Rodolph: Samuel Pryor of Lexington

I love race horses. Why? Because their owners in their need to brag about breeding tell so much about the owners! The Kentucky race horse Rodolph was such a horse.

About The Racehorse Rodolph

Rodolph was described as “a bright Bay, each of his hind pasterns white; fifteen hands three inches high, handsomely formed and well proportioned for strength and action.” (Kentucky Gazette, April 12 1838). The same article states Rodoph was “bred by me” (Charles Buford) and was 7 years old, foaled on April 15, 1831.

The Samuel Pryor Tie-In

The Pedigree of Rodolph explains that “his g. great grand dam was brought to Kentucky by Samuel Pryor, Sen. and I have the statement of William Daily, (who trained her) showing conclusively, that she was by Taylor’s bellair, and a successful runner here in early times. (Kentucky Gazette 26th April 1838)

This short snippet hints that Samuel Pryor the race horse owner was a “senior”. And if there’s a senior there must be a younger Samuel Pryor that they are attempting to differentiate from. It also explains that the older Samuel Pryor emigrated from another location to Kentucky. I think I can explain where Samuel came from… Virginia. American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine, Volume 13 published in 1842 states the pedigree of a horse that was stud of Charles Buford, sired from a line brought by Samuel Pryor from Virginia. This publication restates the name of Rodolph’s great grand dam to Tayloe’s Bell-Air.