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Pryor Records from Elmore County, AL

1840 Notice – J. W. PRYOR lost pocket book with papers in Wetumpka, AL. Included in the papers was a receipt from A. Sample. (Wetumpka Argus, 15 Apr 1840. Other references in this newspaper refer to this person as James W PRYOR.)

Pryor Records from Fayette County, AL

1830 Census, Fayette Co., AL
Page 206 John PRIOR 100001 – 13001 (oldest male 30-40 yrs, born 1790-1800)
Page 209 Johnson Strong (See 1833 Revolutionary War pension notes)

1833 Revolutionary War Pension Application for Johnson Strong, John PRYOR a clergyman, gave an affidavit testifying to Strong’s veracity. Johnson Strong b. 1758 in Hanover Co., VA and volunteered in 1776 in that County and served under Charles Dabney. In 1777 he volunteered to work ” in the public iron works in Buckingham County, VA.”

1850 Census Fayette Co., AL
15th Div, Page 89a, house 463 D Coggin 42 lawyer TN, Mary 36 TN, Martha 11 TN, Mary 9 TN, Manda 7 TN, George 1 AL (Daniel Coggin, his 1855 estate names John and Richard W. Pryor. There are Coggin marriages among the Pryors in Pike Co., GA)
Page 44b, house 610 David J. PRIER 49 NC, Jince J. 29 NC, Frances Bretherton 9 NC, John L. White 21 NC. (Jincy Pryor is named in her father, Nelson Shelton’s will signed 1832 in Lincoln Co., NC. David and Jincy are on the 1870 Census in Sanford Co., AL. In 1860 Frances Bretherton was living with Samuel Shelton and family who were also from NC — there are several Shelton and Bretherton families in Lincoln Co.)

1855 Estate – John PRYOR and a Richard W. PRYOR appear in the estate of Daniel Coggans, as claimants, June 1855, Fayette Co., AL (Rootsweb has posted Daniel Coggin came to AL from TN in about 1845. He was a lawyer and senator.)

1860 Census, Fayette Co., AL
Eastern Division House 143 John PRYOR 64 miller $4000/$5000 TN, Dysey 58 NC, Dysey M. 20 AL, Rebecca 15 AL, Alford Dodds 21 GA. (At this point there appear to be possibly two Pryor families in Fayette Co. This John was born in about 1795 in TN. John Pryor married Dicey White in Blount Co., AL in 1820. Daughter Dicy Melissa Pryor married John Anderson Welch.)
Western Division House 35 D. J. PRIOR 59 farmer $5200/$1815 NC, Juliann 55 NC, Juliann P. 14 NC, Mincyann 11 NC, John W. 21 GA, Martha R. 22 AL, Mahalia 1/12 AL. (This is probably the David J. Pryor who was on the 1850 Census)

1867 Voter Registration
John PRYOR (wh), age 67

1870 Census, Fayette Co., AL
page 420B House 104 John PRYOR 75 farmer TN, Dicy 68 NC.

Pryor Records from Greene County, AL

1816 Resident in Greene Co. – William PRYOR

1822 Estate Archibald PRIOR, administratix Mary P. Prior. William Allen, administrtor. Estate inventory dated 8 Sept. 1823. Creditors’ surnames: Harris, Peck, Leaman, Cavanaugh, Allen, Crawford, Aaron Higginbotham, Harper, Lovell, et al.

1850 Census, Greene Co., AL
“Boarding School” Page 313A Christopher J. D. PRYOR 35 Teacher VA, America B. 26 VA, Christopher J. D. 6/12 AL. (C.J.D Pryor married A. B. Wilkinson in York Co., VA on Sep. 29, 1845. Christopher J. D. Pryor attended William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA. He returned to teach in VA and was in James City, VA in 1860 and in Marengo Co., AL in 1870)

Pryor Records from Hale County, AL

1853 Birth, Hale Co., AL – Mary E. Pryor, daughter of Christopher J D Pryor born in Greensboro. At this time CJD Pryor was the president of the Greensboro Female Academy.

1880 Census Hale Co., AL
Greensboro page 328A Samuel PRYOR 80 VA VA VA, F. V. (female) 42 VA VA VA, W. H. Tisdale (male) 26 VA VA VA livery, John Bell 21 clerk in stable AL AL AL. (Samuel Pryor, son of Richard Pryor and Ann Bland. He is on the 1860 Census in Dinwiddie Co., VA. F.V. is daughter Fannie Virginia Pryor)

Pryor Records from Henry County, AL

1850 Census Henry Co., AL
Page 452b&c, house 1075 P. B. Skipper, 30 sheriff… counted in household, was this person a prisoner? W. E. PRIOR 50 farmer, male, SC. (Patrick B. Skipper died about 1870, his estate was filed in Henry Co. Orphans Court)

Pryor Records from Jackson County, AL

1830 Census Jackson Co., AL
Philip Hamons (Hammon) 1200000001 – 00200001 (oldest male in household is 70-79 years, born 1751-1760. Philip Hammon was a Point Pleasant, now in West Virginia when he and John Pryor dressed as Indians to sneak out and warn the residents of Greenbriar of an impending Indian attack.)

