Emory Dent Pryor of Henry County, TN

Emory Dent Pryor is another Pryor who was in Guilford County, NC and made his way to TN. I haven’t yet connected him to the other Pryors in Guilford County. I worked my way backwards, starting with his will.

Johnson County, IL

In the name of God Amen. I Emory Dent Prier feeling weak in body though of sound mind and disposing memory for which I thank God and feeling to according to the stern desire of heaven that all men must Return to their mother — and that my time is near at hand and wishing to dispose of all such worldly goods as God has been pleased to bless me with I therefore give and bequeath the same in manner as follows to wit—
1st it is my will and desire and I hereby give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah S. Prier all my property to wit Land and Tennents, money, cash notes, stock of every kind to have and to hold and to enjoy and dispose of the same without any restraint whatever first paying all my just debts. In testimony where of I have her unto and seal this 6th day of September.
A. D. 1857
E. D. Prier {seal}
Gabriel Utley
John Jones
State of Illinois, Johnson County
I certify that on the 18th day of September A. D. 1854 —-ally appeared Gabriel Utly and John Jones the subscribing witnesses to therefore giving Last will and testament and being first duly sworn according to law depose and says that they attested at the request of said E. D. Prier that the said E. D. Prier acknowledged the same in these presents to be his Last will and testament and that they believe that the said E. D. Prier was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing and acknowledging the same in testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of Johnson County County Court as officer in Vienna this 18th day of September 1854
J N Pearce clerk

1850 Census Henry Co., TN – Dist. 15, page 384, house 117 Emory D. Pryor 51 teacher NC, Sarah 21 TN. Emory had married Sarah Burton in 1848. Sarah who was three decades younger than Emory is most likely Sarah Burton since the 1854 will clearly mentions Sarah his wife.

1830 and 1820 – Emory D. Pryor was on the US Census in Rockingham County, NC, a neighbor of Guilford County. In 1820 he was living near a Thomas Pryor and Elizabeth Pryor Archer. Elizabeth’s grandson recorded she was a Pryor, daughter of David Pryor and Mary Cunningham. This is cause to reassess Thomas and Elizabeth and which David was their father.

1820 Marriage in Guilford County.  Emory married Jane Knight.

1804 Will, explains Emory’s other kin. His mother was Eleanor who died around 1804. If Emory was born about 1799 (see 1850 Census). he was only about 5 years old when his mother Eleanor Pryor wrote her will. The will also named another son, Paschal Benjamin? Pryor. I haven’t found a trace of Paschal, yet there are other men in Guilford County who carried the first name and surname Paschal.