Connecting Daniel Farley to the Pryors

Virginia and U.S. Flag, Yorktown, Virginia (VA)

Here’s a case for Pryors descended from the Goochland County, VA line of Samuel Pryor and his wife Prudence Thornton!

Samuel Pryor vs William Pryor, et al
Filed in Chancery Court of Louisa County

A 1799 Summons for not answering a bill of complaint exhibited against him in the county court of Louisa by Samuel Pryor, son of Samuel, John A Pryor, Daniel Farley and Patsey his wife by order of the court.

A copy of the summons was left for Samuel Pryor on the 8th day of May 1799. William Pryor is no inhabitant.

The Commonwealth of Virginia to the sheriff of Louisa County greeting we command you that you attach Samuel Pryor executor of William Pryor dec’d who was administrator of Samuel Pryor deceased if he be found within your balliwick and have save by keep so that you have his body before the justices of our county court of Louisa at the court house. (for Oct 17, 1799)

Col William Pryor who was married to Sarah Wood, was deceased by the time of this suit and he had been the executor of his father Samuel Pryor’s estate. Col. William’s own son named Samuel was his executor and he was also deceased. The suit notes that this younger Samuel Pryor’s children were John A Pryor, Martha Patsy Pryor married to Daniel Farley, and Samuel Pryor.

The youner Samuel Pryor was in Henry Co., KY by 1800. Perhaps he was already in KY by 1799, explaining why he could not be served in Louisa County. John A. Pryor was in KY by 1799 as his son Daniel Farley Pryor was recorded as born in KY in July 1799 in a family Bible.

Daniel Farley must  have been a beloved or well-respected family member after marrying Patsey (or Martha) Pryor. His brother-in-law John A Pryor named his youngest son Daniel Farley Pryor.