Pryor Wills – Ezra, Mildred, and William of Halifax County, NC

virginia and north carolina map

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Maps really help in figuring out the Pryors.  I like this map of North Carolina because it shows neighboring counties in Virginia and South Carolina. I added my own Photoshop flair to 2 areas of the map that intrigue me when it comes migrations of Pryor families.

The map shows the proximity of Pittsylvania County, VA and Rockingham County, VA. (read more about Rockingham/Pittsylvania Pryor connections). Brunswick County, VA is also in close proximity to Halifax County, NC — the surnames Pryor, Lane, and Mabry can be found in both counties.

Transcription of the Will of Ezra Pryor, 1830 Halifax County, NC

In the name of God Amen. I Ezra Pryor being infirm in body, but possessing sound mind have concluded to make this my last will and testament. I wish my body decently interred at the discretion of my friends, my soul I recommend to God. I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mildred Pryor, the following property viz all my Negroes, all my stock of horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs, likewise all my carriages, and all my plantation utensils of every kind. Household and kitchen furniture and one thousand dollars, I also loan to my beloved wife during her natural life or widowhood the following tract of land commencing a the run of Bear Swamp where Harts Meadow Branch empties into said Swamp thence running west until it intersects a small Branch thence up the said Branch until it forks, thence up the left prong of said Branch to the head thence a west course (so as to miss the plantation) until it intersects the main run of Butterwood Creek. Thence down the meanders of said Creek to Bear Swamp thence up Bear Swamp to the Bridge across said Swamp. Thence on East course along William Harvey‘s line to the mouth of the long ditch at the Gate thence up said ditch until it intersects Hart’s Meadow Branch, thence down said Branch to the first station. I loan to my father William Pryor and his wife Nancy Pryor and Mrs. Susan Elmore all the tract of land that I own on Rocky Swamp, during their natural lives. I loan to Negroes George and Grace the tract of Land on which they now live adjoining the Lands of Charles Isles and others during their natural lives then to be equally divided between my three children Martha R. Pryor, Mary G. Pryor, and Eliza A. Pryor but in the event of either of my children’s dying before they arrive to the lawful age or marry it is my will that the two surviving ones inherit the property of the deceased and likewise if a second should died it is my will that the surviving one shall inherit the property. I constitute and appoint my Father William Pryor and my wife Mildred Pryor my Executors and Executrix. September 6th A. D. 1830
W W Thorne
Wm Price
John Knight

Signed Ezra Pryor [seal}
State of North Carolina, Halifax County
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 3rd Monday of November 1830
Then this last will and Testament of Ezra Pryor was exhibited in open Court and duly proved by the oaths of Wm Price and William W. Thorne two subscribing witnesses thereto and on motion it was ordered to be recorded. Whereupon, Mildred Pryor, the Executrix therein named came forward to qualified thereto
M. H. Pettaway, Clerk

Halifax County, NC Wills, 1825-1854, Vol. 04 [ image 81]

Transcription of the Will of Mildred E. Pryor, 1834 Halifax County, NC

In the name of God amen:
I Mildred E. Pryor of the County of Halifax State of No. Carolina being of sound and disposing mind, but feeble in body, make and ordain this as my last will and Testament. Item-1st. I leave all my Household and kitchen furniture to be equally divided between my two daughters Mary R. Powell and Martha R. Brinkley. Item–2nd. I leave all the balance of my Estate consisting principally of money and slaves to John Powell in trust for the benefit of the children of his present wife my daughter Mary G. Powell. Item 3rd. I nominate and appoint John Powell executor to this my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of August 1834.
Mildred E. Pryor {seal}
S. Clanton
Kinchin Deckin?
State of North Carolina
Halifax County
Court of pleas and Quarter sessions
November term 1834
Then the foregoing paper —–? was offered for Probate in open court and duly proved by the Oath of Kinchin Decken a subscribing witness thereto and on motion ordered to be recorded whereupon John Powell the Executor therein named came into Court and was duly qualified as such.
Witness M. H. Pettway clk

Halifax County, NC Wills, 1825-1854, Vol. 04 [ image 127]

Transcription of the Will of William Pryor, 1836 Halifax County, NC

In the name of god Amen, I William Pryor of the county of Halifax and State of North Carolina being weak in body but of sound but of sound (sic) and perfect mind and memory do this the 19th day of August 1833 make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner following that is to say I leave to my wife and ample (?) support as long as she lives, with same Susan to wait on her she may have bee choice who it may be and at her death I wish the whole of my estate of whatsoever it may be to go to John Powell his heirs and assigns forever and I hereby make and ordain John Powell Executor of this my last will and Testament witness whereof I the said William Pryor have to this my last will and Testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written
Bejamin Crawley
H. D. Crawley
William Pryor
State of No Ca
Halifax County
August 6(?) 1836 then the foregoing two wills was exhibited in open court and the will of Harriet D. Eppes proved by F. L. Marshall an subscribing witness thereto and the will of William Pryor proved by the oath of H. D. Crawley and was ordered to be Recorded.
W H Pettway, Clk.

Halifax County, NC Wills, 1825-1854, Vol. 04 [ image 154]