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Buyer Beware of Pryor Books That Won’t Help Your Genealogy Search

Ugh, last week someone posted a tartan online that they professed was the plaid for all people by that surname (it wasn’t Pryor). Alas, if you look at the FTDNA YDNA results for that surname there are many DNA haplogroups of that name — some who never even put a toe near Scotland.

So there’s a Pryor Family Heritage Book for sale on Ebay. There’s already some people watching this auction. If you want to explore it here’s the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Pryor-Family-Heritage-Book-Published-by-Beatrice-Bayley-Inc-Ltd-Ed-1-1982/112115058893?hash=item1a1a9408cd:g:1EYAAOSwFV9Xxiso

Before you get too excited by the book and auction, I’d like to share a bit about these books. I’m not very excited by it because it’s just as authentic as a clan tartan without DNA or written records to back it up. Here’s a description of these books by Beatrice Bayley (is that even a real person?): “…the only difference between this book with your special surname and the thousands of others sold over the years is a printout of a dozen or more pages of names and addresses lifted from telephone directories. Phone numbers are even omitted.” The description goes on to describe buyers as “unsuspecting” and lumps the books in with “fraudulent family histories”. This description is even more stunning when you realize it’s the seller who’s describing the book in these terms! https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/author/beatrice-bayley/

I’ve bought my share of Genealogy junk through the years. It pays to do some homework– even just Googling the name of the author and/or title. I also like to check out Google Books because many of the book offered online are reprints of books that are out of copyright and available for free on Google Books.


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