William H Pryor of Clay County and Blessed Bruington

WAR of 1812: Claim of Widow for Pension, under the Provisions of Sections 4736 to 4740 inclusive Revised Statutes, and the Act of March 9, 1878.

State of Tennessee
County of Clay

On this 25 day of January, AD one thousand eight hundred and eighty personally appeared before me W W W Hearn, the same being a Court of Record within and for the county and State aforesaid, (1) Blessed Bruington age 88 years, a resident of Clay Co., in the State of Tennessee, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is a widow of (2) James Bruington deceased, who was the identical (3) James Bruington, who served under the name of (4) James Bruington as a (5) private in the company commanded by Captain Sutton, in the regiment of Infantry, commanded by William Woodfork in the War of 1812; that her said husband (6) was drafted at Jackson Co., Tenn on or about the 1st of September, AD 1814, for the term of 6 months and continued in actual serviced in said war for the term of (7) 6 months, and whose services terminated, by reason of (8) discharge at Fort Jackson, on the ____ day of March, AD 1815.  She further states that the following is a full description of her said husband at the time of his enlistment, viz: (9) stout, dark complexion, height not known.  She further states that she was married to the said james Bruington, at the city (or town) of _________, in the county of Jackson, and in the State of Tennessee, on the 11th day of ____ AD 1812, by one (10) Hollingsworth, who was a (11) Justice of Peace and that her name before her said marriage was Blessed Smith, and that she has not remarried since the death of the said soldier; and she futher states that (12) neither she nor her husband had been previously married and that her said husband (13) James Bruington, died at Putnam Co., in the state of Tenn., on 14 day of October, AD 1864; and she futher declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her said husband since the date of his discharge from the Army, viz; (14) Jackson Co., Tenn and Putnam Co., Tenn. She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which she may be entitled under the provisions of Sections 4736 to 4740 inclusive Revised Statues, and Act of March 9, 1878, and herby constitutes and appoints with full power of stubstitution and revocation. J. L McFarland of Washington, DC her true and lawful attorney, to prosecute her claim and she futher declares that she has heretofore made a application for (13) pension, which she is informed is incorrect and substitutes this therefore and that her residence is Clay Co., Tenn and she is physically unable to go before the clerk of court Oakley, Overton Co., Tenn.

Signed Blessed Bruington (her mark)
Attest: John M. Hummel
Attest: William H Pryor

Tennessee Death records are  now available on Ancestry.com. John McDonald Hummel is not only living near Blessed Bruington and William H Pryor in 1880, but his mother Judith Hummel was living with him. Hummel’s death record confirms his mother was Judith Pryor Hummel. 

So, not only did Mrs Bruington choose these two neighbors to witness the pension application, but two neighbors who were Pryors. I think researchers of William H. Pryor’s line should consider that he and Judith are related.

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