The Regulators Are Coming

Before a shot was fired at Concord a group of men in North Carolina who were called Regulators engaged in skirmishes to seek reform of the practices of Governor William Tyron.

Encyclopedia Britannica states that Herman Husband and John Pryor (of Orange County) were prominent men among the Regulators. Come February Outlander (Season 5) premieres and pretty much the whole season is about the formation of the Regulators and putting down the Regulators.

Herman Husband is a character in The Fiery Cross (the Outlander book), but may or may not be in the series. John Pryor not in the book, so probably not in the series. However, if John Pryor was your ancestor it could be fun to watch to see how this era plays out in a made for television interpretation (caution… it’s cable so this may contain violence, nudity, language, and possibly other things that may be disturbing).