Tennessee Counties – D

Pryor Records of Davidson County, TN

Davidson County Court House in Nashville April 7th 1789
Court meet according to adjournment. Members present the Worshipfull Samuel Barton, Elijah Robertson, and David Hay Esquires.
Deed – Deed of conveyance from Thomas Hickman to Joel Rice acknowledged by John PRYOR deputy Sherriff who Signed the sd. Hickman’s name thereto.
Sumner County Court Minutes. Page 273

1794 Land Warrant State of NC. Order to survey land for William Dalton, a trumpeter “in the battalion of troops raised pursuant to an act of our general assembly for the protection of Davidson County.” 460 acres. “Joseph PRYOR is entitled to the benefit of this warrant.”

1792 Deed – John Pryor from Abraham Riston. Land on Spencers Creek. Bordered by George Partles, Charles Dungsths, Thomas Hickman. Wits: George Curtis, Elizabeth Hickman, Thomas Hickman. 20 April 1792. Filed on 30 July 1793. Book C, page 174 (See Wilson County, TN. Thomas Hickman is on 1799 Pryor deed there.

1806 Notice About Race Horse Truxton Owned by Andrew Jackson
I certify that I have trained the above mentioned horse Truxton, & with truth can say that I believe him in point of speed and bottom, equal to any distance horse in America. The run he made on the Clover Bottom turf the third instant, exceeded all expectation, having but two sound legs when he started, and one of his plates the second head springing, crippled him in one of his sound legs, still he won his heat with the greatest ease without whip or spur.
Saml. Pryor
April 8th, 1806
(The Tennessee Gazette, Nashville, August 9th, 1806)

1806 Letters Held – Letters for Thornton Pryor and Saml. Pryor at Nashville post office.
(The Impartial Review and Cumberland Repository, Nashville, April 19, 1806)

1807 Ad Created by Andrew Jackson
I certify that I have trained the above mentioned horse Truxton, and with truth can say that I believe him in point of speed and bottom, equal to any distance horse in America.
Saml. Pryor
(The Impartial Review and Cumberland Repository, Nashville, April 11, 1807)

1807 Ad
The subscribers have just opened at Sportsman’s Hall a large and very general assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARD AND QUEEN’S WARE & CUTLERY, of the latest importations from Europe which they will sell low for cash or cotton, on a short credit. They also beg leave to acquaint the public that they have opened Tavern at the same place, where every accommodation can be had–They have a large supply of the best Liquors & their stables will be constantly supplied with the best Forage and good attendance.
Samuel Pryor and Son
Sportman’s Hall
(The Impartial Review and Cumberland Repository, Nashville, October 8, 1807)

1807 Letter – A letter for Benjamin W. Pryor was held at the Nashville Post Office. (Benjamin W. Pryor father of William Pryor born in Nashville in 1810)

1808 Notice: SWEEPSTAKES. There will be a sweepstake run over the Clover Bottom course, on the first Thursday in April; the purse is made up by the citizens of Nashville and its vicinity.–From the number of subscribers, it will be worthy the attention of sportsmen. It is run or pay, twenty dollars each.
(The Impartial Review and Cumberland Repository, Nashville, March 24, 1808)

1808 Marriage – 14 May 1808 Laura L. Pryor married John Bernard. The couple was living in Tipton Co., TN on the 1850 Census.

1808 Marriage – 6 May 1808 Susannah Pryor married Jasper Sutton (Jasper R. Sutton is a head of household on the 1830 Census of Maury Co., TN and is living with a Humphreys family in Hickman Co., KY on the 1850 Census)

1808 TN Supreme Court Case Samuel PRYOR vs. Jackson-Hutchins. Contract dispute. Names: Andrew Jackson.

1808 Notice
A SCHEME OF A LOTTERY, Proposed by Samuel Pryor, for the disposal of 1000 dollars worth of fresh Merchandize, at the lowest cash price to wit:
The chances in the above Lottery are so great, there not being a single prize but what is upwards of double the price of a ticket, that it will be a sufficient inducement for all those who wish to make an advance on their money to become adventurers. The drawing will commence on the first
day of the next term of Dickson court, in the town of Charlotte, under the direction of Major Molton Sterling Brewer and Molton Dixon, esquire,
who will previous to the day of drawing designate the contents of the different prizes and deliver them to the fortunate adventurers.
(The Clarion, Nashville, Sept 27, 1808)

