Samuel Prior Under Sentence of Transportation from England (1748)

I get pretty excited when I find Pryor and Prior men who went afoul of the law in Great Britain. Executions reveal death dates. Lesser offenses… TRANSPORTATION. Before the Revolutionary War transportation meant a ride to the American Colonies. Wikipedia states transportation to Australia didn’t begin until 1787 (after the American Revolution and the American colonies were no longer an option). I’ve been trying to figure out from this 1748 newspaper article if any of these Priors were transported– it sounds like brothers John Prior and Thomas Prior were put in jail, thus rescuing their brother Samuel from transportation.

A few Days ago was committed to Maidstone Gaol, by the Hon. Robert Fairfax, John Cage, and James Calder, Esqrs. John Prior and Thomas Prior, two notorious Smugglers, charged on the Oaths of several Persons, with great Suspicion of being aiding and breaking into the said Goal, on Tuesday the 17th of November last, and rescuing from thence their Brother Samuel Prior (under Sentence of Transportation), Richard Blundell, Francis Marketman and John Hales, all four Smugglers.

Thomas Prior also charged on the Oaths of Richard Holder and Henry Parks, with riding in Company with several other Persons armed, and with suppos’d armed, and with suppos’d smuggled Goods; and also for selling unto the said Richard Holder, a Tub or two of smuggled Brandy.

The Penny London Post or the Morning Advertiser, 11th March 1748

The story gets a bit juicer because Samuel Prior escaped just a few months later (29th May 1748)

They write from Canterbury, that on the 29th past was bro’t to Mainstone Goal, John Hales a Smuggler, who broke out of the Goal the 17th November last, with Samuel Prior, Richard Blundell, Francis Marketman, being charged as Smugglers, and not yet retaken. This Hales was taken by two Officers of the customs at Dymchurch, in a lone House, in a Hole under a Furnace, covered with Ashes. He was conducted by Mr. Carey, Keeper of Maidstone Goal, being assisted by a party of Dragoons.

The Derby Mercury, 3rd June 1748

Did Samuel Prior ever make it onto a ship? He may be the man convicted and sentenced to death in 1752

At the said Assizes on Thursday last, Samuel Prior, alias Samuel Butcher, a Smuggler, was tried and capitally convicted, for being concerned with fourteen other Persons in breaking open the Custom-House at Colchester, and carrying off 15 Hundred Weight of Tea, which has been seized by Capt. Martin, Commander of one of the Custom-House sloops, which Tea was lodged in the said Custom-House for Security.

The Derby Mercury, 13th March 1752 (This sentence was also reported in The Philadelphia Gazette on 4th June 1752)