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Steamboat Captain Pryor

The children of Moses Tandy Pryor (probably born in Henry County, KY) and Barbara Giltner were on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Carroll County, KY. Noble Pryor died a few months of his brother in June 1909.

Two Captains Die.

Two steamboatmen, well known in the Paducah port, have answered the last call. Captain N. Parker Pryor of Louisville, and Captain William Baxter, of St. Louis. There is an old saying among river men and it has often proved true, that when two river men die about the same time there will be a third river man in a short time to die.

Captain N. Parker Pryor was one of the best known steamboatmen on the Ohio river. He died at the Pope Sanitorium, Louisville, after an illness of nine weeks with apoplexy. Captain Pryor was 42 years of age and had been running on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers since he was a boy. During his experience he had been captain on the government boat Cherokee and the tug Hanover, also pilot on the Falls City, the Park City and Major Slack. It was while taking a trip up the Kentucky river in December on the Major Slack that he was stricken while at the wheel. Although he fell over in great pain, Captain Pryor managed to bring the boat to landing and then an investigation by the engineer resulted in his being found unconscious at the wheel.

Captain Pryor was a member of a family of well known river men and has two surviving brothers, both of whom are steamboat men.

Captain Noble Pryor, of the Falls City, The Kentucky river packet, is seriously ill at an infirmary in Philadelphia, while Michael Pryor, captain of a towboat, is suffereing with yellow jaundice at Frankfort, Ky.

— Paducah Evening Sun, 6 February 1909



Emory Dent Pryor of Henry County, TN

Emory Dent Pryor is another Pryor who was in Guilford County, NC and made his way to TN. I haven’t yet connected him to the other Pryors in Guilford County. I worked my way backwards, starting with his will.

Johnson County, IL

In the name of God Amen. I Emory Dent Prier feeling weak in body though of sound mind and disposing memory for which I thank God and feeling to according to the stern desire of heaven that all men must Return to their mother — and that my time is near at hand and wishing to dispose of all such worldly goods as God has been pleased to bless me with I therefore give and bequeath the same in manner as follows to wit—
1st it is my will and desire and I hereby give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah S. Prier all my property to wit Land and Tennents, money, cash notes, stock of every kind to have and to hold and to enjoy and dispose of the same without any restraint whatever first paying all my just debts. In testimony where of I have her unto and seal this 6th day of September.
A. D. 1857
E. D. Prier {seal}
Gabriel Utley
John Jones
State of Illinois, Johnson County
I certify that on the 18th day of September A. D. 1854 —-ally appeared Gabriel Utly and John Jones the subscribing witnesses to therefore giving Last will and testament and being first duly sworn according to law depose and says that they attested at the request of said E. D. Prier that the said E. D. Prier acknowledged the same in these presents to be his Last will and testament and that they believe that the said E. D. Prier was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing and acknowledging the same in testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of Johnson County County Court as officer in Vienna this 18th day of September 1854
J N Pearce clerk

1850 Census Henry Co., TN – Dist. 15, page 384, house 117 Emory D. Pryor 51 teacher NC, Sarah 21 TN. Emory had married Sarah Burton in 1848. Sarah who was three decades younger than Emory is most likely Sarah Burton since the 1854 will clearly mentions Sarah his wife.

1830 and 1820 – Emory D. Pryor was on the US Census in Rockingham County, NC, a neighbor of Guilford County. In 1820 he was living near a Thomas Pryor and Elizabeth Pryor Archer. Elizabeth’s grandson recorded she was a Pryor, daughter of David Pryor and Mary Cunningham. This is cause to reassess Thomas and Elizabeth and which David was their father.

1820 Marriage in Guilford County.  Emory married Jane Knight.

1804 Will, explains Emory’s other kin. His mother was Eleanor who died around 1804. If Emory was born about 1799 (see 1850 Census). he was only about 5 years old when his mother Eleanor Pryor wrote her will. The will also named another son, Paschal Benjamin? Pryor. I haven’t found a trace of Paschal, yet there are other men in Guilford County who carried the first name and surname Paschal.


