L. M. Pryor of the Mexican War

mexican american warI’m wondering if we can I.D. the Pryor mentioned in this post-Mexican war report (the war ended 2 February 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo).

Unclaimed Corpses. — If it is a joke, it is a melancholy one, that a number of boxes, with dead bodies in them–the remains of gallant men–American soldiers who fell in Mexico–have been stored at New Orleans for a long time past with nobody to claim them. One of them, marked “L. M. Pryor,” contains it seems, the body of Dr. Phaill of Tennessee, and was broght (sic) to N. Orleans two years ago! (pub. St. Louis Organ)
–printed in The Greensboro Patriot, Greensboro, NC
22 Sept. 1849

I wonder if L. M. Pryor is one of the Williamson County Pryors. Luke Pryor’s sister married Angus McPhail. The Boston Liberator carried the same report and stated the doctor’s name as McPhail (it helps to have 2 sources!). There’s no indications that Angus was a doctor and it appears he was alive after the Mexican War in 1850. Perhaps this is a relative?

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