Initial DNA Results on Sumner, Overton, and Virginia Pryors

I used to start blog posts alerting Sumner County Pryors to new finds in my family tree.  After creating my theory of how my Sumner County (and Overton County Pryors) connect with Pryors in Amherst,  Henrico, Goochland, and other Virginia Counties… I need to find something more encompassing. Perhaps alerting folks to an update to Nicholas the Headright family tree?

So anyone related to Nicholas Pryor who entered Virginia in 1688 I have some NEWS.

Recently one of my relatives took a DNA test.  We got some interesting results.

First, we found that our tree connects with a cousin Nancy L. Childress.  Nancy L. was the niece of Abraham Childress.  Therefore she was also a cousin of the Miss Childress who married David Pryor a son of Nicholas Pryor.  This is big news because it helps to support my theory that our Pryor line is descended from Nicholas, David and Miss Childress.

I went back and looked at relationships in the family tree.  Let’s consider this… when John Pryor and his wife Massie and his brother William and  his wife Spicy came to Sumner and Overton Counties in TN, they were living near their relatives who were settled in Nashville.  David Pryor and wife Susannah  Ballow of Nashville were the Uncle and Aunt of John and William Pryor.

I think that’s pretty stunning.  David and Susannah’s daughter Mitchie married President Thomas Jefferson’s brother.  Mitchie’s son John Randolph Jefferson (1816-1845) is buried in Nashville City Cemetery (view his tombstone).

I’m not letting this Jefferson connection go. There’s also a family tree I’ve reviewed that suggests our Pryor line has a DNA connection to Peter Jefferson.  Now I’m wondering where the “other” Jefferson marriage is in our family tree! Perhaps Nicholas’ wife Susannah was a Jefferson or his grandson John (father of the Sumner/Overton  John and William) married a Jeffereson?

Always another Pryor mystery to solve!