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More on the Murder of William Pryor (Nashville 1833)

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Nashville, TN PryorRemember the account of William Pryor who was murdered in Nashville in 1833? (see post) I can’t resist working on a 180 year old murder mystery. This probably goes beyond a cold case. It’s downright frozen!

I found another report of the murder. There aren’t any more details, but it’s interesting to know where it was reported: The Military and Naval Magazine of the United States, Vol. 1, from March to August 1833. It was reported under Deaths in the General Intelligence section.

At Nashville, Tenn. Mid. WILLIAM PRYOR, murdered.

If William was in the Navy, what was he doing in Nashville? I found in another version of The Military and Naval Magazine of the United States, Volumes 1-2, William Pryor was listed as a midshipman as of 11 Feb 1832 and murdered April 1833. His rank confirms he was in the Navy and the dates firm up that this is the same Pryor I wrote of earlier.

The initial report said he was from Clarksville, TN (Montgomery County). All the twists and turns. It does get to be interesting.