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Mrs. Rhoda Pryor of Lynchburg, VA

virginia house lynchburgRhoda Pryor, a widow, shows up on the 1910 Census in Lynchburg, VA in 1910. I looked around online to see if I could find a marriage for her to a Pryor. I now think I know who she married. Continue reading

Family Trees in the Works for Goochland and Henrico County Pryors

Goochland Pryor Charts

I know I’ve been hung up in Virginia lately and I’ve also been a bit “charty.” It doesn’t look like either of these conditions will be clearing up soon. I now have 4 Family Trees on my wall for Pryors who have connections to Goochland County. I’m still hoping that as I solve the puzzle of the Virginia Pryors families we’ll have answers for our Tennessee Pryor lines.

Why 4 Charts?

Why 4 Family Trees and not 2 or 6? I’m working off of lines that have been discussed in blog posts, lines that have source information that confirms a connection or alliance.  So far I’ve got the Goochland/Henrico County Pryors boiled down to 4 groups with the oldest known records in the 1720’s and the most solid information on individuals born around 1740.

Who are the Groups?

Group I – Samuel Pryor and Prudence (Thornton)
Records of a Samuel Pryor in Goochland County begin in 1735. Researchers have attributed Samuel as a son of Robert Pryor and Virginia Betty Green of Gloucester County– naming tradition makes this a possibility (Samuel named a son Robert). There is a disconnect in the records of Samuel and his suspected father Robert Pryor: Robert was granted land in Gloucester County in 1692– Are there later records of Robert? Samuel may have held land in both Goochland and neighboring Hanover County. Samuel witnessed a will in Hanover County in 1717 which if Samuel was 21 years old, could mean he was born in 1696 or earlier.

Group II – John Henry Pryor of Orange Co., NC
John Henry is connected to Goochland County by researchers who state he was a brother of Samuel (Group I) and a son of Robert Pryor and Virginia Betty Green.  Again, if naming tradition comes into play, John named his eldest son Robert and another son named Green. John Henry died in Orange Co., NC and because of the surplus of John Pryors in VA, I’m not positive that he is the same man on any document in VA. However, his son Robert owned land in Halifax Co., VA (later Pittsylvania County), his children married into the Perkins family from Henrico County (their spouses were niece and nephew of William Harding who was surety for Nicholas Pryor’s estate in Henrico Co.)

Group III – John Pryor (and Mary New)
John was first mentioned on a deed in 1722 in Henrico Co. Henrico is one of the oldest counties in VA– In 1728 Goochland Co. was formed out of Henrico which probably explains why thereafter this John Pryor was named in Goochland County records. John Pryor died in Goochland County in 1755 (per his will) and left only two living daughters. Although there were no male heirs he may have had siblings because Harris Pryor b. 1740 was a witness to John Wright’s will (son in law of John Pryor and Mary New).

Group IV – Nicholas Pryor
Nicholas Pryor died around 1746 when his wife petitioned the court in Henrico County requesting letter of administration (William Harding was surety, see Group II above). Nicholas’ children were in Henrico Co., and in Arbemarle County in the 1740’s when it was formed out of the northern part of Goochland Co. and in Pittsylvania Co.  Nicholas’ oldest children were born in 1710-1715, which means Nicholas could be the headright who obtained land Henrico Co. in 1688.

It looks like a lot less Pryors to contend with when they get condensed into groups.


French Indian War Militia Men Connected to the Pryors

Revolutionary War

Sept 1758, Albemarle Co. – Men who fought with the Militia in the French Indian War.
There are 3 Pryor men on this list (well, maybe 2 Pryors and 1 Prior).

Rich. Prior
Nicholas Pryor
William Pryor

I notices as I’ve searched out Pryor connections I kept stumbling upon this list. When I poked around a bit I found that several of the men had some pretty interesting connections to the Pryors, mostly to the line of Nicholas Pryor. Here goes…

Jas. Nevil, Capt.  – Captain James Neville was married to Lucy Thomas. After his death his widow, Lucy, married Abraham Childress. Yes, the same Abraham Childress who was the grandfather of young John and David Pryor who were orphaned in 1747. Abraham Childress, and the younger John and David Pryor all appear on records in Albemarle County.

Chas. Ellis , Capt. – Captain Charles Ellis was the father of Susannah Ellis who married Isaac Wright, and the Captain was also the grandfather of Elizabeth Wright who married the Capt. William Pryor who served in the American Revolution and settled in Amherst Co. Capt. William Pryor was born shortly before 1758 to the elder William Pryor living in Albemarle County. Ellis was deeded land in Albemarle County on Horsely Branch in 1759 (around the time of his service in the Militia).

John Hunter , Capt. – This may be the same man as Jno. Hunter who was recorded as a property owner living in Amherst County in 1769, surrounded by properties owned by neighbors of the Pryors in the same county. (Amherst Deed Book C, p. 18, 15 Jun 1769  JNO. DENNEE & wife ELIZ, Roann)

Cornelius Thomas , Lieut. – Cornelius is recorded as the son of Lucy Thomas (see James Neville above).

