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Found – Descendant of Pryor-Fenner

Yesterday I posted information on Olivia M. Pryor and husband Dr. Christopher Smith Fenner. Today I have more information on this Pryor line.

The book referenced yesterday stated that Dr. Fenner d. 1879 in Louiville, KY. I located his death record on Ancestry.com. It turned out that it was transcribed and indexed as “Dr. Martha Fenner”.  The record clearly states it is Dr. C. S. Fenner.  I have no idea how they came to index the entry as  “Martha” — just an oops.

An Ancestry User Submitted tree connects Olivia Maria Pryor b. 1834 as a daughter of Green Pryor of Marshall Co., MS.  In 1860 a child named Olivia Fenner b. 1856 is living in the house of James Henry Alexander and Martha Elizabeth Pryor (another daughter of Green Pryor and his wife Olivia).  I’m unable to find either Olivia b. 1834 or her husband Dr. Fenner on the 1860 or 1870 Census.

The book that referenced Dr. Fenner stated he moved to Louisville in 1872, so it is consistent with that account to find Olivia P. Fennerb. Jan. 1857 in TN living in Louisville, KY on the 1880 and 1900 Census. Dr. Fenner’s death record states he was living at 410 6th St. in Louisville at the time of his death, and that is the address at which Olivia is recorded on the 1880 Census!  In 1900 Edward A. Lyon b. 1867 was living in the same household as Olivia, and in 1910 she was counted in his household in Union Co., NJ. The 1910 Census is quite interesting because the relationship between Olivia and Edward A. Lyon was recorded as cousins.

Well, by now you probably know I  ask a lot of questions and follow every lead!

I suspect that Edward A. Lyon, if truly a cousin, is related to Olivia P. Fenner through her mother’s Pryor, Polk or Alexander lines as Dr. Fenner was born in Rhode Island.  In 1900 Lyon stated on the census that he was born in IN and his parents in KY. Then in 1910 both he and his parents born in KY. His place of birth also changes between KY and IN on the 1920 and 1930 Census records.  There are few Edward Lyons in the census records of KY and IN. The only possibility I found was Edward Lyon who was on the 1880 Census in  Vandenburgh Co., IN– son of Matthew Lyon born in KY and Sarah born in TN.

That’s where the trail grows cold. No answer yet of how the lines connect.

Leroy B. Pryor – Part II: Can We Connect the Cousins?

Leroy B. Pryor is one of the Jackson County, TN Pryors who remains a mystery.  Solving Leroy’s ancestry will probably clean up many of the unresolved Pryor lines in this county!

Leroy B. Pryor first appeared in District 9 of the 1850 Census.

In the same district are John Y. Crocker and the elder Sary Pryor aged 86 born in NC (perhaps his wife’s grandmother?).  John Y. Crocker had a son named Allen P. living in household… Perhaps Allen “Pryor” after the older Allen Pryor who was living in District 1 of Jackson County.  The Crockers had another Pryor connection in Jackson County: Rhoda and Polly Pryor (daughters of Henry B. Pryor of Pike Co., AL) were living with William and Alsey Pryor in District 1. These Pryor sisters married William B. Crocker and Thomas W. Crocker respectively and settled in Williamson County, TN.  It’s not yet known why Henry’s daughters continued to live in Tennessee as teens after Henry moved to Alabama with his sons.

Naming traditions were not always followed, but they can be clues to sort through the relationships. In 1855 Henry’s son Robert/Robertsonnamed a daughter Rhoda Ann presumably after his sister or perhaps both girls were named for an older relative.  Henry B. named sons Luke and Allen. We know Luke was his grandfather.  Could Allen be a brother? Henry B. was born 1790 in South Carolina, he could be a brother of Allen and Alfred in Jackson Co. who were born 1810 and 1808 respectively in South Carolina? Neither Allen nor Alfred named sons Luke, Henry, nor John which may have been a strong naming tradition if they were from Henry B.’s line.

In District 9 living near Leroy B. Pryor is Jane Pryor Allen b. 1827.  She was counted in the household of her mother in law Rebeca Allen and her husband Robert N. Allen.  Jane died in 1919 and her Jackson County death record states her maiden name as “Pryer” and her mother as Linda Pryor.  Jane was the mother of 12 Allen children. The first Allen son was named Jesse and the last named Robert N. Allen Jr. It can not be ruled out that Jane was related to Jesse Pryorwho was recorded on Overton County census records.

Leroy B. Pryor left Tennessee and was in Greene County, MO by 1852. In 1854 he was recorded in Washington County, and by the time of the 1860 Census in Crawford County. In 1870 and 1880 he was counted in Phelps County.  If there is a clue in the westward migration pattern, Leroy’s son John Pryor, John Y. Crocker, and also the children of Alfred Pryor and Serrena Dill Pryor who lived in District 1 of Jackson County, TN moved to Iron County, MO which borders the counties in which Leroy lived.

Allen and Alfred Pryor on Jackson County census records stated their place of birth as South Carolina. The Sary Pryor living with the Crockers and her probable grand-daughter, Dorcas Dennis (?) Crocker, both stated their place of birth as North Carolina.  Rhoda Pryor Crocker stated her parents were born in South Carolina which is consistent with where her father Henry B. Pryor stated he was born on the 1850 Census.  Leroy B. Pryor stated on the 1880 Census that both of his parents were born in North Carolina.  Other census entries are confusing if not unreliable. For example, the children of Allen Pryor when counted in Franklin County, IL  in 1880 stated their parents were born in Tennessee.

An interesting link is Mayhew (Mahue, Mayhugh) England. In 1850 and 1860 he was counted living with Nelson families in Jackson County, TN. In 1900 Mayhew England was counted in Iron Co., MO one house away from Margaret Pryor Anderson, a daughter of Alfred Pryor. Mayhew’s Missouri death record states he was the son of Austin England and Margaret Nelson.  Now if we can just tease out the relationships from the connection of the Pryors and the Englands: In 1830 Austin’s father, Jeremiah England, was counted near Jesse Pryor in Overton County, TN.  Jeremiah was on the 1850 Census in District 10 of Jackson County, TN.  In his household was wife Sally and two Romine children.  More Romines, Englands, and Pryors are on the Census records in Greene County, IL.

What if we go backwards in the records to look for a connection? The 1840 Census for Jackson County, TNmay hold clues in how the family names are grouped in the record. Found on pages 282 through 286 that cover District 9 are households of Pryor, Crocker, Allen and Romine. … More in PART III