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Old Time Ads

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I hope everyone is doing well. I’m taking a break from posting to catch up on another genealogy project. I don’t often look at records above the Mason-Dixon line so it was interesting to see these ads from a directory of Brooklyn, NY more than a hundred years ago.

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Old Tennessee Ephemera

Sometimes I stumble upon beautiful ephemera while searching out old documents. They also give a glimpse into life of the 1800’s. Servants in front of Victorian breakfronts. Ladies riding side-saddle. A bill from a livery stable (that’s like my Shell gas bill?). The Weekly Tobacco Leaf was a newspaper. Enjoy these papers from from Clarksville, TN.

ephemera - 1

ephemera - 2

ephemera - 3

ephemera - 4

ephemera - 5

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