Will of Nelson Shelton of Lincoln County, NC – names daughter Jincy Pryor

handwritingYes, I’m spending some more time in the NC records trying to pair up Pryors who went to TN. Jincy Shelton Pryor named in the following will appears on the 1850 Census in Fayette County, AL. I think that researchers who’ve posted online are correct: David of Fayette County is related to Thomas Pryor in Pickens County, AL. I think they are the David and Thomas Pryor counted on the same page of the 1840 Census in Lincoln County, NC.  Thomas probably is the father of Emory Pryor living counted in the subsequent household in 1850 — could Emory be named after a brother? Is Emory D. Pryor born 1799 in NC who lived in Henry Co., TN that brother?

Transcription of Nelson Shelton’s Will, 1832 Lincoln Co., NC

In the name of God amen. I Nelson Shelton of the County of Lincoln and State of North Carolina being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be God, do this 5th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two make and publish this my last will and testament. 1st I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Fanny Shelton the plantation that I now live on during her widowhood for the purpose of Raising the young children on or some place where she may think worth? proper for their support. I give and bequeath untio my said wife Fanny Shelton all the stock that is now on having after my debts to the balance of my children. My will is that my executor sell the plantation that I hold in the State of Georgia for the purpose of settling up all my just debts and as much of the rest of my property as will satisfy all these demands if that would not satisfy all demands that is against. I give and bequeath unto Jency Pryor one cow and one bed and furniture and some other little things. I give and bequeath unto my three smallest girls, Avery/Anny, Cynthy, and Lucinda Shelton at the death of their mother and when they marry if it case be made on the place our …..? and bed and furniture and some other things and it is my will that the rest of my small boys Leroy Shelton, Spencer Shelton, and Jeremiah F. Shelton and Westley A. Shelton each have a horse or a colt if it can be on the place my will is that if my wife Fanny Shelton and my executors think it proper to sell my plantation I will live or swap it for another they are at liberty to do so. And after paying all my just debts and making the devise to my …? children that the rest of my property to be sold as my wife decides and devided equally among all my children Polly Dellinger? Young Shelton, Rebecca White, Hugh Shelton, Jinsy Pryor, Leroy Shelton, Spencer Shelton, Jeremiah F. Shelton, Westly A. Shelton, Amy/Avery Shelton, Synthy Shelton, and Lucinda Shelton and I hereby ordain my worthy friend Young Shelton and Henry Shelton executor of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I the said Nelson Shelton have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Nelson Shelton {seal}
witness J. Soral? Jurat
Young and Henry Shelton, Executors

North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1790
Lincoln County, Wills 1824-1838, Vol. 1, page 260
FamilySearch.org – image 387

Campbell County, VA Deed to John Pryor from John Kitchen

Campbell County IndentureI ordered a copy of the entire deed from Campbell County, VA for John Pryor’s land purchase in 1788.  I received an INDENTURE, a legal court recording of the transaction (there’s a good description of indentures on Wikipedia.org).

It states that John Pryor was “of Campbell County” which seems to say that he was already a resident of Campbell County at the time of this transaction. John Kitchen, the man who sold him the land was from Henry County, VA. I went to the good old Virginia county formation maps on Rootsweb and clicked around until I found that Campbell was from from Bedford County in 1781 (yes, there was a John Pryer in Bedford County who witnessed a will in 1779–that’s the county with records of Harris Pryor).

