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Connecticut Yankees on the Southern Frontier

Kanawha FallsWhen sorting out the Pryors in Kanawha County, I’ve wondered who were Abner and Allen Pryor. I’ve wondered if Allen (sometimes spelled “Allyn”) was kin to my ancestor Allen L. Pryor who settled in Sumner County, TN.

Nope, no connection.

I’ve wondered if Abner Pryor was the same man who was in North Carolina. An Abner Pryor died in Caswell County, NC in 1778 (during the Revolution), so he would not be the Abner Pryor on the 1792 Tax List of Kanawha County. A younger Abner Pryor was in Stokes County, NC at the time of the 1820 and 1830 Census. In 1820 he was 26 to 45 years old, which means he would have been 17 in 1792. I think that precludes the NC Abners from being the Abner who was in Kanawha.

I found the answer to Allen and Abner’s identity in The History of Ancient Winsor, Connecticut published in 1859 (http://books.google.com/books?id=Qg0WAAAAYAAJ). Abner and Allyn Pryor were from Connecticut and served in the Revolutionary War as young men in a Connecticut company http://www.genealogy.com/24_land.html . Connecticut and other developed northern states offered bounty land grants in the frontier, so it is likely that they came to Kanawha to pursue a land grant. Further support of the land grant is a letter written in 1820 by Allyn Pryor of Mason County which queries lands in Kanawha County received for his services in the Revolutionary War.

The 1850 Census would have answered the exact age and origin of these men. When it’s not available, so good to find another source!

Pryors in Kanawha County, WV and VA

I was able to ID another “Price” in the census records who was actually a Pryor. William Paxton Pryor born 1822 in Kanawha County, WV showed up in the 1860 and 1880 censuses of the same county.  I found that Ancestry.com had him and his family indexed as Price for the 1870 census.

William Paxton Pryor was the son of James also of Kanawha County.

James Paxton Pryor born 1776-1794 and Lucy Hudnall (James is on 1820 Census in Kanawha Co., and Lucy is head of household in Kanawha Co. in 1830 & 1840, later living with William Paxton Pryor.  Lucy was born 1797)
Tipton J. Pryor b. 1820 in VA – 1850 in Cooper Co., MO
Sarah Pryor b. 1816 in VA, md Dryden Starke in 1838 in Kanawha Co., VA. – 1850 in Cooper Co., MO.
Mary Jane Pryor b. 1824 in VA, md Hudson Windsor – 1850 in Morgan Co., MO.
William Paxton Pryor b. 1822 – his mother is living with him on the 1850 Census in Kanawha Co. On the 1880 & 1900 Census William stated both parents born in VA.

James is most likely the son of Nicholas Pryor who married Sally Paxton.  Nicholas was one of the earliest settlers of the Kanawha area.

Nicholas Pryor born before 1752
We know a bit about Nicholas Pryor from the declaration given by his brother William Pryor, recounting their adventures in pioneering the Kanawha area and service at Point Pleasant. Their older brother John was killed by Indians and Nicholas and William were in conflict with the Indians when they first tried to settle the area.
Children (with first wife “Mary”):
William b. after 1770. In 1797 married Sarah Tucker in Amherst County, VA.
Sarah/Sally Pryor b. abt. 1770. In 1795 married Robert Nichols in Amherst County, VA
David Pryor b. about 1770. In 1796 married Lucy Brown in Amherst County, VA
Jesse Bibb Pryor b. aft 1775-1778. In 1796 married Mary/Polly Nuckles (or Nichols?) in Amherst County, VA. He settled in Washington Co., KY.
Mary/Polly Pryor born about 1776 in VA. In 1804 married Moses Taylor. She is on the 1860 Census in Amherst County, VA
Children (with wife Sally Paxton, married 1782 in Amherst County, VA):
James Paxton Pryor b. about 1785
John Pryor born about 1787 in VA. In 1798 married Elizabeth Tucker in Amherst County, VA. He is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Amherst County, VA

William Pryor born about 1730
Nicholas Pryor and his sister, Susannah Pryor Harriman Milburn were deeded land in equal parts by their father (William) in the area of East Bank, West Virginia.  Susannah Pryor married 1789 in Greenbrier Co., VA to Shadrack Harriman. Harriman was killed in by Indians and Susannah remarried to David Milburn. In 1804 she deeded land in Kanawha Co. to her son John Harriman.
Nicholas b. before 1752. In 1810 he was living in Amherst Co., VA
Susannah b. about 1760.
William b. 1752-1754, in 1832 he gave a declaration about his service at Point Pleasant and names his brothers John and Nicholas.
John b. about 1750, died in an Indian raid in about 1780.

There’s some clarity to the like of William to Nicholas to James and later William Paxton Pryor and their activities in Kahawha County, but who are the other Pryors who settled in this region?

Luke Pryor b. 1774, m. Francis Johnson, Kanawha Co., VA
William b. 1806, VA
George b. 1808, VA
John b. 1811, WV
Samuel b. 1815, VA
Mary Abigail b. 1819, VA
Allen b. 1823, VA
1810 Census Luke Pryor was in Kanawha Co., VA. That’s the only record that shows him in this area. Researcher reports Luke Pryor died 1831 in Crawford Co., OH. His children Samuel, John, Abigail and Allen were all in Wyandot Co., OH in 1850. By 1860 Census Allen, John, and Samuel’s families were in Decatur Co., IA.

Abner Pryor and Allen Pryor (Allyn?)
Abner and Allen Pryor show up on the tax lists for Kanawha County in 1792, so it’s likely they were at least 21 years old by that time (born in the early 1770’s). In 1794 when the town of Point Pleasant was established, Allen was appointed a trustee.  He may be the same Allen Pryor who was in Mason County in 1810 and 1820 (born 1775 or earlier). Sparse information is in online family trees indicating Allyn Pryor may be the son of Abner Prior and Abigail Allyn of Hartford, CT.

Are there any other Pryors who passed through or settled in the Kanawha area who we should add to this list?