Pryor Lea and the Pryor Name in Knox Co., TN

I spotted politician Pryor Lea from Knox County in a document with his name spelled “Lee”. Just passing along that his name can be spelled different ways. I usually hear from researchers who ask if politician Pryor Lea was a Pryor or wasn’t he a Pryor?  I think I’ve spotted a Pryor family who share names with his family.

Pryor Lea born 1794 in TN
Parents possibly Major Lea and Lavinia Jarnigan
m1 Maria Kennedy on October 6, 1818.

Children, Abraham, Julia, Centhia, and James Kennedy m2 Minerva Heard m3 Mary Perkins.
William Pryor born c. 1800
m Lavinia Kennedy born c. 1805 in PA
Children:  James, Isaac, William M, Samuel L, Catherine Elizabeth. Son James named son Abraham Pryor

A year ago I wrote about the Botetourt, VA Pryor names who showed up in Knox County (see post).  Keeping this research note on the back burner for later.