1809 Ad
Twenty five dollars reward. Runaway from the subscriber on the 4th inst. a dark colored Mulatto slave, named WIATT, about 21 or 22 years of age, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, stout and well made, of a humble disposition, and agreeable countenance, especially when spoken to– speaks mild and soft, has on his left breast a scar occasioned by a rising, and is now lame in his right knee, occasioned by a fall from a Horse–took with him generally Home spun clothing, mixed and striped, he has a brown broadcloth coat with gilt buttons, is an incessant chewer of tobacco, and wears his hair platted before. It is believed he will make for the state of Kentucky near Lexington, Woodford County, from whence he was brought. The above reward will be given to any person securing him in any jail so that I get him again– and all reasonable charges paid it delivered to the subscriber
SAMUEL PRYOR, Nashville, August 4, 1809
(The Democratic Clarion, Nashville, Aug 25, 1809)

1810 Birth – William Pryor b. 1810 in Nashville. His place of birth is recorded on the 1860 Census in Jackson Co., TX. He was living in Rapides Co., LA in 1846 when his son W. T. was born there. (John C. Pryor, son of David Ballow Pryor (brother of Nicholas B. Pryor below) was on the 1830 Census in Rapides Co., LA. John C. Pryor was about 40 when he married in 1818, so he may have had a first marriage and children).

Before 1811Dick Pryor, Patton Anderson, and Mr. Rutherford owned horse racetrack in Nashville (Patton Anderson, friend of President Andrew Jackson, was murdered in Bedford County in 1811. Possibly a Richard Pryor)

1811 Death – Samuel Pryor died in Davidson Co., leaving an inventory of his estate, but no will.

1811 Notice
Notice. those indebted to the estate of Samuel Pryor deceased are requested to make immediate payment or at least settlement with the subscriber, as no longer indulgence cannot be given those having claims are desired to resent them legal authenticated for adjustment.
S. Pryor, admx.
(The Democratic Clarion and Tennessee Gazette March 22, 1811)

1811 Notice
NOTICE. Will be sold on Thrusday 21st of February next, at the dewlling house of Samuel Pryor deceased, near Nashville, all the perishable property belonging to the estate of the said deceased consiting of all the stock of horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs, all the household and kitchen furniture and utensils of different kinds, a credit of nine months will be given, and bonds with approved security will be required–likewise corn, fodder, oats and wheat.
Susannah Pryor, adm’x
(The Democratic Clarion and Tennessee Gazette, Nashville, Feb 1, 1811)

1811 Tax List for Davidson County, TN
Capt. James Bennings Co.
Richard PRYOR
(recorded near him are John Rogers, Burwell Sneed, David Krantz. Burwell Sneed is on the 1810 Census in Williamson Co., TN)
Capt. —-‘s Company, Town of Nashville
Nicholas B PRYOR 3000 acres

1811 Tax List for Davidson County, TN
Capt. James Bennings Co.
Richard PRYOR
(recorded near him are John Rogers, Burwell Sneed, David Krantz. Burwell Sneed is on the 1810 Census in Williamson Co., TN)
Capt. —-‘s Company, Town of Nashville
Nicholas B PRYOR 3000 acres

1812 Tax List for Davidson County, TN – Nicholas B PRYOR

1812 Notice
The undersigned has three plantations & a home & lot to rent from one to three years, from the first day of January next, two of which is on Cumberland river Eight miles above Nashville, about 75 acres of cleared land on each place. Soil and water equal to any in this state. The other one half mile from town with about 140 acres cleared, including the grass lots with a comfortable dwelling house, and necessary out buildings, an elegant garden nicely laid off, of about two acres, it is the place where the Nashville turf formerly was kept by Samuel Pryor, deceased, and from the convenience of it’s situation the turf again might be opened, and I fully believe it would be as profitable to the owner as any turf in the neighborhood of Nashville, The house and lot opposite Capt Demumbrees which house will be completely finished by the last of November, and then it will be a comfortable dwelling for a large family, it having four rooms, four fire places, part of the price of the rent for the said last mentioned plantation house and lot will be taken in improvements. It being the property of Richard Cross, Minor, for whom I am Guardian.
(The Democratic Clarion and Tennessee Gazette, Nov 10 1812. Timothy Demonbreun was a French trader and called the “first citizen” of Nashville.)

1812 LetterNicholas B. Pryor wrote to ex-President Thomas Jefferson requesting a military appointment. Sent from Nashville on 7 Aug 1812.

1813 Notice – “A match race is to be run over the Nashville Turf on Thursday next, the 28th inst. between Mr. PRYOR and Mr. Dupree…” (Nashville Whig, 26 Oct 1813)

1813 Notice – Jasper Sutton (husband of Susannah Pryor) offered a 5 year old bay horse for sale (Nashville Whig, 24 March 1813)

1815 Notice – “Taken up by Richard PRYOR, near Nashville, a Sorrel Mare, 15 1/2 hands high, blaze face, saddle spots on her back, 13 or 14 years old, ap’d S17 1/2, April 20.” (Nashville Whig)

