California Chrome Pedigree Part of the Pryor Racing Heritage

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Has the hype surrounding the beautiful thorough bread, California Chrome, got you counting the days to the Belmont Steaks? It should be tickling your genealogy bone too because California Chrome pedigree can be traced right back to the Virginia Pryors who were involved in breeding and training.

Horse trainer John Benjamin Pryor (see Wikipedia) was the man behind the great race horse Lexington.  He trained the horse that was considered the finest horse of the time and for generations to come. California Chrome’s pedigree leads back through famous horses you may recognize by name – Secretariat and Seattle Slew. Go back further and you’ll find these three Kentucky Derby winners can count Lexington as their long-ago grandpa!The most incredible thing is how well-documented the lineage leading to California Chrome—it goes straight back to immigrant equine ancestors who were the first to arrive from England in the early 1700’s. If you’d like to see the lines there’s a nifty website that has the pedigrees online:

You may see familiar names in the horses’ names: Childers (Childress?), Pryor, Atkinson—or place names like Rockingham and Bedford.

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