1815-1816. Brazure W. Pryor was a member of the St. Tammany Lodge in 1816. In 1817 Brazure W. Pryor was on the Electorial College when it decided the election of James Monroe as the President of the US. In 1824 Capt. B.W. Pryor was part of committee hosting General Lafayette’s (the French revolutionary war general) visit to the U.S. in 1824 and in the same year he was a candidate for Congress.)

1823 Birth – About 1823 Junius B. PRYOR born in Hampton. (Junius is connected with Christopher J. D. Pryor and Brazure W. Pryor… see King and Queen County, Richmond, and Henrico County records)

1830 Census Elizabeth City Co., VA
John C. PRYOR 01101001 – 201121 (John C. Pryor of Hampton, VA sat on the Board of Visitors for William and Mary College from 1816-1837)

1840 Census Elizabeth City Co., VA

page Col. John C. PRYOR 010000001 – 00100
(The oldest male in the household was 60-69 years, born 1771-1780)
(“Dr. Pryor [This is Theodorick Pryor of Dinwiddie Co.] had a kinsman, Captain Pryor, at Hampton who distinguished himself in the war of 1812. General Pryor, the collector of the port of Norfolk, long ago, was also a kinsman; as was Luke Pryor of Alabama, United States Senator.” Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Vol. 11-15).
(Researchers cite John Clayton Pryor had one son , Emily Pryor Davies, Christiana Pryor Semple)

1843 – John C. PRYOR of Elizabeth City listed in Farmers’ Register as a subscriber. (on same register is Kennon Whiting, Thomas W. Lowry, John C. Whiting, and Henry Whiting)

1850 Census Elizabeth City, VA
Hampton, page 45b, house 166/170 Robert A. Armistead 42 merchant VA, Martha A. 39 VA, Robert 16 VA, George M. 14 VA, Harriet 12 VA, Thomas L. 10 VA, Mary L. 8 VA, Willburn L. 6 VA, Virginia I. 3 VA, Jetson Lettle 19 clerk VA, Harriet A. PRYOR 20 VA. (Harriet is the daughter of Christopher J. D. Pryor who was in Green Co., AL in 1850. Her deceased mother was Maria Armistead Crawford, widow of Thomas Crawford who had remarried Christopher Pryor. After her death her daughter and a son named Scaife Pryor returned to VA to live with her brother Robert Armistead. Scaife may have gone to Waco, TX. —From The Armistead Family: 1635-1910, by Virginia Armistead Garber,published 1910).
(Scaife Pryor was living with relative Alfred B. Davis in Gloucester Co., VA in 1850. It appears incorrect that Harriet and Skaife were children of Christopher J. D. Pryor as a suit brought by Skaife W. (Whiting) Pryor stated that he was the only son of John C. Pryor and a grandson of Christopher Pryor)
Hampton, Elizabeth City, page 47a, house 195 Susan B Lowry 77 VA, Elizabeth 63 VA, Susan 32, Ann P 32, Sarah C 29, Ann E. (Susan Whiting Lowry, widow of John Lowry. She was the sister of Ann Beverly Whiting who married Major John Pryor of Richmond. She swore out a statement for the Major’s second wife to make a claim for his Revolutionary War Pension.)
Hampton, Elizabeth City, page 48a house 202 George W. Semple 38 physician VA, Emily 32 VA, Martha C. 13 VA, Elizabeth B. 11 VA, Joanna McKenzie Semple 9 VA, Edward A. 8, Rebecca C. 6 VA, Emily B. 5 VA, George William 3 VA, Elizabeth Booker 70 VA, Virginia Booker 27 VA. (Major Edward Armistead Semple, or Hampton, whose father, Dr. Semple married the sister of Col. Pryor, Christiana, said that Scaife Pryor went to Waco, Texas, when he was a quite a youth. From The Armistead Family: 1635-1910, by Virginia Armistead Garber,published 1910).

1890 Veteran’s Census, Elizabeth City
National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
Austin PRYOR, PVT Co. 7 10th NY Inf., Apr. 1861-July 1861, served 3 months
Counted again in Wythe, Elizabeth City
Austin PRYOR, private, Co. D, 1st. US Inf., March 1864.

Records of Essex Co., VA

1754 Will – In the Will of William Cox: I Lend unto my Daughter Pryor and my son In law James PRYOR one Negro Girl Named Murear & her Increase during their Natural Lives and after their decease the said Negro Girl Murear and her Increase to be Equally Devided between the four Children of the said James Pryor and Mary his wife Vizt. Mildred Caty Croxton & Frankey To them and their heirs Lawfully Begotten of their bodys (see marriage record in Cumberland Co., VA. Frankey Pryor married there in 1773. Croxton died in 1776 in York Co.)