1817 Letter Held at Nashville Post Office for Luke PRYOR
(The Clarion, October 14, 1814)

1818 Bell Tavern Purchased – The appellate case of Napier v. Elam states This is a writ of error from the chancery court held at Franklin. On the 8th of October, 1823, Napier filed [109] his bill against Elam, Erwin, and others, to foreclose a mortgage on the Bell Tavern property, in Nashville, purchased from Erwin, by Elam and Pryor in 1818, on which they had given a mortgage for the purchase money, payable in five installments. The notes were assigned to Napier, the Morgans, and the Union Bank of Maryland
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Tennessee, Volume 14 (The only person identified by a first name is Calvin Morgan)

1818 Ad – Pine Planks offered for sale by N B PRYOR in the Nashville Whig, 26 Sept 1818

1818 Marriage – 7 March 1818 John C. Pryor married Ann E. Bullard (John C. Pryor and wife were recorded in Franklin Co., TN in 1820. He may be the John C. Pryor who later lived in DeSoto Co., MS)

1818 Notice
The undersigned have been appointed by the county court of Davidson, to let the building of a bridge at the mouth of Frence Lick branch, on or near the road leading to McGavock’s and Pages’ fences. They will on Saturday, the 19th instant, at 3 o’clock, PM let the same to the lowest bidder. A plan of the bridge will then be shewn. Those desirous to see it before may call on major Christopher Stump, who has it in possession. N. B. Pryor, Samuel Elam, John Stump, C. Stump, John McNairy
(The Clarion and Tennessee State Gazette September 22, 1818)

1819 Notice Published in Nashville Whig that Thornton Pryor wasn’t a resident of the state and thereby had to be served by notice in the newspaper in the case of John P Crabtree vs. Anderson Cheatham and Thornton Pryor, 3 April 1819. Case filed March Term 1819

1820 Ad in Nashville Whig, One Dollar offered for the return of a runaway apprentice to house joiner’s business, Alfred Kennedy. Posted by N. B. PRYOR (Possibly the Alfred Cannedy on the 1820 Census in Wilson County).

1820 Census Davidson Co., TN
Nicholas B. PRYOR 30131-001
Page 68 line 3 Zachariah PRYOR 0002-00001
(Sons of David Pryor & Susan Ballow of Buckingham Co., VA)
Page 68, line 4 Alexander Donnelson
(brother in law of Pres. Andrew Jackson, his obit in the National Banner on 2 June 1834 states he was the eldest brother of Mrs. Jackson)
Page 192, Elijah PRIOR 320001 – 2202 (Possibly one of the men named Elijah Puryear who were later found in Sumner County.)

1820 Notice
HAYSBOROUGH BRIDGE. The undersigned having been appointed by Davidson county court to cause to be repaired the Bridge at Haysborough; they give notice that the same will be let out to the lowest bidder at Haysborough, on the second Saturday, the 12th day of February inst at which time a plan of the repairs required, will be exhibited to those who may be inclined to undertake. David Dann, Nicholas B Pryor, John Maxey, Edmond Goodrich, James Trimble
(The Nashville Gazette, February 19, 1820)

1820 Notice
Pursuant to a deed of trust executed to us on the 28th July 1819, by John Shepherd on the 14th of March next, we shall proceed to sell at public auction for cash at the court house in Nashville, forty feet of Lot No. 46, bounded as follows, to wit: beginning at the south west corner of Edwin Dibrell’s lot, purchased of Nicholas B. Pryor where his lower line intersects cherry street, on the east side of said street running thence northwardly with said street forty feet to a stake, thence north eastwardly at right angles with said street, one hundred and seventy fee to a stake thence south east
wardly at right anges with said line forty feet to a stake, thence southwestardly one hundered and seventy feet to beginning with all and singular, & c. which deed of trust was executed by the said John Shepherd, to the undersigned for the purpose of securing the payment of a certain sum of money to in default of performing certain services for, John Drewry all which will more fully appear, reference being had to said deed of trust, on the record of Davidson county.
Stephen Cantrell
N. B. Pryor– trustees

(The Nashville Gazette, February 23 1820. Stephen Cantrell and a John Pryor Jr are recorded on deeds in Logan Co., KY)

1824 Notice of Land Sale – The circuit court of Davidson County ordered that the interest in land held by Samuel Elam, John Drury, and Nicholas B Pryor, adjoining Avery Tilford, be sold at the courthouse in Lebanon. This was to satisfy judgement held by Winny McFarlin. (Lebanon is now in Wilson Co., TN )

1824 In Equity: Calvin Morgan, Gideon Morgan and Rufus Morgan, Com’s vs. Samuel Elam, and Elizabeth his wife, William B. Hamlin, Thomas Crutcher, and Nicholas B. Pryor, defts. William B. Hamlin not a resident of the state.
(Nashville Whig. 19 April 1824. William B Hamlin possibly the same man who was the father of Mary Ann Hamlin who married Samuel Pryor. In 1828 Thomas Cruthcer and Nicholas B Pryor were elected trustees of Nashville Female Academy. William H Hamlin is on the same page with Zachariah Pryor on the 1820 Census.)

