John Polk Pryor Newspaper Editor

eagleSeveral years ago I wrote about John Polk Pryor‘s Bible (  I spotted his obituary on, so sharing it.

Colonel John Polk Pryor died at Frankfort, KY Friday. He was a near relative of President Polk, and before the war edited The Eagle and Enquirer at Memphis. He was in Forrest’s command in the Confederate army, and wrote “The Life of Forrest.” He had been in Frankfort twenty years as a newspaper writer.
The Evening Bulletin (Maysville, KY. July 20, 1891)

From Memphis in 1865, John Polk Pryor wrote of Confederate President Jefferson Davis just months after the end of the Civil War. It was re-published in a Northern newspaper: read article

John Polk Pryor published in Memphis under the name J. P. Pryor. I had some fun searching for what  he wrote and his activities. He was an interesting, politically active kind of guy.

A stand had been erected outside in front of Exchange Building, fronting the river, whither the crowd repaired, and were address by Judge Brown, E. M. Yerger, Esq., Cols. J.P. Pryor and A. H. Douglas, and other sin eulogistic speches in favor or Douglas and Johnson.

It will be observed that theree out of the four speakers, viz: Messrs. yerger, Pryor and Douglas are but recent converts from Federal Know Nothingism, the two latter never having voted for a Democratic candidate for the Presidency in their lives. The idea of such men counselling and leading the Democracy in an emergency like the present is as ludicrous as it is absurd.
Fayetteville Observer (TN), July 19, 1860

The event referenced was a political speech regarding the presidential race. Lincoln was running against Stephen Douglas and Hershel Johnson was Douglas’ running mate (see a campaign button). It sounds like John Polk Pryor was a Douglas supporter.