The Last Words of William Pryor of Middlesex County, VA

I love the the Virginia estate records on When you can read the originals there’s more insight into what the record is and the circumstances.  I had identified information on the TnPryors website as the will of William Pryor. The record indicates this wasn’t a written will, rather death bed instructions.

Page 388 (image 498), slide 534
On Monday night the 22nd day of May 1786 about four or five — before the death of Mr. William Pryor with Martha S Caty — was sitting in the room where he lay sick, the said decedent did call on them to come to his bed side and bid them to take notion — his will and — — that after his just debts were paid the residue of his estate he left to his wife during her life to support his children and after her death to be equally divided amongst all his children and reminded them again be sure to take notice as they must make oath to the same. His six or twelve horses he did not know which . The above committed to –ting the twenty seventh day of May in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty six by
Henry Voss
The above testamentary words confirmed by Saunders Bristow who was present at the time this 25th day of Sept. 1786
Henry Vass

It’s likely that Henry Vass was William’s son in law. “Henry Vass Jr., married Elizabeth Pryor of Middlesex county, VA. The bond is dated 22 Nov 1779.” The same article connects the Voss and Boyd families, including in the line the 1834 marriage of Robert Byrd Boyd to Mary A Pryor (a daughter of Brazure Williams Pryor,  although no connection is made to William Pryor who died in Middlesex County).

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