1826 Will of Alexander Donelson, died in Nashville. Names Nicholas B. Pryor and William Carroll of Davidson Co., TN as his executors. “Signed, sealed and published In presence of E. Talbot and Zach B. Pryor.”
(Alexander Donelson brother in law of Pres. Andrew Jackson’s wife.Donnelson died in 1834– it’s stated in family trees that Nicholas died in 1833, so he may not have fulfilled his role as executor of the Donelson estate.).

1826 TN Supreme Court CaseNicholas B Pryor vs Felix Grundy. (Grundy was the 13th US Attorney General, a US Senator from TN, member of the House of Representatives, Chief Justice of the KY Court of Appeals)

1828 Notice – Corporation of Nashville board meeting. “Present: Felix Robertson Esq mayor, Mssrs. Ament, Brassier, East, Erwin, M’Manus, Nichol, Pryor, Shaw, Welch, and Wood aldermen. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, April 5, 1828).

1829 TN Supreme Court Case – Nicholas B Pryor
— see Franklin County, TN

1829 Nashville Female Academy – On 21 June 1870 the Nashville Union and American published a story that listed information gleaned from the Nashville Republican and State Gazette for 1829: “The Rev. Wm. Hume had charge of the Nashville Female Academy, and the Trustees were Feliz Robertson (also mayor of Nashville), Alfred Balch, Thos. Crutcher, John Nichol, Robert Farquharson, James P. Clark, and NICHOLAS PRYOR.

1829 Tax List, Davidson County
Nicholas B Pryor, 3000 acres

1829 Land Survey for William P Pryor, they piece of land was about 4 acres, an island in the Cumberland, south of Nashville.

1830 Committee on Water Works: Farquharson, Lawrence, and PRYOR. (From the 1861 Nashville Business Directory)

1830 Census, Davidson Co., TN
Page 293A. Nicholas B. PRYOR 02100011-200001 (David B. Pryor & Susan Ballow of
Buckingham Co., VA>Nicholas B. Pryor. Nicholas Pryor married Sally
Thomas in Sumner Co., TN 13 Sept. 1813)

Page 293a, Benjamin PRYOR 000000001 – 00001 (Writing on record looks like “PRYZER”. Oldest male is 60 to 70 years, born 1760-1770).
Unk. Twp., Page 256, Zach. PRYOR 00000001-0 (Zachariah Pryor brother of Nicholas B. Pryor. Oldest male 50-59 years, born 1771-1780)

1832 Death
April 25, 1832 died in Davidson County on Monday, 16th instant, Mrs. Susannah PRYOR, aged 89 years. Obituary date 4/25/1832, death date 4/16/1832. Obit from National Banner or Nashville Daily Advertiser. (Page 100, Jan. 25, 1836) (Widow of David Pryor, Susanna Ballow Pryor)

1833 Death – January 14, 1833 – “Died in this town, Mr. Charles B. Pryor, Esquire.”, buried in Nashville City Cemetery

1833 Death – On March 31, 1833 William PRYOR was found murdered in Nashville with friend Michael Hoover after a night of gambling (reported in the Nashville Banner). He was a Navy midshipman from Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN (The Military and Naval Magazine of the United States, Vol. 1, from March to August 1833).

1834 Letter Held – Letter for John B PRYOR held at Nashville Post Office (The Tennessean, 5 Aug 1834 John Benjamin Pryor the horse trainer?)

1834 Letter Held – Letter for Richard PRYOR (The Tennessean, 3 June 1834. Is this the same Richard Pryor who had letter held for him in New Orleans in 1841?)

1835 Letters held at Nashville Post Office
(7 Mar 1841, Nashville Tennessean)

1836 Court Record – Rec. from A Wright – A receipt from Aaron Wright to Reuben Patterson and the Representative of Nicholas B Pryor decd was acknowledged in open court by the said Aaron Wright to be his act and deed and was ordered to be recorded (Page 112, Feb. 2, 1836)

1836 Court Record – Z B Pryor adm. of S Pryor – Ordered that Zachariah B Pryor have letter of Administration granted to him on the estate of Susannah Pryor decd. Whereupon the said Zachariah B Pryor in court here gave bond in the sum of one thousand dollars with Garrett Mays his security and qualified according to law. (Susannah Ballow Pryor, widow of David Pryor. She was the mother of Nicholas B. Pryor and Zachariah B Pryor.)

1836 Ad – JOURNEYMEN WANTED. I WISH to employ three good workmen, Carpenters or Cabinet Makers. Apply to the subscriber, at the Gin making establishment on Broad street, lately carried on by Jesse Collins. J. C. PRYOR
National Banner and Nashville Whig (Nashville, TN), 4 January 1836

1836 Notice in Nashville Whig – Chancery court case in Franklin, Bannister S. Pryor administrator, Lancaster S Pryor and others defendants. The court ordered the sale of a negro woman named Nancy and her children Reuben and Henderson.

