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Mrs. Rhoda Pryor of Lynchburg, VA

virginia house lynchburgRhoda Pryor, a widow, shows up on the 1910 Census in Lynchburg, VA in 1910. I looked around online to see if I could find a marriage for her to a Pryor. I now think I know who she married. Continue reading

All Roads Lead to Roane: Meet The Virginia People in Roane County and Anderson County, TN

pryor-east-tennesseeIn the very early 1800’s Virginia Pryor families and their neighbors headed to an area between Roane County and Anderson County, TN.  A Google book titled “The Land and Laws of Tennessee: Being A Compilation of The Various Statutes of… (It’s a very long title, but you can view the book online) discusses the division of Anderson and Roane counties near the farms of D. L. Bradley, John R. Galbreath, Samuel Tunnell, William Rite, W. C. Griffith, and J. C. Roberts.

These names may ring a bell from my last posts. The slave Sy Prior was living with Drury L. Bradley in 1850 and Samuel Tunnel was a witness to his 1860 will.  William C. Griffith witnessed Frances Prior‘s will (Harris’ mother) and he witnessed the will of Benjamin Lockett (Frances Prior’s son in law) with William Right/Rite.

I have several connected people who traveled from the Bedford County, VA area that became Campbell County to this area where some records are in Roane County while others are in Anderson County.

Jesse Pryor

Jesse Pryor is on the 1805 Tax list in Anderson Co., TN. He’s named on a 1811 deed with Reuben Williams and John Rector. My theory is that this is the Jesse Pryor born to Harris Pryor and Mary Kinnerson who was in Knox County and then later showed up on Census records in Overton County, TN. Harris, was on Bedford County, VA records.

William Pryor

My working theory is that William Pryor is another child of Harris and Mary. He may have been going back and forth between TN and VA — I may have to write a post about the clues that these Pryors were going back and forth. Like Jesse he was in Bedford County, Knox County, and Roane County. He is on an 1811 deed with Reuben Williams and John Rector that points to him being in the same part of the county at the same time as Jesse Pryor.

Samuel Pryor

Married to Frances Ferguson, Samuel died around 1815. Record of his estate was filed in Anderson County. Frances’ ID was in a VA Chancery Court case for her brother Robert Ferguson filed in Cumberland County, VA, naming Frances and her children. Frances and her son Harris lived in Roane County. John Rector was counted on census records living near Frances and Harris.

Benjamin Lockett

Married to Ailsy Pryor, daughter of Samuel and Frances. His will was filed in Anderson County in 1834, included a note from Richard Oliver and witnessed by Reuben Williams (see Jesse and William above) and William C. Griffith.

Joseph Grammer

Joseph Grammer was a French national who fought in the American Revolution. In 1787 he was brought up on charges of living with a woman without marriage in Charlotte County. Her name? Elizabeth Pryor or Mary Pryor or Mary Elizabeth Pryor. His Revolutionary War pension application states they were in Bedford County, VA by 1799. They were in Roane County by 1830. Joseph was about 100 years old when counted on the 1850 Census, still living with his wife. Could this Elizabeth Pryor be the grand-daughter of William Boteler/Butler? (see post) Nope. Her age would make her of about the same generation as Butler.

William Boteler Jr. & Sr.

The younger William Boteler married Sarah Cunningham in Campbell Co., VA, possibly a daughter of Murell Cunningham. Murrell Cunningham was surety for the marriage. John Pryor, Charles Rork, Martin Rector on March 15, 1790 Bill of Sale for Murrell Cunningham of Campbell County. Murrell Cunningham also went to TN– he was in Sumner Co., TN from 1800 to at least 1820. William Boteler Sr. mentioned grand-daughter Elizabeth Pryor in his will.

John Kitchen

John Kitchen sold land in Campbell Co., VA to John Pryor in 1788.  He was on the 1830 Census in Anderson County. He applied for a Revolutionary War Pension. The application states he was born in Bedford County, VA and his wife was Mary Whitten.

One last Pryor to mention because he was in Roane, but doesn’t seem to fit with the others.

Matthew Pryor Sr.

Matthew Pryor filed for a Revolutionary War Pension which documents where he was at the time of the war and thereafter: Born in Granville County, NC in 1759 > Caswell County, NC >Richmond County, GA > back to Granville County, NC > Washington County, VA > Roane County, TN > Marion County, TN. He was in Roane County in about 1808 when his son Matthew Pryor Jr. married Henrietta Williams. There’s no indication that he was in Campbell or Bedford Counties not have I found anything to show these other folks were in North Carolina.

