John Pryor and Brother Charles Pryor of New Orleans (about 1844)


Marriage Affidavit of Bridget Fox and John Pryor in New Orleans (click to enlarge)

I came across the 1844 probate file for John Pryor of New Orleans on Philip Canterbury assisted Bridget Fox Pryor (sometimes spelled in documents “Prior”) in filing a petition in the Probate court. There’s a note at the bottom of the petition: “as brother of the deceased I have no objection to the above prayer (signed) Charles Pryor.”

The marriage document was signed by the rector of St. Antony’s Chapel, documenting that John Pryor and Bridget Fox married on 4th October 1843.  Anne Bryne, a  mid-wife, attested that she delivered a son to Bridget Fox Pryor on the 23rd or 24th of August 1844. The baby was large and Bridget had a long labor, and the baby died soon after birth. Another document from Father Flanagan at St. Patrick’s church stated their record was that the baby was buried on 25th of August 1844 in the church cemetery.

The estate wasn’t settled until 24 February 1848 when it was concluded by judgment.

On the 1850 Census Bridget Prior was still in New Orleans and counted in the household of Philip Canterbury:

Dist. 3, page 242b, house 1751 Philip Canterbury 52 soda manufacturing MA, Bridget Prior 34 Ireland

So were John PRYOR and Charles PRYOR from Ireland?