1838 – Letter to Adjutant General written by R. P. PRYOR from Nashville on 10 Dec 1838 states he was discharged in May 1837 from the army. He served in Capt. H. Brown Company “H”, 4th artillery, rank Seargant. He was enlisted. Pryor wanted to be reimbursed for his effects that went with the Company to Alabama. (This is probably Rueben Patterson Pryor, son of Nicholas Pryor and Sally Thomas)

1838 Tax List – Davidson Co., TN
A A Pryor
James Pryor
S. M. Pryor
N. A. Pryor

1839 Ad in The Tennessean – “Private Boarding Mrs. S M PRYOR can accomodate a few boarders, on Market Street, a few doors below the Nashville Inn. 16 March 1839 (Possibly Sally M. Thomas Pryor, wife of Nicholas B Pryor)

1839 Ad in The Tennessean – “Private Boarding Mrs. N B. PRYOR, A few doors below the Nashville Inn. (Possibly Sally M. Thomas Pryor, aka Mrs. Nicholas B PRYOR)

1839 Ad in the Nashville Whig for negro boy named Henry and a girl named Louisa for sale from the estate of Zachariah B Pryor, published 5 August 1839. Another ad on August 12th for Louisa, a girl from Zachariah’s estate, published by the estate administrator Josiah Johnson. (Josiah Johnson was the second husband of Mitchie Pryor Jefferson– they married in 1819 in Williamson Co., TN)

1840 Census Davidson Co., TN
8th Dist., page 327 C. C. PRYOR 011001001-100000001
22nd Dist., page 363, Alfred PRYOR 0201001-202101
(counted next to John Beasley and Carter Adcock)
Mary Taylor
Males: 1- under 5, 1-5 to 9
Females: 3- 5 to 9, 1- 30 to 39
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Chesley Taylor md. Mary
Ann Hardeman Dec 25,
1829 in Sumner Co., TN. Chesley died in 1840 before the
Census. Chesley’s
sisters, Massa and Spicy both married Pryor men in Campbell Co., VA)

Jacob D. Mayo
(He is a witness to Chesley
Taylor’s will)

1841 Letters held at Nashville Post Office
Edward L PRYOR
(1 Mar 1841, Nashville Tennessean)

1841 Letters held at Nashville Post Office
Benjamin PRYOR
(26 May 1841, Nashville Tennessean)

1841 Letters held at Nashville Post Office
Rev John PRYOR
9 Dec 1841, Nashville Tennessean)

1850 Census Davidson Co., TN
Nashville, House 755 James W. McCullough 25 carpenter TN, Mildred 22 TN, Elizabeth PRYOR 13 TN.
(Is this McCullough family related to the Cullom/Culley/McCullough
family living next door to Massa Taylor Pryor in Sumner Co.?)
House 879 “Nashville Female Academy”: Olivia M PRYOR 16 MS.
Dist 25,
House 61
Mary TAYLOR 50 farmer TN, Susan Taylor 50 teamster TN
Dist. 25,
House 62
Mary TAYLOR 50 farmer NC Susan 15 TN, Mary A. 18, Edward 11, C.
W. (male) 9 TN. (Widow of Chesley Taylor, son of Edmund & Elizabeth
Taylor, brother of Spicy Taylor Pryor and Massa Taylor Pryor)
Nashville Pennitentiary, page 398A, John PRYOR, (incarcerated) 1847, 28, laborer, TN, (conviction) murder.

1853 Marriage
– J. F. Kincaid (male) married to Miss ??? Prior on 25 Dec 1853.

1860 Census Davidson Co., TN
Dist. 7., page 150A, house 791 William Crocker 30 carpenter TN, Mary A. (PRYOR) 27 AL, Samuel 2 TN.
House 792, Thomas Crocker 28 farmer TN, Rhoda A. (PRYOR)
26 AL, Laura 4 TN, Sis 1 TN. (Mary/Polly Pryor and her sister Rhoda A. were on the 1850 Census living with William & Alsey Pryor in Jackson Co., TN. Rhoda & Mary are on the 1870 Census in Williamson Co., TN)
3rd Ward, Nashville, page 352, house 351 “store” Robert
Brightwell 22 salesman VA… living with several boarders James J. PRYOR 20 bookeeper, TN. (Probably also a son of Thomas M. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN)
3rd Ward, Nashville, page 353, house 355/393 Lafayette F. Beech
32 merchant… living with several boarders William J. PRYOR 22
bill clerk $200 property TN. (Son of Thomas M. Pryor and Rose of Franklin Co., TN. This is probably the William J. Pryor who married Virginia/Jennie Estill in Franklin Co., TN and is counted on the 1880 Census in Bexar Co., TX at aged 42)
Dist. 10 (State Prison) John PRIOR 30, Laborer, TN, Convicted of Stabbing 
Dist. 13, page 216b, house 763 Mahlon Jones 43 carpenter, Susan (Taylor) 27 TN, Elarena 6 TN, William 2 TN, Millard 14 TN.