1860 Census Jackson Co., AL
Bridgeport, Page 340&341, house 16/16 Augustus Gunter 45 farmer TN, Elizabeth 47 VA, Montague 16 AL, Caldean? J. male 14 AL, John H. 12 AL, John W. McNutt 27 teaches com. school TN, Benj. (Benjamin) F. PRYOR 22 merchant TN. (Possibly Benjamin Pryor son of Philip Pryor who was on the 1850 Census in McNairy Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Jefferson County, AL

1900 Census, Jefferson Co., AL
Birmingham, ward 2, ED#135, sheet 3b, house 1724 Carrie McLemore Feb 1873 29 widow WI WI WI boarding house, Walter son Dec 1893 6 AL AL WI, Jas. Sutton boarder Jan 1873 26 NC NC NC, O. M. PRYOR 1860 FL FL FL (Obed M. Pryor counted twice in 1900. See Escambia Co., FL)

Pryor Records from Lauderdale County, AL

1852 Marriage – Hilliard C Harmon on 23 May 1852 in Lawrenceburg, TN, to Dolly Pryor. “Both of Florence.” (Tuskegee Republican, 17 June 1852. The marriage was recorded in Lawrence Co., TN as bride DBB Pryor — This may be Dolly Beverly Pryor of Madison Co., AL.)

1860 Census, Lauderdale Co., AL
Daniel Harmon 65 carriage maker VA, Lucy Harmon 63, Albert A Harmon 40, Sarah Harmon 40 TN, Hilliard C Harmon 29 VA, Silas D Harmon 13, Alice Harmon 11, Edward A Oneal 41, Olivia M Oneal 38, Alfred Oneal 18, Rebecca J Oneal 16, Edward A Oneal 13, Julia Oneal 10, Emmet Oneal 6, Georgia C Oneal 4 (Hilliard C Harmon married Dolly Pryor in 1852.)

Pryor Records from Lawrence County, AL

1860 Census Lawrence Co., AL
Courtland PO, Northern Div., page 1019, house 203 Lucy Armstrong 29 farming TN, Andrew 6 AL, James 4 AL, Joe Cottinghome 30 overseer AL, David PRYOR 10 LA, Isaac PRYOR 8 FL (David C. and “Ike” Pryor sons of David C Pryor and Emily McKissack. They were in DeSoto Co., MS in 1850. Isaac Pryor was in Travis Co., TX in 1870 and 1880, later in Bexar County. Also in the household was 20 y.o. Lucy McKissack who may be the same person recorded as Lucy Armstrong in 1860. A biographical sketch of the Pryor brothers report they were sent to live with an aunt after their mother’s death, so Lucy is probably their aunt.)

Pryor Records from Limestone County, AL

1830 Census Limestone Co., AL
Page 169, James PRIOR 00011 – 1121001 (oldest male 20-29, oldest female is 40-49)
Page 237, Luke PRYOR 01000001 – 20220100001

1840 Census Limestone Co., AL
Page 24 Luke PRIOR 0001000001-00111001
(aged 70 to 79 years, born 1761-1770)
Page 143 Wm (William) D. Allison 010001 – 21001 (husband of Martha Pryor)
Isabella Allison no males – 00010001
F. R. Shelton 000001 – 02001 (husband of Ann Batte Pryor)

1850 Census Limestone Co., AL
House 401 Luke PRYOR 30 Lawyer b. AL, Isabella V. 24 AL, Anna 4, William R. 2, Luke 80 VA, Anna B. 40 VA, Mary J. 33 VA, Harriet B. 31 VA.(Luke Pryor & Ann Batte Lane>Hon. Luke Pryor)
Page 79a, house 378 Frederick Shelton 45 merchant VA, Ann (PRYOR) 37 VA, Mary A. 17 AL, Virginia 16 AL, William B. 10 AL, Haywood J. 3 AL, Frederick 9/12 AL. (Luke Pryor & Ann Batte Lane>Ann Pryor Shelton)

