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Digging Up More Pryors in Kentucky

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I found a new trick to turn up more Pryors.  The Kentucky Death Records on Ancestry can be searched by Keywords. When I typed in Pryor it came back with Smiths, Warners, Allfords and all kinds of surnames, but Pryor. I realized that it wasn’t just searching the name of the descendant, but it was also searching out the names of the parents. In most cases the newly uncovered Pryors are daughters whose married surname on census records disguises their Pryor lineage.

Check them out…   I’ve added these Pryors to the census extractions on the Tennessee Pryor website https://tennesseepryors.com/pryor-website/state-records/kentucky-counties-a-d/.

Added Tennessee County Map and Reorganized Census Extracts

I admit that alot of the enhancements I make to the Tennessee Pryor website, I make for myself. I really hate looking at a census record on the site and then having to find a map to see where a county is located and what other counties surround it. We know have a new way of looking at the Pryors in Tennessee!

In the MAIN MENU under the section called CENSUS EXTRACTS we have a new link called TN COUNTIES. Click on the link to go to a map of Tennessee. It’s not just a map, it’s a means to navigating to Pryor census extracts for each county. (Go to Map) It’s a cool way to explore which Pryor families lived in a particular county and also to explore which Pryors were living in neighboring counties. Who knows, we may be able to figure out some more relationships and ID a few more Pryors!

For the researchers who like the “tried and true” you can still view the Tennessee census extracts organized by the census year by goint to the section called CENSUS EXTRACTS and clicking on TN CENSUS. 

Let me know if you find any bugs, and of course let me know who you find!

Debunking a Daughter of Explorer Nathaniel Pryor

Recently I found the book “Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. 48” by James Shannon Buchannan, et. al., published 1936 in Google Books.  It tries to make a connection between an Osage woman named Mary Jane Pryor and the Lewis and Clark explorer, Nathaniel Pryor.

“The Osage Rolls contain clues for tracing the decendants of Pryor and Osinga… alottee No. 251 He-he-kin-to-op-pe, Jan. 1, 1894 Full (Mary Jane Pryor); 450 (Mary Pryor) Jan 1, (dead).”  The book further states that this is probably the Mary Jane Pryor who married Charles Alderman on 17 March 1849 in Franklin Co., MO.

The Internet is such a wonderful place for genealogists and family history researchers.  With digitized records it’s now easy to search and compare informaton in books.  I found Charles Alderman on the 1860 Census in Jackson Co., MO. He appears to be the same man who married Mary Jane Pryor in 1849.  The pieces add up that Mary Jane was the daughter of Lindsey Pryor and Jane Renfro, not Nathaniel Pryor.

  • Lindsey W. Pryor was living in Franklin Co. in 1840. He was married to Jane Renfro.
  • There was a young girl in the household on the 1840 Census.
  • Lindsey’s son John S. Pryor was living in Jackson Co., MO in 1860 in the same town as Charles Alderman.
  • The oldest child in the Alderman household, William, was born in about 1853, after the 1849 marriage.
  • Living with the Aldermans  —  Jane Pryor who is the right name and age to be Lindsey’s widow Jane Renfro.

Mary Jane is not on the 1860 Census. It appears she was deceased. Therefore she wasn’t the daughter of Nathaniel Pryor,  nor was she the Mary Jane on the 1894 Osage Rolls.

Google Books Perks Interest in Giles Co., Pryor line

In researching my family tree, I’ve become a big fan of Google Books. It’s amazing what Google has gobbled up (actually scanned) and stores on their site. The books that seem to have the best information for Genealogists are the older books. The older the better! First, copyright restrictions are usually long expired on the older books, so Google can display the text in it’s entirety. Second, in the older books there are often first-hand recounts of biographical information or other generations of stories that are closer in time to the actual events — hence, better memory – better information!

Recently I stumbled upon The Trail drivers of Texas, by John Marvin Hunter, B. Byron Price in Google Books.  There are sketches of David Christopher Pryor b. 1850 in LA. He and his parents are on the 1850 Census in Desoto Co., MS. The sketch confirms that David C. , Ike T. and Archibald M. were all children of David C. Pryor and Emily McKissack. The book has a photo fo David C. Pryor and an additional biographical sketch  and photo of Ike T. Pryor.


To connect the dots back to Tennessee, the 1850 Census states that the elder David C. Pryor born 1826 was born in Tennessee. The sketches (above) of  his sons David and Ike both state their family lived in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, and from the birthplace of the siblings, it appears that David Sr. and his wife were in Louisiana and Florida.  As adults the siblings also moved from state to state , living  in Texas and Colorado.

1845 – 1847  John Pryor and David C. Pryor Jr. born in Louisiana.
1850 David C. Pryor  Sr. and family counted on census in Desoto Co., MS.
1852 Ike Pryor states he was born in Tampa, FL.
1855 After Pryor Sr died, Mrs. Pryor took her 3 sons to Alabama.
1858 Mrs. Pryor died and I was sent to live with an uncle in Spring Hill, TN  (Williamson Co., TN).
1860 Census David C. Jr. and brother Isaac “Ike” were in Lawrence Co., AL.
1873 A. M. Pryor married Lucy J. McKissack in Giles Co., TN
1877 Archibald M. Jr. born in TN (1880 he and his mother are in Giles Co., TN).
1881 Ike and Archibald joined in cattle stock partnership.
1885 Archibald M. Pryor living in El Paso Co., CO.

Which Tennessee Pryor family is the line David C. born in 1826?

More Marion County Pryors

I wish the Pryors in Marion County Pryors were my line! It seems like this year some great discoveries have been made and DNA has helped to confirm some researchers connection to this line. I’m tying up the research on the “Marion” line who settled in Hardin County. I’ve updated the census extractions on the TN Pryor website, starting with the 1870 Census. Nova Lemons has been a huge helping to establish the connections has added information to her website at https://lemons.homestead.com/McNairyPry.html

We’re certain we have found in Hardin County George Washington Pryor, a son of Philip Pryor and a grandson of Matthew Pryor of Marion Co.  In 1870 Andrew Jackson Pryor, George’s newphew, was also in Hardin Co. Andrew was a son of Jacob N. Pryor and a grandson of Philip Pryor. Jacob and his other children were in Henry Co., TN in 1870, but by 1880 his son William B. was in Hardin Co. and in 1900 his daughters Colestia and Caldonia were also in Hardin Co.

Something interesting came up in our digging, we found that William B. Pryor is buried under the name Button Pryor. Does anyone know of a connection of a Button family to these lines of Pryors?