Tennessee Counties – R

Pryor Records from Rhea County, TN

1840 Census Rhea Co., TN
page 3, Elijah Brewer, Zebulon Brewer, Ambrose Brewer
(1830 Census in Bledsoe Co., TN)

1850 Census Rhea Co., TN
Dist 1, page 268b, house 21/21 Elijah Brewer 56 NC, Mary 58 NC, Webby A 23 NC
(Online family trees state Elijah Brewer married Mary PRYOR in Bertie Co., NC)

1860 Census Rhea Co., TN
Dist 9, Page 52, house 656/656 Elijah Brewer 66 NC, Mary 68 TN

1870 Census Rhea Co., TN
Dist 1, page 238b, house 149/149 Elijah Brewer 76 NC farmer, Mary 78 NC, Mary 12 TN

1880 Census Rhea Co., TN
house 51/51 James Hayes 64 farmer TN TN TN, Lydia 59 wife NC NC CN, James 22 son TN NC TN, Sarah 19 dau TN NC TN, Lydia 17dau TN NC TN, Lucy 1/2 dau boarder TN NC TN, Mary Brewer 88 mother boarder NC NC NC, James Vititoe 20 boarder laborer TN TN TN, Rebecca Hayes 16 boarder laboress TN TN TN.

1898 Birth – Madge Lee PRYOR born on 25 Jan 1898 in Dayton, Rhea Co., TN to William Franklin Pryor and Allie Ann Clouse. Her father was born in Bledsoe Co., and mother in Marion Co., TN. In 1961 Madge applied for a delayed Birth Certificate. (Harmon Henry Pryor>William Franklin Pryor>Madge Pryor)

1900 Census Rhea Co., TN
9th Dist., page 229a, house 28 Green H. PRYOR 10/1867 32 TN TN TN, Samantha wife 8/1878 21, md. 8 years, no children TN TN TN. (Harmon Pryor>Green H. Pryor)
10th Dist., Mary PRYOR 3/1849 widow NC Scotland NC, Nathan A., son 4/1880 20 TN, Richard A. son 10/1881 18 TN, May A. dau 5/1884 16 TN, Mary A. dau 12/1886 13 TN, Georgia A. West dau 1/1876 24 TN married 5 children/2 living, William West gr-son 8/1894 5 TN, Richard A. West gr-son 5/1900 0/12 TN. (Mary is the widow of Harmon Pryor of Marion Co., TN)
#113 Will PRYOR 11/1876 23 TN TN NC, Annie wife 2/1890 20 TN TN TN, Icie dau 9/1897 2 TN. (Will is the son of Harmon Pryor and Mary)
13th Dist., page 302b, house 235 —? Post head of household… Richard PRYOR boarder 8/1879 20 single TN TN TN, coal miner.

1910 Census Rhea Co., TN
3rd Dist., page 74B, house 56/56 Richard PRYOR 29 (md. 3 yrs) TN TN NC, Ella wife 24 (3 children/1 living) TN TN TN, Harmon son 6/12 TN, Vinnie Young sister in law 29 widow (7 children/1 living) TN TN TN, Charley Young 7 TN TN TN. (Richard Pryor and family are on the 1920 Census in Wise Co., VA. Richard is a son of Harmon Pryor. Richard md Ella Best)
House 57/57 William PRYOR 39 (md. 15 yrs) TN TN TN, Ann wife 30 (5
children/3 living) TN TN TN, Edith dau 9 TN, Madge dau 7 TN, Maud dau 2 TN. (son of Harmon Pryor)
3rd Dist., page 76a, house 92, Horace Dillard 31 (md 3x) md 4 NC NC GA, Georgia Ann (PRYOR) 31 wife (md 2x) 7 children/4 living TN TN TN, William son 15 TN, Richard son 10 TN, Fred son 5 TN, Rose dau 3 TN. (Georgia is the daughter of Harmon Pryor)
4th CD., page 141A, house 167/168 Mary PRYOR 63 widow (8 children/6 living) NC Scotland NC, Andrew son 28 TN NC NC laborer coal tipple (widow of Harmon Pryor)

