Who Married William Pryor and Spicy Taylor?

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William Pryor and Spicy Taylor of Overton County, TN were married 18 August 1809 in Campbell County, VA. Consent was given by the bride’s father, Edward Taylor. If ages from the census records are correct, William was between 39 – 48 years old. Spicy was 19. William’s age may indicate this was a second marriage for him. John Taylor was both a bondsman and a witness (probably Spicy’s brother John—we know she had a brother by that name because he is named with the family in an 1829 indenture in Overton County, TN – Deed Book F, page 176). The marriage was performed by Samuel Davidson. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could find Rev. Samuel Davidson and see if there were any clues to the whereabouts of William and Spicy.

Samuel Davidson was in Lynchburg, Campbell, Co., VA in 1810. Familiar surnames around him are Josiah Patteson, James Bailey, Richard Pollard, Overton Evans, William Oglesby, Alexander Davidson, James Maxey, William Taylor, John Woodson, Jacob Woodson, James Taylor, George Davidson, Wirt Taylor, Robert Wright, Robert Wright Sr., George Wright, Silvy Wright.

One researcher posted online- “Rev. Samuel Davidson married Frances Oglesby on 18 Oct 1802 in Campbell County, VA, and he died in Appomattox County, VA around 1861. He had a son named Reverend John A. Davidson.”  This is an excellent clue as it coincides with what we already suspect about the location of this Pryor line—they lived in the part of Campbell County that became Appomattox County in 1845.  It also states Davidson’s family was in Prince Edward County which we already know that through divisions part of it became Campbell County.

Frances Oglesby is important too because she was the daughter of Richard Oglesby. Her sister, Mary Polly Oglesby, had married Hezekiah Taylor a relation of Edward Taylor (not to be confused with Edward’s son who was also named Hezekiah Taylor).