1782 Amherst County VA Tax List Pryor Neighborhood

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I was looking through the transcribed Amherst County VA Tax List from 1782. The transcriptions were driving me CRAZY. First the web developer in me was frustrated that the names in the lists were spelled, probably, as they written on the actual lists. It’s a good genealogy practice and historically correct to transcribe actually what is seen on the page, however there’s a point when the transcriber should use discretion and insert a good “guess” of what the actual name might be. For example when you know there is no such name as “Childrefs” make an educated guess and write “Childress” in parenths next to it so people know its an alternative spelling. Google and all the search engines don’t know to find Childrefs when someone searches Childress. Yup, I was searching Childress and was surprised to find them in Amherst Co., VA.

After I read through the tax list I realized this was another Pryor “neighborhood”– I can find connections a generation earlier or a generation forward! I’ve extracted the names that are of interest and added some notes. Really, with this many connections–  Is it really just a coincidence that these folks were living around each other?!

Amherst County – 1782 Personal Property Tax List – Part 2

Richard Tankorley / Richard Tankersley : Served with David Pryor in VA regiment encamped at Valley Forge in Revolutionary War. Named in Revolutionary War Pension application of William Pryor (from Amherst County). Read more: Amherst County VA – Pryor And The Richard Tankersley Connection

Amherst County – 1782 Personal Property Tax List – Part 3

Zacharias Taliaferra / Zachariah Talliaferro/ Zachariah Talley : Is this a namesake of Zachariah Talley, the grandfather of William Anderson Talley who settled in Sumner County, TN? William  Anderson Talley was the father in law of Allen L. Pryor.

Roderick McCullock / Roderick McCullough: Roderick witnessed 1774 deed for William and Margaret Pryor. Roderick’s daughter married a son of Charles Taliaferro. 1783 State Enumeration lists Roderick on same page with Nicholas Pryor, Charles Ellis, David Crawford, Philip Thurmond, Charles Taliafero

Steward Ballow / Stewart Ballow:  Deeded 340 acres on Pedlar Creek in 1775. Online researchers have him as a possible son of Leonard Ballew… remember David Pryor and Susannah Ballow/Ballew/Ballou named a son Leonard.

John Childrefs (of Pedlan) / John Childress (of Pedlar)

Henry Childrefs / Henry Childress: The Henry Childress who married Betsy Pryor?

Galorbey Childrefs / Golsbey Childress / Goolsby Childers: The namesake of Goolsby Childers born 1805 in VA and lived in Milam Co., TX

William Page1788 John PRYOR purchased land in Campbell Co., VA. William Page witnessed the deed. Possibly a former resident of Goochland County, VA (archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/PAGE/1998-04/0893982570 see bio posted online)

William Edwards: Possibly related to Joseph Edwards who was a witness on 1773 deed with Philip Thurmond and Nicholas Pryor. 

Isaac Wright: Isaac Wright was the father of Elizabeth Pryor who married Capt. William Pryor of Amherst. Isaac married Susannah Ellis, daughter of Capt. Charles Ellis and Susannah Harding– her first husband was John Beckley. A John Beckley was sued by a John Pryor in 1792 in Henrico County (see post)

Philip Thurmond: 1783 State Enumeration lists on same page Nicholas Pryor, Charles Ellis, David Crawford, Philip Thurmond, Charles Taliafero

David NewA former resident of Goochland County, VA (see bio posted online genealogy.com/ftm/y/o/u/Wayne-Young/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0342.html).

Martha Golssby: I suspect Golssby is also “Gooslby/Goldsby/Goolsby, etc.” There is a Goolsby Childers/Childress born 1805 in VA and lived in Milam Co., TX 

William Shoemaker: William Shoemaker and William Pryor on military payroll in Albemarle County in 1758. Zedikiah Shumaker fought with Capt. William Pryor at Fort Randolph (per his Revolutionary War pension application).

Ricahrd Taliafero / Richard Taliafero / Richard Taliaferro and may also be Talley or Toliver: Probably neighbor or David Crawford. David Crawford’s will states he purchased land from Richard Taliaferro.