1920 Census Rhea Co., TN
3rd Dist., page 3b, house 57 William PRYOR 51 TN TN NC, Annie wife 40 TN TN Ger, Edith dau 19 TN, Madge dau 16 TN, Maud dau 12, Seborn son 5 TN, Mozell gr-dau 9/12 TN TN TN (This family is on the 1930 Census in Roane Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Roane County, TN

After the Revolutionary War?
– Matthew PRYOR b. 1759 states on his military pension application that he was born in Granville Co., NC, moved to Richmond Co., GA, moved to Granville Co., NC, moved to Washington Co., VA, back to NC, then to Roane Co., TN and finally to Marion Co., TN.

1808 Marriage – Matthew PRYOR Jr. married Henrietta WILLIAMS, daughter of William Williams. Married 22 September 1808.

1808 Deed – Matthew PRYOR Sr named on deed to Michael Hostler. 25 acres on Poplar Creek.

1808 Deed – William PRIOR, 35 acres on Indian Fork of Poplar Creek. Recorded in April 1809.

1809 Marriage – Betsy PRYOR married Adam Craig on 21 Apr 1809

1809 DeedWilliam PRIOR . S#231 3-5-1809. E#320 6-23-1808. 35 acres on waters of the Indian Fork of Poplar Creek. Beginning on Charles McClung‘s 3,000-acre tract…corner to Michael Hosstlar’s 25-acre survey…near foot of Waldens Ridge. SCC: Michael Hostlar, David Griffey. Recorded 4-1-1809. Lifted 10-25-1810.

1811 Deed – William PRYER: Ansearchin’ News, East Tennessee Surveys, 1807-1813, Roane County.
William PRYER, S#362 2-1-1811, E#812 1-21-1811. 5 acres on Piles Turnpike Road on Rocky Branch of Little Emerys River . SCC: Reuben WILLIAMS, John RECTOR. Recorded 2-22-1811. Lifted 1-22-1812 by William PRYER.

1811 Deed – REUBIN WILLIAMS (possibly Reuben Williams). S#401 9-13-1811. E#826 2-2-1811. 14 acres on waters of Poplar Creek on Pile’s Turnpike Road and on Black Oak Ridge nearly opposite to Alexander Gilbreath’s Still House including a field with some peach trees. SCC: JESSE PRYOR, John Rector. Recorded 9-30-1811. (from page 119 of ANSEARCHIN’ NEWS, Vol. XI, Jul 1964, No. 3 issue in “East Tennessee Surveys 1807-1813” submitted by Mable H. Thornton. Jesse Pryor and John Rector are on the 1805 Tax List in Anderson Co., TN)

1813, Minute Book – John Brown Esq Shff returned that he had served Mattw Pryor & Wm Eblen constable to attend this court. Matthew Pryor is sworn to attend G. Jury. Monday, January 18, 1813

1813, Minute Book – Matthew Pryor is by the Court appointed a constable in the county of Roane and have entered into Bond with Will Gard[–?–] [–?–] & also [–?–] his security was duly sworn. Monday, 18 January 1813

1813, Minute Book – This assignment of a plat & certificate of survey from Thos Botler to Lewis Rector for 60 acres of land in Roane county was duly proven in open court by John Per[–?–] & Matthew Pryor subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be certified.

1813, Minute Book – The assignment of plat & certificate of survey fom Thos Botler to Martin Rector for 40 acres of land in Roane County was proven in open court by the oath of John Purvis & Matthew Pryor subscribing witness thereto & ordered to be certified.

1816 – 1817 Deeds. Land deeded to William PRYOR from Arden Evans. Land was located on Poplar Creek.

