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Pryor Allied Lines in Craven County, NC: Loftin, Bryan

I’ve spotted some Pryor names in Craven County, NC who connect to each other and other families.

David Pryor married Sarah Loftin on 23 Jan 1788 in Craven County, NC with bondsman Samuel Pryor and witness William Bryan.

Below is an excerpt of Thomas Loftin‘s will (1794) that names his children: John, Longfield, Joseph, Elizabeth Lambert, Sarah Pryor, Mary West, and Frances. So, we can confirm Sarah’s father.


William Bryan is a name that appears frequently with the Craven County Pryor families. He witnessed David Pryor‘s marriage to Sarah Loftin. In 1774 he purchased items from the estate of Ephraim Lane with Thomas and Samuel Pryor. He witnessed Ephraim Pryor‘s marriage to Celia Pearson. In 1789 a deed to Samuel Pryor notes the land was located on William Bryan’s line.

Ephraim Lane was mentioned above. He died in 1774 and his wife Sarah Lane died in 1777. Samuel Pryor made purchases from both estates. Was Ephraim Pryor named for him?