Richard Pryor Escapes to America? (1819)

This news article about a Pryor who ran to America may be one of the few stories to confirm a Pryor’s journey from the old world to the new world. Did he go to the United States or Canada? I wonder if the US was extraditing many suspected felons back to the UK? Did he continue to use the Pryor surname? Oh, so many questions.

Forgery. Richard Pryor the young man who stands charged with forgery on Mssrs. Martin, Son and Hughes. and for whose apprehension a reward of 500L has been offered, has succeeded in effecting his escape to America. On his arrival at Liverpool, he put up at an Inn in that town, kept by a person who was formerly a waiter at the London Coffee-house, Ludgate-hill, and in the capacity had known Pryor as an occasional frequenter of the house. No suspicion, however, was entertained respecting him, but on the arrival of the Newspapers of Friday last, which stated the particulars of the forger, the Innkeeper wrote to the parties in town, stating the fact of Pryor’s having been there, and informing them that he sailed from that port in a vessel bound for America on the Sunday preceding, viz. the 25th ult.

The Morning Chronicle, London, August 5, 1819