David Crawford: David Crawford wrote will 1801 in Jefferson Co., KY naming his children and land in Amherst Co. Witnessed by John Pryor and William Pryor. 1783 State Enumeration lists on same page Nicholas Pryor, Charles Ellis, David Crawford, Philip Thurmond, Charles Taliafero

Joseph Goodwin: The Goodwins were associated with the Pryors as early as 1776- Feb 3 1776 William Pryor deeded to David Burford 99 acres Wit: Micah Goodwin, Virginia Burford, Edmund TAYLOR, Elizabeth Goodwin, Edward Goodwin

Nicholas Pryor: 1783 State Enumeration lists on same page Nicholas Pryor, Charles Ellis, David Crawford, Philip Thurmond, Charles Taliafero

Phillip Gooch / Philip Gooch : Not the same man, but there was a Philip Gooch b. 1807 who married a daughter of Robert Pryor in Gasconade Co., MO. Robert may have been born in KY in 1780’s.

Estate of Robert Boling:

John Buford: see Daniel Burford below.

Isaac Rucker:  John Pryor b. 1818, a grandson of Capt. William Pryor, married into Rucker family, daughter of Peter Rucker.

Edmund Taylor: Possibly the Edmund Taylor who was brought up on a complaint for harassment of William Pryor and Margaret Pryor. There’s also the possibility that this is the same man who was the father of Massey Taylor and Spicy Taylor who married respectively John and William Pryor in Campbell County– Why? Because of the proximity of Campbell County and also the the inclusion on this list of Giles Perrin and Richard Oglesby (see below)

Daniel Burford Sen.: Daniel mentioned in 1794 deed, “14 Feb 1794 JNO. FLOYED, Ga. Power of Attny to PHILLIP THURMOND, AC – DANL. BURFETT  of Va.”.– John Floyd, uncle of Nathaniel Pryor, was married to a daughter of Daniel Burford. See Philip Thurmond above on this tax list.

Thomas Stovall: Possibly Thomas Stovall, father of Benjamin Stovall who went Sumner Co., TN. Benjamin Stovall fought in the Revolutionary War. Benjamin Stovall was born in Bedford Co., VA (per his Rev War Pension App). Benjamin named a son George Pryor Stovall. Thomas Stoval /Stovall (and John Pryor) witnessed the will of Jacob Rector in Bedford County in 1779.

Thomas Street: Edmund Taylor, possibly father of Massey Taylor Pryor and Spicy Taylor Pryor, had Lefever Street witness his will.

Amherst County – 1782 Personal Property Tax List – Part 4

Micajah Goodwin: see 1776 deed above, Micajah acted as witness.

John Bowling

Edward Bowling

Perrin Giles: He is thought to be the first husband of Sally Dickey. He died around 1816. Sally Giles remarried in 1818 to Hezekiah Taylor in Campbell Co., VA. Hezekiah was the brother in law of John Pryor who married Massey Taylor and William Pryor who married Spicy Taylor, both daughters of Edmund Taylor.

Richard Oglesby: He is probably the father of Mary “Polly” Oglesby who married Hezekiah Taylor who was NOT the son of Edmund Taylor. This second Hezekiah died in the War of 1812.

Charles Taliaferro: 1783 State Enumeration lists on same page Nicholas Pryor, Charles Ellis, David Crawford, Philip Thurmond, Charles Taliafero

Sumner Co., TN: Neighbor Bartholomew Stoval

Campbell County Pryor FamiliesI’ve been hot on the trail of anyone and everyone who was mentioned on records with John Pryor of Campbell County, VA (Bedford County too).  I’m curious to see if they stayed in VA or migrated to parts of TN near any of my Pryor family.

First I found that Murrell Cunningham had moved to Sumner County (see post). Then I found that John Kitchens went to Anderson County, TN (see post).

I think I found kin of Thomas Stoval /Stovall (he and John Pryor witnessed the will of Jacob Rector in Bedford County in 1779).  Bartholomew Stoval b. 1760 was a Revolutionary War vet who migrated to Sumner County, TN (see pension application). He’s recorded on the 1840 Census in Sumner County as an 80 year old veteran.  I also found an online family tree Benjamin Stoval’s Family (his father was George Stoval):  http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/u/r/Robert-Arthur-Murphy-florida/GENE3-0006.html

Then there’s a nice little topper to the sundae, I found a McNairy County bio of the Stovall family that expounds of the line of Bartholomew Stoval (Stovall),  stating the name of one of his sons as George Pryor Stoval (read the bio). I found George on the 1840 Census in McNairy County. His neighbors were Ambrose Shull, Joseph Kincheon (related to the Kitchens?).  George is also on the 1850 census with a year of birth about 1798 in Tennessee.