1865 Listing in Polk’s Nashville Business Directory
C. W. Prior, photographer at 69 N. Cherry, up stairs.

1865 Letter – Unclaimed letter at the Nashville post office, Jere PRYOR on 20 June 1865 (The Nashville Daily Union 21 Jun 1865)

1865 Death
George W. Pryor b. 31 Jan 1853, died 26 Jan 1865 and is buried in McBurnie Gray Cemetery in Nashville.

1865 – David PRYOR of Mahoning and Wayne County, OH, mustered out of the US Army in Nashville, TN on 30 June 1865

1868 Ad – Mrs. J PRIOR fashionable millinery and dressmaking establishment. “Long experience in the business in Europe and this country.” Located at 156 Church St., Nashville (The Tennessean, 3 Nov 1868)

1870 Census Davidson Co., TN
5th Ward, Nashville, page 322, Female Seminary School… Anna PRYOR 16 AL, Snow PRYOR 14 AL.
5th Ward, Nashville, page 307a. house 168 C. W. PRIOR 50
physician Ireland, Jessie 46 milliner England, Emma 13 IL, Wm. 10 IL, Clara
8 IL, Mary Phillipe 16 milliner PA, Anna Webster 23 black domestic servant
TN, Frank PRIOR 4/12 TN (born Feb) (This family was on the 1860 Census in Hardeman Co., TN and in 1880 in Warren Co., TN. Cornelius W. Pryor and family were on the 1850 Census in Washington Co., PA)
2nd Ward, Nashville, page 203, house 110 Martha PRYOR 32 TN, Nancy 16 TN, Fannie 4 TN. (Martha and daughter Fannie are on the 1900 Census in Hamilton Co., TN)
10th Civil Dist., page 372a, State Penitentiary… John PRYER 21 GA (John Pryor was incarcerated on 28 Sept. 1869, he was convicted in Hardeman Co., TN and sentenced to 20 years at age 18. He was born in GA).
Civil Dist. Madison Stn. PO, Page 83 House# 30/32
Eliza PRYOR 42 Keeping House TN, James P. PRYOR 23 farm laborer TN, Melvina PRYOR 24 at home TN, Charlie Douglas 12 at home TN (this family is on the 1860 Census in Hamilton Co., TN)

1874 Probate Court – “Jno Pryor (John Pryor), a colored orphan was apprenticed to Thomas A Johnson until 21 years of age.” (Nashville Union and American, 17 May 1874)

1875 Prison Escape – Escapees from the State Penitentiary – Jack PRYOR and Bill Smith (from the testimony about the escape reported The Tennessean, 13 Jan 1876)

1880 Census Davidson Co., TN
Dist. 18, page 281A James J. PRYOR 40 book keeper TN IRE TN, Nannie B. wife 29 TN TN TN, James C. 9 TN, Thomas M. 6 TN, William W. 4 TN, “nameless” son 1 TN. (Thomas M. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN>James J. Pryor. Obit for Mrs James J Pryor in The Tennessean on October 25, 1925 states she was the daughter of Wilson Brazelton and Mary Buchanon, and she was born in Winchester, TN.)
Beat 20, Page 16D, House 220 Linnville Bower (or Bowen) 53 TN TN TN, Milly 42 wife TN TN TN, Lucien 20 son TN, Lorenzo 23 son TN, (crossed out… Mary J.) Stephen 19 son TN, Callie 17 dau TN, Emma? 13 dau TN, James 11 son TN, Marvin 7 son TN, Nancy PRYOR 63 mother in law TN TN TN, Alice 27 sister in law TN TN TN, Josie Bower 21 daughter in law TN TN TN
Nashville, 5th Ward, Page 135D Martha PRYOR 44 seamstress TN TN TN, Nancy 24 dau TN TN TN, Frances 14 dau TN TN TN.

1881 Nashville Directory
James J. Pryor bookkeeper 53 Public Square, h 18 district
Martha Pryor, widow Jonathan Pryor, h Cannon Block
Tillman Pryor (c), laborer Gas Co.