1860 Census Limestone Co., AL
Div. 1, Athens, Shoal Ford PO, page 453b, house 384/384 Fredrick Shelton 49 merchant VA (widow of Ann Pryor Shelton)
House 386/386 Henry W. Kimbell 45 farmer NC, Mary D. (PRYOR) 43 VA, William E. 12 AL, John H. 9 AL, Huldah G. 6 AL, Ann E. 4 AL, Allen Sanders 28 overseer AL, John Boyce 27 day laborer AL (Luke Pryor & Ann Batte Lane>Mary Pryor. Mary Pryor md. Henry W. Kimbell 9 Nov 1859 in Limestone Co.)
Div. 1, Athens, Shoal Ford PO, page 472b, house 534/534 Thomas S. Malone 47 Physician VA, Harriet B. (PRYOR) 40 VA, Susan S. 20 AL, Ellen T. 18 AL, Nicholas D. 15 AL, Lizzie W. 13 AL, Mary R. 11 AL, Laura B. 5, Emily P. 2 AL, William McHiney 15 MS, Samuel D. Ogburn 28 M. E. Clergyman TN, Susan 22 TN. (Harriet Bolling Pryor was living with her parents in her brother’s household on the 1850 Census)
Div. 1, Athens, Shoal Ford PO, page 477b, house
Luke PRYOR 40 lawyer AL, Isabella V. 35 AL, Aurora 13 AL, William R. 11 AL,, Memory 10 AL, Ann B. 8 AL, Fanny S. 5 AL, Mary 1 AL, Ann B. 70 VA, Haywood Shelton 13 AL, Fredrick Shelton 12 AL.

1870 Census Limestone Co., AL
Athens, page 78a, house 21/21 Luke PRYOR 50 lawyer AL, Isabella 44 AL, Aurora 22 AL, Memory 19 AL, Ann 17 AL, Fanny 14 AL, Mary 10 AL, Harriett 4 AL, Nathan Harlan (bl) 35 teamster TN, Richard PRYOR (bl) 70 gardener VA, Sally Malone (bl) 35 domestic servant AL, Jane Roberts (bl) 40 laundress AL, James Malone (bl) 14 day laborer AL.
Athens, page 86a, house 2/2
T. S. Malone 58 Physician VA, Harriet B. (PRYOR) 52 VA, Mary 21 AL, Laura B. 15 AL.
Athens, page 100b, house 148/145 H. W. Kimble 55 farmer NC, Mary D. (PRYOR) 54 VA, William E. 21 AL, John H. 18 AL, Huldah 14 AL, Ann E. 13 AL
Twp. 2, Range 4, page 52b, house 33/26 Alex Maclin (mu) 64 KY, Rebecca (mu) 55 TN, Emma PRYOR (bl) 19 AL, James PRYOR (bl) 22 VA, Rebecca (bl) 9/12 AL
Twp. 2, Range 4, page 52b, house 36/29 Marco PRYOR (bl) 45 farmer AL, Mariah (bl) 43 VA, Paralee (bl) 15 AL, Lucinda (bl) 9 AL. (Mariah Pryor is in the household of Arch Pryor on the 1880 Census in Limestone County).
Twp. 4, Range 4, page 103b, house 130/130 Peter Woodroof 50 (bl) farmer MS, Arch PRYOR 50 (bl) TN, Narcissa 40 (bl) MS, Amanda 18 (bl) MS, Winny 17 (bl) MS, Jessie 14 (bl) AL, Henry 12 (bl) AL, Darcus 11 (bl) AL, Susan 9 (bl) AL, Sophronia 7 (bl) AL, Infant-female 12/12 (bl) AL born Dec. 1869.

1880 Census Limestone Co., AL
Athens, Beat 1, page 430a & b, house 92/113 Luke PRYOR 59 US Senator AL VA VA, Isabella 54 wife AL VA VA, Memory Peebles 29 daughter AL AL AL, Com S. Peebles 7 gr son AL AL AL, F. Snow Pryor 24 daughter AL AL AL, Mary D. Pryor 21 daughter AL AL AL, Hattie Pryor 13 daughter AL AL AL, Mary D. Kimble (PRYOR) 63 sister VA VA VA, Susan Frazier 18 servant house maid AL AL AL, Matilda Mason 60 cook AL Unk Unk, Robert Wood 36 coachman, MS Unk Unk
Beat 11, page 514a, house 198 Alex PRYOR (bl) 60 NC VA NC, Narcissa (bl) 38 wife MS VA VA, Amanada (bl) 27 daughter AL, Froney (bl) 15 daughter AL, Louveny (bl) 11 daughter AL, Rose (bl) 8 daughter AL, Angeline (bl) 5 daughter AL, William (bl) 1 son AL, Gabe Irvin (bl) 30 AL AL AL, Mariah PRYOR (bl) 75 VA VA VA..
Page 514b, house 199 Henry PRYOR (bl) 26 AL NC MS, Lucy (bl) 21 AL AL AL, Carrie (bl) 3 AL, Anderson (bl) 1 AL.

1900 Census Limestone Co., AL
Athens, Beat 1, sheet 8b, house 92/113 Col. Luke PRYOR July 1820 70 widow 8 children/5 living AL VA AL farmer, Francis S. daughter Jun. 1856 44 AL AL AL.