1817 Marriage – John H PRIOR married Henrietta Williams on 1 Aug 1817

1826 Marriage – William PRIOR married Sally Burnett on 16 Dec 1826

1830 Census, Roane Co., TN
page 62 Able Crew 000010001 – 00011001
Alexander Crew 30001 – 00001
page 62, line 23 Harris PRYOR 00011-00001001 (Son of Samuel Pryor and Frances Ferguson, brother of Thomas Pryor and Mary/Polly Pryor Hudson)
page 62, line 24 John Rector 00001 – 1001 (entry on line under Harris Pryor. John Rector is on the same page of the 1805 Tax List in Anderson Co., TN with a Jesse Pryor)

1833 Roane County Chancery Court – Estate of Martin Rector of Morgan County.
Names his wife Sarah Rector, administrator Richard Oliver, son David M. Rector, daughter Polly Rector. Describes tracts of land that boarder Butlers on Poplar Creek.

1837 Tax List for Roane Co., TN
District #1 Edmund PRYOR
District#1 Preston PRYOR
District #14 Harris PRYOR (son of Samuel Pryor and Frances Ferguson)

1840 Census Roane Co., TN
Page 68, Harris PRIOR 000001- no
females (son of Samuel Pryor and Frances Ferguson)

1846 Court Case, Roane Co., TN
“Whereas P. Miller FREELS and Harris PRIAR have refered to us a arbitrator a certain matter of controversy between them concerning a legacy from said Freeles grandfather Samuel PRIAR deced. to determine the same and we having met at the store of J.G. Carmichael on the 16th of May 1846 in the presents of both parties and having heard all matters alledged and proved by them and after fully considering the matter do determine decide and award that the said Freels is entitled to recover of the said Harris Priar one hundred and forty dollars and each party pay his own cost this 16 day of May 1846.” – Roane Co., TN, Estate Book E and Original Estate Papers 1847-1855

1846 Affidavits by Harris Pryor and Alcy/Alvey Pryor Lockett (his sister) state their mother was Frances Prior, whose maiden name was Frances Ferguson. Frances was deceased. She was a sister of John Ferguson of TN, and a sister of Robert Ferguson of VA. Alcy states she knew both John and Robert Ferguson and that John was deceased in 1846. John Ferguson lived and died in Coffee Co., TN and had two daughters: Elizabeth Ferguson Stone and Lucy Ferguson Blackburn. They both refer to John Ferguson having left Anderson Co., TN.

1850 Marriage – Austin L Green married Emily R. PRYOR (b. 1821) on 13 Jan 1850 (Death record for daughter Jennie Elizabeth Green Mahoney states her mother was Emily Rice Liggett. So, which Pryor did Emily marry?)