Ashcroft Roach – Ashcroft was the son of Henry Roach of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County. Henry was in that parish about the time Nicholas Pryor baptized his son William Pryor at the same parish in 1725.

Isham Davis – Brother of Abadiah Davis who married William Floyd. Researchers have stated Abadiah and William were the parents of Charles Floyd who went on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and also the parents of Nancy Floyd who married John Pryor — the parents of Nathaniel Pryor another Lewis and Clark explorer. Isham Davis owned property on Wilderness Swamp in Albemarle County in 1756.

Thos. Cotrell , Corp. – Thomas Cottrell owned property on the Buffalo River in Albemarle in 1750. He was born in Henrico County. His brother Gilbert Cottrell married an Elizabeth Pryor in 1760.

Solo. Carter  – Solomon Carter was a property owner on Puppy’s Creek in Albemarle County in 1767. He married Mary Ann Childress, daughter of Abraham Childress (again, the grandfather of John and David Pryor of Albemarle County).

One More Note on Nancy Pryor who Married a Thomas Sands

A quick note on yesterday’s post. Edward Brook or Brooke witnessed the marriage of Nancy Pryor and Thomas Sands. I think I may have found Edward or perhaps a near relative.

1702 Tithe Table of Southwark Parish, Surry County, Virginia

Nicholas Maggett, Oliver Burke, William Lyle, Edward Bookey, William Cripps, Nicholas Pryor ———————- 3
Mr. William Cocke, Custe and Nanne Negr ———————- 3

Nicholas Pryor is recorded as a headright in 1688 on the ship of Captain Thomas Cocke.  We’ve got Nancy Pryor who looks like she’s from the line of Maj. John Pryor of Richmond.

Hmmm…. is Major John Pryor from the line of Nicholas Pryor?

Henrico County Family: Exploring Pryor and Woodson Connections Through DNA

Testing 1, 2, 3I’m lukewarm over the Ancestry DNA test. At best it’s “helpful.” The test I’m moderating has returned results that include Woodson ancestors. Ancestry doesn’t pinpoint a branch to search and only identifies them as possibly 5th to 8th cousins. My experience with the Ancestry results tells me that they are likely further back than 8th cousins and their years of birth are far enough back to indicate they are more than 8th cousins.

I’m working off a fairly well researched family tree. There are no lines other than the Pryors who trace back to Goochland and Henrico Counties in Virginia. There are some “missing links” like wives surnames and families on other lines of the Tree, however the Pryor line has numerous connections with the Woodsons and it seems the most likely to match this line. Wouldn’t be nice if Ancestry’s DNA results told us exactly which generation and individual it connect’s with— Hey, I don’t  need a name just whether it’s gr-gr-gr-grandma on side of the Tree or gr-gr-gr-grandpa on the other side of the Tree.

Here’s the Pryor branch of the Tree:

10. Nicholas Pryor born abt 1665, md Susannah —–?
9. children of Nicholas Pryor:
David Pryor born bef 1715, md Miss Childress
William Pryor born abt 1718, md Margaret —–? (possibly Lafoon)
John Pryor born abt 1689, md Mary New
8. children of John Pryor:
Rebecca Pryor born aft 1708, md Robert Woodson
Ann Pryor born abt. 1710, md John Wright
8. children of David Pryor:
David Pryor born abt 1738, md Susannah Ballew
John Pryor born abt 1740, md —–?
7. children of John Pryor:
William Pryor born abt. 1765, md Spicy Taylor
John Pryor born abt 1780, md Massie Taylor
6. son of John Pryor:
Allen L Pryor b. 1816, md Elizabeth Talley
5. grand-child of John Pryor, not married to a Woodson and spouse has no Woodson connections
4. great grand-child of John Pryor, not married to a Woodson and spouse has no Woodson connections
3. great-great grand-child of John Pryor, not married to a Woodson and spouse  has no Woodson connections.
2. great-great-great grand-child of John Pryor, not married to a Woodson and spouse  has no Woodson connections.
1. Test Subject: great-great-great-great grand-child of John Pryor

10 generations and unknown surnames in the 8th and 10th generations. Did John Pryor b. 1740 marry a Woodson? Did Nicholas Pryor at the top of the Tree marry a Woodson?

So which Woodsons are reported connections? I got 3 matches (these were all low quality without Ancestry leaf hints) to Robert Woodson born about 1630-1660 who married Rachel Watkins. I had another hit to Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Woodson. Then another match to Elizabeth Woodson b. 1703 (daughter of Benjamin Woodson). It’s hard to know if these are correct… Ancestry’s system relies on the creator of a tree to input correct information, so some research is  needed to see if these matches are for the same Elizabeth Woodson and to determine if her father was Robert or Woodson.