The transcription is as follows… Don’t worry that this is all there is… more tomorrow.

to deed
__ __ __
THIS INDENTURE made this 25th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight. Between John Kitchen of Henery (sic) County of the one part and John Pryer of Campbell County of the other part witnesseth that he the said Kitchen for and in consideration of the sum of seventy five pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid the rect of which I do hereby acknowledge hath given granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain, sell, al—n?, release, demise, convey, and confirm unto the said John Pryer his heirs and successors forever one certain parcel of Land containing one hundred and thirty five acres lying in the County of Campbell on the West Branches of Stonewall Creek and bounded as followeth to witt beginning at Stoval’s corner pine south twelve degrees west seventy six poles to a double pine south twenty four degrees west sixty eight  poles to Kitchen’s corner poplar on Catteal* Branch thence along his line north sixty degrees west one hundred and twelve poles to his corner pointers thence off north forty degrees west twenty seven poles to pointers on Wm Brides line thence along h is line North thirty degrees east fifty one pols to his corner pine thence off north forty degrees east eighty poles to his corner pine thence off north forty degrees east eighty poles to S(several?) white oak north seventy one degrees east one hundred and four poles to pointers on Stoval’s line thence along this line south eighteen degrees west seventy six poles to the first station to have and to hold the said land and premises with the appertainances appertaining thereunto clear of all encumbering to him the said John Pryer his Heirs and successors for ever and he the said John Kitchen for his part his Heirs executors, Administrators, and Assigns shall and will forever warrant and defend the aforesaid Bargained and sold land and premises with it appertanences to the said John Pryer his Heirs and successors in witness where of the said Kitchen hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and date above written. John Kitchen (seal)Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us — Thomas Dunn, William Page, William Bernett, Henry Truman, William Chenalt, Charles Rork. Memorandum. On the 25th day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight possession of the within land and premises was given to John Pryer by John Kitchen according to law.John Kitchen In the presence of Thomas Dunn, William Page, Charles Rork, William Burnett, Henry Truman, William Chenalt. Received of John Pryer the within mentioned consideration money rece’d per me this 25th Nov. 1788.
John Kitchen
Tes. Thomas Dunn, William Page, William Burnett, Henry Truman, William Chenalt, Charles Rork.At a Court held for Campbell County, April 2d 1789– This indenture together with the memorandum of livery of succession and recipt thereon were proved by the oaths of Thomas Dunn, William Page, and William Chenalt witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.Test. R. Alexander, CCC*Cat Tail Branch of Stonewall Creek

Connecting Daniel Farley to the Pryors

Virginia and U.S. Flag, Yorktown, Virginia (VA)

Here’s a case for Pryors descended from the Goochland County, VA line of Samuel Pryor and his wife Prudence Thornton!

Samuel Pryor vs William Pryor, et al
Filed in Chancery Court of Louisa County

A 1799 Summons for not answering a bill of complaint exhibited against him in the county court of Louisa by Samuel Pryor, son of Samuel, John A Pryor, Daniel Farley and Patsey his wife by order of the court.

A copy of the summons was left for Samuel Pryor on the 8th day of May 1799. William Pryor is no inhabitant.

The Commonwealth of Virginia to the sheriff of Louisa County greeting we command you that you attach Samuel Pryor executor of William Pryor dec’d who was administrator of Samuel Pryor deceased if he be found within your balliwick and have save by keep so that you have his body before the justices of our county court of Louisa at the court house. (for Oct 17, 1799)

Col William Pryor who was married to Sarah Wood, was deceased by the time of this suit and he had been the executor of his father Samuel Pryor’s estate. Col. William’s own son named Samuel was his executor and he was also deceased. The suit notes that this younger Samuel Pryor’s children were John A Pryor, Martha Patsy Pryor married to Daniel Farley, and Samuel Pryor.

The youner Samuel Pryor was in Henry Co., KY by 1800. Perhaps he was already in KY by 1799, explaining why he could not be served in Louisa County. John A. Pryor was in KY by 1799 as his son Daniel Farley Pryor was recorded as born in KY in July 1799 in a family Bible.

Daniel Farley must  have been a beloved or well-respected family member after marrying Patsey (or Martha) Pryor. His brother-in-law John A Pryor named his youngest son Daniel Farley Pryor.