1850 Census Roane Co., TN
20th Sub. Div., page 434B, house
John PRYOR 53 cooper VA, Emily 45 VA, Andrew J. 10 TN, Feraby [Phereby?/Phereba?] 9 TN, Alexander 5 TN, William B. 3 TN.
(In 1860 William B. Pryor age 14 is on the Hamilton Co., TN census)
20th Sub Div, page 448b, house 1804 Austin L. Greene 38 clerk VA, Emily R. (Mrs.PRYOR) 29 TN, Catharine 12 TN, Henry 10 TN, William 8 TN, Leander 4 TN, Rebecca 1 TN
(Austin L. Green md. Emily R. Pryor- nee Liggett?- on Jan. 13, 1850 in Roane Co., TN. Henry is child from Austin’s first marriage. His son Henry’s death record states his mother was Delilah Crow.)
20th Sub Div Page 343b, house 306 PRYOR Dennis 25 TN, Margaret 21 TN, Sarah A 6/12 TN
20th Sub Div, page 323a, house 21 Stephen Honey 54 TN, Cynthia 20 SC, John 20, Lydia 20, PRYOR L Honey 15, Elizabeth J 12, Lilburn 9, Evan L 8, Sarah A 5, Marion H. 3, Columbus A 2
20th Sub Div, page 344a, house 316 Pleasant Furgeson (Ferguson) 27 TN, Lucinda P 26, Stephen R 5, John A 2 TN, Margaret 8/12 TN.
20th Sub Div, page
344a, house 317
Stephen Furgeson (Ferguson) 52 TN, Ann 50 TN, Margaret 25, David 23, William 21, Nancy J 17, Jonathan 14 idiot, Hugh 12, Elizabeth 10, George 8.
20th Sub Div, page 375a, house 746 Joseph Grammar 100 farmer b. Germany, Mary 81 VA. (Joseph Grammar was a Rev War pensioner. He was convicted of fornication with Elizabeth Pryor in 1797 in Charlotte Co., VA. About 1799 living in Bedford Co.,VA)
20th Sub Div, page 423b, house 1439 Pleasant M. Freels 37 farmer TN, Lucinda 27 TN, Samuel 14 TN, Nancy 12 TN, Anna E 9 TN, Judge A 6 TN, Parmelia 4 TN, William 1 TN. (Pleasant Miller Freels and wife Lucinda Qualls, grandson of Samuel Pryor and Fanny Ferguson)
20th Sub Div, page 424a, house 1445 Acy (Ailey) Locket (PRYOR), 50 VA, Louisa 25 TN, Elizabeth 20 TN, Solomon Crain 30 TN, Nancy A 28 TN, Ailey C 2 TN (Daughter of Samuel Pryor and Fanny Ferguson)
20th Sub Div, page 433b, house 1586 George Parks 76 VA, Elizabeth 61 TN, Emily 38, Lorena 34, Wright D 30, Lafayette 26, Perry 22, PRYOR Parks 20, Lephorena Moore 17, Samuel Parks 7, Jackson Moore 21

1860 Census Roane Co., TN
Page 108a, house 99 Austin L. Greene 49 VA, Emily R. (Mrs. PRYOR) 39 TN, Wm C. 17 TN, Bluford L. 14 TN, Elizabeth J. 9 TN, Willis C. TN, Sarah J. 5 TN, Austin A. 2 TN, John B. 3/12 TN.
(Austin L. Green md. Emily R. Pryor -nee Liggett? on Jan. 13, 1850 in Roane Co.)
Dist 14, page 266, house 2015 Pleasant M. Freels 47 TN, Lucinda 40 TN, Samuel 21 TN, Nancy 19, Anna E 16 TN, Alex 14 TN, Amellia 12 TN, William 10 TN, Richard 8 TN, Louisa 6 TN, Pleasant M 2 TN.
(Pleasant Miller Freels is on the 1870 Census in Anderson Co., TN).
Dist 14, page 268, house 2020 Ailsy Lockett (PRYOR) 74 VA, Elizabeth 28 TN, Jane 3 TN.
(Ailsey or Acy PRYOR, daughter of Samuel Pryor and Frances Ferguson)

1870 Census
Roane Co., TN

1st Dist., page 332b, house 105 A. L. Green 58 deputy clerk & master $6500/$3500 Emily (PRYOR) 49, Jimi 18, Willis 16, Josephine 14, Austin 12, J.B. 10, Charles 5, E. Leggett 75 (f), Caroline B—s? (bl) servant 35.

1880 Census Roane Co., TN
Dist 1, page 292b, house 262 Austin L. Greene 67 VA VA VA, Emily R. (PRYOR) 58 wife TN VA TN, Willis S. 26 son, TN VA TN, Josephine 25 dau TN VA TN, Charles 15 son TN VA TN.

