Edward Pryor vs. Edward Phair/Pheir/Pharr in Georgia

It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting out of Georgia records anytime soon. There were 2 men by very similar names who were in Georgia at about the same time. Can I tease apart Edward Pryor and Edward Pharr (Phair)?

Edward Phier, 1789 (not a signature)

A land survey for a Edward “Pheir” in Wilkes county dated 2nd November 1789 and registered on 10th November 1789 is for a man using the surname Phair/Pheir. Edward “Phair” signed his will on 27 August 1793 in Wilkes County, naming his heirs: children Rachel Robison, Margery Wallace, Margaret Wilson, Anne McEwen, Ephraim Phair, Samuel Phair, Edward Phair, Francis Phair, Jonathan Phair, John Houtten Phair, and grandchildren Edward Phair, Edward Phair McEwen. Executors sons Ephraim, Samuel and Edward. Witnesses Alexander McEwen, James (no surname written), Francis Phair. Edward was deceased by 11 February 1795 when Ephraim, Samuel and Edward took out bond to settle the estate.

An inventory of the estate of Ephraim Phair was made by Jane Powers and Alexander McEwen in Oglethorpe county on 13 January 1804. Several documents within these papers spell the surname “Pharr.”

There was an Edward Pryor who deeded land to his sons through indenture in 1796 in Oglethorpe county. He may be the same man who is mentioned in Wilkes county records. Many of the records I site online are from books so they are another person’s interpretation of handwriting.

If Georgia research is your Pryor cup-of-tea, then it’s recommended that the original records be reviewed to rule in and rule out surname spellings for Pior, Phair, and Pryor/Prior.

Colonial and Headright Plat Index https://vault.georgiaarchives.org
1784 Edward Phan 200 acres Wilkes
1785 Ann Prior 100 acres Burke
1785 Matthew Pryor 200 acres Wilkes
1786 Edward Pharr 170 acres Wilkes
1785 Ephraim Pharr 200 acres Wilkes
1785 Jacob Pharr 200 acres Wilkes
1787 Robert Pior 350 acres Burke
1787 Hayden Prior 16 acres Richmond
1788 Edward Prior 300 acres Wilkes
1791 Samuel Pharr 385 acres Wilkes
1798 Robert Pior 50 acres Jefferson