Campbell County, VA Pryors: John Kitchen Found in TN

My last post was the 1788 deed between John Kitchen and John Pryor in Campbell County, VA.  I took a look for John Kitchen to see if there were any clues that throw a light on John Pryor. I found that John Kitchen was a Revolutionary War vet and lived long enough to file for a pension. Gotta love those pension applications!

Not only do I love pension applications, but I love how specific John Kitchen was in the facts of his application. He was born April 25, 1757 in Bedford County. This is interesting because in 1788 he sold John Pryor his land in Campbell County (formed from Bedford County) and he was himself in Henry County. The application says Kitchen lived in Bedford County until the Revolution and then moved to Henry County where he was drafted in 1781. His story is like so many of the stories out of this region of VA– he marched to Guilford Courthouse in NC and to the Troublesome Iron Works. Kitchen moved to Anderson County, TN and after he died in 1845 his wife Mary, submitted a document stating her maiden name was Mary Whitten. (see the pension application)

I was rather curious about John Kitchen in Tennessee. Where did he live? Who was he living with? I found him on the 1805 Tax List in Anderson County. There were Pryors too in Anderson County: Samuel Pryor and wife Fanny Ferguson.  These are the Pryors who I suspect are related to Harris Pryor of  Bedford County, VA (they named a son Harris Pryor), and they lived near a Rector family (John Pryor witnessed will of Jacob Rector in Bedford County, VA). Samuel Pryor died in Anderson County around 1815 (year his wife was appointed adminstratrix of the estate).

Here are some of the families of interest on the Anderson County census records.

1830 Census, Anderson Co., TN

page 190 John Kitchen 1000000001 – 001011001 (Oldest male 70 to 80 years – John Kitchen sold land to John Pryor in Campbell Co., VA in 1788)
page 346 William PRYER 20001-20001 (Oldest male 20-29 y.o. born 1801-1810. William is probably the son of Frances Ferguson Pryor.)
page 346 Rebecca PRYOR 11-01101 (oldest female 20-29 y.o., born 1801-1810)
page 346 Benjamin Lockett 1010001 – 112102 (oldest male 40-49 y.o., botn 1781-1791. Benjamin was married to Acy/Alsey PRYOR, daughter of Samuel Pryor and Frances Fanny Ferguson. Alsey is on the 1840-1860 Census in Roane Co., TN)

1850 Census Anderson Co., TN

Subdivision 16, page 19b, house 274 Drury L. Bradley 39 farmer VA, Nancy 39 TN, William 16 TN, John T. 13 TN, Margaret E. 9 TN, Samuel 7 TN, Andrew 6 TN, Drury 3 TN, Timothy R. 4/12 TN, Martha Thompson 74 VA, Sir PRIOR 42 mu farmer male TN. (This family counted near many of the families who were near Rebecca PRIOR on the 1840 Census in Anderson Co.)
Subdivision 16, page 60, house Christopher Hitch 37 merchant KY, Katharine 35 TN, William 15 tN, Harriet 14 TN, Caroline 11 TN, John 10 TN, Sarah 8 TN, Lloyd 5 TN, Phellaney Whitten 21 TN, Barton Mynatt 25 doctor TN, PRIOR BOWLES 24 farmer TN (Possilby related to Pryor Mynatt in Grainger and Knox Co., TN. Prior Bowles was the son of Martin Bowles, he married in 1854 in Lee Co., VA. John Kitchen of Campbell/Bedford County, VA married Mary Whitten.)
Page 60a, house 833 William Howet 48 none (occupation) VA, Sarah Howit 35 TN, Nancy 29, Pryor L 21 TN, James M 18 TN, Emmaline J 16 TN
Page 60b, house 834 Susan Stuksberry 45 TN, John 28 TN, Nancy 20 TN, Elizabeth 18 TN, Aletha 16 TN, Polly Kitchens 90 NC deaf. ( Polly Kitchen was the widow of John Kitchen of Henry Co., VA. John Kitchen sold John Pryor land in Campbell Co., VA in 1788.)