Signatures: John Henry Pryor and Haden Pryor

John H. Pryor signed estate of Peter Rogers as a “garnishee”. 1787 Estate in Caswell County, NC states that Peter Rogers was from Halifax County, VA.  John Pryor who sold a tract of land to Roger Atkinson in 1770– Peter Rogers was a witness on that sale (Rogers relationship?).  Roger Atkinson, namesake of General Roger Atkinson Pryor of Nottaway County, VA. I suspect John H. Pryor who was a garnishee in 1787 isn’t the same man on the 1770 deed.

The John Pryor on the deed is possibly John who was married to Margaret and died with an Orange County, NC will in 1771 (before Peter Rogers died).

The John H. Pryor on the estate is likely the son of John identified as John Henry Pryor in the elder John’s will.


And another signature.

Most researchers identify Haden Pryor as the son of Philip Pryor and wife Ann— That would make Haden Pryor who signed the below document in 1783 and John Henry Pryor first cousins.