1900 Census Roane Co., TN
Dist 1, page 2a, house 22, Austin L Green Jul 1811 88 VA VA VA farmer, Emily R (PRYOR) wife May 1821 79 (9 children/5 living) TN VA TN, Josephine dau May 1855 45 TN VA TN, Charles W son May 1865 35 TN VA TN physician, Walter grandson Sept 1887 12 TN TN TN

1930 ensus Roane Co., TN
1st Civil Dist, page 19a, house 388 Will PRYOR 60 (md 22) TN TN NC, Anna wife 52 (md 14) TN TN TN, Maud dau 22 TN, Seburn son 16 TN, Agnes dau 7 TN
(This family is on the 1920 Census in Rhea Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Robertson County, TN

1798 Court Record – Sampson Trammell appointed to jury duty (William Pryor made guardian of Sampson Trammell’s orphans in Stewart County, TN in 1812)

1800 Court Record – Unpaid taxes for 1800, 1801 court record. John PRYOR 150.

1802 Deed
– James Haynes of Barron County & State of Kentucky of the one part and Thomas Haynes of Robertson, TN. James sold 320 acres to Thomas. The land was on the Red River and mentions “William Pryor’s corner as agreed on by said Hannah & Pryor, thence North with Pryor’s line to a stake on the Kentucky line…” (this was near Logan County) Deed Book F, p.318. 6 Oct 1802.

1813 DeedJames Pryor from John Stranger. Land on Red River. 29 October 1813. Wits: Oliver Edwards, William Edwards, Edward Edwards.

1813 Ad – Land For Sale in Robertson County, within one mile of Mr. Cavitt’s. 220 acres on the Red River. Dwelling house, orchards. Ad placed by Thornton PRYOR on 29 Oct 1813 (Nashville Whig, Nashville TN 9 Nov 1813)

Robertson County Court Minutes (1811-1815)
Joseph Kizer (or Kiger) filed assault charged against Thornton Pryor in May 1814.

1813 Deed- Thornton Pryor, of Sumner County, to Ezekiel Norman. Land on Cooks Branch of Red River. Wits: Jno. Strothers, Benjamin Gains. 5 November 1813. Book K, page 169.

1814 Land Survey for Mathias Travis. Noted that land was bordered by James PRYOR, on the south side of the north fork of the Red River.

1814 Deed – James Pryor to William Kirsey. 8 November 1814. Land on Red River. Wits. Oliver Edwards, Matthew West. Book K, page 485.

1814 Will: Thornton Pryor and Jacob Young named as security in will of Willis Dosset abt. 1814 CT Min 3/356

1816 Deed Thornton Pryor to John Burney. March 1816. Wits: William burney, William Alberson, P. Dalroy. Book K, page 338.

1817 DeedJeremiah Pryor to George Glimph. Land on North Fork of Red River. 26 February 1817. Wits. Thomas Williams, David Cooper, John Williams. Book M, page 279.

1819 Legal Notice
State of Tennessee Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals, fifth circuit. March term 1819. John P Crabtree vs Anderson Cheatham and Thornton Pryor. Injunction Bill, in equity. This day came the complainant by his counsel, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that one of said defendants, Thornton Pryor, is not an inhabitant of this state, so that the ordinary process of law can be served on him. It is therefore ordered by this court, that publication be made in the wig, a paper printed in Nashville, four times, that if said defendant does not appear here on or before the term next of this court, and plead, answer or demur,  to the complainants bill, the same will be taken for confessed and set for hearing, to be heard ex parte, at the next term. A test, f. W. Hewling, Clerk of said Court and master in equity
(Nashville Whig, March 27th 1819. A Wikipedia article on anderson Cheatham states he was one of the earlier residents of Robertson County, TN.)

1820 Census
Page 18 John P Yates (John Pryor Yates) 10001- 0001
(John Pryor Yates married Sarah Martin in Spartanburg, SC )

1818 Supreme Court Case (original action filed in Robertson Co. in the circuit court in 1815). John Haslet and James Stuart v. Thornton Pryor.

1842 — Report of Unconditional Certificates Issued by The Board of Land Comrs. (Commissioners?) for Robertson County, Benjamin W. Pryor, witnessed by John West and James Lane. Number of acres not listed on the report.