1897 News Article – “Mrs. Prior has been at the head of the local Spiritualist societies for some time, has resigned her position and gone to Nashville, where she will still continue the work. (The Atlanta Constitution, 18 Apr 1897)

1900 Census Davidson Co., TN
Nashville, 6th ward, page 241, house 439 Frank C. PRYOR 8/1858 41 md 7 yrs. AL VA AL ind. life insurance agent, Sarah? R. wife 9/1862 37 no children TN TN TN (Francis C Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Butler Co., AL. He is on the 1910 Census in Jackson Co., MO)
18th Dist., page 213, house 10/10 James J. PRYOR 12/1839 60 md. 30 yrs. TN Ireland TN farmer, Nannie B. 1/1850 60 11 children/8 living TN TN TN, Thomas M. son 6/1873 26 TN, Mary B. dau 4/1881 9 TN, George E. son 11/1884 15 TN, Sarah V. dau 11/1886 13 TN, Lindley H. son 2/1893 7 TN….continued on page 234b James C. PRYOR son 3/1871 29 TN TN TN Physician in Navy. (Thomas M. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN>James J. Pryor. His son Lindley is on the 1930 Census in Los Angeles Co., CA. Mary B. Pryor married Vaughn Preston on April 11, 1903.)

1910 Census Davidson Co., TN
District 1, page 52a, house 108 South Avenue Charles W. Gill 70, married 47, TN NC NC house carpenter. Mary Gill wife 70, 8 children 3 living, TN NC AL, Mary Frasier daughter 25 TN, Conner Frasier son in law 28 md 2x no children, Ida Frasier boarder 7 TN TN TN. (Nashville death record for Mary Ann Gill states she was born in TN in 1839. Her parents were William Pryor and Jane Hopkins. This family was on the 1870 Census in Lincoln County, TN.)
District 11, page 130A, house 246 James J. PRYOR 70 (md. 40 yrs.) TN TN TN, Nannie B. 60 (11 children/7 living) TN TN TN, Lindley son 17 TN TN TN (Thomas M. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN>James J. Pryor)
District 11, sheet 15a, house 303, Preston Vaughn 44 md 7 TN TN TN Lawyer, Mary (PRYOR) wife 29 (4 children/4 living) TN TN TN,
A. Vera dau 6 TN, Emmet P. son 4 TN, Mary B. dau 1 TN, Nancy E. dau 4/12 TN. (Mary B. Pryor Vaughn daughter of James J. Pryor of Davidson Co.)

1920 Census Davidson Co., TN
11th Dist., North East Eastland, ED#125, sheet 36a, house 760 Hugh L. PRYOR 38 TN KY VA, Mary wife 25 TN TN TN, Ruby dau 9 TN, Jewel dau 7 TN, Hugh L. son 5 TN, Pearl dau 2 11/12 TN.
Dist. 11, North East Eastland, ED# 125, sheet 19a, house 385 James J. PRYOR 80 TN Ireland TN, Nancy B. wife 70 TN TN TN (son of Thomas M. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN)

1922 DeathJames Jones Pryor died and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville.

1930 Census Davidson Co., TN
Nashville-Dist. 63 page 30A
834 Stockwell St.
John T. PRYOR 34 (26) TN TN TN, postal clerk, Pearl wife 34 (26) TN TN TN, Mary E. dau 7 TN, Gwendolyn dau 4 TN, Raymond son 5/12 TN, Amos father 65 widow TN TN TN farmer. (Nancy the weaver & Caleb Pryor of Jackson Co.,
TN>John & Mahala>Amos C. & Bell>John T. Pryor)

Dist. 8 – page 1B Owen E. PRYOR 24 boarder, single TN TN TN deaf (John & Massa Pryor of Sumner Co.>Allen L. Pryor>John Edward Pryor>Owen E. Pryor)
Dist. 210- page 21A Cecil Graham 24 TN TN TN, Erma (PRYOR) wife 21 TN TN TN, Berlie PRYOR fa-in-law 50 widow TN TN TN, Eldridge PRYOR bro-in-law 14 TN TN TN, Allen Brown boarder 21. (William Pryor & Margaret of Sumner Co.>Thomas Jefferson Pryor>Burlington Dority Pryor and son Burlington Eldridge Pryor).

Pryor Records from Dickson County, TN

Dickson County was formed in 1803 out of parts of Montgomery and Robertson counties. Later parts of Dickson county were aportioned to Hickman County (1807), Cheatham County (1856), Houston County (1871).

