Prayor or Pryor?

Migration Direction

The Sikeston Herald (MO)
22 Dec 1938
Mrs. C I Hall visited her sister, Mrs. Elza Lepley, one day last week when en route to Memphis. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. W. E. Pryor, and two other sisters: Mrs. G. W. Terrell and Miss Corette Prayor, all of Wyatt.

When I stumble upon a news article that mentions Tennessee I have to take a deeper look. Are these TN Pryors?

It piques my interest even more when I see that the mother’s name was spelled “Pryor” and the sister was a Miss “Prayor” Were they Pryors or Prayors?

I found Corette Prayor on the 1930 Census with the same spelling of her surname. She was born in MO in 1915 and working as a servant in the household of James Pierce. She was living in Sikeston, Scott Co., MO. It also noted that both of her parents were born in KY.

The good news that shortened my search was that Corette was counted twice on the census. She was also in the household of William E. Prayor b. 1877 and his wife Irene, both born in KY. The family is also on the 1920 Census in Mississippi County, MO. The Find A Grave memorial for William Elza Pryor states he was born in 1879 in McLean Co., KY.

Well, there seems to be some confusion of Prayor vs. Pryor But it looks like they were visiting TN not living there.