1860 Census Robertson Co., TN
Western Division, House 77 John Fuqua 44 TN, Mary 50 VA, Elizabeth 20, William L.
18, James B. 17, Mary 14, John L. 12, Thomas 11 (Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>John Fuqua & Mary Taylor – in laws to John Pryor in Sumner County and William Pryor in Overton Co., TN.)

1880 Census Robertson Co., TN
Dist. 12

Page 164C Will P. PRYOR 26 TN TN TN, Susan wife 21 TN TN TN, William son 4 TN, D. D. son 2 TN.

1910 Census Robertson Co., TN
6th Dist., Carr’s Creek & Rock Spring Rd., page 91B, house 179 William PRYOR 63 widow TN TN KY farmer, Erwin son 25 TN TN KY saw mill , Bailey son 23 TN TN KY saw mill, Jim son 20 TN TN KY, Alice dau 18 TN TN KY.
9th Dist., Springfield Town, page 5b, house 107 Mammie PRYOR (mu) 29 widow TN TN TN, Jamie T. Kilms (mu) son 11 TN TN TN, Evans (mu) son 9 TN TN TN, Charlie (mu) son 7 TN TN TN, Elizabeth PRIOR dau 1 9/12 TN TN TN, John Ridley (mu) brother 21 TN TN TN, Georgie Knox (mu) sister 20 TN TN TN, James A. Knox (mu) nephew 1 TN TN TN.

1930 Census Robertson Co., TN
Dist. 13, page 12A Browns Fork Road Robert
Lee PRYOR 27 (21) TN TN TN, farmer, M. Allice 24 (18), Robert L. 4 TN
(James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>James Pryor & Sarah Melissa Stewart>William Henry Pryor & Martha Hollars>Robert L. Pryor)

Pryor Records from Rutherford County, TN

1820 Census Rutherford Co., TN
Murfeesboro, Allen PRIOR 210110 – 10010 (oldest male 26 to 45 years, born between 1775-1794)
(On the same page with Allen Pryor is a James S. Hannah. Also in Rutherford Co. was a Howell Tatum. Are these the same men who were connected to the John Pryor, William Pryor, Jenny Pryor and Mary Pryor -who married John Hannah- in Sumner County in the 1790’s?)

1823 Marriage – 26 August 1823 John Pryor married Rebecca Cook. (Rebecca may be the woman who was in Christian Co., KY in 1850, married to Ab Nixon)

1827 Marriage – 28 Feb 1827 Amanda Pryor married William Batte (or Bette)(Overton W. Crockett surety for marriage. Amanda F. Batte is on the 1850-1870 census in Sumner Co., TN. Overton Crockett (born 1791 in KY) is on the 1850 Census in Rutherford Co. with a son named Allen B Crockett.)

1828 Deed of Trust – 1 April 1828 John H. Pryor to William H. Smith and George Smith. Wife Sarah Pryor named in deed. Mentions estate of Robert Smith. John was selling slaves Fanny age 42, Sharlotte 20, Peter 18 months, and William about 6 weeks; all of his household and kitchen furniture, horses, hogs, cattle corn and fodder. Wits: Jennings Rooker, John B. Salmon. Book R, page 334. (What was John doing? Selling everything? Were they planning on leaving the state or were they extremely in debt?)

1830 Census Rutherford Co., TN
Page 335, Jno. H. PRYOR 0000001-0121001
(John Hughes Pryor married Sallie Smith in Goochland Co., VA., daughters Henrietta b. 1815, Sophia b. 1818, Virginia b. 1823. He is on the 1820 Census in Goochland Co.)

1837 Tax List for Rutherford County, TN – Sarah Pryor (Widow of John Hughes Pryor)

1837 Deed – John H. Pryor and wife to George Morris. 23 May 1837. Land on Ovalls Creek, part of tract of Major Robert Smith, deceased. Book W, page 224.

