William Pryor Photo with Overton County Connection

This photo has been on the TN Pryor website for some time and is begging to be identified.  It was shared with the website by a descendant of Edward Pryor (son of Spicy and William Pryor) of Overton County, TN.  On the back is written “William Pryor and son George Pryor.”  I’ve mulled over this relationship with several researchers and we can’t come up with a William who was kin to Edward Pryor who would have been about this age in roughly the early 1900’s.

We’ve speculated that this may be Overton Pryor b. 1816. Was his full name William “Overton” Pryor?

Or was this William Anderson Pryor b. 1865 son of Edward Pryor and Eliza Knight with his son George Bryant Pryor b. 1893? William Anderson Pryor moved to Pulaski Co., KY after 1880 and lived there until his death in 1950. There’s even some question whether William Anderson was actually the son of Edward Pryor in that he was born while Edward was away serving in the Civil War and only Shadrack, Ellen and Eliza were stated to be his children on his Civil War pension application (William and 3 other children were omitted). Possilby the birth of 3 children while Edward was away explains why he and Eliza listed their marital status as divorced on the 1880 Census.

Can anyone give us a positive ID of these folks?