Added Tennessee County Map and Reorganized Census Extracts

I admit that alot of the enhancements I make to the Tennessee Pryor website, I make for myself. I really hate looking at a census record on the site and then having to find a map to see where a county is located and what other counties surround it. We know have a new way of looking at the Pryors in Tennessee!

In the MAIN MENU under the section called CENSUS EXTRACTS we have a new link called TN COUNTIES. Click on the link to go to a map of Tennessee. It’s not just a map, it’s a means to navigating to Pryor census extracts for each county. (Go to Map) It’s a cool way to explore which Pryor families lived in a particular county and also to explore which Pryors were living in neighboring counties. Who knows, we may be able to figure out some more relationships and ID a few more Pryors!

For the researchers who like the “tried and true” you can still view the Tennessee census extracts organized by the census year by goint to the section called CENSUS EXTRACTS and clicking on TN CENSUS. 

Let me know if you find any bugs, and of course let me know who you find!