1838 Marriage – 6 March 1838 Sophia S. Pryor married Ezra Keyser
(This couple is on the 1850 Census in Fulton Co., KY)

1840 Census Rutherford Co., TN
Page 70 A. C. Sublett 0110001-110001
(Abner C. Sublett and wife Louisa Ann Pryor. They are on the 1830 Census in Bedford Co., TN. They are in Rutherford Co. through the 1880 Census.)
Page 74 Ezra Kizer 00001 – 10001
(Ezra Keyser, husband of Sophia Weston Pryor. They are on the 1850 Census in Fulton Co., KY)

1850 Census Rutherford Co., TN
Flemmings Dist., page 287A, house 544 John Jones, 53, carpenter, VA Betsy Jones 52, VA Robert Jones 21, carpenter, TN Martha 19 TN Mary 17 TN, William 15, TN Jno. A. Clapton 19. carpenter, TN. James PRYOR 20, carpenter, TN.
(Ancestry.com. Family Trees has Sophia Weston Pryor who married Ezra Keyser in Rutherford Co. as a daughter of John Hughes Pryor of Goochland Co., VA. Is James Pryor also from this line? By 1850 Sophia and family were in Fulton Co., KY and in 1870 and 1880 in Gonzales Co., TX.)
Valley Dist., page 289a, house 566 A. C. Sublett 54 VA farmer, Louisa (PRYOR) 47 VA, Valentine A. 20 TN physician, Jno. C. 18 TN, Sarah J. 16 TN, Susan A. 13 TN, Horace A. 8 TN, J. N. Langbry? 24 merchant PA, George W. Burk 22 physician TN, Jno L. Burk 20 TN. (Abner C. Sublett and wife Louisa Pryor. Abner and Louisa are last on the census in 1880, still in Rutherford County. A researcher reports Louisa is the daughter of John Hughes Pryor).
Wilkinson Crossroads, page 192b, house 608 Benjamin Potter 42 VA, Martha (PRYOR) 38 VA, John Potter 11 TN, Amanda Potter 11 TN. (A researcher reports Martha Pryor is the daughter of John Hughes Pryor)

1860 Census Rutherford Co., TN
Murfeesboro, page162A, house 119/119 W. W. PRIOR (m) 26 painter $1200/$1200 TN, ?? 29 (f) TN
House 120/120 William Winston 45 carpenter TN, R. J. (f) 40 TN, E. M. (m) 22 brick mason TN, W. D. (m) 17 mason TN, R. F. (f) 13 TN, F. A. (m) 10 TN
Murfeesboro, page162B, house 128/128 J. L. PRIOR (m) 29 carpenter $4600/$4000 TN, M. E.(f) 25 TN, W. T. (m) 7 TN, F. Clark (m) 31 carpenter KY, H. Brown (m) 30 TN, H. Garland 23 (m) Engineer TN.
(slaves: males 0/females 1)(James L. and wife Mary Winston are on the 1880 Census in Cannon Co., TN.)

1870 Census Rutherford Co., TN
2nd Ward, Murfeesboro, page 10, house 18 Jas. (James) L. PRYOR 40 carpenter TN, Mary 34 TN, Wm (William) 18 TN, Nancy 10 TN, Elias 6 TN, Sania? 3 female TN, Mansory? 6/12 female TN, Nicholas Peiffer 50 tailor Beljium? House 54, Thadeus Tucker (bl) 39 farmer TN, Harriet (PRYOR) (bl) 35 TN, Sarah 12 (bl) TN, Bill (bl) 14 TN (Sallie Womack Jordan death record in Davidson Co. states her parents were Thadeus Tucker and Harriet Pryor.)

1880 Census Rutherford Co., TN
2nd Civil Dist Mary PRYOR 29 NC Ire NC, Charles 6 son TN TN NC, William 3 son TN TN NC, Alonzo 3/12 son TN TN NC, born in February 1880.