Death of William Pryor b. 1864

The report of the death of a William Pryor from Virginia, son of Captain Pryor, in 1889:

Wm Pryor a young man 25 years of age committed suicide yesterday by taking morphine. He was on a Western North Carolina train, and between Ashville and Hickory he swallowed 40 quarter grains he took the drug had no labels on it and it was not until the young man had fairly loaded himself that attention was attracted to him. A passenger saw him dump the whole contents of the box into his mouth and throw the empty box to the floor. Shortly afterwards he began to show the effects of the drug, and his tongue became so swollen that it bulged from between his lips. He was put off at Hickory and medical attention was summoned, but his death quickly ensued. The unfortunate young man was a son of Capt. Pryor who was formerly road master of the Richmond & Danville Company at Charlotte.
The Daily Review (Wilmington, NC – 20 May 1889)

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