1820 Census Dickson Co., TN
PRYOR Pane 00001 – 3101 (oldest male 26 to 45)

1840 Marriage – 24 June 1840 Lydia Pryor married Minor Bibb. (Lydia Pryor Bib was the daughter of Benjamin W. Pryor b. 1788 in VA and possibly Mary Billings. Benjamin Pryor is on the 1820 & 1830 Census in Iberville Parish LA, and in 1850 in Ellis Co., TX)

1840 Census Dickson Co., TN
Minor Bibb 00001001 – 000010001 (Oldest male 50 to 59 years, younger male 20 to 29 years. The younger people in the household may be Minor Bibb and wife Lydia Pryor Bibb who married in 1840)

1850 Census Dickson Co., TN – The Middle District
Page 141a, House 733 D. C. Hartigan 41 overseer VA, Nancy 36 VA, Elizabeth 15 VA, D. C. (male) 13 VA, Martha J. 11 VA, James J. 8 VA, Catharine 6 VA, Nancy 4 VA, Martha E. PRYOR 30 VA. (Thomas M. Pryor md. Patsey E. Hartigan Aug. 16, 1832 in Augusta Co., VA. Martha “Patsey” Pryor is probably Thomas’ widow.)
Page 142, House 750 George Winnick 62 VA, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 51 NC, George M. 21 NC, Sarah M. 20 NC, Mary E. 16 NC, Lavinda M. 13 NC, Elisa J. 10 NC, Elisa PRYOR 41 NC. (Eliza Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Dickson Co., TN, 1880 in Houston Co., TN. On the 1880 Census Elisa Pryor is identified as the “Aunt” of Elizabeth J. Winnick Patterson b. 1840. George Winnick is on the 1820 Census in Guilford Co., NC)
Page 119A, House 429 Minor Bibb 32 farmer VA, Lydia (PRYOR) 27 LA,
Lucetta A. 6 TN, William M. 4 TN, Alexander C. H. 2 TN, Laura E. 2/12 TN. (Minor Bibb md. Lydia Pryor on 25 Jun 1840 in Dickson Co., TN, 1860 in Timshongo Co., MS, and in 1870 in Humphreys Co., TN)
Page 126a, house 530 James C. Pullen 43 farmer VA, Elizabeth S. 32 TN, James Egbert 16 TN, Laura 14, Bernard 12 TN, William 10 TN, Benjamin 9 TN, Mary 4 TN, Mumford 6/12 TN, Wm. Thedford 26 school teacher TN, Sophronia Thedford 23 TN (Elizabeth Susan Bernard Pullen was the daughter of John Bernard and Laura L. Pryor who were living in Tipton Co., TN in 1850).

1860 Census Dickson Co., TN
Middle Division, Danielsville PO, page 298b, house 1361 D. C. Hardigan (Hartigan) 52 farmer VA, N (f) 50 VA, E.(f) 25 VA, D.C. (m) 22 VA, M. J. (f) 21 VA, J. J. (m) 18 VA, C (f) 16 VA, N. P. (f) 14 VA, M. F. (f) 9 TN, M.E. (Martha E.) PRYOR (f) 60 VA, A. G. Cursau? (m) 26 millwright VA
Middle Division, Danielsville PO, page 204b, house 41 George Waynock 73 NC, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 62 NC, G. M. W. 26 farm hand NC, Mary E. Waynock 23 NC, Eliza J. 19 NC, Eliza PRIOR 51 NC, George J. Waynock 15 farm hand TN

1930 Census Dickson Co., TN
Dist. 19, page 3B Jodie PRYOR 37 (25) TN TN TN timber cutter, Marguerite wife 38 (18) TN TN TN, Pearl dau 12 TN, Beatrice dau 9 TN, Sadie dau 7 TN, Marie dau 6 TN, J. W. son 4 TN, W. C. son 1 1/12 TN (John & Massa Pryor of Sumner Co.>George Pryor>Monroe Pryor>Jodie Pryor)

Pryor Records from Dyer County

1910 Census Dyer Co., TN
Dist. 10 – p. 186A: Head, James M. – 48 – m2 – MO TN KY; wife Caldone (PRYOR) – 37 – m1 – 1 child 1 living – TN TN TN; Henry – son – 15; Pinky – dau – 13; Herbert – son – 6. (Caledonia M. Pryor daughter of Jacob N. Pryor of McNairy and Hardin Co., TN)

1920 Dyer Co., TN
Dist. 30 – p. 217B: James M. Head – 60 MO TN TN; wife Mathal? C. (PRYOR)- 53 – TN TN TN; son Herbert N. – 14. (Martha or Malthard as indexed Caledonia Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Dyer Co.)

1930 Census Dyer Co., TN
J.M. Head – 73 – m age 23 – MO TN TN; wife Callie (PRYOR)- 65 – m age 35 – TN TN TN; son Herbert – 25 – m age 24 TN TN TN; daughter in law Loraine – 25 – m age 24 TN TN TN.
(Further research showed that Caledonia PRYOR Head (1866 – 1942) and her husband James M. (1851-1940) are buried in the old section of Fairview Cemetery in Newbern, Dyer Co.  Also buried there are Herbert N. Head (1904 – 1967), his wife Loraine H. (1903 – 1989), and perhaps Herbert’s son, James H. (1933 – 1969) Caledonia and husband James M. Head are on the 1920 Census records in Dyer Co. Caledonia is the daugher of Jacob N. Pryor of McNairy and Hardin Co., TN).