C J D Pryor: Semple’s Seminary in James City VA

“I have established on my Farm, in the County of James City, about 12 miles from Williamsburg, and about one mile to the est of the main stage road, a Male and Female Seminary, to which I beg leave to invite the attention of the public.”

“The Institution will be entirely under the direction of Mr. C.J. D. Pryor and such other teachers as he may associate with him.”

Richmond Enquirer, December 31, 1839

Pryor had taught at Hampton Academy before teaching at Semple’s Seminary.

Posted by John T. Semple, who was C.J.D. Pryor’s cousin in law. Semple was married to Elizabeth Armistead Pryor (C.J.D. and Elizabeth were both grandchildren of Christopher Pryor.

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