Knox County, TN – Here’s a Bourbon County, KY Pryor!


Knox County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Record Date 7 July 1831
A Power of Attorney
Peter Nance and Polly Nance
to G. L. Pryor
of Kentucky
Authorizing him to collect money from the estate of Edward Pryor dec’d and for other purposes was —– by said Peter and the private — of said Polly having been to him by the court, — to the one action then of the same is enclosed to the certified H–

If you click on the image of the document, it will enlarge.  If you can make out more words please let me know.  I believe Mary “Polly” Nance is the wife of Peter Nance and the daughter of Joseph Pryor of Botetourt County, VA.


1843 Court Record Nicholas County, KY
GREEN L PRYOR deceased May 1843 in Circuit Court of U S District of Kentucky – suit in Chancery, etc. James M WHITMORE heirs, William Whittemore, deceased. vs CATHERINE A PRYOR, MARY PRYOR, JOHN PRYOR, and ELIZABETH PRYOR, tract of 30 acres at Lower Blue Lick in Nicholas County, lots 123, 421, 21, 22, 23 in Bartlettsburg … Tavern House erected by William WHITTEMORE and when mortgaged Dec 17 1836, occupied by said GREEN L PRYOR as a tavern … [from Elizabeth Pryor Harper’s “Twenty-Two Southern Families” ]